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Mayan Elders and United Directive healing the spine of earth.
Many years ago the backbone of Mother Earth was severed. The Traditional Elders have performed healings from Canada, down through North America into Guatemala. The Feathered Serpent, Kukulkan, the Earth's Kundalini [Kent-rant], is now reported to be  once again moving.

In this Editor's mind, most of our reader's theories were correct: all disruptions to the spine are like disease, atomic testing, mining, other, possibly even ancient disruptions as seen by the crack in the earth off Cuba [the sinking of Atlantis?]. But some of the Elders declare that a most serious incision into the spine of the earth took place at the hand of modern man by the digging of the Panama Canal.

Still reeling from the experience and wondering how to best relay the Elder's messages. Please understand that we need to protect the Elders. [Think about what might be of threat to the Elders and email your ideas with this link] Not trying to be tricky here, but we are challenged to participate and sort things out with our deep intuition, in respect to the Elders as well as in respect to our own inside-spaces wherein lie the answers or perhaps the pertinent questions.

I will dare one quote, but regard carefully, in response to the question: who will intervene on behalf of the Mother Earth and Her inhabitants. That is, the Hopi said they are looking for/at watch: " for One, maybe Two. Three is too many..." Hopi Elder Think about it. What does it mean? Kent

More to come... seeking permission...okay, here we go:


Lakota Grandfather's Directive: Watch the Sun

Nov 2004 is anticipated by some traditional Elders to be a time of change and happenings [the earth's spin is engineered or conducted by the sun, but the sun will withdraw electrogravitational forces (no, the sun won't go out, quite the opposite) leaving the earth to wobble by momentum only and to align to a new spin--Kent]

The Elders all say that the way to survive anything that might be coming is through serious daily prayer and connected spirituality rather than mundane chores like stocking up on supplies. And that the more people of an area who are connected and grounded spirituality, the greater the likelihood of that area being spared some of the upheavals of grandmother earth--the Hopi said, those [sacred] areas will raise like mesas...

Some of the Elders spoke of the increasing need for sunscreen for everyone.

Hopi Grandfather's Directive: Watch the Volcanoes:

TIMELY EMAIL FROM ORBIT READER Date: 4/30/02 9:10:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, Mt. Popo has been putting on a nice show for the past day or so. Last night there were some really nice incandescent blasts and today, about 10 minutes ago (see attached image), it let loose with a little puff that blew off the screen in less than five minutes. As it floated away, the billow of smoke retained its original shape with a trail of ash back to the top of the volcano, so it looked sort of like something out of the movie: THE ARRIVAL



Date: 4/30/02 1:25:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time

...A lot of the Antarctic ice melt maybe due to underwater volcano heating up. It is also possible that a large amount of underwater volcanoes displacing water by magma could cause a far greater rise in the ocean levels then the ice caps melting. Might not be such a good time to live  in Mexico City or some other places where grandpas and grandmas rumble. [One of the Elder Women most humbly spoke of going in dreamtime to the tops of the Rockies and seeing nothing but water lapping at the base of the mountains--Kent].

Breaking Volcano Eruption News  Sakurajima Volcano of this morning  Etna

Kamchatkan Volcanic Activity

RAINIERRecent Earthquakes in Pacific Northwest  Webicorder  Mount Rainier Now

Unusual Geyser Activity in Yellowstone  Geologists issue quake warning for Yellowstone area  Quakes

Jackson Hole Quake Swarm Mystifying  Mt. Hood Quake Swarm


Eruptions Cleared Path for Dinosaurs


Satellites Spy Changes to Earth's Magnetic Field Though the process can take nearly 5,000 years, the earth's magnetic field periodically reverses. According to a report published today in Nature, scientists may have detected the beginning of the field's next such reversal.

Why does the Earth's magnetic field flip over the course of history? What attempts have been made to model this phenomenon mathematically?

More proof of a 3600 year cycle?




EDITOR'S NOTE: there has been some follow-up concern by the true Elders and their representatives about "uncertain elements" at the conference. I myself noticed a few spooky-types that were attendees, and we are trying to sleuth them out. There were indeed authentic Elders, Grandfathers and Grandmothers, as reflected in these reports which passed my own screen of discrimination. But some few may have been on the scene who were not of supportive intent. I also witnessed during outside ceremonies flyovers of what appeared to be military choppers--no surprise to Kent, in fact such evidence of opposition only enhances the power and urgency of the valid messages given. Keep on mind that three years ago the Sun Dance was raided by SWAT-spooks, assault choppers, CIA, FBI, ATF! Some of the Elders were shaken up! What a weird world we live in now!

The Eagle and the Condor



5/4/2002  20:15Z

NASA looks to native elders to help save the earth

Postings Offsite: A Spiritual Message to America from the Nation's Native Elders

In the incongruous atmosphere of the Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, an extraordinary encounter took place in 1979. During the Dalai Lama's first visit to North America, he met with three Hopi elders. The spiritual leaders agreed to speak in only in their Native tongues. Through Hopi elder and interpreter Thomas Benyakya, delegation head Grandfather David's first words to the Dalai Lama were: "Welcome home."

Historic Wallula Stone Returns Home After 86 Years  Sioux tells of land-claim myths

Date: 5/4/02 7:09:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I read your post on KOSMOS today and am interested in the Elders and their safety in light of their important mission. I believe that the Elders are quite protected on the spiritual level because of their traditional practices. I believe an assault to the Elders would occur on the physical level i.e. food, weapons or something such as this. Also be aware of a sell-out from within.The dark side has been operating this way for a very long time and are not likely to change. The dark side is very up on what is going on. Things must be done on the spur of the moment to avoid tipping intentions off. Do not plan too far in advance and do not think of what is to be done until the moment. Thoughts are transmitted. I hate to say it but it is a cat and mouse game with those folks. Send love always it screws them up. "Who will intervene on behalf of Mother Earth and her inhabitants?" Those that were given charge of this many moons ago. They know what to do. They have been warning for a very long time. There is one among them who will rise. Light and Love

Date: 5/3/02 10:51:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello there. My name is J. You are right about trying to save the elders. They are the protectors of the land. They are the ones who pass on the old ways and oral history. They are the wisest in the clan or tribe. I have studied the Hopi in depth. They must also- most importantly, carry on the teachings of the ancient religious ceremonies and groom the children in carrying on the ceremonial cycles , which are based on the observation of constellations in the heavens where the Creator resides. The Elders in Hotevilla- Hopiland, are fighting to keep the traditional ways. They are fighting the Tribal Council- the federally elected indians who are puppets to the govt. Right now, the elders and traditional Hopi, are suing Peabody Coal Mine which slurrys 1300 gallons of water an hour to Nevada for Electricity. They are taking water that the Navajo and Hopi use for drinking and slurrying it away. The aquifer, the N- Aquifer is now almost dry. The Hopi and Navajo are being hit hard. There is fear that their sacred corn will not grow this year. The elders say to spread the word and to pray for them. They also say to get the word out to all you can. You have read this. You now have this knowledge. You are now responsible for this knowledge and what you do or do not do with it.

EDITOR: Beginning to think that most religions are like dams against chaos.

Heard a Special the other day on the pyramids: the theory that these were forts to resist chaos.

Nationalism and patriotism are similar psych-fortresses, and the bad guys know this. We start thinking for ourselves and they dose us with disorder and fear. Hitler blew up his own parliament, his "Reichstag," blamed it on the Commies. Seem familiar?

So that's the deal, if we do fear, even towards Cosmic Chaos, build a shell, we yield our human responsibility. Difficult problem now because it looks like the sun and its planets are moving into a more turbulent arm of the galaxy. DOSED BY THE HEAVENS, ZAP!

The Shaman, the Holy man, stares it right in the maw.


Atrocities In American Airports

EDITOR: The Mayan spokesmen declare that young and gifted are "watched for" by the Elders. They are taken into the caves or tunnels, shells placed over their eyes.  They are trained to "see internally and travel between worlds." After many years of instruction the initiates are taken out into the light, unfettered, to become teachers and priests.

Expedition seeks paranormal pit

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