The quake was centered on Duzce, a town some 170 kilometers (115 miles) east of Istanbul.

SLEUTHS: please help keep watch on the Turkey quake reports, something feels strange about this event.

EMAIL, 11/13/99 2:54:21 PM Pacific Standard Time: Here is a personal response to the recent earthquake in Turkey from a woman that lives there: unfortunately we have death and injuries again. it was winter time, and  stoves were on, many are dead due to smoke I believe. They say now only about 200 dead, 700 injured. yes it was a small area not a big city but  still many people under the ground waiting to be saved.

11/13/99 7:22:40 AM Pacific Standard Time: This graph shows the detection of the precursor signal starting at 14:58:01 Hrs UTC, 119 minutes before the event. Please note the rapid rise of signal level at that time. Due to the shallow depth, of the epicenter, the signal at the Amity location was low. We have noted there is a considerable increase in recorded magnitude during earthquakes which have a deep origination. ELFRAD
EMAIL, 11/13/99 2:11:21 AM Pacific Standard Time: Here's the analysis of the recent Turkey M7+ Earthquake. Notice the large pulse just 50 minutes prior to the main shock of the major earthquake. It was centered at approximately 0.04 Hz according to the FFT vs. Impulse Waveform computation. Please let me know if you can correlate with this data that can be viewed on my webpage by clicking on the "Most Recent Quake Analysis" button: http://www.geo-seismic-labs.org/  FrankCondon@Geo-Seismic-Labs.org (Frank Condon)

99/11/15 05:42:43 1.42S 89.00E 10.0 7.0Ms B SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN

99/11/17 03:27:40 5.95S 148.85E 33.0 7.0Ms A NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.

Huge Object Over Papua New Guinea


EMAIL, 11/9/99 9:49:18 PM Pacific Standard Time, Myrtle Beach, SC: Hey Kent....me again...while in prayer in a gazebo in our complex facing south,at 8:12PM edst saw a big meteor? coming in at a 45° angel from the northeast...lasted about 2-3 seconds...no sound....large plume tail...changed colors....amazing part is...it nearly "hit" a military aircraft which was flying due north..(targeting?)...[ i worked in Brookhaven Lab during star wars] anyways...keep up the good work.... being a Bible believer we will see "stones" the size of houses!!

INTERNET MESSAGE, 11/10/99: FRIEND: Fla., Ga. & N.C.! Hundreds of police stations called throughout they area! Planes seen following it!

Heavenly fireball puzzles Volusia County residents

EMAIL, 11/10/99 8:10:28 AM Pacific Standard Time: Lets look at a few thinks: Bismarck (the Ship) came out of Germany, out of the north sea into the Atlantic. Your Germany Netherlands bolide seems to fit that bill. Based on the times posted it looks like she was seen over Germany First and then Holland. That would be consistent with coming in from the East-North-East.

When the Titanic sank, her position was always listed as x miles from Halifax, Nova Scotia (New Scotland).

Myrtle Beach. Certainly is a bolide is visible in Myrtle Beach would be visible at Cape Hatteras. If they saw it in Florida it was way up there. Sounds like this one came in from Northeast so it fits the pattern.

Peter Davenport, on ART BELL

Airline pilots come forward

Peter Davenport, on SIGHTINGS:

NUFORC Eyewitness Recordings!

"V: The Final Battle", will air on the Fox 'Family Channel', in 3 parts (2 hours each).

Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday [ Nov. 15-16-17 : 8 PM - 10 PM ]


November Space Calendar:

4-7th - Northern Taurids Meteor shower peak

11th - Linearids (new) Meteor shower peak?

17th - Leonids Meteor shower peak (potential meteor storm)

El-Asadeyat meteors will fall on the Arab states starting on November 15

Leonid animation

On November 11, 1999 Earth will pass close to the orbit of newly-discovered Comet LINEAR C/1999J3. The result could be a new meteor shower -- the Linearids. PLEASE SEND REPORTS

EMAIL, 11/10/99 8:31:06 AM Pacific Standard Time: On the 11:00 news last night on channel 8 news they reported that a "comet" was seen between 9 and 10 pm by many people who called in. It was reported to be very sizable and had a significant tail and was traveling east toward the Smokey Mountains. I am sure it was a meteor, and was apparently quite a sight.

Binary Asteroid (216) Kleopatra



Wait a minute now!!! A 90 degree Contrail???? [website down temporarily we hope]

EMAIL, 11/14/99 7:07:58 AM Pacific Standard Time: Ok, Sunday morning here and I'm in my pj's yet removing the clean dishes from the dishwasher, stand up with an armful of plates and glance out the kitchen window and what do I see? Needless to say I grabbed the digital camera, loaded a disk and ran outside to try to capture this image before it disappears. My neighbors probably think I'm looney out there in the backyard with a camera and in my pj's, but who cares, this is really interesting.



There's yet ANOTHER massively bizarre aspect to the crash. WHERE ARE THE 217 BODIES? Not only were NO bodies visible in classified photos of the plane wreckage on the ocean floor, after 2 weeks it's INCONCEIVABLE that bodies would not float to the surface. Only ONE body has supposedly been recovered to date, and suspiciously, that body has NEVER BEEN IDENTIFIED.

Phase Converter Flight 990

Investigators probing EgyptAir flight crew.

NEWSHAWK: One of our respondents has advised us that it is CONFIRMED that three members of what she termed the "Hall of Records Search team" were on board Fl. 990 also. The Hall of Records, also known as the Hall(s) of Amanti, are said to be an EXTREMELY ancient facility (that is, SUBSTANTIALLY predating Pharoanic Egypt) deep underground beneath the Giza plateau: to our understanding, directly beneath the Great Sphinx.


NTSB Confirms Enterprise Mission Scenario on Egypt Air Flight 990

990 Flight Trajectory.  Does it look like they were trying to avoid something?

Cockpit Voice Recorder of EgyptAir Recovered

EDITOR'S NOTE: does the following make any sense?  A detached pinger?  What dummy designed that?

He said the recorder was separated from the pinger, was missing its name plate and was bent on one side. It was set to arrive in Washington for analysis on Monday

Second black box  could solve puzzles

EDITOR'S NOTE: now here they say the name plate is missing altogether.  Sounds like a ringer to me.

Navy Rear Adm. William Sutton said the cockpit voice recorder was recovered by Deep Drone, a remote-controlled underwater robot. The recorder, which was bent on one side, was found not far from where investigators detected a signal from its pinger, which had come detached. A name plate identifying the box also was missing.

And yet another take:

In a statement Sunday, National Transportation Safety Board chairman James Hall said no conclusions could be drawn from the initial review of the tape. The recorder was found to be in good condition and it provided about 31 1/2 minutes of data, he said.


This was received by me, Norio Hayakawa, from an Air Force officer (name withheld) at a major Air Force base (name withheld) in Nevada:

Norio- To let you know- The military reports about the plane state that EgyptAir 990 vanished in thin air, not over a period of time. If the plane went down in a rapid descent such as the media wants you to believe. Hint... If that was true, there would be emergency communications sent, or at least a distress signal.


EDITOR'S NOTE: CVR went to ANDREWS not EDWARDS: Sometimes good sleuths make a small glitch. However, it is ORBIT'S opinion that we all need to lend an eye. We are all plain folks trying to figure things out in an info-whirlwind. Our advantage is that we are not afraid of common sense nor vision.  So buck up, keep looking, inward-outward full speed ahead.  

EMAIL, 11/14/99 7:02:11 AM Pacific Standard Time: Fox News Channel: While a reporter discussed the recent discovery of the Cockpit Voice Recorder of EgyptAir 990, a news window on screen read: "The FBI will accompany the Voice Recorder to Edwards AF base for analysis."

EMAIL, 11/15/99 9:42:48 AM Pacific Standard Time: Are you sure someone didn't mistake Edwards for Andrews? I have seen several news stories that talk about the CVR passing through Andrews, which makes sense since it is in the DC area but I haven't seen anything about Edwards and the CVR.

EMAIL, 11/15/99 11:04:11 AM Pacific Standard Time: Kent, I screwed up [first message]. Discovered around 10 pm last night that it is indeed, Andrews and NOT Edwards. A huge apology to you for my mistake!

EMAIL, 11/14/99 1:57:32 PM Pacific Standard Time: Late Thursday night/Early Friday Morning, Remote Viewer Major Ed Dames on the Art Bell show stated that a remote viewing session had revealed to him that the reason for the Eqypt Air Flight 990 Crash was an intruder in the cockpit. He went on to state that another one of the airline employees (male)had "attacked" the pilot. He said this is what would be found as the reason for the crash. Now, which does this prove? That Major Ed Dames and Remote viewing are accurate? OR That Major Ed Dames is working FOR the government and disseminating information that the government wishes for people to believe??

EMAIL, 11/14/99 3:49:28 PM Pacific Standard Time: Kent, I listened to all this Bell programme, and confirm what this mail [above] says. As Dames worked for Army intelligence during his long career, his veracity in this case is uncertain and questionable. What this mail did not say was that Bell dropped a bombshell question on Dames asking What was MJ5? Dames was shocked [or a good actor?] and eventually said he was in charge of a squad in the remote north of New Mexico when he was in the army, whose purpose was to monitor UFO flights using various means; electronic and presumably [not stated] Remote Viewing. Spooky man!

Dames also said that the 'UFO' seen by two commercial airline pilots over Dallas recently "was a US craft using advanced electro drive systems. Stealth is due to be mothballed soon because it is old hat". Questions of air safety Dames brushed aside "they can see and avoid all other craft and it is safe for them to fly close to commercial flights over heavily populated areas". Two 'pat' answers from a reliable Technical Remote Viewer?

EMAIL, 11/14/99 2:30:28 PM Pacific Standard Time: No new news, just my conjecture(s). Two possible theories:

1. It seems fairly obvious to me that flight 990 was simply trying to avoid something. Okay, so radar CLAIMS to not have seen anything else in the area. Stealth aircraft (from Edwards?) don't show up on radar. Perhaps they saw something of this sort that they weren't supposed to and they had to be eliminated.

2. In concurrence with Hoaglands suggestion, Was someone (either US, foreign or extraterrestrial) demonstrating their ability to destroy a random object with a new terrorist weapon or perhaps an experiment gone awry? Can we say Philadelphia Experiment?

As soon as I read on CNN that the 2nd box was missing the ID plate, I too was immediately suspicious that it was a substitute. Considering how long it took them to find it, they had plenty of time to make up a replacement with or without Egypt's help. This combined with the earlier denial of the communication with the tower that originally WAS there then wasn't, and the concealment of the last 5 seconds, all sounds way too fishy. I don't think we'll ever hear the true story, at least not until it is too late, since so many people are obviously determined that we don't.

DANGEROUS IRONY: Are they testing the capacity of the US public to believe anything dished out?

EgyptAir Recorder Data Inconclusive/ DRUDGE: FLASH: INVESTIGATORS NOW SUSPECT CRIMINAL ACTIVITY IN FLIGHT #990... MORE... FBI SET TO MOVE IN; WHITE HOUSE MEETING CALLED AFTER NEW DATA YIELDS CLUES... [NOTE: Apparently Drudge has removed the alert published 11/14/99]

EXCERPT INDICATING POTENTIAL HAZARDS OF STARWARS WEAPONS AND OTHER SPECULATION, FLIGHT 990: The secret Star Wars weapons development program was moved to Blossom Point from Woodbridge, Va., in 1988. A lawsuit forced the Virginia lab to shut down because of local electronic interference and the fear that a stronger version of the test weapon being considered would endanger the health of people and animals, as well as the navigation of commercial aircraft approaching National Airport.

The Goblin on the Wing of Flight 990

SLEUTHS: hearing rumors of a Reuters story claiming a German National pilot saw a projectile hit the tail of  990.


EDITOR'S NOTE: this next link is a result of a dogleg search based on a tip involving keyord, Montauk and a specific Montauk author--may mean nothing, and have nothing to do with 990, but most interesting content involving Egypt, Osiris, other items which kicked off the HOR investigation weeks ago, even further back, Cydonia . . .

By the way we were asked to obliterate the face on Mars, which we did by blasting off the details with our light ray guns. What we removed was vaporized. The surface is now fairly smooth, not eroded like other landmarks. [Can be verified by recent photographs see Art Bell's web site ] This was to prevent closer inspection of the Cydonia area. But it didn't work out. The surveyor satellite will reveal even more detail of prior habitation. There are still two underground cities undiscovered by your scientists. They are still functional.

Ancient Egypt, the Monument on Mars & Extraterrestrial Contact The Stargate Conspiracy



SLEUTHS: What in the blue blazes is ongoing at EDWARDS AFB? Delta Alert? UFOs? Give me something I can print!  I have had reports, but tagged, don't publish, EGADS! Don't want to get anyone compromised, but...

A CLUE? Edwards to ferry NASA scientists around world in 8 days to study Leonid

EMAIL, 11/11/99 11:50:26 AM Pacific Standard Time: Your question about what's up at Edwards got me wondering so I went to Deja.com and typed in Edwards AFB and found a message claiming a confirmed report of Bio-containers loaded onto flight 990 there (Edwards) and retrieved from the wreck. I couldn't find him at his e-mail address.

EMAIL, 11/11/99 2:23:40 PM Pacific Standard Time: Kent, I have been in communications with the freedom of information act. rep. Jesse Soto at Edward's. I am and archaeologist and have been trying to get declassified  archaeology reports of the base. Last week they said I could have them. This monday 11-8-99 I received a letter from the Secretary of the Air Force that denied my request. It was signed, Rebecca S. Weeks, Colonel,  USAF. They Stated it was 16U>S>C>470-3 that provides that an agency shall withhold information from public disclosure if the information may cause a significant invasion of privacy, risk or harm to historical resources, or impede the traditional religious site by practitioners. I Have 60 days to appeal. Kent  I have reason to believe that this land might be very old and sacred. I do not want to go on this land. I do not want to know what they were building when discoveries were made etc. I work alone and am doing research for a book I am trying to write I am trying to link something with the Miami circle and I just need more information. This is the phone # to contact their office 661-277-4310 it might be of use to you. As of yet I have not been able to get thru to them.


11/11/99 4:36:16 AM Pacific Standard Time: MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - A computer glitch at an air traffic control center grounded or delayed hundreds of airplanes across the country on Wednesday. The center oversees high-altitude flights over parts of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and Kentucky. Cities hit hardest were Dallas/Fort Worth, St. Louis, Miami and Washington, D.C.

EMAIL, 11/13/99 4:32:48 AM Pacific Standard Time: Today you can see these white lines similar to low earth orbit objects on European weather images!



Especially the last update #25087 12.11.99 11:03 GM - 11:23 GMT:


The lines are at the northern coast of Spain and end in the area of the pyrenees in France. In this area there was a heavy thunderstorm killing 9 people last night!!!

Centurie 9 - Quatrain 83

Sun twenty of Taurus, the earth will tremble so mightily,
The great theater filled will be ruined
To darken and trouble air, sky and land,
Then the infidel will call upon God and saints.



AHA, CAUGHT THEM: Scientists 'create' a neutron star

The experiments are taking place at the Sandia National Laboratories' using the so-called Z machine - the most powerful X-ray generator on Earth.

"Our first two shots were in late October and we are now analysing the data," says Dr Foord. "It appears that we were successful at producing highly ionised iron and were able to obtain an accurate measurement of the radiation produced from the Z."   Flight 990   Wonder what ELSE came bustin through?


LASCO C3 9/22/99

DESY: X-ray laser microscope



DALLAS (SMU) --Southern Methodist University geophysicists, using the latest in seismic technology, have discovered a large blob of concentrated matter deep within the earth that may provide clues to better understanding of geological activities on our planet's surface.

The concentrated matter, located more than 500 miles under the western Caribbean Sea, is about 80 miles thick by 380 miles tall, almost vertical, and is believed to be slowly descending vertically like the colored substance in a lava lamp. Scientists believe it may be an old subductive slab, but they are not certain how it moves.


Ngungu'lawu Tutsqwa I'qatsi, It is said there are two Warrior Serpent Brothers who guard the North and South Poles, and send vibrations to each other along the Earth's axis. This is true, but can man accept that a Warrior may be without human form? If a man can accept that our Earth Mother who Loves and feeds us, and who has not a human form, is Alive, then a man can accept that Powerful Forces such as the Serpent Brothers Who have not human form are also Alive.


11/12/99 M-CLASS FLARE

11/13/99 M-CLASS FLARE

11/14/99 M-CLASS FLARE

Some stations list above as X1.5

LASCO C3 and C2 were pulled offline until 11/12 20:13 UT, so something may have happened (CME) that they didn't want us to see. Impact-earth on the 15th?

ANOTHER FAILURE!  Is earth under quarantine?

CAPE CANAVERAL (Reuters) - NASA's Hubble Space Telescope suffered a system failure over the weekend that will leave it unable to transmit any pictures to Earth until the next, much-delayed, space shuttle mission, the space agency said on Monday.

NASA: Solar Cycle Update   Richard Noone, author of "5/5/2000"

Xray Flux  Proton Flux .Electron Flux..Magnetometer .Kp Index

11/14/99 20:18 UT

LASCO C1 11/8/99 14:10 UT



Phase Converter Flight 990 HOR  HOR2  HOR3 HOR4  HOR5