Date: 4/30/02 9:12:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hey, M.

We went down into the United Airlines crypt where they screen the bags and humans.

Guess what: at the head of the line before you go through the scanners is picture of a UFO, no kiddin, a Billy Meier's-style Pleiadian UFO, big as life.

Black suits are everywhere: they busted two people that we saw for more intense security check

1. A little old lady grandma type with a big bag.

2. A mother with a child, little bag, maybe medicine. All hell was breaking loose around her.

The airport in my opinion is for far more than routing flights on commercial air. That place is huge and crawling with spooks. Also the scanner booths seem different. The metal on my suspenders did not set them off like always.  Something new. See this device.

As far as ORBIT reports are concerned I have let loose two tidbits, not statements but questions. We need to ask the Elders for a more direct pipeline to themselves. Maybe S. or others will post a sanctioned report. Getting queried by ORBIT readers here for more information. Don't know what to do.

Protesters Detained in Milwaukee: Are You on the No Fly List?

4/29/02 5:20:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

for what it's worth to those who still remember or care to investigate what happened on 9/11/01...

they are now practicing 'obligatory' vehicle searches at denver international airport...i found out for myself when picking up a friend last thursday...

good thing i didn't have any of my illegal arms, drugs, blood money, surveillance equipment, mind control, 'secret' society, 4th reich stuff with me...

oh, wait...that's the guys doin' the searchin'...not me...

Atrocities In American Airports

911 was a grand coup. In a minor coup, some General takes over the government of a single country. In a Grand Coup the entire world order is transformed. The whole Enlightenment heritage has been abandoned: constitutional government, civil liberties, balance of powers, government accountability. International law has been abandoned, and national sovereignty is becoming a subject for nostalgia buffs.