The Pale Horsemen Is Set To Ride

Date: 3/2/02 9:14:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

I suspect the chemtrail/eugenics plan [ ] is connected to the recent string of deaths amongst several prominent microbiologists. Dr. Tanya Holzmayer is the most recent to die under such unusual circumstances. (She was "Baxtered") []

Obviously the "Intellectual Idealists" can't leave any adequately trained sympathizers of humanity alive that might create a counter-measure for their big upcoming eugenics experiment. Also factor in recent news items such as:

- The underground shadow government's activation, unannounced to senate or congress? (As the gov't now only answers to itself, has it not become a foreign gov't?)

- The mysterious outbreak of rashes (a test is in progress, you can be sure of that)

- The suburban military training (to clean out the few remaining survivors/enemies of the state?)

- The uncontested passing of the new emergency health-measures bill that removes your medical rights [ ] (Anyone who goes quietly along with this deserves the poison fruit it will bare)

- The uncontested introduction of martial law within the US and UK (That's correct! Now ask yourself why?)

- The push to have military personnel immunized with questionable, FDA unapproved and problematic vaccines, (Again Why?)

- The real story behind the Gulf War syndrome, (the foreign Gulf War solders, alongside us, never got it?)

- The Carlisle/BioPort connection (source of the faulty military vaccines)

- The reductions in medical facilities, plus many other vital issues......

It's does not take a genius to deduce that the Pale Horse is ready to be set loose upon us. Jonestown was Disney tale compared to the what the NWO faction within our hijacked government is about to unleash upon us.

The false prophet has already removed it's mask... Now all that's left is to see who the "King Cobra" will be.... if any of us live that long.

Note: You can't WAKE UP after you're dead! Our time is very short.