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Heya Kent, Your vortex looks like a big-nosed face to me! An ole-man-winter kinda dude.

Date: 7/2/01 5:23:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I just can't believe that I saw the same face appear over the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico on Sunday afternoon. I was sitting out on the deck around 4 pm looking north towards Santa Fe. What caught my eye was a cloud that started to swirl around. It wasn't with the rest of the clouds which were billowy. It was forming in that light wispy stuff. And as I watched a face just like the one in your photo appeared. It was chilling. It felt like it was looking down on me. I said "I've seen you before and what are you up to?" No answer but I made it clear we are watching too!

Faithful supporter, Z





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Kent, check out the dark circle above the clouds over the Bering Sea off Alaska/British Columbia [wide]


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Dear Mr. Poole (sp?)
The recent tally of earthquakes in the Spokane is somewhere around 18 in about the last 7 or 8 days.
The last two on Saturday night occurred at the same time of some very strange lightning.

[Two Mild Earthquakes Hit Spokane; No Damage or Injuries]

We are north east (approx. 3.5 - 4 hr.drive) of the Yakima Military range. On the very edge of this range, easily seen from the freeway, is the Yakima Eshelon radar site. A "company" man tells us of a heater setup [allegedly like HAARP] further back in the hills where the general public cannot see it. He had some experience with the same type of equipment, "pulsing" the jungle after Agent Ornage was sprayed to see what the outcome would be. He says that all of that research back then was for this time in our history. America just needed a remote place to start testing.
Personally, I believe that many Vets who are still suddenly coming down with Agent Orange symptoms are walking proof that what is in the Chemtrails is able to lay dormant until activated, even 20-30 years later. (see health report included)
You have probably seen the reports of strange signals coming from the Yakima area 470 some minutes prior to the Seattle earthquake.
It was also interesting that this weekend, in downtown Spokane was the biggest "hoopfest" in the nation. What I fear very few people noticed was the MASSIVE amount of chemtrail spraying that was going on at the same time. I would not be surprised if there was some type of outbreak a few days afterward.
In this heat any viral components would probably multiply like crazy, especially if it were activated by a pulse of some sort.
Saturday was also a day that we were experiencing extreme fatige, and being persons who are following all of these sort of developments, we asked as many people as possible. Nearly everyone said that they could not figure out why it was so hard to get out of bed or even just stay awake on saturday. Spokane is an area of many detention areas being built in secret, the unmarked planes are landing and refueling here at the same place the Air National Guard is, and we have a huge flock of black Apaches here at Fairchild AFB AND the ANG base at the airport, Oh and the most interesting is the presence of a huge prison size postal annex just built on the opposite side of the runway from the airport.
The runway has a new road coming off of it, going right up into the back of the post office and then on past the P.O. to the waste to energy incinerator, burning at the new, "hotter-kleener" temps.
New EPA mandates specify the incinerator as now setup to burn an "unspecified" animal protien. These new rules went into effect about two or three years ago. The whole setup here has FEMA/EXEC. ORDERS written all over it.
Please post any rings over Washington, specifically Yakima and Wenatchee.
Every day I check your website to see if there is any sort of pattern in the skies over Washington.
Keep up the good work.
P.S. please do not publish my email address.
A watcher


Subj: Spokane quake question
Date: 7/1/01 8:22:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time
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Hi there, Kent. I was in downtown Spokane when the Monday quake hit at 715 am pdt.  It was very different than the many earthquakes I have experienced, albeit I was on hard basalt bedrock at our State office building at the Rockpointe Center.  It definitely felt like an explosion, I thought a bomb had gone off in the government parking garage.  Why has no one brought up the issue of all the underground stuff at Fairchild...and the fact that Fairchild has been in a few unexplainable lockdowns since Monday?  Is it easier to believe an inactive fault has reactivated than to believe our government would hide underground stuff going on?
ps..Bob Derkey is a friend of mine, geologist with the DNR...we work together on the Spokane Soil Survey...he says officially that it is the Latah Creek fault...won't say anything else.  I still wonder, however...the aftershocks are all still of this vertical lift explosion type...just seems weird to me and I was surprised to find nothing in your site about this.

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Kent..you have any slueths out there that can tell us more about supposedly "Gas emssions" being claimed off the Art Bell site shooting from the earth upwards some possible 6,000 feet causing airplane disasters...more so...with the web-recorders humming constantly on the Eastside of St. Helens...can you tell me if that's what is going on over there...cause they are showing heavy daily acvitivty recordings despite the weather. So I don't buy that its a storm making those recordings.  If the "lava field" is west of Yakima and we know the area has numerous lava caves...could they  extend all the way east to Spokane? Since the dear residents there are saying these earthquakes are sounding like "bombs" exploding instead of the ground rumbling...maybe gas emmissions are being released  there. Here's the goodie part...remember when they were dumping off nucular waste from the ractors at Hanfield and they did it off in some remote area near St. Helens..had the locals so upset in the late 60/70's. You think that underground platte sliding down under St. Helens is causing the surface to heat up enough  that it is creating the gas?  Just a thought. I know that garbage dumps make for menthane gas. And from the "Travis Walton" UFO story...I would say that James Gilliland may be indeed seeing UFO's..but not so sure about Jeff Rense and the  people he is showing from Yakima 2. to me what they are showing doesn't look UFO.

It looks more like a "Gas bubble"...has the coloring  of heat also in some cases.  As I mentioned..the lava fields are just west of Yakima, Washington. from St. Helens. Happy fourth of July by the way.   Our "sensitives" are saying the "bay area" and they feel San Francisco is going to have a "biggy" by this Friday. A lot of static on the radio recently here and  a huge "ring" in the Eureka, Calf. area recently. My dogs picked up the 4.1 there beautifully...all but wrapped themselves around me  just before it happened about 24 hours or so. Really weird. (neighbors Ham Radio)

Subj: Hi - Spokane Earthquake
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There was a crop circle south of Spokane July 4, 1999 at Walla Walla.  The Spokane area per se "feels" okay for the time but the area marked by the crop circle is, in my opinion, volatile.  There's considerable history about lightning balls and strikes in the vicinity, specifically Kennewick, that goes back more than 100 years.  I checked out the crop circle at Walla Walla, and lived in eastern Washington in 1999.  My instinct on this is that we are seeing the number of small earthquakes increase in eastern Washington after the 6.8 quake on February 28 broke solid bedrock.  I've enclosed an article from my web site about the Walla Walla crop circle and a link below.
Walla Walla, Washington - July 4, 1999
Crop formation in field of wheat

Four circles around a central circle are both a Celtic cross and the most common symbol among the Maya in ancient Mexico. The sixth circle surmounting the Celtic cross is in the north and the flare-like extensions point northwest. A spiral resembling the design of the Dreamspell logo was in the small circle closest to the oregon border. Dar Addington reported that, "It didn't have the long "legs", just the center design." The plow lines in the lower left of the photo run parallel to the Oregon border, and one of them actually touches the border. Walla Walla is situated north of Umatilla, Oregon, near nuclear, biological and chemical weapons (NBC's) storage depots. Near the ancient boundary of the North American tectonic plate, Walla Walla is 45 miles east of Kennewick, Washington. Walla Walla, Umatilla and Kennewick are in a prime target area for geothermal well production with intense internal heat upwellings. These upwellings occur in areas where the Earth's magma rises close to the surface along deep fault lines. Dar Addington reported that a well digger at Walla Walla brought up water so hot that it had to be mixed with cool ditch water before it was used for irrigating crops.

The first crop in Washington State was made at Kennewick May 29, 1993. Kennewick literally borders the Hanford Nuclear Reserve where nuclear operations have ceased since the 1993 crop circle appeared. This is not to say that the nuclear works shut down because of the crop circle but that the formation was coincident with major fault lines running through the nuclear reserve in an area noted for fireballs since the first settlers entered the region. Situated on native Yakima lands, Hanford is the #1 Superfund site on the planet. Thousands of acres have been given back to the tribe for clean-up in the last six years. An experimental gravity project is now being conducted on remining portions of the Hanford facilities which included an underground area of unknown size.

Dreamspell spiral adapted
from Central American blanket
Both Walla Walla and Kennewick were on the main trail used by Native Americans for travel to northern areas of what is now Canada and are historically important sites. After a heavy rainfall in 1995, an 11,000-year-old skeleton washed out of a creek bank at Kennewick, known as the Kennewick Man. In the ensuing legal battle between scientists who wanted to study the Kennewick Man and natives tribes who wished to bury his remains, examination revealed that he was Caucasian. An 11,500-year-old camp site of a bison hunting shaman who was Native American in nearby Wentachee was discovered around 1990 suggests that the region was well traveled at the time of the last glacial melt.

Dar Addington collected samples of vegetation with exploded nodes typical of genuine formations, took measurements and dowsed the formation.

Email from Dar Addington, investigator in Walla Walla -- The formation was made sometime around the 4th of July. It wasn't discovered until later. The lease farmer was working on another field and saw what he thought were deer bedding spots, but didn't take a closer look for 3 weeks, when he started to cut the field last Sunday [August 1].

I met the owner last night. He is the one that took the aerial photo. His parents own the property and he saw it, just before the lease farmer cut it, and rented a plane ride to go up and take a picture. He also took pictures on the ground, (before it was cut!!!). It is such a tragedy that they didn't leave it standing. I saw the picture in the paper on Monday evening, and went up there that night, trying to see it in the moonlight. I actualy did find it in the moonlight, but did not get permission to go there until the next day. I took measurements and got samples of the circles (wheat heads, and the node explosions) in ziplocks before he disked it. There is no way to tell anything now, it is going back into the ground. It still dowses for me, but it doesn't for my husband, and it did two days ago. I will be going up there during the eclipse hours on the 11th to see what I can see. I have the feeling that it has something to do with the eclipse. It looks like an eclipse! (maybe two). This has been one of the best experiences I have ever had!

The first day I was up there, it was VERY hot, and I think I about got sunstroke! That night I had this VIVID dream about an earthquake in Pendleton, Oregon. I hadn't read anything about earthquake/crop circle connections before, so it really surprised me that I had had this dream, I awoke in a total sweat, and terrified. It was so realistic! That is why I contacted you, because of the earthquake connection . I think it is really strange that I had that dream, I had not read about the connection beforehand. I just found you on the Internet, while trying to find information, and realized that there may be a connection. Or at least someone is interested in what is happening! (here in Washington) I couldn't believe that a town of 30,000 with three colleges, and there weren't hordes of people out looking. NONE!!!!!!!! I had the place virtually to my self!

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The recent tally of earthquakes in the Spokane is somewhere around 18 in
about the last 7 or 8 days. The last two on Saturday night occurred at the
same time of some very strange lightning.




EDITOR: are chemtrails a process of dusting to reveal Cosmic Fingerprints?

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