Subj: L. A. fire-contamination concerns
Date: 5/11/00 4:51:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time

This just in from Greens email list-have no way at moment to guarantee
accuracy so would use your discretion.
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I visited Los Alamos two years ago and was astonished at the apparent
lack of security and oversight of extremely dangerous radioactive
experiments. This could be
one of the world's worst nuclear nightmares if the winds pick up in the
Jemez mountains and the Bandolier national monument today. I believe
the people of Santa
Fe and Albuquergue are at great risk and the government ought to
consider my opinion....nancy

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Hello Friends,
The uncontained forest fires in Los Alamos present health risks to
in the surrounding areas not directly affected by the fire. Since the
1940's the Lab has been exploding and testing depleted uranium.
to the Site Wide Environmental Impact Statement, reviewed by Concerned
Citizens for Nuclear Safety, 6,900 pounds of depleted uranium is
annually along with "smaller amounts of other materials" (hem, haw
plutonium). According to Greg Mello in the New Mexican on Monday,
pounds depleated uranium has been exploded outdoors since 1940's. Plants

and trees uptake this excessive dose of radiation and hold it until a
forest fire event. Native Peoples consider it inadvisable to hunt in the

vicinity of Los Alamos because the animals living on this plant material

and have become unsafe to eat. The Clean Air Act maximum for safety of a

radioactive dose is 10 millirems per hour. A friend with a geiger
in downtown Santa Fe, at 11:00 am. Tuesday, read 35 millirems per hour
outside and 17 millirems per hour inside the house.
You may find it expedient healthwise to stay inside and close your
or get out of the area until this Los Alamos fire event is over and the
contamination has dispersed (another hem, haw), or until, at least, it
not completely airborn in the atmosphere and the millirem count per hour

has dropped.
I'm no scientist - Just a word to the wise.
Please inform others of this health risk.

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