Subj: FW: [Fwd: Extremely bizarre burns reported from HAARP or other transmissions]
Date: 5/12/00 6:28:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: "NewsHawk Inc."
Subject: Extremely bizarre burns reported from HAARP or other transmissions
Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 04:36:59 +0800

Extremely bizarre burns reported from HAARP or other transmissions

This (below) has got to be one of the weirdest reports NewsHawk has ever
gotten--and yet obviously, something very strange and very frightening
is DEFINITELY going on.

Our respondent David Feustel in Indiana--who's proven over time to be
not only an intelligent but very reliable source, noted last night that
he was picking up most unusual EM/RF signals on his short wave
receiver(s); emanating from the south. We had just published a short
bulletin which noted that some researchers feel EM/RF weather control
transmissions had been used to exacerbate conditions in Los Alamos
regarding the massive fires there.

In fact, researchers told us the increasingly-common pulsed ring/spoked
wheel (starburst) formations were showing up on doppler radar images for
the Area 51 region in Nevada, just as the Los Alamos blaze went
completely ballistic nearly 3 days ago, due to severe winds which struck
the area.

These researchers theorize that certain EM/RF transmissions, probably
including those of HAARP, can be used to bring about a wide variety of
effects: including mind and mood control, weather control,
electronic/mechanical malfunctions (plane crashes, anyone?),
earthquakes, and who knows what else.

Indeed, shortly after the rings centered on Area 51 showed up, not ONLY
did the winds SERIOUSLY increase over Arizona and New Mexico, but SNOW
began falling on the northern California coast--ON MAY 10! Both these
conditions were the result of a sudden and DRASTIC change in the
trajectory of the jet stream over the western U.S.; right after the
pulsed rings went off at Area 51.

Now, read what David Feustel has to say about conditions he noted near
his home this morning. Keeping in mind this extraordinary--and to our
knowledge unprecedented--phenomenon Feustel makes note of below, we'd
say that there is definitely a possibility that HAARP or other EM/RF
transmissions WERE utilized not ONLY to shift the jet stream and
intensify surface winds in New Mexico, but ALSO to in fact intensify the
actual Los Alamos FIRE itself DIRECTLY! There seems a strong likelihood
in fact, that targeted transmissions could have been used to boost heat
levels in specific areas, thus directing the course of the fire and/or
perhaps to ignite other yet-unburned areas.

This is indeed a truly frightening prospect; and as far as we know a
heretofore unprecedented use of targeted EM/RF transmissions.

NewsHawk=AE Inc.

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Subject: Re: pulses
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 12:41:04 -0500
From: David Feustel

At 12:05 PM 05/12/2000 -0500, you wrote:
<< Sabre sent me a msg about you picking up pulses on 7575 KHz.
I tuned my shortwave into 7.575 upper side band about an hour ago and on
this I'm picking up constant on off static-y sounds of about 10 seconds
on, about the same off. It definitely sounds like some kind of pulsing,
but not being an expert in this, I can just say it's something I haven't
heard before in the 8 years I've had my shortwave.

Linda in Oklahoma. (We have indoor antennas and an outside wire going
north-south about 100 feet) >>

This morning my neighbor called me up to ask me if I had noticed anyone
burning anything veery early this morning (3 am). We found small leaf
stems with leaves ranging from shriveled to burnt to a crisp in the
yards of houses up and down the street. While the leaves were mostly
burnt to a crisp, the stems had no burn marks at all. I also woke up
last night with my face burning bad enough to make me go wash it. This
is not a normal occurrence.

At this point I think it very possible that the leaves were burned by
HAARP emissions.

David Feustel
Fort Wayne, Indiana
219-483-1857 (voice)