Something Significant?
Sherwood Ensey
Lamhfada Research Centre
October 25, 2002
18:00 HRS MDT US

I currently have some serious inquiries out over the following development.
This may or may not turn out to be significant. At any rate, the solar
explosion is significant.

Most in the group is already aware of the EXTREME solar activity, OCT 24 &
Oct 25, the Sun has been undergoing. At approximately 16:26 HRS UT, the
25th, there was a massive eruption/explosion at approximately the 8 o'clock

In my many years of watching the Sun, this is one very spectacular
explosion, possibly the most spectacular I have ever witnessed. 16:50 HRS
UT - Even more spectacular, is the ball of matter near the rim of the Sun at
the 8:30 position, inside the explosion, which starts to become visible in
this picture:

By 17:06 HRS UT, the object, still at the 8:30 position and that has moved
very slowly away from the surface of the Sun, and which appears to have been
ejected from the Sun, is becoming even more visible, and well defined. The
object appears as a small circular orb.

At 17:26 HRS UT, the object is still moving slowly away from the Sun; slower
than the rest of the explosion.

By 18:26 HRS UT another smaller explosion can be seen heading away from the
Sun at approximately the 12:30 position. At the 8:30 position the object
continues to slowly move away from the Sun.

In the picture taken at 20:06 HRS UT, the object is even more visible at the
8 o'clock position, and still moving away from the Sun. Of interest, is the
cloud like particles that seem to be trailing away from the object at a
slight angle.

21:26 HRS UT - The object continues to move slowly away from the Sun, much
slower than the rest of the storm has moved. The object continues to trail a
cloud of particles, and appears to have some sort of energy coming from it.

21:50 HRS UT - The object continues to be visible well below the rest of the
ongoing solar eruption, and again is seen trailing a particle cloud of some
sort, and appearing to be giving off some sort of energy.

I have some inquiries out as to what this object may be, since it appears
the object may have been ejected from the Sun, and could very well be made
of material(s) that is slowly hardening into solid matter.

Have we seen the outright birth of a new comet or planetary like object? Or,
is the object some sort of matter made up of plasma-electrical energy?
Either way - the object is pretty big.

If it turns out to be the birth of a new planetary like object, or even a
large piece of plasma/electrical matter hurled into space, then a BIG HOLE
has just been bashed into the side of the current astronomical & scientific

Something significant - I would say so.