Gen.6: There were giants in the earth in those days


 Pyramid in Peru

 Pyramid in Peru Yields Unprecedented Buried Treasure. Giants were buried!


Las Huacas del Sol y de la Luna

Raiders of the Lost Tomb Lord of Sipan [awesome videos of the digitally reconstructed pyramids]

SLEUTHS: have a question for you. See this image: Huaca del SOL and Luna (background) in the Moche Valley Peru (AD 100-800) In the foreground is the greatly weathered pyramid of the sun [Huaca del Sol], and in the background is the eroded mound of the pyramid of the moon [Huaca de la Luna]. The pyramid of the moon nestles at the base of WHAT? That mountain also looks to be a near perfect pyramid. Is the mountain an artificial structure TOO? The biggest pyramid on earth rivaling only the Pyramid of Elysium on Mars?


Strange Fossil Rock Formation

The core recipe of humanity carries clumps of genes that show we are descended from bacteria [space-blown?]. There is no other way to explain the jerry-rigged nature of the genes that control key aspects of our development.

Holger Isenberg: Sagan-Pyramid Mariner 9 Original Found

Note: with 66 m/pixel the Mariner 9 did this one in higher resolution than Viking-Orbiter!

Additional Reference  Mars search engine



LUCAS: Chinese Pyramids: More connections with the Stars  Students Uncover Baffling Martian Boulders

PAKAL, THE MAYA ASTRONAUT [size of mask, sarcophagus giant?]



Right: CroMagnon

Heckewelder writes regarding the Allegewi: Many wonderful things are told of this famous people. They are said to have been remarkably tall and stout, and there is a tradition that there were giants among them, people of a much larger size than the tallest of the Lenape.

Date: 2/20/01 9:21:47 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, Check out these 2 articles for more interesting stuff on ancient 'Giants'

NEW: Tomb of Hathor found. Alien?

EDITOR, Psychotic thought for the month: ever wonder if all life everywhere could be a code, like a note sent from one 6D god to another? Probably reads like this, "I'll meet you for a beer at 5:30, Bud and Lil's."

Possible artificial structure shown in NEAR-Shoemaker spacecraft landing image

British scientists join Nasa in hunt for aliens  American Association: Starlight 'reveals billions of Earths'

NIBIRU, 12TH PLANET VISIBLE? Hint: if there is any validity to this claim, keep an eye here.

EDITOR: at first I put these reports on the low shelf, but I think it is necessary to keep watch here. I now believe that something is developing in the astronomical centers in Europe in the Alps. ALERT SLEUTHS


THE PERTURBER: somewhere out there, at around 30,000 AUs, along the outer band of a massive cosmic debris field called the Oort Cloud, something very big and very weird is going on...

Date: 2/26/01 3:28:48 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent - seeing something different in night sky lately (Australia). Bright flashing light, usually stationery for up to 10 minutes. No pattern to the flashing, I've counted anything from 7 to 35 seconds between flashes, then nothing for several minutes, then it appears in a different region of the sky. Saw it the first time about 10 days ago, then in the early hours of this morning (Feb 26) observed it in three different regions of the sky. Anybody else reported this?

UK targets asteroid threat

Terraforming Mars  The Solar Wind at Mars Greening of the Red Planet



Ra blown gales

Home drifting

Frozen shores

Siren moan drawn

The first  real mapping of Mars was done by the Mariner 9 Spacecraft, launched, 30 May 1971. We are re-discovering the data. The Mariner-9 images seem to reveal a living, non-toxic world--water, clouds, snow and ice, atmospheric layers. I think it is time to forever stow our pre-Galileo prejudices to consider the possibility that earth may not be the sole isolated nest of life for the Cosmos. [About 50 Mariner images now posted,  first  latest]


"I name thee on behalf of the dreamer," by his side in quiet witness stood Lowell, Wells, Verne, Herbert, and a Young Maiden.

SLEUTHS: most interested in images, Venus, Here is a list of Venus probes