Last year I email you about the labyrinths down the sacred valley, at Ollantaytambo. Professional people are working on ground. seems that they have the evidence for a Lost World!

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The Tomb of the Lord of Sipan

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[SND] 16-56.rm                22-Jun-1999 20:51   125k  
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[SND] 38-56.rm                22-Jun-1999 20:55    85k  
[SND] 39-128.rm               22-Jun-1999 20:56   677k  
[SND] 39-56.rm                22-Jun-1999 20:57   290k  
[SND] 60-128.rm               22-Jun-1999 20:57   195k  
[SND] 60-56.rm                22-Jun-1999 20:57    79k  
[SND] 61-128.rm               22-Jun-1999 20:58   441k  
[SND] 61-56.rm                22-Jun-1999 20:58   189k  
[SND] 62-128.rm               22-Jun-1999 20:59   368k  
[SND] 62-56.rm                22-Jun-1999 20:59   159k  
[SND] 63-128.rm               22-Jun-1999 21:00   245k  
[SND] 63-56.rm                22-Jun-1999 21:00   100k  
[SND] 64-128.rm               22-Jun-1999 21:01   645k  
[SND] 64-56.rm                22-Jun-1999 21:01   276k  

The Pyramids of Guimar, Canary Islands, Spain 2 3 4


Patterns in the Void: Dimensions Beyond Our Own


 Lost ancient city unearthed in Peru - may be "El

June 3 4:28 AM SGT
LIMA (AFP) - A pre-Hispanic city of stone, complete with houses, temples and burial sites, has been discovered in the virgin rain forest of eastern Peru, according to a press report Friday.

The city, located in the northern province of San Martin, is being excavated by a team headed by the veteran and sometimes controversial US explorer and archaeologist, Gene Savoy.
Ancient Mayan City Discovered
Associated Press
May 14, 2000; 7:11 p.m. EDT
GUATEMALA CITY –– Guatemalan archaeologists have unearthed the initial remains of what they believe to be a Mayan city as large as the sprawling, majestic ruins of the country's famous Tikal site.
A team of national scientists uncovered the "El Pajaral" ruins in thenorthern Guatemalan
state of Peten late last week. The city is from the post-classic period, and is between 670 to 800 years old, said Salvador Lopez, who headed up the effort. AWESOME SURROUND 3D TOUR OF MACHU PICCHU (Microsoft Internet Explorer required) THE MAYAN COUNT: TzolkinON THE LEGEND OF KHABARAH KHOOM [Fiction? Maybe so, but lost cities grab me every time] SECRETS OF THE FLYING SAUCERS FROM KHABARAH KHOOM by DOM LUCCHESI SHASTA CAM MPEG AGARTHA THE SECRETS OF THE MOJAVE BURROWS'S CAVE CAHOKIA DISCOVERY 2

The Temple Inside The Grand Canyon

ANOMALOUS IMAGES: Temple Inside The Grand Canyon. images