Subj: Dusting for Cosmic Finger prints
Date: 6/24/01 11:11:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Could they be dusting to expose the presence of living biological organisms within our own atmosphere. Some time ago I was watching a weather station report on a large mass of what appeared to be rain clouds moving slowly over and across the Dallas, TX area on the Doppler radar... Problem, the sky was crystal clear over a 500 square mile area. The statement from the weatherman at the time: "I have absolutely no idea what this is.." This weatherman was a veteran commentator and was associated with the same television station in Dallas, TX for at least a decade. If these are living biological organisms, the question is; What does it eat and produce as a result? Does it reproduce or multiply? What is it's life cycle? Is it one organism or many tiny organisms that flock together to form one? Is it intelligent? Is it or it's waste dangerous to the environment? Is it dangerous to human, animal or plant life? Where did it come from and how long has it been here? Is it aware of our presence, if so... Does it disregard us as we would a bug?