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Date: 11/7/99 3:01:33 PM Pacific Standard Time
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Yes here are some html versions attached to this message.

I mormally send these messages only to my Mayan email list
as it helps to have that background to understand the messages.
But spirit indicated that I should send them to you as well so
I have. What is most inetesrting to me about you is your background
in Art, story, and your deepfelt interest in the Sun. Some other
names for our Sun are "Kinich Ahau" and the Arcturian name is
"Velatropa 24".

:: from a child of the sun to a child of the sun


Fellow Earth-Kin,

The angles of the triangles of the diagonals of the Great Pyramid at
Giza are:


                          /  \
                         / 76 \
                        /      \
                       /        \
                      /          \
                     /            \
                    / 52        52 \
Now the kin of the sacred Mayan Tzolkin offer this decoding of the
numbers of the pyramid.
The 52 is significant in many ways, there are 52 weeks in a year and
there are 4 13 kin cycles in a 52 kin period. There are 5 52 kin periods
in a 260 kin Tzolkin. And if we add the 2 52 degree angles then weget
104 which is the Venus cycle. Now what if we write the 104 in Mayandot
bar form?
                 o o o o
True to Mayan artistic thinking this is a mirror or reflection of BOLON(9).
                o o o o
Recall many of the Mayan pyramids have 9 levels. We will come back toBOLON (9)
later on. But now back to the angles of the pyramid, if we take the180
degrees of a triangle and subtract the 104 then we are left with 76degrees
for one diagonal's angle of the capstone. Now let us see by the kin:
                    11 CIB :: kin 76
                          /  \
                         /    \
                        /      \
                       /        \
                      /          \
                     /            \
                    /              \
        13 EB :: kin 52            13 EB :: kin 52
Now we add the 13 EB + 13 EB and get 13 KAN :: kin 104 and then we addto this
the 11 CIB and get 11 AHAU :: kin 180 and we are reminded that thereis 360
degrees in the circle and if we add the other diagonal of the pyramidwhich
also looks like this one then we have 180 + 180 = 360. But there areonly
260 kin in the Mayan Tzolkin? Lets go back to our 52 and look at thepyramid
from the capsTone down:
                       | \    / |
                       |   <>   |
                       | /    \ |
Each / in the picture represents a 52 degree angle and thus with 4 ofthem
we have 4 x 52 = 208 or kin 13 LAMAT which brings us to the "Eve ofthe Fifth"
and final 52 kin cycle of the Tzolkin. This is symbolized by the <>in the
pyramid picture above and is the capsTone. Since it is the capsTone,does it
not make sense that we would then "overTone" our 52 to create a capsTone?
Once again we refer to Mayan dot bar symbology:  =====
5 is called the overTone tone of the 13 Mayan Tones but we need to raiseit
up for our capsTone. To raise a tone/number to the next level the Mayanswould
multiply by 20 (ahau). Thus we create our overTone of 52 like this:
                        (5 x 20) + 52 = 152
Or by Mayan dot bar would appear as so:
                                      o o
      =====           o o            =====
                      o o             o o
       -o-           =====           =====
                     =====           =====
      (100)   +       (52)         =  (152)
Now we have a capsTone of 152 and the 4 base angles of 52 so that
52 + 52 + 52 + 52 + 152 = 360 <circle>. Now look again at the mayan
dot bar for the number 152 as it is composed of a 7 over a 12 and in
Mayan glyphs we have MAN'IK (7) and EB (12) which are also known as
Blue Hand and Yellow Human. These glyphs relate to planet Earth asso:
PLANET          INHALE (-)             EXHALE (+)
Pluto          Ahau                   Cauac
Neptune         Imix                    Eztnab
Uranus            'IK                 Caban
Saturn          Akbal                  Cib
Jupiter         Kan                    Men
AsteriodBelt    Chiccan                Ix
Mars            Cimi                   Ben
EARTH           MAN'IK                 EB
Venus           Lamat                  Cheun
Mercury         Muluc                  Oc
Thus in 152 dot bar are found the two solar seals for planet Earth
MAN'IK and EB. Look very closely at the MAN'IK glyph and you will
find a "solar disc" in the lower left. In the Tzolkin kin 152 is called
9 EB -or- Yellow Solar Human -or- BOLON EB. Recall earlier it was saidwe
would return to BOLON (9).
WHITE          9
2       violet          8       crown chakra
3       purple         7       3rd eye chakra
4       blue            6       throat chakra
5       green          5       Heart chakra
6       yellow          4       solar plexus chakra
7       orange          3       spleen chakra
8       red            2       root chakra
BLACK          1
We find a "Rainbow of the Human Chakra" connecting the WHITE(+) and
the BLACK (-). Notice that the numbers flow both ways and in doingso
we see that the HEART chakra is the only One that stays the same with
both flows as 5 which we also recall from above is the Mayan overTonetone.
Symbolic of the Fifth force or the Fifth Element or the Fifth pointon
the pyramid <> the capsTone. The heart chakra is symbolized by thecolor Green
and we find this color Green in the Mayan "Popol Vuh" as the"green road" and
we also find it in the Celtic/Druid "Green Man". It is the colorof the crown
of the Cosmic Tree :: Yax Che. Look again at the name of our blessedMother
planet Earth.
               E  A  R  T  H
               H  E  A  R  T
        "I seal these very wordsby my birth
         which in the QuicheMaya daycount
         occured onBOLON EB :: kin 152."
              o   In Lakech Forever
            o  o  foton fonon

Fellow Earth : : Kin,

Perhaps you have made some discoveries of your own since the last email

and will overTone my words with your own intuition. Here are a few more
items that came to me after I wrote the last message. I write these
realtime and sometimes amazed at what happens myself. So here gos....
Recall I mentioned the color Green and we saw how it relates to the
Heart chakra and then we see:
        E  A  R  T H
        H  E  A  R T
The very name of our planet mother is made up of only the letters inthe
word HEART. There is magick and power in a name and word. But we findanother
Egyptian connaction as well look closely at where the center of thesetwo
words connect.
        E  A 
R T  H
        H  E  A R  T
We find " R A " and so now we have the Sun connected by the Earthand the
Human Rainbow chakra. Now look back upon the last email and look atthe
planets. Think of them as chakras for our Sun. What happens when chakras
We look a little more closely at our special name EARTH and find thatin
number it sums to 25 and of course 25 is the mirror or reflection of52
that we explored earlier.
Kin 25 in the sacred Mayan Tzolkin is 12 CHICCAN and look at what planet
it relates to:
PLANET          INHALE (-)             EXHALE (+)
Pluto           Ahau                   Cauac
Neptune         Imix                   Eztnab
Uranus             'Ik                 Caban
Saturn          Akbal                  Cib
Jupiter         Kan                    Men
..........<>center of solar system<>...............
AsteriodBelt    Chiccan                Ix
Mars            Cimi                   Ben
EARTH           Man'Ik                 Eb
Venus           Lamat                  Cheun
Mercury         Muluc                  Oc
CHICCAN relates to the Asteriod Belt where we may just have a blown
out chakra. Notice the exhale glyph is IX also known as Jaguar or
White Wizard. CHICCAN is also known as Red Serpent. These symbols
of Serpent and Jaguar were important to the Maya. Let your HEART
tell you why.
But what of EB or Human?   ..... lets see what number andmayan tell us,
HUMAN = 21 (7+7+7) recall the 7th Mayan glyph relates to Earth and is
called MAN'IK or Blue Solar Hand. If we write 21 in mayan dor bar wefind:
Look closely for this simple two dots holds a tremendous amount of infomation.
Here are some clues: the top dot may symbolize AHAU (20) and the lowerdot
symbolize IMIX (1) these are the omega and alpha solar glyphs. Butif we
rotate the dots 90 degrees then we have:
           o o
This is IK (2) the Mayan glyph of spirit and the wind. It carries thepower
of our Ancestors. Now let us join MAN'IK (Earth) and IK (Uranus)
          o  o
Hmmm... interesting we have the 4 directions, a uniform cross, and it
also could be the 4 base points of our pyramid. All we need is a capsTone.
          o + o
        "I seal these very wordsby my birth
         which in the QuicheMaya daycount
         occured on BOLONEB : : kin 152."
              o   In Lakech Forever
            o  o  foton fonon