8/28/02 SOLAR TORPEDO Coming in around the 5 o'clock [again] position

Sleuths? What the blazes is this?




Answer:far-left: Venus poking into view, trick or treat, fooled me too! Thanks Sentinel!


Have we seen the outright birth of a new comet or planetary like object? Or, is the object some sort of matter made up of plasma-electrical energy? Either way - the object is pretty big. MPEG
Date: 10/25/02 10:20:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I predict that it will be discovered that the increase to the Schumann frequency and PHI signals is not an Earth localized event. About 2 decade ago the black holes began to sing for the first time. Is this their chorus? The universe is ALIVE!

October 25: A full halo CME was observed in LASCO C3 images beginning at 10:42 UTC. The source of this CME was a large filament eruption in the southeast quadrant. The CME will impact Earth, probably on October 27. The CME will probably catch the trailing end of the current coronal stream and because of that it is difficult to estimate how significant the disturbance will be.


Date: 10/24/02 9:19:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time 
Two separate issues (at least)
Straight lines:
And, What the Heck is that dark mass?!?!?!?!:

SENTINEL:Reminds me of a slow-motion video of a bullet going through an apple.First 
there is the initial back-spray at the bullet's entry point and then the bullet 
reappears from the other side as it proceeds out the other side of the apple 
dragging vapourized apple with it. Did a stray dark particle just pierce our sun?  
Kind of looks like it. You have to wonder if anything will result from this?

Date: 10/23/02 4:59:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Check these out from the past 24 hours:
[The lines on L & R of Sol DO LINE UP!!]
[Kent-are ALL stray light images (C2 or C3) in the SAME direction?  Surely 
this might give us some idea where to look for other phenomena/SOURCE.]
[Looks like another (YAWN) suncruiser...Interesting ABSENCE of CME/flair at 
1030 o'clock!]
[What is that being ejected from the Sun at 7 o'clock??]
[Same object at 4 o'clock periphery??]
[SunCruiser at 12 o'clock??]
[Another interesting image at 2 o'clock periphery].