Date: 5/11/00 8:03:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Debra Mohon)

Where there is smoke there is fire! What are 'They' hiding under all this smoke? Did you know our government set most of these fires in the middle of a NO FIRE ALERT? Did you know that there is a whole underground system of tunnels directly under this fire?

Lookie here>>>>>>>What are they hiding?

I don't know about you but I would like to KNOW what is going on under the 'smoke screen'. This sure looks like it was planned.

Did our government KNOW there was going to be a disaster in the Los Alamos/White Mountain area last year? Last year on July 27, 1999 there was a fax sent to Hilly Rose of the Art Bell Show concerning an evacuation notice to residents of White Mountain. Evacuation could be on a twenty minute notice.

Here is the link for the text of the fax to Hilly Rose in July of 1999.

Now the evacuation notice is online at the White Mountains Online Press Center

National Fire News

In addition:

Here is an interesting story about White Sands treasure that our government is trying to legally steal.

Very interesting...