The Pale Horsemen Are Set To Ride

Date: 3/2/02 9:14:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

I suspect the chemtrail/eugenics plan [ ] is connected to the recent string of deaths amongst several prominent microbiologists. Dr. Tanya Holzmayer is the most recent to die under such unusual circumstances. (She was "Baxtered") []

Microbiologist Death Toll Mounts As Connections To Dyncorp, Hadron, Promis Software & Disease Research Emerge

 Five Dead Biologists Linked To Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Nobel-Winner Microbiologist's Plan To Exterminate Overpopulated' SE Asia

Shadow Government Is at Work in Secret Assuming command of regional federal offices, officials said, the underground government would try to contain disruptions of the nation's food and water supplies, transportation links, energy and telecommunications networks, public health and civil order. Later it would begin to reconstitute the government.  Backup U.S. government in place  Congress Not Advised Of Shadow Government

Deep Underground Military Bases and the Black Budget

EDITOR: Be interesting to find out names of these, "civilians" that they are rotating through the bunkers.


Strategic Withdrawal


Rash outbreaks at schools a mystery CDC Rashes Among Schoolchildren --- 14 States, October 4,

2001--February 27, 2002

Date: 3/1/02 11:11:40 AM Pacific Standard Time

I have a question for your sleuths. The CDC is looking into the rash that is hitting predominantly children and some adults all over the United States. So far, they have not been able to identify the source of the rash. The rash has been identified in 14 states and counting. What would be the correlation, if any, between suspected chemicals in chemtrails, rain patterns, and the supposed combination of the chemtrail chemicals with the chemicals in standard clothes detergent? Comments


Almost All in U.S. Have Been Exposed to Fallout, Study Finds  
ARCHIVES: AEROSOL PILOT: EMAIL, 1/15/00 6:05:54 PM Pacific Standard Time: Heard 'Aerosol 31' on 310.4 MHZ at 0917 central time talking to what sounded like 'max control' (probably MACS Control or something) getting ready to return to base to refill his tank. Then it got weird... he said there were two civilian aircraft that were 'cloverleaf equipped' and were 'spraying nicely.' What is cloverleaf? Anyone heard of this before? Anyway I got a good recording of them this time. Note when this was posted in 2000, none of us in search could discover what Cloverleaf meant. Now we find: Project Cloverleaf 2 COMMANDER X

Chemtrails over America and Afghanistan - the 9.11 connection

Virus 2: The Real Story of the 'Mir' Threat  RANT

Children's Mystery Rashes Linked To EMFs?

Date: 3/11/02 10:22:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

hey kent, just wanted to let you know that in a nearby school district to me, Quakertown Pa, they had a bad enough rash outbreak that they closed several of the schools for days, and oddly enough, recently, chemtrails have been blanketing the sky...i have even had enough luck to snap a pic or two of late as well. mostly sunny days become yellow cloud domes over the lehigh valley, with a hint of blue along the horizon, and the rash still lingers

Date: 3/20/02 8:40:58 AM Pacific Standard Time


I would like to throw in a speculation regarding the recent outbreaks of rashed occuring across the country. The first thing that came to my mind was MILK...The vast majority of the outbreaks were contained in elementary schools where children are more likely to consume milk with their lunch and breakfast in some cases. Note that few teachers have been infected and by the time the child goes to middle school milk is one of several choices available and much fewer numbers of children consume milk. There was a sci fi movie done years ago with a similar plot. SOME kind of substance is being introduced into their systems...