From my archives I am dredging up some of my Experiencer's Bio. Do these events have something to do with the traditional concept of the Feathered Serpent, perhaps the Mayan, Kukulcan, manifest as a force? Maybe so, also maybe not so, just trolling myself here, poor Kento....

At age 19 feeling depressed and confused I hiked up into the mountains east of Salt Lake City into a ravine, Hughes Canyon, to retreat and meditate alone. On the third night I was sitting by the campfire when I felt a tingling energy which began to build to a crescendo, blinded me and paralyzed me. I reacted with a mixture of curiosity and panic as these incredible waves pulsed through me. Soon the energy became so powerful I thought I was going to die--even worse than death actually--to be annihilated. I mentally and spiritually resisted, silently crying out to God to help me. The force field went away.

I confessed this experience to my religious authority-counselor. He became frightened, told me that I might be possessed. I reacted in anger, and from that moment on I gradually made my departure...

From then on I felt different, changed. This pulsating energy would return, but in more tolerable dosages, or at least I seemed more able to handle the force.

The pulsating energy eventually led to two OBE experiences: the first in the mid-Seventies, more astral, a journey through an earthlike world of recognizable but more luminous forms; the second, a propulsion into a realm of indescribable light.

Prior to the first OBE a circle of ethereal beings announced, "now is the time." Out from my body I went, unafraid, not looking back, trusting.

As an art instructor at Fresno City College I would attempt creative exercises with my students, guided visualizations where all would through the power of imagination travel to distant worlds. Sometimes lecture classes of two hundred would experience these "expeditions."

I went through a dark period of my life, divorce, broken heart. I turned to alcohol. I struggled with frightening entities in the "Dark Night of the Soul."

One of my students, a middle-aged Native American came to my rescue. He built a sweat lodge on by the river on my farm and began to conduct weekly sweats, mostly with other Native Americans. On one weekend a powerful elder came down from Sacramento. I was invited into the sweat. Something happened to me in this ceremony. I was told that I would leave my current world of perks, my possessions, my job. I would, "get in the wind," to rediscover myself. This idea I strongly resisted, but amazingly within a few weeks events stacked up on me. I walked away from my world and went home back up into the mountains of Utah where I found others like myself. In this environment I was finally able to find release from the darkness and addiction.

During this healing process I experienced again the "white light," somewhat different than my earlier experiences with energy--much more sublime--perhaps what some refer to as the Kundalini, but what I know think to be a force that is available upon spiritual surrender.