ALERT: CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Feb. 1)- Space shuttle Columbia apparently disintegrated in flames over Texas on Saturday minutes before it was to land in Florida. SLEUTHS: reports needed, [FORUM 2 3 4] images, radar, solar, HAARP, crew.  POSSIBLE EARLIER SHUTTLE ORBITAL FLIGHT PATH -- 0520 UTC - APPROX 1 AM EST 2  2/1/02 Magnetic Storm Aurora  COMET X5 [CRASHES: Denver North Carolina] 

EARTH: CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - Astronauts videotaping thunderstorms from the space shuttle Columbia captured what scientists said on Thursday was a never-before-seen red glowing arc of light paralleling the curve of the Earth.  
.............SPRITES, below

Cool Description, er...electrical anomalies:

Scientists were excited by the news that astronauts on Sunday captured the first-ever pictures of elves taken from space with a calibrated camera. The shuttle and its seven-member crew, which includes Israel's first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, are on a 16-day science mission that began on Jan. 16.


Date: 2/1/03 6:14:15 PM Pacific Standard Time

Sir: here's a closer photo-shot of the Shuttle. What are the 2 objects just above the Shuttle? I en-large the photo. It appears that it has a engine exhaust? (A circular shape is what I see with a engine exhaustb and flame coming out)? Thanks

2/1/02 Magnetic Storm Aurora

Check out the K-index and Magnetometer,

flare activity low,

so what's causing all this magnetic flux?

HAARP    Aurora










From Jan Alvestad´s report:

"An unusual solar storm arrived at SOHO near 13:10 UTC. This storm is unusual in that solar wind speed was very low at the time of its arrival, and, probably more significant, had some of the highest peak solar wind speeds recorded during this solar cycle. During the early solar wind shock the velocity jumped abruptly from 390 to 520 km/sec, then increased slowly to 600 km/sec. At 14:30 UTC at SOHO there was another shock, this time speed increased to above 800 km/sec."

This part of the solar disturbance arrived at Earth at about the same time as the terrible Columbia space shuttle accident occurred. By 16h UTC solar wind speed had peaked just below 1000 km/sec.


1/31/03 21:00


Online Sleuth: Comets, antimatter

Date: 2/2/03 12:23:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

Remember the shuttle experiment several years ago that trailed a metal sphere in an attempt to generate electricity, and the static charge was so great the teather exploded? The attached article woud seem to confirm that the Columbia's problems began with just such a phenomena.


Are Bush and his cohorts lusting after ERIDU in Iraq? 

BULLETIN: Shuttle: Astronomer Records Mystery Flash

Energy from this coronal hole was reaching Earth as shuttle descended

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that a Bay Area amateur astronomer has photographs showing odd flashes of light, apparently an electrical discharge, around the space shuttle Columbia during the early phase of re-entry, just before the shuttle broke up.

At the same time that the shuttle was re-entering the earth's atmosphere, a coronal mass ejection that had left the sun hours before was reaching earth's atmosphere. While this CME was not large or unusual, it was sufficiently strong to create auroras above the Arctic Circle, and it's energy would have been much greater in the area of the shuttle, above earth's protective atmosphere.

A substantial static charge building unexpectedly within the shuttle's electronic components just as the autopilot was executing the re-entry program could conceivably have caused problems with the sensitive angle of attack manuever that is essential to a safe re-entry.

The photographer is not going to make his pictures public immediately, but Chronicle reporters have viewed them and state that "they are indeed puzzling."

The photographer told the Chronicle, "They clearly record an electrical discharge like a lightning bolt flashing past, and I was snapping the pictures almost exactly . . . when the Columbia may have begun breaking up during re-entry."

The discharge is described as "a bright scraggly flash of orange light, tinged with pale purple, and shaped somewhat like a deformed L."

As the flash crossed the shuttle's contrail, it immediately became brighter and began to twist, as if the shuttle had started abruptly wobbling.

While it is highly unlikely, it is not beyond conception that this flash was caused by a weapon of some unknown kind, or even an explosion aboard the shuttle.

Date: 2/3/03 12:13:16 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent! Check out my two posts on this thread. They are the last two.

HOT OFF THE PRESSES!!!!  Posted by Lawgiver1:

Posted - Feb 03 2003 : 02:09:34 AM FREESTAR FINDS A GLOWING ARC OF LIGHT

Over the past 2 days, we have discovered many connections between the current situation in the Mid-East, the space shuttle, and what we were spiritually becoming aware of since January 18.

The main research mission of STS-107 was called Fast Reaction Experiments Enabling Science, Technology, Applications & Research (FREESTAR). If you look at the May 2001 STS-107 patch above, you will see the symbol for FREESTAR as a star on the horizon with an attached red arc paralleling the earth. Little did the designers of this patch know what those symbols would come to mean in reality.

As a part of FREESTAR, the Israeli photographic equipment on the shuttle was there to capture Transient Luminous Events (TLE). Their mission was to obtain coordinated measurements from various locations, both on the Earth and from space, in order to triangulate the origination location of any optically observed TLEs.

A very important event was filmed on Tuesday, January 21, by the shuttle Columbia. They had captured what scientists later said [two days later on Thursday, January 23] was a never-before-seen red glowing arc of light paralleling the curvature of the Earth. It was described as a narrow limb-like glowing arc of light, hundreds of miles in length, horizontal with the curve of the earth.

"Two nights ago [on January 21 when the shuttle was positioned] over Africa was an extraordinary image. We saw a huge horizontal line of air glow - which had been brightened by lightning below it - which extended to several hundred miles horizontally and we feel it may be something new," said Dr. Yoav Yair.

Yair, the project coordinator for the Israeli experiments on board the Columbia, said that further analysis would attempt - over the next few weeks - to confirm their scientific impression that this glow was not a "sprite" nor an "elf," which are two electrical phenomena associated only with thunderstorms. ["Sprites" are red flashes shooting vertically up from thunderstorms, first discovered in 1989. "Elves" are spreading red doughnut shapes shooting vertically up from thunderstorms, first discovered in 1994.] "It is raw data hot from the oven," Yair said.

While the shuttle was over Africa, filming a geographical area ranging from mid-Africa to the Middle East, the special video cameras unexpectedly captured this "arc of light". The coordinating ground crews also triangulated the source of this new arc of light. After that, nothing more was said about this phenominal "discovery."

The biggest reason for the silence since January 24 is that the triangulated source of the light was shown to be over Iraq where no thunderstorms were present. What they filmed was neither an ELVE nor a SPRITE, and they knew this after analyzing the space video and ground equipment information. They had filmed a light power never known or seen by any scientific group before.

As far as science "knows," nothing with mass or energy moves faster than the speed of light. However, they have concluded that the size of the luminous ring in an "elve" begins by growing over 100 km in radius in a small fraction of a millisecond; thus, an "elve" can be said to expand faster than the speed of light. This was also the same with the arc of light they had filmed.

To the Israeli scientists, this arc of light is not explainable. But knowing where the geographical source of the light arc had come from translated their discovery into a matter of national security.

"The land where old Babylon once stood is now named the City of Light, and it is the place where the children of Light will dwell... The City of Light was uncovered before me and I saw the foundations of the walls were deep in the earth. These foundations were made of gold and they formed a circle around the city. At the center I saw an immense light that gathered it´s brilliance from the circle of gold."

"Because of this, Iraq was given spiritual knowledge from these ancient writings and holds an awesome Light to the 8th power within their hands. This is the same ´Light power´ that built the pyramids and Solomon´s Temple without machinery to carve the stones or lift them into place. It is sound and vibration of the 8th Light magnitude and dimension."

"There exist 3 great poles-stakes-crosses in the vast land of Immar [connection to Mars], which are of equal distance from each other and to the golden circle-wheel in the center. As the portal-gate opens and the golden wheel spins, a great force of light-vibration-sound is created and the 3 poles harness this to form yet another great wheel. From this, that which is not becomes. As the southern cross rises, this gate will begin to open."

WILLIAM HENRY: Saddam controls an asset infinitely more important and powerful than oil or even nuclear weapons. He controls access to the temples that housed the history of humanity's origins and potentially the secrets of stargates.


Date: 2/5/03 9:27:20 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, I saw something that got me thinking. It was an article on by Barry Chamish entitled “One Thing We Aren’t Being Told Re the Columbia Explosion.”

1. All of the early witnesses described hearing an explosion. Some say it shook their house or office.

2. These people live under the glide path and are used to hearing the Shuttle’s sonic boom.

3. NASA has not mentioned the explosion.

4. I am not sure about the Shuttle, but Apollo adopted the policy of sending back ALL on-board data.

Theory: The Shuttle had lost tiles and was starting to burn up. Telemetry showed temperature rise, and particularly the “rate of rise” would lead to disaster. Ground Control issued a coded Destruction Command. The explosion occurred. It was a mercy killing to prevent the crew from burning to death. The system is built into the Shuttles. I do NOT think for one second that it was sabotage. That would have occurred during orbit so there would be NO debris at all.

Date: 2/5/03 7:43:12 AM Pacific Standard Time

Gentlemen, Feb. 3, 2003 News Alerts and Special Offers from

Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):

There was one odd item in the Washington Post story Sunday about the shuttle crash. White House Chief of Staff Andy Card was up at Camp David with the president. They had originally planned to have British Prime Minister Tony Blair up there, but the foggy conditions prevented helicopter flights. So Friday afternoon the two leaders had their meeting in the White House residence instead.

Then the Bush party went up to Camp David for the weekend.

Saturday morning, according to this story, Card was "watching NASA TV at Camp David when the accident occurred." He then immediately went over to Bush's cabin, Aspen, and told the president what happened.

The fact that the White House chief of staff is even watching the landing of a space shuttle on a Saturday morning - while at Camp David in the middle of the Iraq crisis - raises a big red flag.

Was he previously informed that NASA was worried about tile damage from the launch?

How much internal chatter about a risky landing was there?

Did NASA expect trouble on an otherwise routine landing?

How many other officials suspected trouble Saturday morning?

Did NASA tell the astronauts and their families of the extra risk with this landing?

These and many other questions are hanging in the air as NASA tries to figure out what happened.

It seems possible that right after the launch NASA officials grew worried that there may have been serious damage. Perhaps they then had high-level meetings about their worries and, as a potential CYA measure, informed Andy Card.

It is odd that the White House chief of staff would watch a shuttle landing. Such a routine event - early on a Saturday morning, in the midst of Blair, U.N. inspections, Colin Powell's upcoming intelligence revelations to the Security Council - seems to be something that a White House big shot would pay no attention to.

If he had a heads-up that something might have been amiss, then we need to be told. And it will come out - eventually.

Haven't we all learned that cover-ups are huge mistakes? It is always better just to square with the people.

NASA has a wonderful safety record over 40 years of manned space flight. They now need to also have a wonderful candor record.

The story was retracted by Newsmax 2 days later but not by The Washington Post, Very curious.

2/2/03 8:48:58 PM Pacific Standard Time

Harry Mason

Dear Skywatchers,

Given President Bush's recent "State of the Nation" announcement about increased space exploration intentions re Mars etc AND the Iraq-Israel-Palestine International situation it behooves us to get to the truth about this horrendous disaster - for the memory of those brave astronauts who died - as well as for future astronaut space missions.

There are a multitude of possible motives that can be deduced for a non-"natural" incident cause. At the very least this event will put back any US intentions re Mars several years.

Therefore I would like for Skywatcher sleuths to please confirm if there is any evidence that the story about insulation breaking off of the space shuttle booster tank during it's launch and possibly damaging the left wing was in the public arena at that time and is not a post disaster story line ???

Late last night here in Western OZ whilst watching CNN video feed of the incident the actual film of the descending shuttle shows it coming down OK - then the film tilts so that you cannot see the shuttle - the shuttle goes completely out of frame - whilst a Cessna 172 type wingstrut gets in the way of the camera - then you see the shuttle reappear in frame having already commenced it's disintegration into several pieces whilst out of frame. The entirety of the pre disintegration and post disintegration film is VERY steady with the shuttle held pretty much in center field.

Thus the critical moment, where disintegration was apparently initiated, is not in the film that was broadcast on CNN in OZ. This is very convenient - far too convenient for my liking .

Apart from the obvious possibilities of structural failure initiated by the said launch impact wing damage, mis-orientation on the glide path due to some pilot systems malfunction, an on-board sabotage bomb etc., it is not inconcievable that the shuttle was hit by a ground, water, air, or space based laser or EM beam of some kind.

An Australian astronomer in California reported, observing by telescope, some debris (possibly heat shield tiles) dropping off the shuttle whilst it was on it's early glide path high over California ie. well before the Texas events. Thus if there was any foul play it could have been the result of a hit as early on in the landing cycle as say over the Pacific Ocean area ???

The launch-insulation-impact-shuttle wing damage newsline could be a fabricated excuse for public consumption ??? Hence my desire to verify if indeed this incident really happened AND was reported and discussed in the media at the time of launch and PRIOR to the landing disaster ???

I wish to emphasise that at this time I have no pre-conceived views either way - I am purely ferreting to confirm, or otherwise, different aspects of this tragedy.

As you all know in the past the word NASA has been said to stand for "Never A Straight Answer." It is up to us to attempt our own public examination of the event - if we really want to know the truth of the matter.

More, same author: West Australian UFO Sightings of Possible Relevance to Shuttle Disaster ??? 

NASA to examine Nevada man's videotape of shuttle

2/1/2003 04:40 pm

Minutes before the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas, some northern Nevadans reported feeling their houses shake and a Sparks man shot videotape showing what he thinks were the spacecraft's initial problems.

"All of a sudden I saw a bright flash of light from the shuttle. Then about two seconds later there was another object of light trailing slightly behind the shuttle,"recalled Jay Lawson, who shot the footage outside his house.

"I believe I shot the initial explosion. The trailing light had to be something like a piece of debris,"added Lawson, a 45-year-old manager at Sparks-based Sierra Nevada Corp., a defense contractor.

Keith Johnson, associate director of Reno's Fleischmann Planetarium, examined the tape and thinks it could be significant in the investigation. He said the footage was grainy but the images were"unmistakable."

NASA officials were notified about the footage, which was shot about 10 minutes before Columbia disintegrated 39 miles over Texas.

The shuttle passed to the south of Lake Tahoe, about 45 miles above Nevada, Johnson said.

After the initial flash of light, Johnson said, the tape shows"a little bright spot trailing behind the main light of the shuttle. It looks like something came loose from the shuttle.

"The film could have captured the initial explosion but we don't know yet. Seeing something come off the spacecraft, that looks suggestive (of trouble),"Johnson added.

NASA spokesman Phil West said investigators are interested in the tape as well as all other footage and eyewitness accounts of Columbia's disintegration.

The tape will be evaluated by a team of experts at a later date, he said.

"It's unlikely that we would be able to comment on any specific tape or imagery today,"West said Saturday."But we're interested in seeing any images and accounts people have of the event."

Fred Fichman, executive director of Reno's Community Access Channel, also witnessed the sudden flash of light from the shuttle. He saw it through binoculars outside his Reno home.

"A second or two later, I saw a piece of debris trailing behind the shuttle with some separation as the shuttle moved away,"said Fichman, a former executive with ABC-TV in Los Angeles.

"In five seconds the shuttle and the debris disappeared over the horizon as it continued east. I said to myself at the time `That's really odd that such a large piece of debris would trail after the shuttle.'I think the flash of light and the piece of debris were connected because they happened within one or two seconds of each other,"Fichman said.

At the same time, police in the Reno area reported receiving more than a dozen calls from people who described feeling a sonic boom of sorts.

Emmett Burns said the walls and windows shook at his Incline Village house on Tahoe's north shore about 6 a.m.

"Initially, I thought someone drove a car into my house,"he said."Then I thought it was an earthquake. I was absolutely stunned to find out what caused it."

Date: 2/5/03 5:40:37 AM Pacific Standard Time


-Kent, there seems to be some HAARP related array near the airbase outside K-FALLS. Intersected scaler/pulse waves from AK (gakona) and OR-CA border. Columbia zapped on flight trajectory over underwater structures (pacific), lemuria to atlantis, twin lights- lone star state, florida sunshine state. Bush boys run both states.


2/2/03 11:58:12 AM Pacific Standard Time


I'm not sure if you follow Swerdlow at all, but there is quite a lot of
number symbolism again with this Columbia crash.  Also, keep in mind
that when you multiply 113 by PI, you almost get a value of 355 which is
the number of days in our non-leap year.

Columbia Disaster--Major Global Ceremony! February 1, 2003

On 02-01-03, the space shuttle Columbia was destroyed as it completed
its mission and returned to Cape Canaveral. There is such a huge amount
of symbolic, ritual evidence that I have listed it below for you to
assimilate. Keep Illuminati numerical symbolism in mind as you read the

This was the 113th space shuttle flight.
Columbia has been flying for 22 years (twinning).
The shuttle took off on 01-16-2003, which equals a number 13.
Ft. Hood, Texas, is sending a recovery team, calling it a 24/7
operation, which equals a number 13.
CNN used a local station "13" in Florida to cover Cape Canaveral.
The runway to which it was heading is Runway #33, which is 3 miles
02-01-03 leaves 333 days in this year.
The event took place on the exact anniversary week of the Challenger
accident in 1986.
The event took place on the date of the Chinese New Year.
The event took place on the date of a New Moon.
Challenger exploded while taking off; Columbia exploded while
landing--a completion cycle.
Columbia exploded over Palestine, Texas, with an Israeli astronaut on
The Israeli astronaut fought in the Yom Kippur War and was on the
mission in 1981 to destroy the Iraqi nuclear facility.
The name "Columbia" is derived from "Columbus" which comes from the
word "Calumba." This is the name of an Illuminati cult of the White
Dove--a UN/Reptilian image, i.e., white, winged Reptilian descendents.
Both the states of Florida and Texas are involved; both are
politically connected to the Bush clan.
Florida is the Sunshine State. Texas is the Lone Star State. The sun
is our star. This is symbolic of Texas and Florida being twin stars, a
reference to a binary star system.
The space shuttle was launched on the 16th (7) for a 16-day mission
(7) with (7) astronauts aboard. There are (3) 7s. There are 7 Reptilian
species; all worship a 3-horned god.
On board was an African-American, an Asian-American, a Jew, and two
descendents of Committee of 300 families--Blair/Clark and Brown.
The astronaut McCool is a name that shows double twinning
symbology--"cc" and "oo."
An Indian and Israeli were both on board; both from nations with major
issues against Muslims.
Witnesses reported seeing "spirals in the sky" with a rumbling hum;
evidence of a particle beam accelerator weapon?
A 5.5 magnitude quake occurred approximately one hour after the event
in Chiapas, Mexico, directly south of the explosion.

2/2/03 2:37:05 PM Pacific Standard Time
It was a sad, tragic day when the Columbia and her crew tumbled  back to earth.  Who among those of us that have followed the  history of the Shuttle Program did not feel ANGRY as well!?  We  have watched as time and again, insulation/ice has fallen from the main tank after lift off to damage tiles while technologically simple solutions were not implemented.

I find it interesting to say the least that they KNEW of
potential damage on ascent of the left wing and
appear unable to have confirmed it!!!  I mean COME ON!    We have
ample number of other flights that had the same problems ie.
insulation/ice falling from the main tank and causing tile damage!
This is the craziest thing I have heard given the knowledge they had.
  I have little doubt that the wing structure failed from intense heat
buildup on an uncovered portion of the wing resulting from tile
damage.  If I were the shuttle commander.....I would have found a way
to get the area inspected.  I mean, we are playing with lives and
major assetts here.   There's no shuttle arm so let's up the stakes
boys and head home?  NO.  You shift to higher orbit and dock with the
ISS (if possible) even if it's a one way trip and wait for a soyuz pick up.  I knew
something like this would eventually happen given all the warning
signs of these types of problems.  I remember watching the challenger
ascent live in 86 as a kid and wondering why they weren't aborting the flight.
I actually began to run to the phone when I saw the flare
from the SRB aimed at the tank and panicking because I knew she was
going to blow and then stopped because who was I gonna call, 911?  I
know that at the speed the challenger was going, that there was a very
slim probability for survival but long odds is better than no odds and
there was ample time for orbiter separation on that mission. Also, for
what it's worth Col. Tom Bearden ret. Has an interesting web site that
contains compelling information regarding that earlier challenger
disaster as well as his opinion on the latest one.  I for one at am a
loss as to how there was NO WAY to check for damage on the wing and
the apparently casual decision was made to come home after 16 days in
space!  They KNEW of this type of problem before  and they apparently did nothing.
They say hindsight is 20/20.  Who came up with that one?
Oviously "hind" sight can mean something else can't it!
 Let's not fail to notice that immediately after the disaster,  the "experts" were ready with various "explanations" which interestingly included the "tire pressure" theory.   I suspect that with the falling insulation tile damage scenario (a likely probability) totally INEXCUSABLE,  they will spin the tire damage explanation for all it's worth and then some........Bottom line,  they should never have even left the ground without the falling insulation/ice problem long ago resolved! NASA bumbled,  Columbia tumbled, and next the spin will begin.  inexcusable.

Date: 2/2/03 11:24:25 AM Pacific Standard Time


I watched the Albuquerque, New Mexico, KOB-TV Channel 4 (NBC Affiliate), 6 PM MST, News on Saturday, February 01, 2003.

There was some interesting private video footage shown of what I believe was the shuttle when it was first in trouble. They played it twice -- sorry, I didn't have a tape in the machine. The image in the picture, in my estimation, appears to be the shuttle, of that I am almost certain -- the video showed the rear image of the shuttle craft [the shuttle craft is hard to mistake] -- a trail of black smoke was coming from the left wing, but of greater importance, a trail of black smoke was coming from the right wing as well, and the craft appeared to be at an altitude lower than what it should have been. The black smoke trailing a short distance behind the shuttle was fresh. The video clip was very short and was taken by a private party.

NASA looks to fuel tank in investigation

Date: 2/2/03 8:03:02 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi There, Late last night here in Western OZ whilst watching CNN video feed of the incident the actual film of the descending shuttle shows it coming down OK - then the film tilts so that you cannot see the shuttle - which goes out of frame - whilst a Cessna 172 type wingstrut gets in the way of the camera - then you see the shuttle reappear in frame having already commenced it's disintegration into several pieces................. The entirety of the pre disinitgration and post disintegration film is VERY steady with the shuttle center field. Thus the critical moment of initiated disintegration is not in the film that was broadcast on CNN in OZ = very convenient - far too bloody convenient !!!

Debris strewn across east Texas

Date: 2/2/03 9:40:46 AM Pacific Standard Time

wanted to share this with someone… I was watching the abc news shuttle coverage yesterday they zoomed to a pic of a round silver object in a field…the object was very large, it did not look as if it had sustained a lot of damage it seemed to be completely intact… one commented as they showed this and then suddenly they stopped showing it~…and still nothing was said~….I continued to watch for several hours on all the news stations to see if I could see this object/debris/??? again but have not as of now……I checked your site this morning to see if anyone else had seen it..but have not found anything…but did want to share it in case anyone else reports it~….

In 1969 "The ET Exposure Law" was passed under Title 14, Section 1211 during the Apollo 11 Lunar Mission. This law requires that if you are exposed to ETs you can be held indefinitely in quarantine by our government.

Date: 2/2/03 10:05:39 AM Pacific Standard Time

Uhh...At 1:22 p.m., a NASA guy said that they  KNEW the Shuttle tragedy wasn't caused by  anything on the ground...that leaves space.

We've been putting tons of weapons into space, and the  ETs don't like it. The rest of the Galaxy doesn't like it.

Forget HAARP, etc. We're about to learn about our  place in the Galaxy.

Scalar Strike On Columbia Ends WW3? High Profile Target Makes For Devastating Blow

A scalar-burst strike on the US space shuttle Columbia has struck a debilitating preemptive blow to Anglo-American plans for a Middle-East takeover.

Psychological warfare tactics were to the fore in continuing pre-conflict skirmishing over the planned US-UK invasion of the Middle-East. This time the blow was devastating, as the Columbia ran into an electromagnetic 'wall,' in the sky over Texas.

2/2/03 8:46:36 AM Pacific Standard Time
13:47 2003-01-31
Is Hussein Owner of Crashed UFO?

"An UFO-related incident that occurred four years ago poses a troubling
question whether any kind of cooperation is possible between Iraqi dictator
Saddam Hussein and extraterrestrials," UFOlogist Joseph Trainor declared in
his review UFO Roundup (issue 51 of December 17, 2002). "On December 16,
1998, during Operation Desert Fox against Iraq, a video clip aired on CNN
showed a UFO hovering over Baghdad; it moved away to avoid a stream of
tracer anti-aircraft fire. At that time we all thought it was another UFO
sighting, although captured on videotape. But now, ufologists think it was
much more than a mere incident."

Jack Sarfatti reported that Friday evening, December 6, 2002 "someone called
the Art Bell radio show, claimed his connection with the military and
informed that a UFO crashed in Iraq several years ago. The USA is currently
searching for any pretext to invade Iraq. In fact, the USA is motivated by
the greatest fear that Saddam will reverse-engineer the crashed alien

It is allegedly said that the craft crashed during the Gulf War (1990-1991),
or more recently (probably in December 1998). This became some kind of Iraq'
s Rosewell. The USA is currently reverse-engineering the Rosewell craft and
fears that Saddam's scientists may become even more successful than
Americans in this or that sphere. It was said that these researches may give
Iraq a considerable advance and even make it a leading super power.

UFO Roungup's Arab journalists failed either to confirm or to deny these
rumors. Aiasha al-Hatabi replied to Joseph Trainor that "he heard nothing
about a UFO crash in Iraq." In the words of Mohammed Daud al-Hayyat, "there
are talks about extraterrestrials in Iraq, but nothing is said about any
crash. It is rumored at a market in Sulaimaniya, to the south of Zarzi, that
aliens are Saddam's guests. Where do they stay then? People mention some
underground base. But Saddam has a palace in this valley, an old stronghold
Qalaat-e-Julundi. Earlier it belonged to the royal family. After the
revolution, the government took possession of the fortress, and now, like
every palace in Iraq it is "a summer residence" of Saddam Hussein. The
fortress is mentioned here for a very simple reason: it is practically
impossible to penetrate into it. The citadel stands on a hill surrounded
with vertical precipices on three sides; the precipices plunge down to the
Little Zab river. It is said that Saddam lets aliens stay there."

Mohammed Hajj al-Amdar said on the basis of strange stories coming out of
that valley: "Saddam gave the aliens sanctuary, so that they couldn't be
captured by Americans. Nobody can reach the citadel Qalaat-e-Julundi at
night. They say that the aliens created "watchdogs" for Saddam. The aliens
took ordinary desert scorpions and used their bio-engineering to grow the
scorpions to giant size. Scorpions of a cow-size! They are wonderful
watchdogs: they blend in with the desert, swiftly and silently move on their
warm-blooded prey for a decisive attack. Luckless intruders hear just some
strange sound from behind stones, then a pincer crushes their necks, another
pincer crushes their legs; then the victims is slammed to the ground and
beaten with a barbed tail six or seven times. Death comes almost

Joseph Trainor came to a conclusion that something strange is actually
happening in the valley of the Little Zab river, but it is not clear what
exactly. It is not ruled out that Saddam intentionally spreads these rumors
so that to scare people away from some important military object located in
the old fortress of Qalaat-e-Julundi.

Nevertheless, it is not the only information about a UFO crash in that area.
Many years ago, on June 20, 1993, an information was published on FIDOnet's
MUFONET BBS NETWORK, it was a letter of some Steve from Britain. He openly
warned: "The following information was published in Amateur Radio Packet BBS
on June 13 by some short-wave transmitter for spreading all over the world.
I know nothing about the man who published the information, I also cannot
say whether his information is true. The man reported that some aircraft was
found after it was brought down by F-16 over Saudi Arabia during raids in

The information itself said: "A high-ranking source admitted that US Air
Force's F-16 brought down a UFO over Saudi Arabia during the Operation
Desert Storm, and five countries are trying to conceal information about
this fact. I don't know details, but it was some plane unknown to me. Saudis
who were with me at that moment, were scared so much that they asked
American, British and French investigators to come to the crash site

Colonel Petrokov said that at that moment he was on a visit to Er Riyadh,
where together with a Russian group he managed to examine the crashed
aircraft before American troops participating in Desert Storm came to the
crash site. He said: "The aircraft was round and made of some material that
I never saw myself. About one third of the craft was torn out by blasts of
American missiles. Saudis didn't let us touch anything, but we managed to
see appliances, mechanisms and other things that bewildered us absolutely."
Inscriptions on the control panel and on the scales were in some unknown

"It was a relatively small craft, of approximately 15 feet in diameter. It
had three chairs, probably for crew members, but they were so small as if
meant for children. To all appearance, space aliens were just about three
feet tall. However, it seems incredible that there were no dead bodies at
the crash site; what is more, nothing that might look like an engine was
found there as well. Probably American missiles hit the engine immediately
and destroyed it. Later, operators of Saudi radar stations told me that no
ejection or falling of some subjects out of the craft was registered.
Searching helicopters surveyed the desert, but the pilots failed to find any
surviving crew member close to the crash site.

At the radar station Petrokov learnt that the target identified as a UFO
emerged "from nowhere" when four F-16 headed for Baghdad. One of the
American planes broke the line and directed toward the UFO. The alien craft
started moving south-west, away from the American plane, and the latter
pursued it. When the F-16 was three miles away from the object, the craft
fired at it but missed. Then the American plane fired a missile at the UFO.
A horrifying sound followed and the spacecraft dropped on the ground.
Petrokov says that when American investigators came to the crash site, he
and his people were ordered to leave the area for Er Riyadh. The colonel
says, it is highly likely that Americans didn't want others see some other
things that were in the crash site in addition to the round shape of the
craft made of some unknown material and the fact that no aliens survived
after the crash.

In Petrokov's words, people from his team managed to take pictures of the
site, and neither Saudis nor Americans noticed it. But the next day the team
was ordered to bring the pictures to Russian authorities. "American military
engineers gathered all wreckage and removed them for further study in the

This story seems to be absolutely unlikely. As we see, the source of the
information is just a Russian colonel, some Petrokov. If no additional
information follows in connection with the case, it may be still considered
just doubtful anonymous rumors.

Date: 2/1/03 9:53:05 AM Pacific Standard Time


Hurry! Run and get this 24HR US Radar loop!

Kent, if you look at this PSC radar loop, that small pronounced radar blip over DALLAS started appearing at 0915Z time, which I believe is 04:15am Central Time, or 05:15 Eastern Time.

This blip appeared no where else at that time in the whole US. I think NASA knew exactly where the Columbia shuttle would fly, so they started the electomagnetic funny business way early before the shuttle got there.

Iraqis Call Shuttle Disaster God's Vengeance

Lawrence Jamison 2/2/2003 4:23 am EST

Shuttle a Satanic sacrifice?

My 2-1-03 guest on my radio program,"The Larry Jamison Show",Zeph Daniel, a MK-ULTRA survivor, sees the Columbia disaster as another page in the "Global Truman Show" ...probably even a satanic sacrifice.Think about it..a Israeli is killed pretty much over Palestine, Texas...a bright flash of light was recorded prior to break-up by a amateur photographer and then there is that pesky red streak captured on the radar map. Just maybe that was the heat signature of the missle that hit the Columbia. The name Columbia is also Illuminati big time. Columbus did not "discover America," ..he had a map from bloodline sources, and then there is the Columbine school shooting. Michael Moore´s film "Bowling for Columbine" even captured what looks like Monarch butterflies in the linoleum tile...(a MK-ULTRA program is named Monarch. Nuf said

Date: 2/2/03 12:51:25 AM Pacific Standard Time


there is link to SKY news article in which Professor Andre Balogh, of London's Imperial College, states that he thinks the spacecraft has been crippled on take-off, 16 days ago, when a piece of protective foam came loose striking the left shuttle's wing.

Here is a link to thread on that contains 6 still shots that were captured from video posted at Florida Today site.

They show a chunk of insulation that broke off the external fuel tank, apparently of a size of a concrete block or larger, hitting a left wing at the bottom, and producing a huge cloud of the dust whose size was 1/3 to 1/2 of the size of the wing itself.

It was reported on NASA news conference yesterday that on the re-entry, during a period of several minutes, 8 thermal and pressure sensors at that area went down, off the scale, while the shuttle was still performing well.

Then the shuttle started to break apart.

The flight was doomed from the launch and NASA knew it. They cold do nothing about it.

At the same conference it was said that similar chunk of insulation broke off during the precedent launch. This they knew also.

Date: 2/1/03 1:00:25 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

I haven't been able to get an exact time of the disaster. I know it was close to 9 AM EST but I need to get time to the minute if possible. ELFRAD detected an large anomaly about 9:02 but do not know if related. The signature appeared to be like a large meteor ionization trail.

Date: 2/1/03 2:07:48 PM Pacific Standard Time


On NASA press conference 04:00 EST was said that, during the period of several minutes, while the rest of the vehicle was still functioning normally, temperature and pressure sensors on the left wing (8 of them) went down off scale, meaning that they did not burn out but were lost due to the mechanical damage, were cut off. This indicates that over this time period structural damage emerged and gradually propagated.

It could be a case of tiredness of material. No sabotage, just combination of old age and insufficient maintenance.



Date: 2/1/03 2:56:03 PM Pacific Standard Time


I flew into London Heathrow friday (31st) morning to catch a connecting flight. Couple of observations:

1. I was booked on a BA flight from a major European capital to fly to London. ALL BA flights were cancelled that morning, and it transpired througout the day, and also much of saturday. Reason was bad weather. However, all other airlines were flying without difficulty.

2. On arriving in London, my connecting (BA) flight was cancelled and it transpired BA flights were been cancelled from thursady 30th. Only about 1 (BA) flight an hour was taking off. ALL other airlines were taking off/landing without difficulty.

3. It was really weird. There was no snow, perfect flying conditions and BA flights were not getting off the ground. They were not even been delayed, just outright cancelled. It felt as though someone/authority had said 'Do not have your plane in the air, otherwise they coming down'.

It was so weird, that I abandoned my trip and got a cmixture of trains, buses, boat and taxis to get me back home.

I repeat Kent, this was not due to bad weather, technical faults or even re-pointing (planes been in the wrong place) issues. Those BA jets were just glued to the tarmac while every other airline were functioning. The passengers were going bersek. Some had been there for more than 48 hours>

Date: 2/2/03 4:32:53 AM Pacific Standard Time

Just checked out your 'Columbia explosion page' and one of the emails began as follows:

Date: 2/1/03 2:56:03 PM Pacific Standard Time Kent

I flew into London Heathrow friday (31st) morning to catch a connecting flight. Couple of observations:

I have to say that the correspondent's conclusions are quite wrong. We were thrown into total chaos last Thursday by just a couple of inches of snow that fell all across the eastern side of the UK from London up to the North. Here are a couple of links that give the full story:

Here in the UK it is always the way that we come to a complete stop whenever we have just a little snow, we are quite simply unprepared for it. The Government is now talking of bringing in a new law that will compel the Highways Authority, and the local councils, to keep the highways clear in future.

So there really was NO conspiracy about his flights being cancelled. It happened in most of the UK Airports, and to all the Airlines. There were TV images of the airport runways being blocked with black ice and snow, and the planes grounded. Many programmes were devoted to the travel chaos, and interviews shown with the Highways Authority spokespeople being asked to give an account of why the gritters and salters were not out in time to grit and salt the roads to help stop such disruption from happening.

From other contacts in the USA I don't think this bad weather was reported over the Pond, even though bad snow storms also hit France and Spain at the same time, causing chaos there too.

Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying that there might not be a conspiracy concerning the reasons for the loss of Columbia, but the grounding of UK flights last week definitely isn't part of it.

And finally, I'd also like to extend my deepest sympathies to the families of those brave astronauts who lost their lives, and the whole of the American people at this sad time.

2/1/03 3:27:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

These comments by a male named Cbswork were sent to me today.  You may
want to pull out comments towards the bottom, where it says:

"First, all Top Secret Crypto craft, like a shuttle or Black
Triangle, have self-destruct devices that can be detonated from
ground or by the crew. FACT."

Cbswork, Posted 1/31/03:
It's that time again - the new moon. It's when black magicians,
Thulists, OTO, Green Dragon Society, Golden Dawn, Illuminati,
and the rest of the nasty devils get together, slaughter
children, and when the reptoids among the coven shapeshift in
an orgy of horror.

As we know, much has been gifted in the last month.

The slaughter pens won't quite hold the mojo for them as they once

It's when children disappear. It's when access roads into forest
areas are closed off by forest rangers, in on the fix.

It's also a great time to zap reptoids with the succor punch.
Really. Find a target you might be aware of and send them all
the love from your heart center - the one frequency they cannot
stand - and do your part.

In fact, tonight, two snakes are going to get my full attention.
You guyz don't know about them, they live on my street.

It's also a time of caution out there. The new moon is their
brightest, so to say, of their dark moments. It's when they sit
and work their spells and incantations - and if you've done
your homework on Pike, Hall, Enoch - you know exactly how REAL
and POWERFUL these incantations can be.

Not posting this for fear - but to labor and protect.
MaryK, Posted 1/31/03:
According to my Llewellyn's astrological calender, the New Moon
is at 5:48 AM Eastern time Sunday morning. It's also the first
day of the Chinese new year.

The last day of the Old Moon is a time for contemplation and
completing whatever we have hanging [remember what I just sent aboutthe
number 7 ????]... and not over-extending
ourselves too much. If we've been flapping our jaws about
something we need to do, this is the last chance. Things that
remain undone when the Moon turns new will go sour.

If you are thinking about starting something new, then Sunday is a
good time to take action, especially in the Aquarius New Moon.
It governs universal compassion. Remember-- "this is the
dawning of the Age of Aquarius" isn't just a song in a
musical-theatre production which shocked the world with
nakedness in the '60's, but what Don is talking about when he
says "the new paradigm." --MaryK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cbswork,
Posted 1/31/03: By sunday, most of the weekend rituals would have
already passed.
It's 72 hours on each side, to take full power of it. Very few
groups actually coordinate on the exact moment, except people
who can disappear from their worlds for a few days

I'm telling you right now, that tonight, all over LA, hundreds of
covens are meeting to do their thing. This is coming from
someone who's attended more full moon gatherings and his whole
life, than most people ever hope to think about.

In fact, the neighbors have already blacked out their windows for
tonight festivities, and cars are already filling up the

Don't wait till sunday. Unless, hey, that's your thing.

Just ask Diane Harvey how many times we met in Sedona, just for this
thing. I've done plenty of full moon meetings and meditations
with her and the UN gang.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MaryK, Posted
2/1/03 (early this morning): This is correct, I'm sure; it also explains
why I don't like to
go anywhere or do anything during the last day of the Old Moon.
And I always feel liberated on the first day of the New...
whether I have an accurate calender or not. I just know.
--MaryK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cbswork, Posted at 9:45 a.m. this
morning (what time was the shuttle incident?): Truth be known, yesterday
when out gifting I had a flash of
danger, centered on the New Moon - I tried to track it down,
but found all the usual blocks in place, first clue its the
GWB/NSA boyz doing their mojo.

I started this thread in response to what I saw. Which was a
definite - DARK SHIFT - deeper into the abyss for

Unable to get to zero point, so to say, I decided to start a thread,
bla bla bla.

I don't have the power to reinstate the deleted pieces [they obviously
were reinstated!!!], but the
admin people have my permission to do so, if they feel it is
right to do so.

Not trying to take credit for anything - I saw a great ugliness
descending, and decided if we all chose targets of our OWN
choosing, we might offset it.

That didn't happen. I glanced around this morning and found only a
small, very small, group of people considering the idea, then
not doing really anything.

So, that being the case, I deleted on the grounds that it was

That's how it goes. Like with the Nazi address on tuesday - twenty
people with SP's and love intent, could have done something. It
was and a half only trying.

See what I mean?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cbswork, Posted
this morning after the tragedy: It's meant to do two things - distract
and coallesce the focus
of the nation.

Our government destroyed its own ship. Think WTC. Now, over the
next few days, as we go to war "overtly" (we've been bombing
Iraq since October and have had troops there since that same
time taking over the borders), the nation will be united in
mourning. No more war protests - "how dare you, in a time of
national crisis, you commie!" - and everyone flying chinese
made USA flags again on their cars.

These astronauts were murdered. Same with Challenger.

I'm sick to my stomach.

On the New Moon, too.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cbswork:  It's
also why they chose to destroy it over the US. Recover the
parts without foreign intervention, which might reveal clues to
those areas of the world, where the Machine doesn't have total

It also gives them a chance to build new memorials, with Masonic
symbols and obelisks - again - right on US soil.

They knew before the 16th of January, this was going down.

I have to go throw up now.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~From someone
in Portugal: You know cbswork I do not believe its as simple as
On sky news there was some amateur footage that zoomed to the
object, IT WAS DISTINCTLY UFO SHAPED, even had some lights in
the top domed portion!...I dont know if it was some distortion
or digital thing or whatever...But I know what I saw and I
LIGHTS IN THE SKY! This was at the same time!! Has star wars

Cbswork: First, all Top Secret Crypto craft, like a shuttle or Black
Triangle, have self-destruct devices that can be detonated from
ground or by the crew. FACT.

Second, in the COD video, there is four seconds of a UFO following the
2nd NYC plane above and behind the plane. Of course they are
closely monitoring this. Should the kill switch not go as
planned, badda-bing.

There is a lot in that video, if YOU WATCH It CLOSELY.

No, this was Psych warfare, aimed at the collective and very
vulnerable psyche of humanity.


Even my kids saw through this one.

2/1/03 4:48:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

I posted Tom Bearden's accounts of the scalar attack which killed the
Challenger shuttle in 1986. I am watching for clues that this new
disaster may also have been a hit by a scalar interferometer..possessed
by Russia, Israel, China, the Japanese Mafia, Aum Shrinyiko cult.. etc.
at Rumormill News:

Rumor Mill News Agents Forum


Posted By: billym <Send E-Mail>
Date: Saturday, 1 February 2003, 4:41 p.m.

Here is another fuller account by scientist Tom Bearden regarding the
1986 downing of the Challenger by Soviet Scalar Interferometers. An
early account of the new disaster reported that "two objects" were seen
traveling along with the shuttle. What were those? Could they have been
the marker beacons of a scalar interferometer?



Destruction of the Challenger in January 1986

As the whole world knows, on January 28, 1986 the shuttle Challenger was
launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida after exposure to undesirable
weather conditions, and disastrously exploded shortly after launch. The
evidence seems to indicate that, as the rising vehicle was stressed, one
end of its right booster broke loose, twisting away and into the main
fuel tank, causing rupture, spillage of the fuel and catastrophic
explosion. Several other anomalies still exist, however, and it is clear
that a problem existed with at least one of the booster seals. All seven
astronauts aboard the flight were killed in the fiery destruction of the

Of course no one had recognized that the Soviets had already tested a
launch-phase anti-ballistic missile (LPABM) system against three of our
previous shuttle launches. These "wet-runs" used a deliberate "time
offset" to delay the explosive emergence of electromagnetic energy in a
launched shuttle's location along its trajectory. The delayed test shots
resulted in very large "booms" above the launch site after the shuttle
was safely out of the area, but did not destroy the shuttle vehicles
themselves. For example, the delayed-shot boom occurred 12 minutes after
the evening launch of Nov. 26, 1985. Even a marker beacon (large light
in the sky) was utilized on that launch shortly after lift-off. The
marker beacon was photographed. In addition, another photograph taken in
a time sequence shows another sudden streak of light coming down and
ending in a burst of light. This was probably a spatially-offset test of
the "pulse" mode for destroying the shuttle. The "light burst" would
have been detected in the Soviet Union and scored against its intended
offset position. However, another mechanism may have been used to cause
destruction of the shuttle itself.

On Jan. 1, 1986 the presence of a metal-softening signal added on to the
Soviet LPABM system's scalar EM transmissions was detected by a
surprised Frank Golden. The metal-softening ability of the detected
signal was experimentally verified by him. Golden also locally nullified
the action of the scalar EM signal in a test, rather conclusively
establishing (1) that it existed and (2) what it was. The signal was
apparently being prepared for use against an upcoming U.S. shuttle

Just prior to the launch of the shuttle in late January, 1986, the
Soviets accomplished significant weather engineering over the U.S. The
jet stream was severely bent southward in the middle of the U.S.,
bending rightward again to move across the Florida panhandle. Icy cold
air from Canada was drawn far down, into Florida and onto the Challenger
sitting on its launch pad. This exposure to cold outside its tested
range was probably an additional factor contributing to the Challenger's
failure. Positive signatures of the Soviet weather engineering and jet
stream manipulation were observed and photographed by several persons,
particularly in Alabama and California.

On January 28, 1986, the Soviet scalar EM weapon system effects were
sharply localized in the launch zone. Localization involved higher
frequencies being present; these are quite painful to small brains --
whose hemispheres act as a scalar interferometer and detector -- such as
in birds. As commented upon by national news commentators, strangely the
birds were not flying that morning. Indeed, they were staying down on
the ground or avoiding the area, since the sky over the area was painful
to them.

As the Challenger rose, the metal-softening signal would have been
experienced in and around the boosters shortly after ignition, since the
booster flame acts as a special "ion-plasma" turner/detector for the
scalar signal. (Certain plasmas have a unique characteristic: they
transform an input transverse wave to a longitudinal wave, or an input
longitudinal wave to a transverse wave.) The effect of such a local
signal is to "change mass in the immediate vicinity" with the particular
scalar resonance signal. (Mass acts as a capacitance or accumulator for
scalar resonance).

The ill-fated Challenger was doomed. After ignition, the booster flame
acted as a ionic plasma detector/amplifier for the scalar
metal-softening signal on the Soviet Woodpecker grid. The metal in and
around the booster flame was slowly and steadily weakening due to
charge-up with the metal-softening pattern. This contributed to booster
leakage from the already cold-damaged seal. The leaking booster poured
out smoke and later flame, contributing to the impending disaster.

Substantial winds and air turbulence over the site increased the stress
on the Challenger as it rose through this region. This also contributed
to the impending disaster and may have been deliberately created there
by Soviet weather engineering.

As the Challenger stressed, eventually one or more weakened metal mounts
gave way, partially freeing the end of the right booster. The booster
oscillated, rotating into the tank and rupturing it. Contact of the
escaping liquid fuel and the flame resulted in a fiery explosion,
destroying the vehicle.

Even so another anomalous flame or light was observed on the vehicle,
and may have represented a very small additional "pulse mode energy
form" produced by the Soviet weapon that was attacking the Challenger.
The shock of the explosion probably killed the astronauts instantly,
although the cabin appears to have remained essentially intact while it
plunged several miles to the ocean below.

By creating excess cold exposure to the shuttle, inducing
metal-softening in and around the ignited booster, and possible adding a
deliberate "intensely hot spot", the Soviets caused the Challenger to
weaken and destroy itself shortly after launch, in so subtle a fashion
that NASA scientists would not suspect what had actually caused the
mishap. The Soviets also had previously withdrawn all their trawlers and
ships which normally shadow a shuttle launch. to prevent any suggestion
of Soviet presence near or involvement in the catastrophic accident.

A few days later, sporadically intense "high frequency localization
signals" were still present on the grid, at least at one hinge-point at
Birmingham, Alabama. From 1-4 February 1986, many birds inadvertently
flew into the zone when an intense breakout of these components
occurred, and dead birds fell from the sky in substantial numbers.

According to an Urgentgram sent out by General D. Graham, on the evening
of the Challenger's loss, KGB headquarters held a party to celebrate
'success of their active measure against the shuttle.' Note that all
Soviet scalar EM weapons -- development, testing, deployment, and usage
-- is under command and control of the KGB.

Among other things, this briefing details the bizarre series of
indicators that showed the Soviet intention to destroy the vehicle, and
documents the accidental discovery of the signal with which they
intended to cause the shuttle to fail and destroy itself.

2/1/03 5:58:08 PM Pacific Standard Time

Here is what you do about it:

Copy the list of major news emails at the Bottom and Do something about this!

Copy and paste this form letter of evidence I have formed. I have linked it to all the animations and radars of what has taken place here.

Header: Major news on the Space Shuttle.

I was watching CNN and they had a radar animation that showed an ionization of the sky. Funny thing is that is not unusual around powerful radars. This is Star Wars my friends! See Http:// for proof.

We are talking about Galvestone Texas here. Remember the spider webs?
Remember the 150 dead birds? Remember all the sick schools? Remember 2 days ago this radar started blasting for 24 hours? This all happened in the past 2 months. The Shuttle goes down over Palestine TX? 2 Russians, a black man, a jew and an Indian Woman are on board. America is back on the sympathy Americano band wagon. Our troops are entering Iraq. The Sun just erupts from a Huge Comet passing by the sun and it still has not left? Do I need to write a road map for ya?

And yet the media knows nothing?

Here are the current radars of the last three days. Keep in mind that Unisys satellite has been missing 8 hour chuncks of time.
Also see this story about what the Astronauts Witnessed.
Space Shuttle Astronauts Videotape New Arc of Light

Here are the radar animations (in order)
Galvestone blast for close to 24 hours straight starting on the 29th

Magnetic strips after large chunk of time missing:

This is one of the OTH Over the Horizon Radars, Maine (blast)

This is a picture of how OTH works and a link to the owners of it:

This is a radar from the time the Shuttle went down. This Radar (Galvestone) was shooting a beam out. Soon after was the ionization of the sky

This is a satellite animation of Water Vapor that is missing time but when it comes back it is showing magnetic strips as well as 2 pin pricks in Texas: (keep in mind what the astonauts discovered while up there. Red Arcs! Scalar Weapons?

Whose to say that they sun exploding isn't the result of a massive scalar weapon and they use the passing of a comet as an exuse to us it?

The facts are piling up here!

I got this scoop from someone inside New Mexico:

See this picture to see what it is refering to:

Ok, these are the same as I've seen here for the last two weeks, some
60-100 miles south of Santa Fe, and here I am without a camera.

Some of the X's took the pilots a bit of doing to make - the
contrails come in from the west and need to correct at least twice
before getting the X crossed at the right place on the map.

This is telling - it's something I've never seen before, and makes it
seem like they don't care to cover it up any longer.


Nasa chiefs 'repeatedly ignored' safety warnings

Israeli astronaut bombed

Iraqi reactor

Col. Ilan Ramon was air force fighter pilot in Osiraq raid

Space Shuttle Astronauts Videotape New Arc of Light

23 Jan 2003 23:04 GMT

By Barbara Johnson

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - Astronauts videotaping thunderstorms from the space shuttle Columbia captured what scientists said on Thursday was a never-before-seen red glowing arc of light paralleling the curve of the Earth.

"Two nights ago over Africa was an extraordinary image. We saw a huge horizontal line of air glow which has been brightened by lightning below it which extended to several hundred miles horizontally and we feel it may be something new," said Dr. Yoav Yair.

Yair, project coordinator for Israeli experiments on board the Columbia in its current mission, said analysis would attempt over the next few weeks to confirm scientists' initial impression that the glow is neither a sprite nor an elf, two other electrical phenomena associated with thunderstorms.

"It is raw data hot from the oven," Yair said. "It's a grainy and noisy image but for scientists it's a treasure trove. That's what we like."

Scientists were excited by the news that astronauts on Sunday captured the first-ever pictures of elves taken from space with a calibrated camera. The shuttle and its seven-member crew, which includes Israel's first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, are on a 16-day science mission that began on Jan. 16The study of sprites, elves and other luminosities associated with thunderstorms is part of what Yair described as a new discipline in the field of upper atmospheric physics. Sprites, which are red flashes shooting up from thunderstorms, were discovered only as recently as 1989, followed by elves, which are spreading red doughnut shapes, in 1994.

The latest luminosity, Yair said, was a narrow limb-like glow, hundreds of miles in length, red in color and probably made of nitrogen. Yair said the band was especially bright.

"It seems that the atmosphere still holds surprises for us," Yair said.

Yair said scientists studying these electrical discharges were looking to further basic science rather than develop specific products.

"But if you understand the global electrical circuit, and if you want to fly certain high flying aircraft or even satellites or if you want to move things through this layer of atmosphere then you have to know really well what's going on up there in terms of electricity," Yair said.

2/1/03 7:20:35 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Pam:  This was my first thought!  To bad we have to think this way, but the govt has proven they cannot be trusted with anything--so I would even consider that the pulse came from our side in order to promote war (alleging our enemies did it).  

Hey, did you get a copy of my 372 request?  Hope you can partake.  Need some air cover fast.  Thanks.  Kennedy

In a message dated 2/1/2003 9:46:42 PM US Eastern Standard Time, writes:



A voice for children rarely send out information from "confidential sources", but the credibility of the authority who  communicated this to us makes it  impossible not to share so that everyone is one up on these unthinkable potential plans being discussed in 'inner circles".


The statement to us is that Russia and China are going to "pulse" the United States with a Particle Beam Weapon that will shut down all technology, internet and render the current administration incapable to attack Iraq on  February 15th, the date reported to be planned for the Bush administrations show of "awe and full force (nuclear)" to begin.  

Those countries will be HEROES, thought of as saving the world from WWIII in doing so.  Our confidential advisor told us dearly to have food supplies and gasoline, a week or so worth of water and basic necessities as the chaos would be unimaginable if this comes to pass.

This information was relayed to us last night, and this morning the Columbia disaster with a particle beam on the radar at the same is amazing, and makes the question more urgent if this is a sign of something much bigger.

The following link is to the radar map at the time the shuttle was breaking up, and clearly are seen moving laser like  beams shooting across the path.  We see an explosion at Dallas/Ft Worth on the radar and at the begining  the beam is present across texas and the path of the incoming shuttle, then we see the explosion grow and the beam stays present the whole time.  

We, along with  others on the web, have been following these radar anomalies for a few years now, and NEVER an explanation given for what we are seeing.  We have seen them on the weather and they pop up and the  announcer does not ever acknowledge seeing it....

Today this radar image has been on the television all day long, full public viewing..... Will we finally get an answer on what we are seeing with these laser like beams that cover three states and huge weather manipulating circles and pulses that are clearly seen every day all over the world now?

We cannot stand before the world and support the unconstitutional regime that is acting as an enemy combatant to the world in the name of the  corporate state.  It is RIGHT and TIME for the People to restore our lawful Authority along with a standard of morals and truth, by demanding full disclosure and prosecution of crimes equally without statutory immunities.   God does not give anyone immunity to commit any criminal act against his brother.  Our Rights come from God, not the Bush administration and congress.  WE are THEIR BOSS.  THEY are OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS with an OATH to uphold the Law.

Take this information as you will, we are thankful to God for all things He sets on our table and believe the Truth ultimately prevails.

We do not have anymore information than what we have presented here.

Date: 2/1/03 7:35:27 PM Pacific Standard Time

My conspiratorial theory...

'Dark forces' shoot out the shuttle using microwave or star wars satellite technology, creating a Hegalian reaction from the public that 'reunites' us for war, ending human/civil rights in the US, etc., while also distracting us from Iraq and the tanking economy.

The death of the Isreali astronaut causes Americans to have sympathy for a tyrannical regiem that has killed thousands of innocent Palestinians under the guise of terrorism, while violating MORE UN resolutions than Iraq (and DON'T give me that shallow brain-washed response calling me an 'anti-semite', because I'm NOT).

Either that or it was another Predetor drone that had air-to-air missiles onboard. THere was an eyewitness tonight on CNN that said that he AND OTHER PILOTS on the ground thought that the Shuttle was MUCH lower than the reported 200K feet.

That's my sense right now. Still a very unfortunate and sad day for all humanity

2/1/03 7:36:59 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent:  I live in a northern suburb of Dallas.  A neighbor called me Friday
night and told me we could see the shuttle landing Sat. morning, so we were
outside watching as it came over around 8 am this morning. What we saw was a
fire ball with a large contrail.  It appeared that a smaller light was
following and I asked what that could be?  It almost appeared like it was
being followed by a chase plane. It was throwing off sparks like a Fourth of
July sparkler and I commented that I hoped it was not losing too many tiles.
Once it dissappeared over the eastern horizon I went inside.  About 5
minutes or so later my husband and I heard a loud boom.  I went outside to
see if I could see anything.  The atmospheric conditions were clear and
sound was carrying quite well so I passed it off as construction in the
area.  It was long enough after the shuttle passed that neither of us
associated it with the shuttle breaking the sound barrier, much less
breaking up.  I must note that we had only seen the shuttle landing once
before and it was at night.  We didn't know what was normal.  I was watching
the NASA channel at 8:15 when they said they did not have contact with the
shuttle or have them on radar.  That was the first
that I realized there was a problem because I knew that it was supposed to
be landing at that time.  I called my parents that live 20 miles to the east
and asked if they were watching the news.  I said I thought we had lost the
shuttle.  My mother said she had heard a boom.  I knew then that what we had
heard was the shuttle.  Apparently from later news reports the boom was
heard all the way to Houston, some 250 miles away. Some local  people caught
the break up on video and after seeing their zoomed views as you have on
your web site, I realize we were seeing debris following the shuttle as it
passed. My heart goes out to the families of these brave individuals.

2/1/03 10:49:51 AM Pacific Standard Time

kent , You provided a link to a Reuters story that this Columbia crew had reported a new atmospheric phenomena. Emphasis on  the last paragraph of the story

Date: 2/1/03 10:45:47 AM Pacific Standard Time

Just a few minutes ago I heard on NBC (network) that the heat sensing satellite detected a heat spike near the Columbia just prior to break-up. This is the satellite that watches for nuclear testing, etc.

Don't know what satellite they were referring to.

I checked GOES... nothing noteworthy there.

Date: 2/1/03 10:38:32 AM Pacific Standard Time

Coincidentally this was the 113th shuttle flight and the date is 020103 or 213. What are the odds of this disaster/numeric convergence?

2/1/03 10:26:57 AM Pacific Standard Time

Pouring over the recent SOHO pic's this morning and the fact that I can't
get any current B&W EIT satellite feed images because NASA/SOHO blocked the
feed, your idea quickly crossed my mind Bob -- good observations and a valid

Right now space and Earth's ionosphere, appears to be charged with an above
normal level of electrical activity. We have recently seen, and continue to
see, some spectacular displays of this electrical interaction and activity.
Let's call this energy consideration #1; electrical energy that is in
space -- by whatever source -- we know as a fact that it exists, as both
positive and negative charges.

Now add energy consideration #2 into the equation: We know that through the
process of friction, such as what would happen with the space shuttle moving
from the reaches of space into Earth's atmosphere, that a lot of heat is
produced. Heat is but one form of energy involved with the friction process.
If the friction process is high enough, energy in the form of electricity is

In my estimation, the space shuttle would be encountering enough friction,
combined with it's high speed of over 12,000 MPH, to generate a significant
electrical charge in even the most normally charged atmosphere and
ionosphere. This was not a normally electrically charged ionosphere or upper
atmosphere -- activity levels were high when the space shuttle attempted to
come through the upper atmosphere.

     DATE             TIME   HEMISPHERE   ACTIVITY LEVEL 1-10      POWER
2003 02 01    1447 UT         North                           10
106.6 GW         15
2003 02 01    1230 UT         North                             9
83.4 GW          16
2003 02 01    1125 UT         North                           10
149.0 GW          15

It's probable that a massive electrical spark could have happened between
energy consideration number one and number two. If this happened, the
shuttle was probably aglow with electricity [supercharged St. Elmo's fire],
internally in addition to the normal externally charged outer portion of the
shuttle. The result of this internal electrical charge, coupled with the
outer electrical charge, would be a disastrous and potentially lethal

This raises yet another question. Was the shuttle trying to get back to
Earth as quickly as it could? If so, why?Surely the experts at NASA were
aware of the nature of this electrical activity beforehand, and the risk the
shuttle was potentially running, coming through the reaches of the upper
atmosphere when it came through -- still, and in face of this elevated
electrical activity, NASA gave the go ahead for the shuttle to proceed.
Something is seriously amiss.


Bob wrote:
> I wonder if this recent solar activity could have been the catalyst
> for what happened to the shuttle Columbia this morning?
> Bob

Date: 2/1/03 9:42:24 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Bardsquill:

My theory(COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED) is that the crash was due to then electromagnetical storm coming from the sun, that probably caused a radiovblackout and a failure of the Columbia´s systems.v=Exactly at 1300 UT (wich corresponds to 0900 EST, i.e. the moment Nasa lost communication with Columbia) there is a sudden increase in solar wind speed:

and also in X-ray intensity:

To be precise, the X-ray intensity increase begins three or four hours before the accident (at 0900 UT), but is sustained for more than four hours later. vThis storm is related to the big explosion in the sun, that's probablyvrelated to the passing of C/2002 X5 near Sun, and that seems to have caused a malfunction ar saturation of the lasco c3 instruments, as seen in the vcurrent mpg. Probably you also already noted that in the lasco c3 mpg, day 30 and 31 arecmissing! it jumps to from 29 20:09 to 31 20:51, when the "black explosion"vhas already begun(curious fact, isn't?)

Cheers, and keep up your excellent work!, sorry for my bad english,

Date: 2/1/03 9:30:55 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: This is possibly to demonstrate to the cabal that NO space flights will be allowed from now on - especially considering the events that are about to occur - incoming etc.... Howard