DENVER RESEARCHER:  hiya.... just to let you know.... mid-air collision of 2  private planes over the city of denver tonight.... older nw neighborhood.  so far, no one dead that they know of on the ground but 6 injuries.  of course, all on board both planes are dead.  debris over many blocks
DENVER RESEARCHER:  oops, correction.... 3 people now confirmed dead on the ground
BARDSQUILL:  try to find out whom if possible--been some suspected assasinations lately ASBESTOS 
DENVER RESEARCHER:  oddly, the corner one of the planes went down is where the old house of former Colorado gov and u.s. secretary of transportation, federico pena, used to live.... don't know if any of his family still live there
DENVER RESEARCHER:  no i.d.'s of victims being released yet
DENVER RESEARCHER:  i grew up just about 6 blocks from this crash so i know the area very well
DENVER RESEARCHER:  yeah, my first thought was what did the radar look like
DENVER RESEARCHER:  i guess it happened a couple of hours ago
DENVER RESEARCHER:  but i just found out because we rarely watch tv
DENVER RESEARCHER:  if they had gone down in any other direction by just a handful of blocks, thousands would have been killed because it was during rush hour and the site is very close to the main I-25 and downtown
DENVER RESEARCHER:  8 search teams out now trying to recover body and plane parts and whatever they can find.  power and natural gas has been turned off in the neighborhood
DENVER RESEARCHER:  ok, time of collison was 5:20pm MDT
twin engine turbo-prop cheyenne and a single engine cessna
BARDSQUILL:  heavy chemtrails being reported Godlike Productions -- Message Board Will pull up radar
DENVER RESEARCHER:  yeah, the chemtrails have been really bad lately, exceptionally bad
BARDSQUILL:  Am seeing a bit of a stationary vortex on radar, will crop the movie and post
DENVER RESEARCHER:  ok thanks.... what time is that at?
BARDSQUILL:  more in New Mexico than CO tho
BARDSQUILL:  current Infra-red loop
BARDSQUILL:  spans 12 hours
DENVER RESEARCHER:  wonder what kind of electronics are in Pena's old house
DENVER RESEARCHER:  probably none but one wonders
DENVER RESEARCHER:  St. Anthony's Central Hospital treating injured
BARDSQUILL:  any survivors inside the plane?
DENVER RESEARCHER:  one plane came down perfectly horizontal according to eye witness
DENVER RESEARCHER:  a flat spin?
DENVER RESEARCHER:  neither plane had survivors
DENVER RESEARCHER:  they don't even know yet how many on board but they think 1 in one plane and 2 in the other for a total of 3..... but that's not confirmed yet
DENVER RESEARCHER:  police on the scene in less than 3 minutes
DENVER RESEARCHER:  now that's really something
BARDSQUILL:  keep reporting as long as ye can, gonna mess with radar
DENVER RESEARCHER:  eyewitness says the police were there nearly simultaneously to the crash
BARDSQUILL:  M. just signed on, briefed him too
DENVER RESEARCHER:  3421 W. Moncrieff is one address but don't have the other address yes..... each plane went into a house.
DENVER RESEARCHER:  natural gas being shut off for the entire area.  gonna be very cold night for a ton of folks
DENVER RESEARCHER:  this is a very old, historic area.  mostly brick or stone homes.... victorians, bungalows, etc
BARDSQUILL:  got an address near there so I can zoom in on it from aerial recon?
DENVER RESEARCHER:  some guy says a similar crash of small planes (cessna and piper cub) in 1974 over the nearby suburb of Wheat Ridge but i don't remember it myself
DENVER RESEARCHER:  yeah the address of one of the houses where one of the planes hit is 3421 West Montcrieff
BARDSQUILL:  got a zip?
DENVER RESEARCHER:  right on the border of the two
DENVER RESEARCHER:  go with 80211
DENVER RESEARCHER:  Montcrieff is one of those 1/2 streets that go nowhere.  Nearest intersection of regular streets is West 26th Avenue and Julian Street for one of the crash sites
BARDSQUILL:   MapQuest: Maps: map 
BARDSQUILL:  zoom around on that then send link back
DENVER RESEARCHER:  ok.  btw, people are finding body parts in their yards
DENVER RESEARCHER:  for blocks around
DENVER RESEARCHER:  here.... 2600 Julian Street
MapQuest: Maps: map 
BARDSQUILL:  Zooming in
MapQuest: Maps: map
MapQuest: Maps: map 
MapQuest: Maps: map
MapQuest: Maps: map  
DENVER RESEARCHER:  here's the other crash site.... 3421 West Moncrieff Place
MapQuest: Maps: map 
DENVER RESEARCHER:  btw, collison was 1/2 mile nw of Invesco Field in downtown denver
DENVER RESEARCHER:  did you get the 2600 Julian Street site?
DENVER RESEARCHER:  remember, we're dealing with two separate sites
DENVER RESEARCHER:  250 police and 75 firefighters on the scene
DENVER RESEARCHER:  50 homes without power until midnite at least
DENVER RESEARCHER:  any dead left in the aircraft will not be recovered until tomorrow morning, saturday
DENVER RESEARCHER:  red cross rescue site located at 3131 Osceola Street
DENVER RESEARCHER:  entire city of Denver on accident alert which means don't call the cops unless your car accident involves injury
BARDSQUILL: - Newsroom 
DENVER RESEARCHER:  yeps, that's one of the channels we're watching
DENVER RESEARCHER:  Irving is one block east of Julian.... onsite reports say Julian
DENVER RESEARCHER:  they've changed their minds now..... extracation teams and coroner are arriving at the scene to try and remove any bodies from the planes
BARDSQUILL:   linking the news and looking around at radar and stuff
DENVER RESEARCHER:  this news report is not quite accurate
DENVER RESEARCHER:  Guardian Angels have arrived on the scene (9:30pm) to patrol the area.  Being assigned by the command post.  Salvation Army is now on the scene.  Denver Police are circling site in helicopters.  hmmmm.  wonder why.
DENVER RESEARCHER:  someone just sent me a virus over the internet, not email
DENVER RESEARCHER:   Planes Collide Over West Denver, 3 Confirmed Dead 
DENVER RESEARCHER:  ok plane 1 - downed at 3421 W. Moncrieff Place - 1 body recovered, presumed to be pilot.  Cesna 172 en route from Centennial Airport (sw of Denver) to Cheyenne, Wyoming
DENVER RESEARCHER:  plane 2 - downed at 3225 West 26th Avenue.  Piper Cheyenne en route from Jeffco Airport (nw of Denver) to Centennial Airport.  Details on dead unknown.
DENVER RESEARCHER:  why the hell would someone send me a virus over this?
DENVER RESEARCHER:  this is ludicrous
BARDSQUILL:  clue that something significant happnin
DENVER RESEARCHER:  what's so special about a seeming simple aircrash of two small planes that a virus would be sent to me over the internet and not email..... something to stop me immediately..... not just everyone can do that
DENVER RESEARCHER:  this pisses me off
DENVER RESEARCHER:  ok, the Cesna 172 was registered to E.D.B. Air, Inc., of Englewood, Colorado (a suburb just south of Denver)
DENVER RESEARCHER:  the Piper was registered to Larson Lee, DBA of Northglenn, Colorado (suburb due north of Denver)
BARDSQUILL:  If you got a virus don't reboot til you zap ot
DENVER RESEARCHER:  yeah, running norton now
DENVER RESEARCHER:  Police are telling people to report it if they find debris but not to touch it
DENVER RESEARCHER:  SWAT team (????) searching for debris
BARDSQUILL:  McAfee Stinger is a good free virus zapper for trojans
DENVER RESEARCHER:  ok, they have closed off West 23rd Avenue north to West 38th Avenue and Federal Boulevard west to Lowell Boulevard
BARDSQUILL:  Any FBI on the scene?
DENVER RESEARCHER:  they're not saying
BARDSQUILL:  usually a sign that something is screwy
DENVER RESEARCHER:  but swat teams????
DENVER RESEARCHER:  RTD sending busses to scene to help people leave the area
DENVER RESEARCHER:  house on Moncrieff.... south and east side of house blew out after plane hit it
DENVER RESEARCHER:  hmmmmm.  now they're saying no one in the houses were killed, only hurt.  but there's four fatalities which appear to be people from the aircrafts
DENVER RESEARCHER:  jesus, the Montcrieff plane crashed next door to a 13 story senior citizen's home
DENVER RESEARCHER:  they're saying some of the passengers were alive after impact but they couldn't get the plane door open and they're dead now
DENVER RESEARCHER:  man, helluva way to go
DENVER RESEARCHER:  this was at the Moncrieff site
DENVER RESEARCHER:  NTSB onsite since the beginning
DENVER RESEARCHER:  7 injuries on the ground including 2 little girls
DENVER RESEARCHER:  one plane engine fell 3 blocks away into a yard
DENVER RESEARCHER:  check out channel 4 for pics of plane tail sticking out of roof
DENVER RESEARCHER:  piper wing on the ground.... police are guarding it
DENVER RESEARCHER:  now saying not a head-on crash but one clipped the wing of the other
DENVER RESEARCHER:  correction on piper model.... piper cherokee, not piper cheyenne
DENVER RESEARCHER:  no flight plan for one of the planes
DENVER RESEARCHER:  2 year old little girl ok after stitches to head
DENVER RESEARCHER:  god, you'd think the reporters could get the plane names right
DENVER RESEARCHER:  collision happened at 7600 feet
DENVER RESEARCHER:  name of pilots unknown at this time
DENVER RESEARCHER:  Cessna Skyhawk 172 was being flown by Key Lime Air and did not file a flight plan
BARDSQUILL:  still messin with radar
DENVER RESEARCHER:  ne guy ran out of his house, screaming a plane hit my house, at which point the entire house blew up behind him

DENVER RESEARCHER:  now they're saying two dead on each aircraft
DENVER RESEARCHER:  Domino's and Burger King and a local bar, 3Dogs, is sending in food and beverages
DENVER RESEARCHER:  ok, Norton says I'm clean now
DENVER RESEARCHER:  firemen went into one house and were evacuating the people when it blew up too.... thankfully it blew away from them and they all survived
DENVER RESEARCHER:  yeah, the stories are unreal.  i can't believe everyone on the ground survived
DENVER RESEARCHER:  did you see, one crash site was next door to a 13 story senior citizen's home?
BARDSQUILL:  almost have a radar clip, subtle but seems like a stationary thing just west of denver
DENVER RESEARCHER:  worst scene is that in the one plane two people were alive and screaming but they couldn't get the door open so they died
BARDSQUILL:  see it now
DENVER RESEARCHER:  btw, very different stories between channels 4 and 9
BARDSQUILL:   denvani2.gif 
DENVER RESEARCHER:  "identity of crash victims not being released"
DENVER RESEARCHER:  yeah i see i tnow
DENVER RESEARCHER:  streetlights are out in a much broader area than the basic power outage area.  wonder why
BARDSQUILL:  pretty subtle
DENVER RESEARCHER:  yeah, my thoughts too
DENVER RESEARCHER:  we just called a friend in the area and found this out
DENVER RESEARCHER:  hmmmmmmm, wait a sec here
DENVER RESEARCHER:  they are saying two dead in both planes.... inside both planes..... so why are swat teams out supposedly looking for body parts????
BARDSQUILL:  almost like something blew up
DENVER RESEARCHER:  yeah but apparently not something on the ground because there's no reported deaths from the ground
DENVER RESEARCHER:  hmmmm, another thought
DENVER RESEARCHER:  that radar..... Jeffco Airport (aka, Jefferson County Airport) is nw of Denver, up against the foothills
BARDSQUILL:  any arrays up there?
BARDSQUILL:  believe there is from old story
DENVER RESEARCHER:  hmmmmmmmm.  it's close to Boulder, home of everything
DENVER RESEARCHER:  don't know about at Jeffco Airport proper
DENVER RESEARCHER:  police are asking all people to stay away from the area
DENVER RESEARCHER:  hmmmm, something contagious in one of those planes?
DENVER RESEARCHER:  ok, new news
DENVER RESEARCHER:  1 plane went down in flat spiral, totally silent, no smoke or fire, no engine noise
DENVER RESEARCHER:  hmmmm, this morning another small plane crashed into a house in los angeles
BARDSQUILL:  GWEN radar tower in Pueblo

DENVER RESEARCHER:  yeah that's south of colorado springs
BARDSQUILL:  these are the baddies, uncertain of range tho
DENVER RESEARCHER:  well, colorado springs is home of serious stuff
DENVER RESEARCHER:  i sent you all the stuff on there long ago
BARDSQUILL:  yup, transmitter diameters probably cover the whole state of CO at least
DENVER RESEARCHER:  hmmmm, this is weird
DENVER RESEARCHER:  denver fire chief said of the site that didn't blow up where the plane crashed in the backyard was only about 10' by 25'
BARDSQUILL:  implying that there were explosions away from crash site?
DENVER RESEARCHER:  hmm, reporting that power has been restored to all but about 50 houses
DENVER RESEARCHER:  yeah i'm not sure but i find that kinda odd
DENVER RESEARCHER:  i hope you're logging this im.... would be interesting to go back through it later
BARDSQUILL:  yea an why body parts everywhere?
BARDSQUILL:  logging, yep
DENVER RESEARCHER:  yeah, why are swat teams out looking for body parts when they are saying all the passengers and pilot bodies are still in the planes?
DENVER RESEARCHER:  and why do they need swat teams????  residents in this middle class neighborhood are gonna STEAL 'em????
DENVER RESEARCHER:  it's bizarre
BARDSQUILL:  did your friend mention any Feds on the scene?
DENVER RESEARCHER:  he said he can't see .... opened his front door and it's totally black
DENVER RESEARCHER:  and he's quite aways away
DENVER RESEARCHER:  they've brought in a crane to start removing wreckage already.... what is this???? first they said they were gonna leave the dead people in the planes until morning and now they've gone in and removed them already and have brought in a crane.  pretty damn fast work
DENVER RESEARCHER:  hmmmm, now they are saying the Piper was registered to a private party.... .that's not what they said before
BARDSQUILL:  smell a rat, yep
DENVER RESEARCHER:  and you know i hate to admit that
BARDSQUILL:  heh, I admit that every day
DENVER RESEARCHER:  cessna registered to a business operating out of Centennial Airport
DENVER RESEARCHER:  the piper was registered to a private party.  that's what they're saying now
DENVER RESEARCHER:  3225 West 26th Avenue is the exact address of the crash site I've been calling W.26th and Julian
DENVER RESEARCHER:  whoa..........
DENVER RESEARCHER:  they just announced the area of West 23rd Avenue north to West 38th Avenue and Federal Boulevard west to Lowell Boulevard is closed to EVERYONE.  stay out!
DENVER RESEARCHER:  but the blackout of streetlights is a much larger area than this
DENVER RESEARCHER:  they've stopped reporting on all the stations
BARDSQUILL:  geez, hope it wasn't chemicals
DENVER RESEARCHER:  ok the reason they keep saying the street intersections differently is because 3225 W. 26th Avenue is between Irving Street and Julian Street.  duh.
DENVER RESEARCHER:  god i must be tired to have missed that
BARDSQUILL:  yup, I'm fading
DENVER RESEARCHER:  they've stopped reporting so i think i'm gonna head for bed
DENVER RESEARCHER:  later my friend.  thanks for your help on this
DENVER RESEARCHER:  shit, thanks for even caring
BARDSQUILL:  I'll send da log
UPDATE: All three people aboard a single-engine Cessna 172 Skyhawk were killed when their plane crashed into a home in the 3400 block of West Moncrieff Place. Columbine High School graduate Jonathan Ladd, 21, [Columbine High School massacre] was piloting the plane. The names of his two passengers were not released. [Passengers since confirmed, read below]

The Cessna collided with a twin-engine Piper Cheyenne II, which landed upside down in a backyard near 26th and Irving. Both people on that plane died. Lee Larson, 58, a broker who also owned airplanes at Centennial, was identified as that plane's owner. His passenger was 51-year-old Fred Greg White of Westminster.

Denver One aircraft got warning before crash that killed 5

The pilot of the Cessna was identified as Jonathan Ross Ladd, 20, of Littleton. Authorities did not release the names of the other two victims on that plane, pending final results of tests by the coroner's office. But based on several sources, they are believed to be Curt Maxey and Isaac Murrow, both 22 and residents of Hot Sulphur Springs.

A friend of all three presumed victims, Chris Dahmer, and his mother, Ruth, told The Denver Post late Saturday that Chris Dahmer decided at the last minute not to join the flight to Cheyenne. Maxey's relatives in Hot Sulphur Springs told 9News that the coroner's office informed them Curt Maxey likely was a victim, and that Murrow's family had been told the same thing.

Ladd, a survivor of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, had his private pilot's license, records show.

Bowling for Columbine