Please back up and read the information concerning a wild scenario at the Giza Plateau. I would suggest that you examine the reports in this order,

left to right:        Prepare to get your mind blown. Kent Steadman

For an even deeper review, back into the mists of time, please examine:


Phikent: ANYWAY I get sudden calls from my "insider" buddies, one in [EDIT] and one in [EDIT]

FRIEND: what did they say?

Phikent: And they increase the awe-factor by 1000

FRIEND: how so?

Phikent: well, the one in [EDIT] knew three of the dudes that went down, Egyptian military

Phikent: implied they may have been involved in transporting a device

FRIEND: hmmmm...how did he know this?

Phikent: Why they would use commercial air I haven't figured but the tale gets complex with all kinds of slight of hand wouldn't ye know.

FRIEND: sheesh...too much to wade thru

Phikent: Background: there be teams that  investigate antiquities, been around since Hitler and Goering did their scouring for Annunaki devices.  Apparently our side got into the Physical Evidence Acquistion game too once devices came into the US after the war.

FRIEND: and he thinks it was something these guys were carrying that did the plane in?

Phikent: APPARENTLY in my thinking a device was pulled out of the Hall of Records (he calls the, "vault" some years ago by Masons, maybe even as far back as Petrie and Kinnaman, and found it's way into the Masonic Lodges in Central, CA, try, Fresno.

Phikent: Since then the CA labs have been trying to back-engineer, etc, but....

Phikent: The Egyptian government NEEDED IT BACK BIGTIME

Phikent: they call it a "Phase Converter,"a  planetary-scale device.

FRIEND: whoa...that sounds diabolical

Phikent: part of a larger mechanism found five miles underground beneath the sphinx

Phikent: So then [EDIT] calls me (the former team Commander)

FRIEND: this sounds like Stargate!

Phikent: and verifies the transport, and in fact says the device made it back, crash or no crash, which really twists the tale-- happy tp know that the "good guys" retrieved the Converter

FRIEND: yikes..you ain't kidding!

Phikent: soo, either 990 was a decoy flt and the device was transferred somewhere.

Phikent: or . . . 990 landed out there

Phikent: or even stranger

Phikent: zap

FRIEND: this is wild stuff

Phikent: [EDIT] thinks maybe the device was dropped along with a team, then the flight was wasted, something like that, in any case, the device made it back.

FRIEND: why waste the flight, tho?

Phikent: Remove evidence

now thishere device is going to be reinstalled QUICKLY back into the Annunaki mechanism and what it does is well something like this...

Phikent: orbit/9-22egadzzz.jpg

FRIEND: whoooooooooaaa...death ray, huh?

Phikent: life ray

FRIEND: depends on how ya look at it :)

Phikent: see that's half the operation, happened when the larger below-Giza Annunaki device was tested on Sept 22

Phikent: but, a piece was missin

Phikent: thishere phase converter which I think rebroadcasts the solar impulse out into the planetary field

Phikent: why?

FRIEND: I worry when I see someone foolin' around with the sun

Phikent: orbit/Dropzon2.jpg

Phikent: the above is why

FRIEND: still don't follow it..what does the boats that sank have to do with this?

Phikent: ASTEROIDS INCOMING one as big as New Hampshire

1. Bismarck takes out Portugal, some Spain, French Coast and England.

2. Titantic nails Upper East Coast of US, Canadian Coast, Iceland, Greenland.

3. Monitor gets Bahamas, US Coast Florida to New York.

Phikent: when? In 3 days

Phikent: sorry my mistake, 4 days

Phikent: heh

Phikent: sigh

FRIEND: what do the ships have to do with this asteroid thing?..not understanding this

Phikent: ships?

Phikent: oh they are code names for the rocks

Phikent: comin in like lil duckies, just like Jupiter

FRIEND: ohhhhhhhhhh..now I understand

Phikent: Now why all the intrigue? I personally think there are agencies that WANT these rocks to take us all out.

Phikent: which sux

FRIEND: yea..especially if you are on the east coast

Phikent: tied into an alleged reptilian agenda, scaly dudes want their property back

FRIEND: well..only a few more days till we find out if this is so

Phikent: yea, wild tale all right

Phikent: watch the magnetometer

Phikent: will tell th tale

Phikent: otherwise watch for a mile high wave, heh

FRIEND: if the water rises above my house I'll know they struck :)


Phikent: yea, lemme know if it does

FRIEND: ok..promise

Subj: Fl 990--One version of what's going on

Date: 11/3/99 7:15:05 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: watchwordbob@netscape.net

Reply-to: newshawk1@luckynumber.com


Fl 990--One version of what's going on

Kent Steadman of CyberspaceOrbit relayed some information to us about Fl. 990 which he has now put up at his website.

Reportedly, an extremely ancient planetary defense/stargate apparatus  which exists WAY beneath the Giza plateau was missing some crucial parts. Parts which may have been pilfered by some "Raiders of the Lost Ark"-type hombres and turned over to covert factions of the federal government.

In hopes of duplicating said planetary defense/stargate system, said parts were reportedly in the process of being back-engineered by same covert government factions in some central Calif. location, when word went ut that parts were NEEDED--very badly, apparently--by certain other parties ensconced in the Giza underground.

Activation of said device is reportedly required due to an extremely threatening series of asteroids/meteor(ites) which are making a beeline for earth. Situation is said to be CRITICAL.

NewsHawk has received COMPLETELY separate confirmation from a VERY trusted NY-area source of objects heading for earth. At least 3 such were cited. Two weeks ago this source told us that though technologies existed (particle, positron, pulse, nuclear, laser, etc.) which COULD prevent these objects from impacting by other deflecting or destroying them, New World Order factions WANT the objects to impact and were trying to PREVENT any such planetary defense being deployed. He also implied that perhaps existing technology MIGHT be inadequate for the purposes required. Our source told us again that this threat is VERY real and VERY serious. We've been acquainted for a long time and this guy does NOT worry easily. He sounded worried.

The existence of these approaching celestial objects is well-known among those scientific circles with a "need to know".

Egyptian military officers aboard Fl. 990 were reportedly transporting required parts of the ancient planetary defense/stargate apparatus BACK to Egypt.

Then Flight 990 vanished.

HOWEVER, according to one of Kent Steadman's sources, the desperately needed parts DID in fact make it back to Cairo/Giza, despite the fact Fl. 990 did NOT.

Either the vital materials were taken off the plane in New York, or Fl. 990 was a DECOY and the materials were actually transported by other means, or the entire plane itself was subjected to some drastic time/space "alterations" in order to secure the device(s) needed.

In support of this general scenario is some information gleaned from OUR source in NY later in the day the jet went down. We contacted him to find out if he had any "inside" info on the crash. At the time he didn't, other than to observe that the area of the plane's disappearance is a literal "Bermuda Triangle" of sorts.

We THEN asked our source about the current status of threats posed to the planet by approaching celestial objects. His response was blunt and to the point. "That's been taken care of," he said tersely. Remember, this was within 12 hours of the disappearance of Fl. 990.

What did he know that he could then make that statement with such certainty? Was it that he KNEW (but couldn't say) those desperately needed parts had in fact made it back to Egypt to be utilized in the planetary defense apparatus under the Giza plateau, and that for now at least, earth was safe?

We strongly urge readers to visit Kent Steadman's website to get the details on this extraordinary story.

By the way, Steadman ALSO noted it's confirmed that weather radar data from the time the jet went down indicate a severe electromagnetic pulse of some kind in the area.

NewsHawk® Inc.

EMAIL, 11/7/99 5:18:36 PM Pacific Standard Time: Rebel Slaves? Maybe Once Upon A Time. System-Busters? For Sure! Now? Solar Angels! Come To Restore The Earth To Its Glory.

And Those That Fear Their Loss Of Power And Control Are... Self-Destructing. It Need Not Be This Way. It Is Their Choice.

It Is Our Choice To Live In A World Of Love, Heaven On Earth. We Are Creating It, Now. There Are Those That See This Happening Now, And Fear It. I Would Prefer To Welcome Them All Into The Family Of Light. All Is Forgiven.

Yes, Iron Is A Key.

We Have The Wonder-Full Crystal At Our Earth's Core. Spinning. Creating Magnetic Forces Throughout Our Planet. Moving Through The Earth Grid System, Which Many Of Us Are Consciously Helping To Create And Expand In, On, Above And Around The Earth. Similar To What Was Done In Atlantis.

However, This Time, We Are Silent No Longer. The NetWork Exists. We Shall Stand Up And We Shall Speak! Your Web Site IS Proof Of Our Intention To Succeed. At The End Of Time, All Things Hidden, Shall Be Revealed. You Sure Are A BIG PART Of This, Kent! Thank You! :-) Wish I Could Toss A Few Into Your Hat! :-(Same Status Here.)-: But I'll Support Your Work 100% And Sleuth For You, Too.

What Do I Think Will Happen? Our Own And Earth's Ascension. Guaranteed. Between Now And Then, I Think We'll See Smoke And Mirrors From The Media And Government To Create Fear. It Won't Work. The Energy Is Not There To Support It. We Have Way Too Much Help Here Now; The Divine Plan Will Succeed. What Terms It Is Couched In Does Not Matter. We Will Be Witnesses To The Change.

Let Us First Get Through To-Knight, November 7. And Await The News Of The Morrow. For I Have More For You...About Thor's-Day, November 11.

Trust That All Will Is Well. And It Is. :-)

EMAIL, 11/7/99 5:41:26 PM Pacific Standard Time: The purpose of the various disinformation schemes pinpointing "aliens" as bad marauders on their way to attack Earth is a cover story for the actuality of the massive depopulation project, planned and underway.

go to http://www.thule.org/plan.html

The cover story of this phony fight with alien craft approaching Earth covers the fact that we will send up missiles to "knock in" an approaching comet or asteroid, whichever candidate fortuitously arrives first in Earth's close neighborhood.

FEMA will be in charge of the surface, declaring martial law, under FEMA is FRA (federal relocation arc) which is the network of underground cities already built, staffed and ready to be inhabited. They are in no way like "bomb shelters", some of them hold 10,000 people.


http://www.thule.org/alt3.html the movie "Alternative Three" in RealVideo

The "government" and all associated VIPs have their spaces in the underground assured, leaving the six billion people on the surface to fight it out for food and water. In the scenario already run on supercomputer, it will only take three years to lose at least 3 billion people off the Earth. This cuts pollution way down, deforestation ceases, the raping of the oceans and its inhabitants ceases, chemical based agriculture already at its peak will then suffice to feed the people left. Rand Corp already figured in 1956 that goods and services for the elite New World Order can be provided by ten percent of the world's population.

This depopulation is to be blamed on an "act of god".

The underground cities are blamed on "aliens", the approaching "ships" are supposedly "alien", cloning is supposedly done by "aliens", wake up folks, all this is being done by "white boys" with short hair and suits and conveniently blamed on "aliens".

When martial law is declared, they won't need many national guard or foreign UN troops to control the population because they will fly the saucers and tell us we are under "alien attack". You would believe it to because you have been hyped by every form of media to believe this

crap. http://www.thule.org/aryans.html

Lucifer and his boys are here, they are stuck here, they have been here in spirit an awful long time. http://www.thule.org/enoch.html

EMAIL, 11/7/99 8:11:12 AM Pacific Standard Time: Kent please post this to your website as a reply to a person that said they were laying in bed and heard the buzzing and said nooo! To fight off the intruding sound simply use your TONE. Each one of us have been given a

Sound almost like ohm. Simply sound your TONE and the buzzing stops.

I do it and it works. Also the military base where I live is testing some kind of secret computer ammunitions device/survellance equipment. The paper states the equipment is highly sophisticated, inferred, computerized equipment. Being testes this weekend from 8:00am till 10:00 pm. And is supposed to have a frequency/vibration/sound with it. I have the story, but I do not have a scanner to send it to you. But they said if you hear the sound, it is them testing. And it will affect the area in which I live, almost 20 miles from the base. I am in Maryland, East Coast Kent. The rest of your articles

reminds me of an Edgar Cayce story about the Atlantians and the Greys.

Both knew that an asteroid was headed to the earth and would impact. The Greys wanted to blast it out of the sky. The Atlantians said. No, it is of GOD. Let it hit. And guess where it hit. The Greys living space. And the Greys that

were left vowed to new let that happen again. Sounds much like what is going on now.

11/7/99 12:58:25 AM Pacific Standard Time





















EMAIL, 11/6/99 10:22:46 PM Pacific Standard Time: I am told the first large intruder [asteroid, other]  from the outer limits was "caught" by our VanAllen belt which now forms a protective wall around its mother. The intruder WAS diverted and sent on its way in a safer tradjectory AWAY from this planet. I am still trying to confirm. Bardsquill, can you help in this matter and supply the name of the first intruder??

EMAIL, 11/6/99 10:12:49 PM Pacific Standard Time: A few hours ago, I saw quite strange objects in the sunny and clear Northern sky of Western Japan. (Nov. 7th 11:15AM Japan Time, Nov 7th 02:15 UTC)

I was riding on a bicycle, headed towards North. Suddenly,I noticed a tiny red object was floating on the Northern sky.(altitude 40 deg. to 50 deg., azimuth NNE, My town is located North latitude 34.5 degree)

Although I have seen many planes, satellites, metors, so on in the past, I have never seen such a curious object before.

After a few minutes, several tiny white object suddenly appeared (smaller than the red object) around the red one, and amazingly, the white object (6 objects) formed a perfect triangle of two sides. The vertex of the triangle was pointed toward West. The triangle shape immediately reminded me of your SOHO C3 photo posted several days ago.

The objects, never moved, were floating on the same position for a few minutes. Then next "moment", additional red object appeared at the left (West) of the original red one. Then the white triangle suddenly disappeared. Then, three white object appeared and formed a larger perfect triangle. After that, suddenly about 10 white object appeared and scattered around the area (which did not move).

I monitored those objects for about 10 minutes, and they disappeared. It is hard to describe them in words, but I think they looked similar to the objects that were obserbved in Mexico during the solare clipse. Judging from the brightness of the objects (not bright), I guess they were far above the sky.

I regret that I did not carry my camera or video at that time, but this is not a lie. FYI, there is no military base near my town and my town is not located under air routes.

Please keep up your great job, Kent. I respect you asa great person.

Regards, Nario in Western Japan

EMAIL, 11/6/99 9:08:55 PM Pacific Standard Time: I have been feeling tingling sensations in my head. Once today, during work, I almost had to stop what i was doing because of the sensations i was having: a tingling, like static electricity, coming up my back and centering on the top of my head. Is my kundalini rising, or is haarp/tesla playing games?

EMAIL, 11/5/99 6:47:35 AM Pacific Standard Time: Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water...damn! Something happened last night. I'm still trying to gather my thoughts on this one. Once again, it started while I was in bed, still conscious. I heard this roaring sound in my head, then what's almost like an electrical buzzing through my body. I was paralyzed...couldn't open my eyes. I knew what it was and started screaming in my head, "Noooooo." The roaring sound and the buzzing started to decrease and then dissipate. I was finally able to open my eyes. I tried to get out of bed, but I felt exhausted. My body felt too heavy to move. I tried to remain awake, but I couldn't. I checked for any unusual marks this morning but didn't find any.

Still shaking a bit here...

EMAIL, 11/6/99 7:18:58 AM Pacific Standard Time: Need to ask you if you are on East Coast. Been getting reports, NY amd

NC, of pulsating energy experiences with paralysis.


Funny you should mention those 2 places - yes I am in NY and my brother is in NC on coast. I am not on coast - up high in elevation in Mountains - protected by a "bowl-shaped" valley. I am fairly safe from what 'comes by" but have a personal 'aversion' to want to travel down to NYC or to Jersey where some friends and family are.

The last "radar bullseye" which was over the NC/SC border intrigued me - as my brother and his family are there - he is not "into" such things, but I am trying to get his wife to "see". Before I told her that one had occurred in her area, she called me to ask me 'whats going on ? " ( she thought it was planetary alignment or something) and that within the day/days ( of it occurring) her husband ( my brother ) and 3 kids were the worst she has  ever seen - behaviour and attitude beyond belief. She had a constant headache and "red spots" all over her palms of hands and soles of feet. My brother and her kids are all big TV/video-game heads and are very 'stuck" in society's ills ( fast food, latest gizmos, all the new TV shows, lotsa dooma and gloom/violence type entertainment, etc) I told here what was up - but not sure she grasped the magnitude of such matters.

I did a meditation a week or so ago to try to "understand" the various odd radar anomolies taking place ( which are even showing up on the Weather Channel !) I spoke with Mother Earth and Grand Father Sun.

Mother Earth stated that the "bullseyes" ( colored ones) are "created" and are "geo-physically related to the weather and environment" - I took this to mean that they could altar existing weather patterns, the teutonic plates and the jetstream ( need to look to see if any data can be found on where the Highs and Lows and jetstream are in relation to these things when they occur - how about Randy - can he do that ?) Environment is not just about weather, though......

Mother Earth spoke of the other rings ( blue ones, and green ones - both the circle and absence of circle seen during rain storms). She said that these were being directed at times when we were not aware of it - the storms actually helped make them visible - but they were being "shot machine gun style " (one right after another in a line - which is sometimes seen in radar) these were used as a "control device" ( what I sensed was aimed negatively at society).

What I then asked was "what of places and radar such as the Joshua Tree earthquake?" She replied that 'those in charge of such covert matters chose to activte the teutonic plates beneath Joshua tree, knowing that the fault line would stimulate under LA, as well. By the fault/earthquake originating in one area and not directly in LA, most people would not suspect "foul-play" in its origin. The "black lines" seen above that area were a "containment" by those Forces that would work in aiding Humanity - to stop the earthquake from going any farther".

The 'testing" later that week by geologists who set off detonations higher up in California may have been a way to try to "re-start" the havoc once more.

I believe that there are as many "good groups" ( human and non-human) as there are bad ones - so the data we have to factually go on can not be relied on as to "all thats going on" - its the behind the scenes stuff - both Dark and Light - thats the real picture. I was also shown that not all erratic weather is 'created" - some are natural patterns, some are those that would altar the weather to suit their own evil means and some is altared by "Good Guys" to undo/altar it back to "normal" and avert certain patterns/things from happening.

Also Grand Father Sun spoke of the pic (that you call stargate) and stated that "this was not from the Sun - but "from a Body in front of the Sun shooting at another Body". I was impressed that it was not 'aimed" at Earth but could not get the jist of 'who/what shot at who/what'  ( Who shot JR ? - - LOL)

What was impressed to me was that the Sun emanates outward in a centrifugal manner - like spokes of a wheel come from the center point - and that this was not the case here.

Interesting times were years ago......now its just odd.

I will see what I can 'see' for the areas you mentioned and see if any thing develops for this weekend.

I will say that there is a "protection" in doing "Divine White Light" exercises and in petitioning Spirit in these matters - remember LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE and in this case we need to give all the "permission" we can to all those groups that would "work for the good of Humanity" the means and space to be here.......I will meditate and see if there is an exercise that can be printed for even the "Average Joe" to do - as a means to 'turn the tide'.

deuce42@uswest.net ICQ#395993


From Shadie Pines News:

Was There Something Else at 24,000 Feet with Egyptair Flight 990?

The image at left shows a recreation of the altitude path of Egyptair flight 990. The aircraft dropped from 33,000 feet to 16,700 feet, reaching near supersonic speeds. But experts claim that it wouldn't be possible for the aircraft to recover from that steep dive.

"Thursday, one senior government official who has been fully briefed on the investigation and the radar data, told CNN it would have been "just physically impossible" for the plane to have climbed back to 24,000 feet from such a steep dive.

Another official told CNN that sometimes radar data can be wrong: the data can indicate the presence of something that is not really there.

Some of those who have looked at the radar believe what appeared to be a climb back to 24,000 feet may have been a false radar target instead."

A false radar image.... or misinterpreted? As we reported here previously, there were sightings of at least two immense triangular UFO's in the same vicinity, at close to the same time as the crash.

Is it possible that something was trailing flight 990, that perhaps ultimately caused it to crash? Was the "false radar image" actually a true radar image, but of something else?

EMAIL, 11/6/99 5:37:32 PM Pacific Standard Time: The info below came to me today from Sheldan Nidle's organization. I personally Feel the Tone of the Message to be uncharacteristic of Sheldan's Galactic Federation Updates, the next of which will be posted tomorrow. This info seems to Me to be Doom & Gloom.

AS you know there are three objects coming to earth. Impact date is November 7, 1999. This is not an accident. They have changed course 21 times as NASA knows. They are three space ships. They are the calling cards of Lucifer and his agents. They contain human looking who are set to deceive you. They are the spear head of an armada the size of a planet. (Nibiru?) They plan to land in Cairo Egypt in late December, 1999. Possible Dec 25.

EMAIL, NEWSHAWK, 11/3/99 7:15:05 PM Pacific Standard Time: We THEN asked our source about the current status of threats posed to the planet by approaching celestial objects. His response was blunt and to the point. "That's been taken care of," he said tersely. Remember, this was within 12 hours of the disappearance of Fl. 990. What did he know that he could then make that statement with such certainty? Was it that he KNEW (but couldn't say) those desperately needed parts had in fact made it back to Egypt to be utilized in the planetary defense apparatus under the Giza plateau, and that for now at least, earth was safe? continue

EMAIL, Glen Dean, 11/3/99 7:23:41 PM Pacific Standard Time: The Sun was low on the horizon, and the (presumed) comet appeared between 10º and 15º directly vertically above the Sun. It was visible for only 1 second, but it was moving to the left, which means generally south. continue

EMAIL 11/4/99 7:57:28 AM Pacific Standard Time: I feel that there are other phases which are not known by most people but are to the aliens, perhaps placing material into other dimensions. This type of conversion could easily explain the blinking in and out of UFOs, and would likely be the key to striking incoming objects. Basically you phase convert an atomic bomb into another dimension and phase convert it back right next to the comet, then set it off. Fast, easy, and simple, provided you have the phase converter. continue

EMAIL, 11/4/99 5:17:20 PM Pacific Standard Time: knowing that my "friend" had security contacts in the Egyptian Government I asked what he thought of the recent air crash. He said there was more to it than was being made public. Names of the high ranking military officers where being held as there was something special being carried out.


Sleuths The crash of Flight 990 has international ramifications. We have reason to believe that Naval intelligence is involved with the investigation of this incident. Verification?

Sleuths Several pleasure boaters off the coast of Nantucket report seeing at least two large and silent triangular craft in the vicinity before reports of the loss of Flight 990 from radar. Verification?

Sleuths: Have word that Edwards AFB been put on Delta alert status, no calls going in or out.  Verification?

Bombs, briefcases and UFOs


11/4/99 8:33:02 PM Pacific Standard Time

You might want to pass this on to the ELFRAD guys. I think they may already be on to this but who knows.

Let make the leap of faith that the Earth Shield actually exists under GIZA and that it was put there in excess of 12000 years ago.

The biggest question is how to power it. You can just plug it into the wall, solar is out because solar collectors would have eroded eons ago. You would use nuclear because of the time factor and the danger from geological activity, so on and so forth.

The most suitable power source is the earth itself since it is a rotating electric field generator.

An electric generator is a coil used as a collector inside of a spinning magnetic field (spinning magnets creating the alternating magnetic fields to produce voltages at a given frequency and power.

The earth itself does the same thing. So if your smart you tap the earths own generated electro-magnetic field.

Here the numbers: The earth spins at roughly 1000 MPH and has a circumference of 22000 miles. This gives the earth a electric frequency of .000864 hertz. This is 1 cycle per second times .000864; a very low frequency. I noticed on an ELFRAD posting they were looking at the tenth harmonic of this frequency so they are on to this part.

So the earth has this very low voltage, but the current potential is enormous, AMPs off the scale, the problem is tapping it. How would you do it?


The TESLA coil would change the frequency of the voltage and the phase converter would allow you to turn the current into something that can do useful work.

Its a perfect system because as long as the earth is spinning you get power, put a voltage regulator of sorts on the circuit and even if the earths rotation speeds up or slows down a few percent, you are still generating stable power (like your car). If the power fails it means the earth stopped spinning and you don't really need a shield anymore, now do you.

Now lets jump ahead to the 1990's. Lets say you discover this esoteric equipment, and are unsure of how it works and what it does, and or you find it in a non working condition, so you want to build one and or repair one.

Well a coil and phase converter for such a low frequency is not an off the shelve item.

So you have to build several and try to tune them to get the pair to work just so...

You would have to do this by trial and error with varied input frequencies and currents.

What do you generate? A lot of Extremely Low Frequency signals and their harmonics. Side effects? You bet, you are playing with the frequencies for which the earth itself is a tuning fork . You would set up harmonics in the earth and well as standing waves.

Do this in an area were the earth (crust) is already under stress, vibrate it and what happens? Ooopps. Did I see a quake at ZERO Depth?

Now somebody who reads is going to say that its the reversing of the magnetic field in the generator/alternator that induces the current in the windings (coil) inside the unit, and the earths magnetic field does reverse that often. True, but the solid core, magma and crust all have magnetic signatures. A highly magnetized core rotating in a counter direction to the crust would have the same effect. Our magnetosphere is just one of the side effects of this relationship.

What effect does spin rate have? Look up the data on Jupiter's magnetic field. Its much greater that the percent attributable it is size (volume). Jupiter has; however, an extremely high rotational rate for its size.

Keep it going.

11/4/99 10:01:47 PM Pacific Standard Time

All of the above description is Correct, One was built and stored ON-SITE. The second, third, and maybe 4th were stored in various sites around the globe. The converter brought in may have been a back-up, but I think not. I believe it was MORE. It is an attachment to boost the power and also to stabilize the discharges as well as work WITH the "Soul Machine." I have no idea what the exterior configuration is and YES it would show on your equipment when they balance the charge. I also believe they will pull solar energy as well. The Sun has been extremely intense of late. Time will tell, but the power is necessary to firm up The Van Allen Belt as well as Divert Monitor, Titanic, and Bismark. The "Atlanteans had an asteroid diversion to (as the Seals say) ward off outside intruders from above. Time is of the essence. The Crystal is being aligned, marked up, and made ready as we speak. It must be ready soon if Hoagland is correct.

Watch your equipment, you should see the signature.     

EMAIL, 11/5/99 4:43:37 AM Pacific Standard Time: Interesting concerning the Tesla Coil theory. The largest coil to date was tested in 1998 in a Naval Shipyard in SF and then sent to a private individual in New Zealand. Have some pictures and specs around somewhere.

11/4/99 10:11:07 PM Pacific Standard Time

The machinery running under the plateau, (you refer to as the vault, I believe) operates only when required to accomplish it's function. But even up and running at this time it would be unable to complete it's task...."which is to help stabilize the core (Earth's)."

All the underground prep work will offer no safe haven to anyone, if this machine is not allowed to preform said function." THE CRYSTAL MUST BE ADVANCED"

If we do not advance the CRYSTAL, the grid pattern which encompasses the globe, will not be able to stabilize the core. It's bad enough that we have to FIGHT off incoming (complex) wave patterns, let alone having to worry about that which is under our very feet being totally unstable.


11/4/99 11:01:14 PM Pacific Standard Time

To advance the spectrum [the PROPER CANDIDATE] will have to saunter inside the lamp. RADIATION, THAT ONLY A FEW CAN TOLERATE, MAYBE ONLY ONE! Have to approach and go headfirst into the Central Light, hopefully with enough o' something to toss out threads back to the 3D world, not easy to do, the binary mind melts, the intention has to be such that it goes on automatic, any collapse to "self" and the effort aborts.

Takes surrender. Doggone it!

In actually we have to DIE to do it, figuratively I hope. Whether the on-goer gets punted back to 3D is not a given--been in there and punted back before, so I guess it may happen again.

Got a great idea, y'all go first, heh, I'll hold the rope. [this last section, Kent Steadman]



11/5/99 7:12:47 AM Pacific Standard Time

The item was never suppose to fly directly to Giza but to make a "dimensional transfer" over the Atlantic Ocean through a Vortexual Opening (of which the name and premise is beyond what I can recall) This "door" or opening is an unstable one that is in place due to the many experiments that Humans have done in the past decades (that is still ongoing) in the area of portals, time travel, etc. (Places like Brookhaven come to mind.) The plane was to enter through this "opening" and return through it, with no loss of time in "our dimension" - which it did successfully. What happened after that is the pilot's error. When the plane entered the portal, it did so at 33,000 feet. When it returned back through the portal to resume normal flight, it was at a height greatly reduced from where it had been - a drop of some 20-25,000 feet. This seems to be due to the instability of both the vortex opening and the folks who work with and to "control" such matters.

SEE: Look Up, Possible Event Epochs Prior to November 11, 1999

Subj: [earthchanges] Fw: Daylight transient comet on videot

Date: 11/3/99 7:23:41 PM Pacific Standard Time

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Home back yard, 96.706ºW., +33.078ºN

Possible Daylight Comet

Sony Digital 8 Camcorder, maximum wide-angle

1999 November 3.960752315 (23:03:29) fade-in

1999 November 3.960763889 (23:03:30) fade-in

WWV signal in sound track.

The Sun was low on the horizon, and the (presumed) comet appeared between 10º and 15º directly vertically above the Sun. It wasvisible for only 1 second, but it was moving to the left, which means generally south.

It could have been an airplane glint except that there was no vapor trail. A few minutes later two vapor trails did cross through the field of view. The vapor trails were very bright.

This object was small and round but not stellar. It had a pearl-like luster.

I have a math model which predicted 1999 November 3 at 23:06 UT.

I posted that prediction (attached) only an hour earlier on Art Bell's BBS and my own eGroup list.

The math model is a least squares fit to a number of observations. I will use this one to refine future predictions.

I will make a copy of this video tape for anybody for my cost.



Glen W. Deen, BSEE

820 Baxter Drive

Plano, Texas 75025 USA

Phone: 972-517-6980

D. C. Miller observed the ether wind: "The Ether-Drift

Experiment" Reviews of Modern Physics, 5, 202-242 (1933).

Ether research: http://www.egroups.com/list/glensether/

Predictions: http://www.egroups.com/list/astro-revelation/



Web Page:http://www.dia.gov

How I found your page:

Comments about the web site: Your story about Mars...The planets Earth and Mars are - and have always been -ours. The creatures on them are to serve and feed us, both with their bodies and their souls. Lizard


11/4/99 10:16:20 AM Pacific Standard Time

The party continues with no revelation in the "age of ignorance". The higher secrets will not be revealed until we are in a different age. We are in the lowest physical matter phase of our bodily existence.


The great pyramids were built first about a million years ago, In the recent past, stupid "egyptians" who "mummified" themselves experimented with trying to make "copies" of the great giza pyramids. They came up with the pieces of crap called the "stepped" pyramids built with "manual labor".

The great pyramids were built during the "satya-yuga" the golden age within another cycle during another civilizations "time".


http://www.thule.org/alt3.html The movie Alternative Three inRealVideo

Come visit we have revelation at thule.


Kent, it just occurred to me that you are probably referring to phase converters used in electricity. I'll give you a brief overview as it pertains to phase converters used in electric motors - which would be the same application if we are talking about a particle beam.

Electricity is measured in terms of Voltage and Current. Think of voltage as the pressure of the electrical fuel, and current as a measure of the fuel's flow, or volume demanded. This is commonly measured in AMPS. Electricity is distributed and metered as Alternating Current (AC). Where a battery has 2 terminals, one that is always positive (+), and one that is always negative (-), AC voltage changes, or alternates, from positive (+) to negative (-) at a set frequency, usually 60 times a second (60 cycles).

An electric motor operates on the principle of one magnetic field chasing another. As the electrical polarity on the AC line changes (from + to -), the magnetic poles in the motor change from north to south in relation to the rotor poles, causing the motor to turn. With each change in polarity the voltage rises and falls as a wave, with a brief period of no voltage, called a zero crossing. Each time the voltage rises--either above or below zero crossing--the motor receives power, much as a car is propelled by the engine firing. Think of the spark plug on a running engine. If you took hold of that spark plug, you'd swear the electricity was a continuous flow rather than an intermittent spark. Single-phase AC power is a lot like that, and the flow of power--in mechanical terms--is more like a pulsating shower head than a garden hose running freely. This zero crossing shows up as a subtle but persistent power interruption in single-phase and is the reason that single-phase motors above 5 Hp are rare and expensive.

What a phase does is, its adds one additional wire with voltage and current, which is out of phase with the first, so that the two overlap one another to cover the "zero crossing" point there by providing continuous power. This is usually called a 3 phase motor as you only have to add one additional AC wire to cover three phases of the 360 degree cycle. Like is said in the above, its like water running from a hose rather than through a Teledyne Shower pulsating shower head.

Okay, my second reply to you would cover these applications. In short, a phase convert provides for constant and steady power output to cover the ups and downs of alternating current (AC).

As you will note in my 3 phase motor explanation, its the magnetic field that makes the motor work - the principle would be the same to maintain a magnetic field around a planet at a constant level.

A phase converter would keep the magnetic field constant and at a given power. I think the Pyramid itself is the amplification device so, yeah, tell them jokers to put it back where it belongs. As for warding off incoming objects, I would say the scalar device would be our first option. Remember hurrican Floyd, I hear Clinton (while he was at Hickam AFB on a stop over) state that we (the government) would do everything it could to protect life and property, and guess what - Floyd rapidly petered out after he said that right there by South Carolina. As you stated on your web site at the time, SCALAR Technology???

According to Tom Bearden, you can use a scalar device to give an object gravity of a given polarity so that it would repell itself away from an object of the opposite polarity. I think we saw the first use of this during the Turid meteor stream last year in November that was suppose to be so bad and turned out to be nothing at all. I think they used scalar devices to "plow" a path through the meteor stream thereby protecting the billions of dollars of Satellites in orbit. You have to remember, when there is big big bucks involved, the real technology comes outta the woodwork. In the case of Floyd, it was stated that most of the insurance would go backrupt if Floyd actually hit the east coast with the force that it was packing. Wahla, it didn't hit.

This thing with Giza - having hard time keeping all the info together - going over back pages and trying to coorelate it all together into an meaningful chuck of information.

To continue our conversation we had earlier today while I was at work, I wonder if you're on to something along the lines of the powers that be are going to change the polarity of the earths magnosphere to repel an incoming object? I guess its possible to do that if you have enough power. Think this is Tesla technology at work. Also, I remember a discovery channel doc on the HAARP that stated they could focus the HAARP at a specific area of the ionsphere and heat the plasma to the point of creating a shield that could be used to bounce mircowaves off of. I guess they could do that to cause an incoming to bounce off the atmosphere as well.

Paula Zaun on FOX NEWS just reported that the familys of the victims on Flt 990 were told that they was little chance of the bodies being retrieved "intact." Now, how would they know that? Critters eatting on them or blown to kingdom come?

11/4/99 7:57:28 AM Pacific Standard Time

For a beam type weapon a phase converter would be the device which changes the phase of normal matter into a phase which is consistant with the makeup of the beam.

There are 4 well known phases of matter, solid, matter, gas and plasma. A normal beam weapon would use laser, electron, proton, or a plasma beam. A plasma beam would carry the most energy and do the most damage. But plasma travels slower than the speed of light, and being electrically charged tends to want to spread out as a beam.

I feel that there are other phases which are not known by most people but are to the aliens, perhaps placing material into other dimensions. This type of conversion could easily explain the blinking in and out of UFOs, and would likely be the key to striking incoming objects. Basically you phase convert an atomic bomb into another dimension and phase convert it back right next to the comet, then set it off. Fast, easy, and simple, provided you have the phase converter. Or a beam of other strange particles (there are hundreds of possibilities in subatomic physics) could be used, similar to the beam that is used in Star Trek for their phaser. It isn't called a phaser by accident, it is a depiction of a hand held phase convertor! The theory was known in the 60's, but not how to build one.

Other types of phase converters, such as used for electrical applications would not need to be sent to a research institute to try and figure out, we already know how to do that.

EMAIL, 11/3/99 9:37:20 AM Pacific Standard Time: Well, think you have a handle on it Kent - pretty much as I was putting the pieces together. The only difference is, I don't think we wasted the plane, I think it was the scally dudes who wanted to stop the reinstallation of the device so that they can get their property back, mainly mother earth. We'll see what happens. Thanks Kent, will keep my eyes and ears open.

EMAIL, 11/3/99 1:04:18 PM Pacific Standard Time: It's not exactly that I have heard anything, per se.

We have all read information on the internet about accusations of improprieties among the antiquities authority in Egypt. I will not use names. I will not make accusations. All of these things I have read, on the internet, recently.

Authors of books that propose that the monuments of Giza were not the work of the ancestors of modern egyptians, and pre-date even the old kingdom, have been denied access to the monuments and even denied entry visas into Egypt. Researchers who have not "followed the official line" have had their research permits canceled and have have had to leave quickly, having heard that they were "under investigation". While others who have vehemently and publicly opposed individuals within the antiquities authority, have had a miraculous and puzzling "change of heart" after personally visiting the target of their accusations. (There is something about these changes of heart that is deeply disturbing to me!)

The material which you posted, titled "What Lurketh Beneath Giza", confirms the opening of the Hall of Records does it not? This same material speaks of a VAST complex beneath Giza. This material describes an event/act/ceremony or something, that created an effect for which modern science has no explanation. This material promises the release of a film, or video, at the end of the century. I doubt very much that will happen, only time will tell.

Why has the world not been told of this wonder, for if true, this is certainly one of the greatest wonders of our time. There are people over there who obviously want the world to know nothing.

You want to call these people "the good guys"? It seems to me that they are all in league. Perhaps they called their buddies in CA and said "hey, we need that phase-converter thing back now". Besides, if there was a good-guy bad-guy relationship, wouldn't they have simply said "we don't know what you are talking about" and hung up on them?

We all heard about the landing of Flt 990 at Edwards AFB, which was first confirmed by the FAA and then denied by the Pentagon. Perhaps this provides some clue to how the item could have arrived at its destination even though the 767 did not.

There is a hidden agenda behind all of this and I do not think it has anything to do with saving the world, preserving it perhaps, but for what purpose? Are you really happy with the global status quo? Ask yourself this...who is?

I do not have all of the answers, I don't even have all of the questions. But the internet is full of many diverse interests that all are talking about some sort of spiritual awakening that is eminent for humanity. Could it be that this spiritual awakening is just what those in power now want to avoid at all cost? Would it be the end of their dominion? What would they do to stop it? What are they doing to stop it? What have they already done to stop it? These are the questions that keep me awake at night? Follow your links, read the information, try to sleep at night.

EMAIL, 11/3/99 1:34:53 PM Pacific Standard Time: Remember the early reports "confirm" by CNN that the flight landed at Edwards AFB. Lets say that this Phase Converter (more on that later) is needed pronto back at GIZA. Flight 990 was already running behind schedule when in left LAX because of a bad tire.

Senario: It diverts to Edwards ( 15 minutes from LAX by Jet)...Phase Converter is handed off to SR-71 for immediate transport to GIZA. Edwards is after all the home of the Blackbird (although it was taken off the operational list there are a few still flying under contracts).

NOW can anyone find out if a blackbird was spotted landing in Egypt or one of our nearby Allied Bases?

Higher Weirdness: Already we have Egyptian and American spokesman saying the downing was NOT DUE TO TERRORISM: HOw do they know! Unless they already know what brought it down.

1. Either someone wanted a potential leak plugged.......


2. Someone who thought an item was on that flight, did not want it to get to GIZA.


Phase Converter:

I had the opportunity to build radio studios in England back in the mid 90's. Our biggest problem was that "American" Equiptment is designed to work with AC at 110 volts at 60 cycles (read Hertz). This is the FREQUENCY of the electricity. THe Amperage is the amount of WORK that can be done. Read AMPS(CURRENT)=Power, Volts&Hertz=FREQUENCY. In England House Electricity is 220 AMPs at 50 cycles, so both the current and frequency are not compatible with American Equipment. In the case of modern recording devices, even if you knock the current down to 110, they will still run slow, because American motors are designed for 60 cycles, Briton is on 50 cycles, so the motor runs 17% slower!

Now lets say that you happen to discover a very advanced, but 12000 year old device or series of devices under the GIZA plateau. Odds are they were not using 60 cycle, 110 volt AC. What do you need to hook up modern American equipment... PHASE CONVERTER specifically designed for the task......

Watch out though....you also need phase converters to use AMERICAN MADE Equipment or plain old Egyption wall sockets!

Additionally, the higher the frequency (other factors involved) the greater the flow potential. Light travels easily at low input powers but at a very high frequency. Lower frequencies require greater input/output powers to flow through the atmosphere.

Tesla was working with some very high frequency currents to get them to flow without wires over greater and greater distances.

EMAIL, 11/3/99 3:02:20 PM Pacific Standard Time: Sorry to burden you with all this stuff. This is food for thought, which you may want to post on the pilots boards to see if they have answers.

1. THe Boeing 767 is a "Glass Cockpit" EFIS system. It is flown by computer (Fly by Wire). Could the system be be HACKED to tell it to fly itself into the ground?

Is there a manual override available that reverts to analog, old fashion, yoke to hydraulic system inputs to the flight control surfaces or is the pilot stuck with a manual override that still goes through the fly by wire system like the F-16?

2. Will the transponder still function if both AC busses are off line? If you lose the Alternators in the number 1 & 2 engines, is there a battery backup in the equipment bay in the hell hole that takes over?

3. If Mode "C" was operational from FL 330 to FL 19, would not the radio's still function? Obviously the cockpit was intact if the Mode "C" transponder was still functional. If the cockpit is intact, radio contact should be made since it just requires the pilot in command to push a button on the yoke or side stick.

4. If there are was explosion on board, or an explosive decompression, would enough "G" forces be created to set off the ELT (emergency locator transponder).

5. If the reverse thruster deployed in flight, which sets off a series of warning lights and alarms, would not the pilot reduce that engine to idle, or would the fly by wire see it as a loss of power on that side (since its dropping off) and increase thrust to that engine?

In other words, would the autopilot see a drop to one side, assume its due to lack of thrust and jump the auto throttles up to the top stops.

6. What is the VNE on the 767?

7. Are the airbrakes tied into the reverse thrust system? If reverser kicks in do the airbrakes automatically kick in, and do the slats do as well?

Finally, the first incident with the 767/757 class of aircraft was in Canada many years ago. The aircraft literally ran out of fuel because of a mix up between pounds of fuel on board and gallons of fuel on board.

Both the port and starboard engines failed, leaving the pilot with NO FUNCTIONING COCKPIT. He had to manually drop an AIR GENERATOR down from the hell hold, a device with a propeller that turns a generator using the slip stream of the aircraft. This gave him a partial panel. He was able to set down, dead stick on an old drag strip. After that, Boeing hung old fashion turn and bank indicators in the cockpits. Question. If the main electrical busses are off line, what's left working?

I suspect that if the transponder was operational as we have been told, for at least twelve seconds after an "upset" began, somebody would have been on the radio. The Egyptians at one point said there was a distress call, but have seen nothing regarding this since. It is conceivable that one of the pilots was out of the cockpit, leaving the PIC with his hands full ... I do not believe there is an engineers station on this type of aircraft since the computers monitor all systems. The log says there were three Captains on board, plus deadheading crew. If all three were in the cockpit, this fills the left seat, right seat and jump seat. I could see where two of three might be outside the cockpit chatting with there fellow company employee's, but it still makes me believe that somehow the radio was not used because there was incapacitation in the cockpit.

EMAIL, 11/3/99 3:20:26 PM Pacific Standard Time: More research. 990 was 5hrs 24 minutes enroute LAX to JFK. I checked 8 other carriers all using 767 equipment and the flight time is posted as 5 Hrs. ATC delays getting into the NY Corridor can account for the 24 minute differential.

This virtually eliminates it stopping at Edwards unless the aircraft operated at higher than normal speeds on the way back, which is always a possibility.

EMAIL, 11/3/99 5:59:22 PM Pacific Standard Time: I follow your site regularly, and find it quite interesting/stimulating/thought provoking. I would like to comment on  something I think came from Newshawk when I click the More Egyptian Air Anamolies button. There is a statement that the plane left LAX at 4:30pm PDT and arrived at JFK at 12:48am EDT the next day, and that the flight took 8 hours and 18 minutes. Well, the post fails to consider the time difference between PDT and EDT.......3hours. The flight actually took off at 7:30pm EDT and lasted only 5 hours and 18 minutes. This is consistent with normal times for a west to east crossing of the continent. I doubt there was time for a stop at Edwards. Also, the plane landed at Newark instead of JFK prior to its trip to Los Angeles and I think here is where the reference to Edwards Air Force Base comes in. I think Newark's abbreviation is EWK........easily misinterpreted as EdWards. With the chaos of the crash, it is possible the source was not thinking too clearly.

Of course there is something weird about this, but the Edwards stuff is probably not true.

Keep it coming.

EMAIL, 11/3/99 7:22:18 PM Pacific Standard Time: I noticed on your page filled with Flight 990 information stating that the aircraft was named Thutmosis. It is interesting that Ananda, on this page http://www.akasha.de/~aton/HO-OSIRIS.html spells that name that way and also this way: THOTHmosos (my emph). Now, considering all the number 33 stuff, it smells like a ritual killing. Considering the power gained on someone by using their name in a ritual, could this have been an attempt to do something to Thoth. The device that was supposed to have been onboard, it was very possibly an earth-protective device installed by Thoth. I have read the Illuminati always carefully orchestrate these events to occur with the right names and numbers, &c. Could be also the Egyptians chose that plane as a tempting decoy or as most likely to succeed at bringing back the device.

Now another thought I had was all the Egyptian military activity may be "the good guys" and the U.S. tried to convince their officers to cooperate with the masterplan but they refused and were eliminated because they then knew all about the masterplan.

Another thought: the possibility the people were taken off at Edwards and are being held. Only a few, if any, Egypt Air employees would have been in a position to see if anyone was onboard at NY. The "grief counselor", what is his real job, keeping stories straight with the families? or making sure they don't tell what they know about their family members who were onboard?

Just my conjecture of a few possible pieces of the puzzle.

Okay to post, edit from, or completely ignore my email. My highest praises and respect  for your  work.

EMAIL, 11/3/99 6:58:28 PM Pacific Standard Time: With regard to the crash of EgyptAir, Flight 990.

The following is from the book, "The Case for the UFO", the annotated edition, by Morris K. Jessup; Part 3, History Speaks - Disappearing Planes

"Nevertheless there is a strong element of mystery in many of them. It is  the rule, and not the exception, that the major catastrophes come without warning. Whatever causes the crash seems to cut off communication simultaneously, for seldom is there any warning from the radio: only routine reports, and then... silence, until the wreckage is found with no survivors, and, in at least one case, no bodies!"

The last part of the paragraph is referring to the 1955 crash of a DC-3  Airliner in the Rocky Mountains, where no bodies were found.