West Australian UFO Sightings of Possible Relevance to Shuttle Disaster ??? 

2/2/03 10:23:22 PM Pacific Standard Time
Dear Skywatchers,
The report below is of possible interest re the recent Shuttle disaster ??? The sighting by "Diane" was made in a similar location and time of day relative to the setting sun to a sighting of a possible covert shuttle landing made by myself and a colleague a few years ago - a report on this was submitted to Skywatch etc at the time.
"Diane's" observation of a large white orb is very similar to several cases documented by Tom Bearden of Soviet scalar EM weapons tests. The orb is possibly a dense cloud of EM plasma energy that can disrupt the passage of missiles, aircraft, or space craft. The Russians have themselves described how EM plasmas can be directed into the path of incoming missiles etc to cause structural break-up and electrical system damage. I quote from my article "Bright Skies":-

>Evidence for the existence of such exotic (EM) weapons is given in part by a recent 23rd December 1996 "Voice of Russia" radio broadcast on their Science and Engineering programme >where they discussed modern Russian E/M weapons of the micro-wave plasma variety. The following is a part transcript of that programme featuring the interviewer Yekimenko and >the science authority Belitzky ..........


>YEKIMENKO: How would a microwave generator be used "in anger" Boris?


>BELITZKY: It would be used to fire a plasmoid, that is, a blob of plasma into the path of an incoming missile, its warhead, or an aircraft. The plasmoid would effectively, ionize >that, region of space and, in this way, disturb the aerodynamics of the flight of the missile, warhead, or aircraft, and terminate their flight. This makes such a generator and its >plasmoid a practically invulnerable weapon, providing protection against; attack via space or the atmosphere.


>YEKIMENKO: Boris, I hate to ask this question, but still...The generals and scientists who speak of this weapon - they couldn't be bluffing, could they?


>BELITZKY: 0h no. This is evident if only from the fact that a few years ago in 1993, at the Russian-American summit in Vancouver, the Russians proposed a joint experiment in >testing such generators - or plasma weapons, as they are called here - as an alternative to the Strategic Defense Initiative, SDI. In such an experiment, which it was proposed to >code-name :'Trust," the system would be used to repulse a missile attack. In this way Russia hoped to strengthen the new climate of  post-cold-war security in the world.


>These comments of course emphasise that many observed "lights = objects" in the night sky may in fact have no mass associated with them at all, and are actually "holograms" of >light being given off by "slugs" of dense E/M energy (moving, or static as a standing wave node).  These light shapes being held in place by three or more transmitter's providing their >"Tesla wave" output to manipulate "plasmoid blobs" in 3D space.



Thus was "Diane's" sighting that of a "plasmoid blob" test.
If so it ocurred in an area where I had previously sighted what appeared to be a covert attempt to bring a space shuttle into Western OZ under the cover of the normally blinding setting sun. The +1 million inhabitants of Perth - located some 300km south of "Diane's" and my sighting vantage points - would have been totally blinded by the Sun from seeing these events. 
There have long been rumours of a covert landing field in northern Western OZ where shuttles engaged in espionage over the USSR were routinely bought in to land.
Was "Diane's" sighting a test of such a system from a ship borne transmitter or from a longer range "Over The Horrizon Radar" or HAARP type system  ???
Was such a system later used over the Eastern Pacific to initiate the break up of the shuttle over the USA ???
In this horrendous disaster it well to explore ALL possibilities in a search for the truth of the matter ......................
Harry Mason 
Perth, Western Australia
Dear Harry,
I've outlined below, details of our recent UFO sighting as you requested when I phoned last night.
Where, When, What we saw:
It was Thursday 16 January 2003 and the time was approximately 6.45pm. I had just picked my dog up from the Hounds Hilton, a kennel near the township of Greenough south [say 25km - HM] of Geraldton after being in Perth on holidays. We were headed back towards Geraldton [say 350km north of Perth -HM], perhaps 25 kms south, when my son Josh age 13 said " Mum, the moon is right next to the sun". I replied that perhaps it was one of those times that its almost an eclipse. At this point I glanced across and saw briefly what I thought was the moon near the sun. (large because it was about to go down) All around the area was a blanket of thick but low cumulus type cloud cover. We had in fact seen the event through one of only a few breaks in the cloud in that area.
Several kms further north Josh said "Oh, my God! There's the moon." The real moon was in fact one third of the way across the sky. We looked again towards the sun where I had one further glimpse of the UFO in a cloud break and Josh had a few more as we travelled back towards town. (over the course of about 10 -15 mins)
What I saw was a body that looked like the moon, but twice its diameter sitting next to the sun, about 4 normal moon diameters away from it. It was to the north and slightly below the midpoint of the sun. I did not see it move as I was driving. Thinking it was a huge meteorite or unknown planet I imagined that some catastrophe was about to happen and was anxious to drive to higher ground and alert someone.
Josh's description was that it was white but seemed to be reflecting the golden light of the sun as it was going down. He thought it was moving slowly northward and on his last sighting he thought it had moved back to its original position. He describes it as a perfect circle and close to the size of the sun. It was glowing but seemingly only from the light of the sun.
Well we headed ASAP to higher ground but wanted to go where there were people so we could alert someone. We turned right at Wandina Estate about 5 kms south of Geraldton and went up the hill to view it and decide what to do. We saw one last glimpse of it through a very small gap in the cloud but only saw a portion of it this time. A person was out in the garden and did not look approachable and besides the UFO had disappeared behind thick cloud. Josh had seen the object about 3 or 4 times in the gaps in the clouds. It is doubtful that many others would have seen it. We were just in the right place at the right time and I think the thick cloud had actually obscured the bright centre of the sun, making it possible for us to view the UFO. We then headed to my Aunties place in Geraldton. We decided to tell her as she herself had seen a UFO on a trip to Perth in the late 60's. Her son Brian was there and we decided to go up to the Geraldton lookout where we saw nothing but cloud.
Other points of interest:
The whole city of Geraldton had all day been shrouded in thick fog like cloud (with no sign of rain). This cloud was almost grey-brown or dirty to look at and I had thought that it was a very strange phenomena. It would be interesting to know if others who live there thought it was unusual or not. I was concerned that Geraldton had been chemtrailed as I had observed planes in the area very early that morning leaving very thick contrails in what was then the very blue sky.
The day before (Wed 15th) we had observed while driving from Perth to Greenough Rivermouth, two very high flying planes with thick contrails heading in what I thought was a south west direction. I think this was in the Eneabba area. On the beach at Greenough Rivermouth later that same day I heard about 3 or 4 noises of planes going overhead but no planes could be seen. Others on the beach were looking upward too.
I could consider that the imaginary noisy planes and the chemtrails and resultant cloud cover were the imaginings of myself being suspicious of US military motives and happenings but I am emphatic that we did see that UFO. Josh is young and not as paranoid yet as myself. He has grown up knowing about the Tom Price fireballs and thinking it likely that aliens visit our planet.
Despite this he was physically shaking with fright. Imagine what effect it would have on those with closed minds. I've chosen only to tell people who are likely to believe the sighting but nevertheless they tend to disbelieve rather than believe. I just hope that if it was aliens watching the military, that they are working for the good of humanity. Thanks for your time.