BARDSQUILL: The CDC is looking into the rash that is hitting predominantly children and
some adults all over the United States.  So far, they have not been able to
identify the source of the rash.  The rash has been identified in 14 states
and counting.  What would be the correlation, if any, between suspected
chemicals in chemtrails, rain patterns, and the supposed combination of the
chemtrail chemicals with the chemicals in standard clothes detergent?
BARDSQUILL: we both still kickin, aye?
CORESEARCHER: You must be clairvoyant...I was just talking to the CDC today....I think the rash is caused by a mutated form of small pox ....they refuse to give me the results of the cultures they drew from the kids in Manassas VA
CORESEARCHER: This rash started in a school in Manassas VA...very close to American Type Culture Collection
CORESEARCHER: Batelle and ATCC are connected
CORESEARCHER: Batelle is where they think the Anthrax came from
CORESEARCHER: It is a CIA operation (Batelle that is)
BARDSQUILL: innoculation?  or worse?
CORESEARCHER: I still think the terrorists did it ...they were hanging out in Manassas prior to their Airplane ride into the WTC and the Pentagon  
BARDSQUILL: implications of CIA-terrorist link?
CORESEARCHER: I now believe that the Muslims want to take over our country....a Muslim is running our CIA
BARDSQUILL: we do know of the bin laden-cia link
CORESEARCHER: please don't use my name  
BARDSQUILL: really? Whom is that?
BARDSQUILL: I won't, always maintain anonymity
CORESEARCHER: Mr Tenet is from Albania....he tried to cover that up.....Albania is 90%+ Muslim
CORESEARCHER: I am sending you an E-Mail may already have Dr Horovitz on your site
BARDSQUILL: Yup, nothing recent though--Horowitz
CORESEARCHER: The Muslims hate us and our country
BARDSQUILL: looking at his bio
BARDSQUILL:      He is a native of New York and is married to A. Stephanie Glakas-Tenet. They have one son, John Michael.  
CORESEARCHER: Al Hallick came from Arlington Texas and then moved to Manassas VA.....He conveniently left our area the day before his writing
BARDSQUILL: toss this into the batch
Almost All in U.S. Have Been Exposed to Fallout, Study
CORESEARCHER: He was connected to bin Laden's personal assistant
BARDSQUILL: Al Hallick?  Now gettin cornfused. Is he the Govt. scientist under suspect?
CORESEARCHER: Al-Hallik is a teacher in a Muslim school in Manassas VA
CORESEARCHER: The FBI wanted to question him in regards to 911...because of his connection to bin Laden's personal assistant..he hired a lawyer and refused to talk to the FBI  
CORESEARCHER: He left our area the day before 911....If you read his teachings he hates us.....
BARDSQUILL: how do you think this all fits? Batelle, CIA and Muslims?
BARDSQUILL: not to mention Bush-Carlyle--CIA-bin Laden family links. What a mess.
CORESEARCHER: BIG MESS.....back to the rash that's sweeping the nation.....ATCC and the Mosque and the school are all geographically close
BARDSQUILL: What is ATCC again?
CORESEARCHER: Look at where all the mosques are in the US.....Oklahoma City bombing also involved with Islam...ATCC   American Type Culture Collection
CORESEARCHER: Egypt Air 1999 Oct 31st was a practice run for 911....Egyptian government lying
BARDSQUILL: Any idea whom theis govt. sientist is the FBI suspects, re., anthrax?
CORESEARCHER: 911 attack was a multi Arab state attack on America
BARDSQUILL: Any info on him?
BARDSQUILL: not sure I have his name, dunno, my notes fly by so fast.
CORESEARCHER: Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov (alias, "Ken Alibek").  
CORESEARCHER: or William C. Patrick, III,
CORESEARCHER: These are the only 2 who knew how to weaponize Anthrax
CORESEARCHER: Batelle and Bioport....remember Bioport is owned by a Lebanese Businessman...Fuad El-Hibri....Carlyle owns shares of Bioport
CORESEARCHER: In some ways I am relieved because the Muslims in this country would be hurt as well if they set off a chem/bio attack
CORESEARCHER: although on second thought they never really seem to care if they hurt their brothers and sisters
BARDSQUILL: How widespread is this rash?  What is CDC saying?
CORESEARCHER: Again I refer you to Al Hallak's writings
CORESEARCHER: They ain't saying SH..t.....They're scared about causing panic
BARDSQUILL: So the Carlyle Group is controlled or manipulated by Muslims? Carlyle Group seems more like a bunch of Texas boys and of course Carlucci
CORESEARCHER: It is not chem trails causing it because it started in one school in Manassas then spread in VA and now see what you've got......I alerted a Washington Post reporter today as well
CORESEARCHER: the Cowboys been duped by the Muslim bro's
BARDSQUILL: how widespread now? I'm getting reports of nation-wide
CORESEARCHER: although OIL is their common ground
BARDSQUILL: well is this rash pandemic?
BARDSQUILL: ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Federal authorities are working
with state and local health officials to determine the cause
of mysterious rashes among schoolchildren in 14 widespread

BARDSQUILL: Rashes also have been reported in Arizona, Florida, Georgia,
Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Washington and
West Virginia.

BARDSQUILL: The first outbreak happened in October in Indiana. Subsequent cases have occurred as recently as February 21, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.  
BARDSQUILL: most publicized case now in Oregon
BARDSQUILL: Since February 21, seven adults and 84 children in a northern Oregon middle school of 314 students have broken out in a variety of rashes, including eczema an d a red, itchy rash on the face, arms, neck and back, the report said. No environmental cause has been found.  
BARDSQUILL: In both Oregon schools, the rash improved among several children when they left school but returned when they went back to class. No environmental cause has been found.  
BARDSQUILL: Rashes also have been reported in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.
CORESEARCHER: It follos the same pattern of communicability as small pox
BARDSQUILL: goes away then comes back though, what th heck is that?
CORESEARCHER: many viruses do that  
CORESEARCHER: It is not environmental ....if it were it would not go from region to region.....sounds like it gets in the blood and then bursts out HIV but faster
BARDSQUILL: unless we getting sprayed
CORESEARCHER: no then we would all have it at the same time
CORESEARCHER: why just in one school in Manassas?
CORESEARCHER: I just now got the CDC report
BARDSQUILL: Do they know what it is yet?
BARDSQUILL: - Backup U.S. government in place - March 1, 2002  

BARDSQUILL: missed your reference, one more time
BARDSQUILL: Not sure which speech you are referring to  
In case Mike didn't get a chance to send this link
Also, This next link may be connection with the rash starting in Indiana

BARDSQUILL: trouble is there are a bunch of speeches listed there, your link doesn't pinpoint a specific item.
BARDSQUILL: each speech does not have a separate URL
CORESEARCHER: ok let me see if I can get it right
CORESEARCHER:   The Role of Intelligence Services in the Globalized World Pick the first speech
CORESEARCHER: Although they all are of interest
BARDSQUILL: Big offense attack on Afghanistan and I am getting a rash of quakes in the North, one is 7.2 !!!!
BARDSQUILL:  might be using nukes
CORESEARCHER: God I hope not
BARDSQUILL: Bush has been pushing for development of small nuclear weapons to attack deeply buried targets--weapons, which would violate the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
BARDSQUILL: Looks like he got it.
BARDSQUILL: I reluctantly posted this:
BARDSQUILL: more whispers of depopulation agenda
BARDSQUILL: Bush has all the preachers pounding the pulpit that he is the champion of Christianity, when in fact he is a Yale Bonesman, a Templar of the worst kind, [weird ceremony in Denver last couple of months] and showing strong signs of a great deceiver, a Nazi!
CORESEARCHER: I agree...Nazi  
BARDSQUILL: whispers of Eugenics agendas
CORESEARCHER: Read NIC speech chairman stepped down and John HELGERSON replaced  in August 2001...Read that speech...the first topic is about population growth...If you look at the names alone in high places like National Intelligence Council...CIA...all fact Andy Strassmeir was the son of the  
CORESEARCHER: closest advisor to Kohl...he was having meetings with Tim McVeigh in the Phillipines  
CORESEARCHER: What weird ceremonies
BARDSQUILL: Aww, man, a Templar Ceremony at a weird castle outside of Denver. Bush was there:
BARDSQUILL: M sleuthed it out.
CORESEARCHER: That speech that I sent you was the NIC (National Intelligence Council) meeting in May of last year...look where it was held....Berlin Germany and look who sponsored it...Friedrich Ebert Stiftung  
CORESEARCHER: Key organizations that are behind world policies are the  Council on Foreign Relations ..National Intelligence Council...MPRI (CIA) cover company
CORESEARCHER: CFR...NIC....MPRI....all are pushing
CORESEARCHER: July 20 – Afternoon discussion with 2000 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Dr. Günter Blobel, John D. Rockefeller Professor and Head of Rockefeller University's Laboratory of Cell Biology, on "The Comeback of the Frauenkirche: Dresden's Resilient Church"

CORESEARCHER: US Election Results 2000 – What Now, for America and Germany?" featuring Dieter
Dettke of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Roger Kubarych of the Council on  
CORESEARCHER: US election results was the title ....the meetings were held through out the year 2000....Dr Blobel is associated with Lederber...ATCC
BARDSQUILL: Yea, word is the Nazis want America for themselves minus about 3/4 of existing population
CORESEARCHER: well we beat them once and we can do it again but I think they are allies of the Arab Muslim States
BARDSQUILL: B has made a deal with bin Laden family, they will remain to enjoy the depopulated world.
BARDSQUILL: They are old partners