The spies who pushed for war Julian Borger reports on the shadow rightwing intelligence network set up in Washington to second-guess the CIA and deliver a justification for toppling Saddam Hussein by force

Wolfowitz Committee Instructed White House To Use Iraq/Uranium Ref In Pres Speech

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Military records of George Walker Bush

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Maj. Gen. Buford C. Blount III, the division's commander, said last week he hoped the division's 1st and 2nd Brigade Combat Teams of roughly 9,000 soldiers could return home to Fort Stewart within the next six weeks. But homecomings for those soldiers, as well as the division's 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, have now been postponed

SEETHING SOLDIERS: The sergeant at the 2nd Battle Combat Team Headquarters pulled me aside in the corridor. "I've got my own 'Most Wanted' list," he told me. He was referring to the deck of cards the U.S. government published, featuring Saddam Hussein, his sons and other wanted members of the former Iraqi regime. "The aces in my deck are Paul Bremer, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush and Paul Wolfowitz," he said.

Pentagon retaliates against GIs who spoke out on TV On Wednesday morning, when the ABC news show reported from Fallujah, where the division is based, the troops gave the reporters an earful. One soldier said he felt like he´d been "kicked in the guts, slapped in the face." Another demanded that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld quit. CAREERS OVER FOR SOME  "It was the end of the world," said one officer Thursday. "It went all the way up to President Bush and back down again on top of us. At least six of us here will lose our careers."

The situation here is getting more complicated. You are hearing about the killing of the US soldiers every day. Neither me, nor anyone I know agrees to this. This should not be the way to solve thing. It is only making things worse. US soldiers are getting so tense in dealing with people. If such acts are not stopped, we will never have peace.--Baghdad Blogger

WAR IN IRAQ CONTINUES. US SOLDIERS´ WIVES INFURIATED From The Soldiers of 2nd Brigade, 3rd ID. -please read-   Troops Eager To Leave Iraq  Sad Soldiers Say

Letter from US soldier in Iraq: Hard to find hope Letter from veteran Bursch American Troops In Iraq Plead for Reinforcements  Troop morale in Iraq hits 'rock bottom'  The American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA) now calls for the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. GOP blocking abolishment of Disabled Veterans Tax

Mysterious Diseases Haunt US Troops In Iraq How America Nukes Its Own Troops  US admits to 50 secret tests of bio weapons on troops

Forging the Case for War - Cheney Lied and should RESIGN! Cheney´s Manipulative Fingers In The Pie, AGAIN   Donald Rumsfeld disowned by his relatives  Bush had hands-on role revising disputed speech Wrote notes in margins of State of Union drafts, gave writers pointers

Fraud Traced to the White House How California’s energy scam was inextricably linked to a war for oil scheme

Former Iraqi Official Unveils U.S.-Iraq Secret Ties

THE MASTER PLAN! IT´S REAL! Phony Intel and Discouraged Troops  

Message To Bush, Frist, Hastert And Hyde: Prepare Yourselves. You Are In For An Awakening.

A Jewish Defector Warns America

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EDITOR: This war if strung out indefinitely will prove to be an immense tactical blunder, a trap, worse than Viet Nam-- not good for the US, the world, even George W. Bush who is losing his military. So dammit, declare it a victory and bring our children home. NOW!  FORUM



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911 was a grand coup. In a minor coup, some General takes over the government of a single country. In a Grand Coup the entire world order is transformed. The whole Enlightenment heritage has been abandoned: constitutional government, civil liberties, balance of powers, government accountability. International law has been abandoned, and national sovereignty is becoming a subject for nostalgia buffs.
THE WTC TOWERS COMMENTS ANNEX NEW ANALYSIS FLIGHT 77 WT-7 VIDEO OPERATION NORTHWOODS  UPDATE: ASBESTOS   Agency was to simulate plane crash on September 11 ALLEGED Photocopy of George W. Bush military suspension document Interview with Alexandra Robbins, author of Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones EDITOR: discontinued the separate archive in Feb 03, but here it is in archive for the hysterical, I mean, HISTORICAL.

ODE TO NEOCONS Art? who needs it anyways? There is no more room in my double-wide´s full of Hitler/Limbaugh posters and NRA stickers.
Date: 7/20/03 9:14:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time 
You need to get out of politics.  Your view is perverted if it is represented on the 
Orbit site.  
Americans are soft, had it too good for too long.  You can read about it in the 
Bible, Baal, Sodom and Gomorrah and on and on.  And the arrogant ones who think God 
will never catch up with them are the same types that God punished during times 
described in the Bible.
"All People are Created Equal" does not mean that you get to pass college classes 
without doing the work, as liberals insist.  It does not mean that those who do the 
work must make the lifestyles of those who don't equal, economically.  It does not 
mean that immoral and unjust people, laws and courts get to force their perversion 
onto the populace.  It does not mean that those whose work is silliness get the stature 
of those who construct freedom.
ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and a lot of print media as well as Hollywood residents and 
big city moral anemics and the US Congress are tearing this country down.  The US's 
enemies are watching, testing the US's moral resolve to defend it's "freedom" 
which has become so perverted that it is indefensible. "Freedom" not just indefensible 
because of the liberals' current perverted concept, but indefensible by those who live it 
because they (we so-called Americans) are so corrupted that we are unable.
The perversions of Europe are safe so long as the USA big brother has its power.  
The perversions of Canada are safe as long as big brother USA has its power.  
The perversions of Mexico are safe as long as big brother USA has its power.  
The perversions of the USA are safe as long as we have our power.  
But....The perversions of "Freedom" in the USA have removed much of our power, 
and so the world in no longer safe. And our enemies are aware.

Repeal the USA Patriot Act!