FRIEND: i have something to ask you
FRIEND: have you ever seen a shadow on the top of the moon, making it appear as if it were an egg
BARDSQUILL: gadzz, nope
FRIEND: well, looked that way last nite
FRIEND: am searching now to see if it is common
FRIEND: or happens once in a blue moon or something
BARDSQUILL: well, got the Mariner 9 images that have been hidden away by NASA, and, WE HAVE BEEN HAD!
BARDSQUILL: freakin Mississippi river up there!
FRIEND: what
BARDSQUILL: YESS, Mars is an atmospheric and watery freakin world, dummies proly nuked it so they been hiding Mariner 9 from us, Viking and Surveyor probes are crocks of poop.
FRIEND: hmmm
FRIEND: how do you know this
BARDSQUILL: lookin at it
BARDSQUILL: started enhancing the Mariner 9 images just out, nobody would know unless they enhanced em.
BARDSQUILL: Mississippi Mars  
FRIEND: holyyyyyyy molyyyyyyyyy
FRIEND: damn your right , looks like a river right here on earth
BARDSQUILL: yes, I'm so pissed at what these jerkoffs have been telling us
BARDSQUILL: enhancing now, gawd Mars is a totally different place
BARDSQUILL: thing is this is the raw data, seee, nobody would know Mariner 9 EDR 09160734.IMG  
BARDSQUILL: cept for good ol Salty
FRIEND: your kiddin this is the same photo you showed me earlier
BARDSQUILL: no, just how they all look, this is one I'm workin on now
BARDSQUILL: but there is WATER UP THERE, mighty lakes and river melting off the ice!!!!
BARDSQUILL:  Mariner16  
BARDSQUILL: ISLANDS in the lakes! Mariner20  
FRIEND: your not shadowing these at all , your just making them larger??
BARDSQUILL: just stretching the detail
BARDSQUILL:  Mariner32  
FRIEND: what does that mean
BARDSQUILL: you have to download the IMG format using NASAVIEW, then you make them into GIFS, then apply a stretch detail filter.
FRIEND: so your not altering it, as far as coloring or detail
FRIEND: holy shit
BARDSQUILL: just bringing up what's already there
FRIEND: unbelievable
FRIEND: blown away, and that doesn't happen very often
FRIEND: looks like images of earth from 4 kilometers
FRIEND: how come you can't do this with the most recent images though kent
FRIEND: why these old ones
BARDSQUILL: to give you an idea, exactly same techniques used over land, this is the mesa, Elysium
BARDSQUILL: I've got 40 posted and ongoing
BARDSQUILL: use the same settings
FRIEND: damn , you must be happier then a pig in mud huh
FRIEND: in your element
BARDSQUILL: THE MARINER 9 RECON was by far the most truthful, the rest are tweaked.
BARDSQUILL: I've gone over every square inch of the Viking atlas and in many case you can see where they've edited and stripped something in. BUT MARINER 9 ROCKS!
BARDSQUILL: you see the atmosphere, the clouds and the lakes up north, waterways like the Yukon river.
FRIEND: i see, is really incredible, are you sure these are real, it really does seem unbelievable
BARDSQUILL: yes they the first time we be seeing real
FRIEND: damn you don't think all the water has dried up since these were taken, you do think that they were just hidin the fact that there is water
BARDSQUILL: Well, I [we, Elaine] was clued by an informer that Mars was nuked
BARDSQUILL: actually been hearing this for a long time, ever since the Alternative 3 days.
BARDSQUILL: EMAIL: 98-04-19 09:22:13 EDT
Remember the ship we lost about 2 years ago, as it arrived in Mars orbit it just disappeared? was a nuke. It
exploded 1500 feet above was supposed to remove the face and pyramids.  

FRIEND: damn....
BARDSQUILL: good going Illuminati Geeks, nuke a whole world.
BARDSQUILL: If true, guess ol Doc. Strangelove, Ed Teller, cooked up something even better than his toy H-bombs, proly a cobalt bomb or worse.
BARDSQUILL: something really cool that can waste half a world, try it out on Mars and see if it's be a good deal to dump on the Soviets.
FRIEND: salty dog
FRIEND: nothing
BARDSQUILL: okay, okay
BARDSQUILL: used to blow up wastebaskets tho
FRIEND: like that i don't have to say anything and you understand
FRIEND: i know i know
FRIEND: awesome investigatin
BARDSQUILL: okeeyyy, laterrrrr back to hancements
FRIEND: laterrrrrrrrr
BARDSQUILL: laterrrrrrrrrrrrr


FRIEND2: howdy...I've been scanning your mariner photos
BARDSQUILL: like the rivers?
BARDSQUILL: Damn Yukon river up there, lakes, islands, boy have we been fed a crock
FRIEND2: well we all knew that
FRIEND2: putting up this email from the lunascan or one of those lists about the mars face. is says...The fact that we keep getting partial, enhanced, or extremely long focus images of this same feature is starting to raise suspicions.  So it would seem we all think the same way about the scams
BARDSQUILL: Cydonia I think misdirection now, no doubt
FRIEND2: even Sagan liked elysium
BARDSQUILL: damn, gonna enhance them all or die trying
FRIEND2: i tried a place that looks like a face and another that looked like a big sea shell
BARDSQUILL: well, I've found a routine now, can do one every five mins
FRIEND2: oh look what i found in the squatty mars face...really cool looking! looks like the holy grail under his chin
BARDSQUILL: drinkin beer is he
FRIEND2: yeah he looks like a leprechaun! I've been messing around that 30x105 area again trying to find this face so i can prove its not the real cydonia one
FRIEND2: suppose whatever faces there are were meant to be seen correctly from upside down and right side up...that would make sense depending on which way someone might come into mars
BARDSQUILL: just mighta found a city
FRIEND2: those are very hard to enhance hard to get rid of the noise
BARDSQUILL: yea, I have an old program Micrografx, has the best stretch filter ever made bar none
BARDSQUILL: there, check this out  
FRIEND2: what is it
FRIEND2: looks like half a brain ;-)
FRIEND2: do the mariner's have any coordinates?
BARDSQUILL: nuther wild place, nope, haven't found coordinates yet
FRIEND2: so you don't know where you are when you're enhancing?
BARDSQUILL: roughly, right now think I'm Elysium and north
BARDSQUILL: Asked Holger to try and figure it out
BARDSQUILL: just added bottom pic here:
FRIEND2: i saw those, was there yesterday
FRIEND2: have no idea where i am tho
BARDSQUILL: check this out:
FRIEND2: that looks like Ur
FRIEND2: is that cydonia?
BARDSQUILL: beats me no coordinates given Mariner 9 EDR 09162624.IMG  
FRIEND2: it looks familiar...that big flat area toward the right bottom looks like someplace I've seen
BARDSQUILL: me too, think it's Elysium
FRIEND2: could be
BARDSQUILL: nearby, because I'm in section that has Elysium
BARDSQUILL: big ol sandstorm in images now
FRIEND2: mariner images?  
BARDSQUILL: big clouds
FRIEND2: that clouds?
FRIEND2: once the informer said mars weather patterns were constant what's that mean
BARDSQUILL: kicks up some big storms up there to
FRIEND2: wouldn't wanna live there then, tornadoes here big enough for me!
BARDSQUILL: think I found pyramids of Elysium
FRIEND2: a url?
BARDSQUILL: loading it
FRIEND2: that larger thing looks like a face
FRIEND2: wish i could find 30.6x105.6 on those
BARDSQUILL: you have to download the IMG files then get NasaView
BARDSQUILL: NasaView converts to GIF, then you enhance from there.
FRIEND2: those are large files aren't they?
BARDSQUILL: just did an entire section, total was 66 megs on my hard drive
BARDSQUILL: 12 CD sections available so far
FRIEND2: going to bed night  
BARDSQUILL: nightooo