Subj: Planet X Files

3/2/02 9:55:01 AM Pacific Standard Time Dear Mr. Steadman, Thank you for the work you do. It is appreciated. 'Operation Cloverleaf', the first trials for what was to become the chemtrail program. Cloverleaf tested the theories of applications and carried on trials. You asked about it. Nibiru. Compelling evidence exists, geological and recorded, describing the planet, its orbit and what is left behind in its passing. Any number of cults such as Masons, Templars, The Vatican, have preserved and acquired more detailed information. Recent observations and NASA missions lend credence to the historical evidence. Everyone of course wants to know, 'When?' The business world agrees it is 2002 AD, give or take a few years in fact as exact dates from the crucifixion tale are cloudy. Calendars have been changed at the whim of popes and kings. With all the confusion involved in creating a conceptually new time keeping system, what if ten years were 'lost' along the way and it's really 2012? Ten years isn't much slippage in the process of establishing a new time keeping system. Just a thought. Time and space are changing and as we are changing along with it all it isn't usually noticed.

Yet, time and space are changing. 'When' becomes a target moving in unexpected directions.

Let us imagine that as close to 'when' is already known to a few of the folks 'running the show'. Granted, the majority of 'world leaders' are insane. Politicians, businessmen, educators, religious pontiffs - in a world where insanity has become the norm. Overall, insane people are still interested in self survival yet these 'leaders' have the earth's entire biosphere on the brink of collapse. Not any longer by accident or ignorance, by intentionally disregarding any long term damage.

The world's economies are as precariously balanced as the ecosystems that support all life here. Again, not by accident. Why would these people advocate the destruction of the only place they call home? If a time has been accepted as 'the end of it all' by the ruling families and corporations why NOT trash the place? Especially if you can make a few billion dollars doing it. Keep everybody going to a job, paying taxes, buying gasoline and every other petroleum product imaginable. Until Nibiru starts to interfere with TV reception, few will care. Normal insanity will continue right up to the collapse of the local governments and economies or the biospherical changes become too intense.

With the passing of Nibiru calculated as 'the end', its good business sense to get all you can before it happens and prepare to be comfortable as a theoretical survivor, or be comfortable as long as possible before dying if survival is not possible. 911 was a perfect excuse for any political leaders to allocate enough money to secure whatever, in their minds, a 'safe place' is. Unfortunately, all the records we do have of Nibiru passing come from those surviving here in third density frequencies. Ancient cities, populated for centuries by large populations have been found, yet the bodies of the inhabitants have not. Constructions of stone exist yet tools and equipment required to build them are missing.

The Hopi, and many ancient cultures world wide, believe that when this 'event' occurs, all things made by man return to the original state they came from. Anything not made of stone or wood are gone in this belief system. Many Hopi keep housing made only of earth and wood. They live in bi-levels and mobile homes but keep a place to live in where its forbidden to even use nails. These cultures also believe they can 'leave' during this event.  As far as what is possible and what is not, all bets are off when a brown dwarf star swings past your planet, coming and going.

Alter time and space - sure, why not? Throw open gates between dimensions for a bit, of course. I expect you'll have problems finding out more about Nibiru, for a time. A source will open, then others. Once it is visible in the sky the debate will wind down.


ARCHIVES: AEROSOL PILOT: EMAIL, 1/15/00 6:05:54 PM Pacific Standard Time: Heard 'Aerosol 31' on 310.4 MHZ at 0917 central time talking to what sounded like 'max control' (probably MACS Control or something) getting ready to return to base to refill his tank. Then it got weird... he said there were two civilian aircraft that were 'cloverleaf equipped' and were 'spraying nicely.' What is cloverleaf? Anyone heard of this before? Anyway I got a good recording of them this time. Note when this was posted in 2000, none of us in search could discover what Cloverleaf meant. Now we find: Project Cloverleaf 2

Subj: aerial spray

Date: 3/15/02 2:17:20 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman, About 'Chemtrails' Not all chemtrails are created equal. There are several programs ongoing that fall under the heading 'aerial spraying'. This is the third letter I have emailed, did you receive number two? The barium found in sprays is for 3D mapping, the same way x-rays techs use barium in a persons body to image the path it takes. Barium fibers coat everything and a 3D image can be garnered from imaging the terrain, buildings, fences, fireplugs for that matter. Mobile command centers have been spotted in the US for collecting these images. In urban warfare up to the minute detailed maps are essential. Certainly, barium and pathogens may be found together, sprayed either intentionally together or from different sources. Still, it is legal; US Code, Title 50, sec. 15-20.


REFERENCE: Chemtrails - Barium, Aluminum, Titanium CONFIRMED In Rainwater

Subj: email #2 

Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 01:07:09

Attachments: login.gif, chemlist.gif

Subject: Re: Planet X Files ----This was email #2. Pardon the seemingly disjointed arrangement of information. Please utilize any portions you'd like. C.

Dear Mr. Steadman, For all those looking for THE date. Are you familiar with 'The Hendaye Monument'? An excellent work explaining the monument is 'A Monument to the End of Time', Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner. 2

A note about 'cloverleaf' and chemtrails in general; U.S Law Title 50: War and National Defense, Chapter 32: Chemical and Biological Warfare Program, Sec. 1520a: "Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents" allows for use of a biological agent on a civilian population for "any purpose that is directly related to protection against toxic chemicals or biological weapons and agents" as long as a report has been submitted to Congress thirty days previously." This law was recently amended under public pressure to say that it would be allowed only under 'special circumstances'. "Leonard A. Cole, PhD., of Rutgers University and gives further insight into the mysteries surrounding the national "Chemtrails"controversy. Dr. Cole testified to the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs May 6, 1994, that, as part of chemical and biological weapons research since 1949, the U.S. military has been spraying the American public with a variety of substances.

"Evidence suggested that the tests may have been causing illness to exposed citizens. Nevertheless, as army spokesmen subsequently testified, the health of the millions of people exposed was never monitored because the army assumed that the bacteria and chemicals [being sprayed] were harmless," Dr. Cole, author of "Clouds of Secrecy," told Congress."

"Maxygen, Inc., 515 Galveston Drive, Redwood City, CA 94063 is being awarded a research and development cost type contract in the amount of $6,753,064 to support the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency's Biological Warfare Defense Program. The contractor proposes to use Bacillus spores as an aerosol-based delivery vehicle for medicinal purposes, specifically vaccination and therapeutics. The place of performance is the contractor's facility. The period of performance is September 22, 1999 through September 21, 2002."

Go here;  Search for 'arialspray' Brings you here; Follow the links around in there. I have attached a couple screen scans I found. There is no doubt spraying is happening.

Years ago scores of American television meteorologists were 'invited' to your White House. If even one weatherman/woman has mentioned chemtrails in all this time I suspect one of your readers would have sent you notice.

Many years ago a missile was developed dubbed 'Excaliber'. They bore two miles into the earth before detonating. Some were used in the Gulf War Show. Aside from military targets, five archeological sites were evacuated and destroyed with Excaliber missiles.

Initially these were developed for use against underground installations built ostensibly for the American President during the 1960's for protection in times of nuclear attack. Most were turned over to alien groups, I've heard, that eventually became less than friendly.

The area Americans loosely refer to as the Middle East is an area rich in ancient machinery and ancient recorded knowledge. Not always machinery as people now think of it, including petrol engines, gears and pistons - nor the silicon crystal circuits of computer machines. Nor do I mean the time keeping devices of line and shadow found world-wide. Many of these machines are enormous and deep underground, when not surrounded by a military base. They are machines created by the juxtaposition of particular geometries in particular fashions. Usually based in stone, incorporating other materials--Washington DC is laid out in a similar fashion to these large devices. Maps are available online showing the intentional geometry of the city's layout.

[Fitting The Fractal: Washington DC Exactly Fits The Dodeca Earth Grid  SACRED GEOMETRY]

You familiar with the staggering amount of Masonic symbolism in American constructions.

People are familiar with the idea of the pyramid at Giza as some sort of a machine. Not the equipment beneath it, (mostly useless now, btw) but the structure of the pyramid itself. This pyramid is older than generally thought. Its walls, floors and ceilings were encrusted with sea-salt inches thick as the first modern explorers found it.

Churches and cathedrals are machines, 'alters' and directions of 'preying' carefully and repetitively duplicated in all designs. At a time when peace has actually become more prosperous for corporations that once would have made more money from warfare, including corporations calling themselves, 'Nations', why proceed to escalate and ultimately attack Iraq? At this stage it can be announced that a dozen terrorists were spotted in a cave just about anyplace in the Middle East and the English speaking audiences have already been educated about 'bunker busters' and ground penetrating missiles. How much does it cost? I recall the problem was finding targets worth the effort and expense of bombing. What is really underground there?

It's unfashionable to criticize the President in times of war republicans are reminding audiences, and yet, this 'war' is being projected as lasting 'many many years'. It sounds as if Yanks won't be criticising the next four or five administrations.

Oil production is already secured from the Caspian Sea and we wait to find out if Arafat throws in completely with Hussein. Hussein may be nuts but he is not stupid. He may certainly know what he has underground besides oil. He may even have a legitimate grudge with Kuwait just for slant drilling into oil pockets beneath Iraqi soil. He might take it personally that the wells are/were owned by Zapata Oil, a Bush company.

You know the Hubble Telescope has been upgraded. The ancients in what is now the Middle East have certainly displayed knowledge of the solar system and Nibiru not obtainable by observations from earth, at least not without technological aid. If ancient cultures had technologies able to build in ways we cannot duplicate today, is it too far a leap to imagine they had technologies superior in other arts besides building? If something as basic as smoothly cutting five ton stones and making a wall or a pyramid that can't be duplicated in construction techniques today, imagine how advanced some cultures were in more esoteric sciences.

Mr. Steadman, a note also about this threat of a nuclear attack/explosion. Explosions of enough magnitude are possible to simulate a 'small' nuclear blast. Incorporating radioactive materials enhance the illusion. Nuclear explosions can only take place under very exacting conditions. Captain Bruce Cathie, among others, explains the planetary grid system used to determine where and when to set off an atomic bomb. Many recent attempts at 'testing' have been thwarted by the Earth Herself. These 'grid lines' move. They have become so narrow at times that placement of detonators becomes impossible. The notion of lobbing a bomb over an ocean and getting it to explode is ludicrous. Ever hear of a single nuclear test that involved hurling a bomb in a missile? They were all stationary. Anyone with the equipment and knowledge to locate these gridlines precisely, and a nuclear explosive can have a go at it. It is up to the Earth whether it happens or not.



Subj: Thank you

Date: 3/18/02 12:10:41 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman, Thank you for your kind words and interest in my 'campaign pack', which is quite full indeed.

Many campaigns.

My friends and I have cut trails where there existed no trail.


Subj: In the world, yet not of it

3/18/02 12:14:14 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman,

You encourage readers to, 'Think outside the box' and you suspect that history is being re-written.

History has always been written by the victors.

Who ever won the war, executed the coup - who ever killed Caesar got to write the story of 'what happened'.


History has not been written by women. Women have had a different experience than men throughout his-story. As for a work in progress to illustrate re-writing history, 911 exists. Unfortunately, with the wealth of information available online, relatively few people seek out this information.

The official story grows and perpetuates itself and sheeple just go on with what is called  'life' While they and all around them are dying at different rates. Who ever has the capability and audacity to pull off the 911 events will never allow the truth to come to light.

Aside from the the unreported events, the unheard from witnesses, the media spins, government spins, misinformation and disinformation - there is an aspect to this game I believe people may feel yet not be able to verbalize; The results are very confusing.

Imagine one of those chess players changing a move they made five moves ago. Again, confusion. In this chess analogy, changing a move made five steps back would mean that the move happened/did not happen. Both are true. Paying attention you can notice a 'time insertion.'

I have been told that the 1947 Roswell crash was just such an exercise. The event was 'withdrawn' from what you would consider reality. It happened/never happened.

There are many observant people with a memory span still intact asking some obvious questions.

The 'Sleuths' are protected as journalists under existing laws, btw.

But from 'outside the box'; Various articles, workshops and lecture tours have spoken about 'Gates'.

The Gate of 11:11.

The Gate of 12:12.

'Reality' is a shadow of Creation.

The gate of the 11:11 was not only closed after passage was made, it was destroyed. Destroyed because humans have a propensity for going backwards. If they can't go backwards they'll stay in the same spot for as long as possible.

From where you have brought yourselves, there is no 'going back', and staying in the same place is suicidal. The unstoppable force of change meeting the immovable object of humanity. How much effort has been exerted to make 'the common man' feel powerless and insignificant by those that consider themselves rulers and leaders? What is real is separating from what is not real.

See this reflected in your own life and what you view as the world.


How many times has that word been in front of everyone recently? The events of 911 didn't happen 'to you', you are PARTICIPANTS in an ongoing drama.

Being a 'victim' separates you from participation in the event.

Being a victim allows for denial of any involvement including any ability to direct the course of events.

The world is but a stage.

Why would the Group Consciousness of the species human conceive an event like 911?

If the human species was a patient in a psychiatrists office, it would leave in a straight jacket heading for a padded cell.

It is wonderful to see people calling for and suggesting solutions. People know they are in a trap, go to great lengths to explain the trap, describe it in detail, provide evidence that there IS a trap - paint and wallpaper and new cars to drive around in the trap but few are working to escape it.

From outside the box.

Everyone is told how hard it is to achieve 'peace' between nations, cultures, races, religions and every other idea that can be used to drive a Peace requires NO effort. It requires cessation of effort. Stop killing each other and there is peace. This is simple, sane and reasonable. Unfortunately, simple, sane, reasonable people have been set upon by lunatics for far too long, and it will not stop, and yet, it will change.

Every person has already made an internal choice. A choice between 'fear and death, or, 'love and life'. For some, this choice is forefront in their lives. Others, it's on a back burner, but it's there. This choice is what is referred to as 'The Sword of Division', in Christian writings. Probably has other references as well.

You either focus on 'fear and death', or, 'love and life'.

In closing, I want to mention the spectacular solar activity. Consider the sun is downloading data, to the earth and to your bodies - directly. This is a great thing. All you have to do is be in sunlight. It's automatic. Your body knows what to do with the data, you do not. In the same way your body knows how to digest a cheese sandwich while you do not. If your body suddenly gave you the responsibility of oxygenating blood cells, how long would you live? Now, the idea of your body knowing what to do with data from the sun does not sound so unrealistic.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Date: 3/20/02 11:49:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman,

Good afternoon.

I trust you are well.

I do not sell the products I am about to describe or have interests in any companies that produce or sell them. I did co-create what was the worlds largest website about Essential Oils at the time but I am no longer involved with any aspects other than as a consumer.

Colloidal Silver was removed from Drug Store shelves in 1938, when the American Medical Association formed itself.

Until then it was a staple all around cure.

That's because particles of Colloidal SIlver attach to virus cells, bacteria cells and fungi cells, ultimately enveloping them and suffocating them. Your body then flushes them out.

Colloidal Silver.

The smaller the particle size the better. Read companies literature.

Colloidal Silver is a tasteless solution that delivers pure silver to your bloodstream.

A few drops a few times a day is usually sufficient to put down any uprising of virus, bacterias or fungi - in your body, on your body or anywhere.

Colloidal SIlver has been proven to kill anthrax, H.I.V., cancers, smallpox, influenza - initially reported tests listed over 650 pathogens it kills, in six minutes or less upon contact.

People used to get silver in fruit and veggies, not any longer. The soil is depleted totally.

In 1938 it became ILLEGAL for silver to be on the mouth end of SILVERWARE.

I suspect that if one corrollated the discontinuance of silver coins in America with a rise in diseases, a clearly disturbing graph would emerge.

Royalty, emperors, kings and queens through the eons have had the opportunity to use anything as table ware. Silver, where available, is the clear choice of all ages.

Silver acts like a secondary immune system. It can often ferret out virus' and bacterias before your body's own immune system activates. Taken in small doses daily this secondary immune system stays in place and works day and night.

There are no known drug interactions with Colloidal Silver or allergic reactions.

Much information and disinformation is available.

The FDA wants to regulate Colloidal Silver and Essential Oils.

One of the properties of Essential Oils is that they carry oxygen into your body as you either inhale them or apply them to your skin. Depending on the Essential Oil used it can be a great deal of oxygen.

Virus, bacterias and fungi can't live in highly oxygenated environments, including your body.

Generally speaking, no ones body is properly oxygenated.

There is 90% less available oxygen in the atmosphere than there was 100 years ago.


You probably got slapped on the bottom at birth making those first breaths really memorable, so, you breath shallow from birth.

Essential Oils are made from the leaves, flowers, roots and stems of plants and trees.

Every Oil has specific properties and is used to treat varieties of dis-ease.

'Young Living Essential Oils' has Essential Oil blends created at specific FREQUENCIES that target specific dis-eases.

Ancient Egyptians left instructions for using Essential Oils to cure varieties of ailments.

In religious writings, when someone is 'anointed with oil', they are speaking of Essential Oils.

Frankincense and Myrrh being two well know Essential Oils.

It is illegal for a doctor to talk with you about Colloidal Silver.

You can buy Colloidal Silver at any chemists' or health food store or vitamin shop.

Research these products on the web, plenty to read.

Try them out - get healthy - stay healthy.


Date: 3/23/02 1:35:38 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman,

'Ancient machines'.

The lands now known as Iraq and Iran cover what was once Sumaria.

That is what is under the surface in these places. All you can imagine of Sumaria and much you cannot.

Until just about 50 years ago, Sumaria was considered total myth.

You have mentioned a machine. It has been destroyed and those that tended it along with it. The 'tunnels of light' exist no more in fact. This system not only forced 'souls' back into bodies, it stripped the soul of all worthwhile knowledge and experience and quite callously. The pan-dimensional 'ruling' creatures fed themselves for hundreds of thousands of years off the entities raped in those 'tunnels'.

That main source of food/energy has been closed down.

These creatures are now attempting to feed off one another.

You can see it in politics from the top down.

Every BODY will benefit greatly from the knowledge that the tunnels of light have been destroyed.

Every BODY remembers it.

Use whatever methods of divination are available, check the statement, 'The tunnels of light have been destoyed'.

The memory of the experience may be used adversely still, and yet, the actuality is no more.

All the New Wage crap about leaving your body behind is so damaging and arrogant.

You are the alchemist and your body is your laboratory.

Transmuting lead to gold.


The 'Secrete Knowledge'.

Any one awake out there?

'Prometheus Rising' - Robert Anton Wilson

'The Murder of Christ' - Wilhelm Reich

Any one wanting to know how and why things work in the ways they do, including yourself, will enjoy these books.

The truth will set you free


First it will piss you off.


Date: 3/27/02 11:28:57 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman,

About generated earthquakes; As I understand, if you take a globe of the earth, mark the spot where there was a nuclear detonation, then draw a line through the center of the planet from that detonation to the surface opposite the explosion - you discover an earthquake there. The quake takes a month to materialize. The shockwave of the explosion can then continue to 'bounce' around inside the planet, potentially causing more events.

Vaccinations; I know a man, a professional musician, got a flu shot several months ago.

Fine health.

He's one of the 'worried well' - a huge medical market.

He was ill from the time he got the injection.

A few days later, he couldn't use his hands.

He can't play, can't type, has considered killing himself.

He's in physical and mental therapy now, has a lawyer and is slowly getting himself back in shape.

That's what I KNOW about vaccinations.

Mr. Steadman, you asked if I'd care to comment on 'making the leap', crossing over, shuffling off the mortal coil, kicking the bucket, bringing down the curtain and joining the bleeding 'Choir Invisible'.

I'd like to share what I do know and what I suspect, but first a bit of fun.

Old English customs surrounding death made it into the mainstream of modern customs so smoothly no one noticed. A few hundred years ago after a night of drinking at a tavern, from mugs of PEWTER or other base metals, the average drunkard would have enough LEAD in them to do some real damage.

Alcohol leaches lead out of these metals and they would drink it.

Usually, the drunk would be found the next day unconscious and dragged to his house, where the family would lay them on the kitchen table and keep an eye on them.

Waiting and praying for them to AWAKE.

Generally, they would wait three days then declare the person dead.

It was discovered though that some of those declared dead and buried had awoke after being entombed.

So, a string was tied to the deceased persons wrist and would lead up through the soil, often across town, and connect to a special bell on the widows or family's front porch, or, simply to the church yard adjoining the cemetery.

That way, if the 'deceased' awoke, they would jerk the string, sound the alarm and be -

'Saved by the bell'.

So, from the start of your considerings about 'life after death', as the popular phrase says it, and says it succinctly, 'Life, after Death', from the beginnings of your considerings, you are working through religious and cultural programming about death as well as not knowing where your own rituals surrounding death even came from.

Fear of death while in it being, 'the Great Reward'.

Mystification and fear of death keep it from even being a topic for discussion, and not only in polite circles.

Mr. Steadman, are you aware of 'John Edwards'? A television show titled, 'Crossing Over'?

A quick scientific review:

1. Space is an illusion

2. Time is an illusion

3. Matter is an illusion

4. There is no such thing as reality, only your perception of reality.

Refer to Aug. 7, 1972 - remember when the sun exploded?

So, in considering death of the physical body, where do YOU go after dying?

( I heard someone say 'Florida' )

All joking aside for the moment.

This portion is a document I have begun to write several times for different reasons.

As far as I know and believe it is all true.

Some things that I know, I still do not quite believe.

Originally, there was no such concept as 'death'.

The only life after death almost every soul has ever known on earth, has been the experience of those tunnels of light. Everything except rudimentary survival knowledge stripped and shot back into a fetus or infant for another round in hell.

For over two years now those tunnels have been gone, and the destruction of that system reaches 'backwards' in time as well.

Souls that leave the physical body these days are being gathered into what can be called a 'holding area', quite pleasant, beautiful, relaxing.

When the Original Parents of the species human came to understand the current situation on earth, there were councils held to produce ideas to correct the problems.

You have witnessed attempts in the past ten years or so to rectify the course you've taken.

It was finally realized the these souls, billions of them, could not be healed, could not be repaired.

Imagine a triangular flat plate of gold, a soul.

Shining and gleaming and un-marred on its surfaces.

Lets be conservative and say this soul is used for 1,000 lifetimes, 1,000 bodies.

In a thousand lifetimes, every lie, war, sickness, slavery, jealousy, frustration - every wicked and evil thing done to that soul makes a scar into the surface of that golden triangle.

Some things cut deeply into it, over and over.

After a thousand lifetimes, this once pristine mirror surfaced golden triangle is battered almost beyond recognition.

Deep gashes and gouges, slashes and craters cover the surface and dig into it.

An aspect of the soul is that it is a recording device.

Repairing a soul, in this analogy, requires sanding and grinding and buffing and polishing and if ever the golden mirror surfaced triangle is restored, much of its substance will have been lost in the process of restoration.

So much substance that the soul is again at a child - like stage of existence that requires further tending.

Repairing a soul, in most instances, means erasing all its experienced traumas.

While this is possible, and is done, it is NOT possible while the soul is constantly being further traumatized and damaged, by itself and the self perpetuating nature of 'the matrix'.

Every one that has done any healing work on themselves knows IT HURTS!

Very few people put themselves through any repair process.

Doing the repair work yourself does not 'displace' very much of the 'shiny gold triangle'. There is enough original substance left to maintain identity and memory.

Death isn't what it used to be.

Souls and consciousness are technologies, not some mystical and vague gods' manifestation.

Speaking now to the BODY; You do not have to die. You may continue to transform.

Life, only Life.

Many are called.

Few are chosen.

Fewer still self - select.

EartHeartEarth now makes the decision about who rides the wave up with the planet.

Members of the Great Families that allied here for this project are awakening and finding one another.

Most everyone will fall into a sleep and forget all the horror that has befallen them and awake in a new/Anu Eden.

And while you're still 'here', remember that everything is exactly the way you THINK it is.


Date: 3/29/02 8:26:55 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman,

The US Congress gave themselves a raise before the end of 2001. The way the vote concerning the raise was worded, voting 'NO', meant yes to a raise. So on record, it appears as if the majority of them voted against a raise.

This link is not about the vote but is illustrative of the 'what are you gonna do about it' attitude of the Bush regime.

Hide in plain sight.


Date: 3/30/02 9:34:31 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman,

This offer is being e-mailed around.

As a 'Team Leader', here's one of the responsibilities you'd enjoy;

"Got Info? - This is where Leaders get plugged into the Party. Leaders share intelligence with the GOP, acting as our "eyes-and-ears" on the ground."

What sort of 'intelligence' do these folks want 'Team Leaders' to provide?



310 First Street

Washington, DC 20003



Administrative Contact:

Ellis, Steve (SE404) dns@RNCHQ.ORG

Republican National Committee

310 First Street SE

Washington, DC 20003


Technical Contact:

Averbeck, Jeff (JA1319) jsaverbeck@SMARTECHCORP.NET


705 Windy Way

Signal Mountain, TN 37377



Billing Contact:

Sadlier, Dave (DS34151)


310 First Street

Washington, DC 20003


202-863-8788 123 123 1234

Record last updated on 14-Mar-2002.

Record expires on 11-Apr-2003.

Record created on 11-Apr-2001.

Database last updated on 30-Mar-2002 15:11:00 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:




Date: 4/1/02 10:58:05 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman,

Sun Bear, who was medicine chief of the Bear Tribe, and a teacher and visionary said, in 1987," The Sun is an intelligent living being! Before any major changes ever happen upon the Earth Mother, it has warned people. . . . You're going to see major changes here. . . . When I asked the Spirit about the earthquakes, and whether these things could be changed, and what would happen? Spirit said it's already sealed. It's already happening....

" A volcano that will devastate the Seattle area is foretold is an ancient prophecy from Washington State's Puyallup tribe, which says," The time will come when Little Sister will speak, and Grandfather will answer and the land will be swept clean to the ocean."

Keep your ear to the ground friend.


Date: 4/3/02 3:48:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

Terror and Insanity

The repression of the WILL in the individual human and various identity groupings of humans has resulted in anger through frustration of desires.

This anger has 'targets' that are sanctioned by religions, politics, geography, clubs, family, racisms, bigotries, language and any differences between you and whatever human target group is advocated as correct to direct anger towards.

This anger has targets that are also frowned on by the same religions, political ideologies, families and organizations.

You see this anger erupt.

Not the national news events but the local news stories about people killing each other in your home towns and cities.

You feel this anger inside yourself if you are alive.

And not in denial of it.

There have been, in the west, a parade of people that were acceptable to hate, en mass, as nations, as religious groups, and at all ages.

The relentless clamor of 9-11 and the QUESTIONING of 9-11 has been eclipsed by Israel and Palestine.

Now on the menu of those acceptable to direct anger towards, depending on what you care to believe, Israel and Palestine.

The leaders of the US, Palestine, Israel, indeed most countries, not only the top government officials but most in the lesser ranks embrace insane belief systems.

The US Christian based leadership, which engages in activities that would make satanists cringe, expect biblical stories are presently unfolding and accept biblical history as fact - leaping chasms of logic of the wings of 'faith' and simply ignoring facts.


- regardless of the provocation -

has rolled tanks literally through towns and villages - arrested hundreds, thousands of people of a different religion - tattoo'd I.D. numbers on many before incarcerating them without trial - killed men women and children as a precaution or as 'collateral damage', acceptable casualties.

Palestinian suicide bombers.

A quality of life so desperate, a mindset so twisted, a nation cheers as a fellow Palestinian blows themself and as many Israelis up as is possible.

From the top down, insanity.

Muslim, Hebrew, Christian.

From here sprang all other religions.

From the center of the Israeli and Palestinian battlefields came all religions.

A way to confuse and divide that would reach around the globe and eventually return home to destroy itself.

Religions laced with proverbs about 'unconditional love', and 'turning the other cheek', so that if the populations ever found out how badly they have been fooled, maybe they would treat the lizard overlords a little nicer.

The people that manufacture components of warfare prosper.

Regardless of who wins or loses, lives or dies, the weapon makers prosper.

Religion IS politics.

Religion and politics can be seperated on paper but never in fact.

Exploitation of people through superstition is far more efficient than exploitation through force.

Education does little to dissuade superstitions.

If at the core of ones belief structures lies an insane superstition, all else is percieved through a filter of those beliefs.

The identity of 'terrorists' has become a matter of importance.

'One who spreads fear'.

What about preachers, ministers, priests that insist eternal damnation waits for those not following some set of rules or another, are they terrorists?

Before mass media people were actively afraid of 'the devil'.

Many still are.

I suspect his refusal to appear has sparked the line of humans, purportedly affilliated with him, as acceptable beings to fear and loath.

Although, religions still expect you to pay for protection from a range of devilish activities and lesser demons.

Politicians want you to be very afraid.

Anthrax, bombs, missles, smallpox and more faceless enemies capable of hiding anywhere.

Follow through the story line; germs, bombs, anyone might be a terrorist, checkpoints and roadblocks, pocket size nuclear weapons - there is no time or place one is safe according to the information being pumped up and out.

Is this a terrorist activity?

Middle East TV advocates killing religious groups and toppling governments.

Isn't that terrorism?

Hour after hour on television drug companies tell you what diseases you can expect to contract. Most are frightening.

Are they terrorists?

You see 'terrorists' in 'news' reports with rifles.

Who manufactured the rifles?

Are they terrorists also?

Mugabe, in Afrika.

Looting, raping, slaughtering, enslaving.

Isn't he clearly a terrorist?

Gallium, or the company, 'War Eagle', rarely makes a headline.

People are enslaved and covert wars fought to secure 'gallium', required for cell phones.

Cell phones are so dangerous to put next to your brain that no one wants to discuss it.

Or the bath of radiation everything on the face of the earth recieves so cell phone users can text message each other about cute guys and hot chicks.

I've lost track now, are the cell phone companies terrorists or simply insane?

All terrorists are lunatics but not all lunatics are terrorists.

Insanity is a part of 'the matrix'.

Maintaining contollable levels of insanity in the population is essential to maintaining the matrix.

Almost every human alive is insane.

Do you smoke?

Think it's bad for you?

Eat junk food?

Wear fur?

Ever walk away from a child crying?

Ever make a child cry?

To different degrees, all are insane.

There are plenty of medications, legal and illegal, to make your own and others insanity bearable.

There are toys and games and a myriad of ways to divert ones attention here in hell.

Realizing that yourself and all else here is insane can be a crushing experience.

Liberating if it's survived.

Humans KNOW very little compared to the things they BELIEVE.

More often than not there are beliefs held that directly contradict each other.

Healing yourself is what you can do.

Something is very wrong with a world that broadcasts the word, 'terror', millions of times a day, in all languages.

Ever imagine that has an effect on people?

You get what you concentrate on.


Date: 4/12/02 11:52:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Mr. Steadman,

US Arms.

Over 70% of the weapons used around the globe are provided by US Arms.

The corporation of the United States of America owns US Arms.

The sitting President is the honorary CEO of US Arms.

US Arms will even arrange multi million dollar loans so you can buy weapons from them.

Can't pay it back - no worries - US taxpayers will.

The President of the United States, The P.M. of the U.K. and the United Nations tell Israel to cease and desist its military actions and Israel replies with a resounding 'kiss my ass'.

People, when faced with a problem, a challenge, want to 'fix it', or, 'kill it'.

'Fix it' has been the banner and battle cry of 'leaders', political and superstitious both.

'Kill it' is almost always the end solution.

And when you DO decide to 'kill it', you can be sure that US Arms will be there to supply all your needs.

These is an advertising campaign just now to equate buying illegal drugs with supporting terrorism.

US Arms provides 70% of all weapons and munitions to the world at large. That means 70% of weapons used by terrorists as well come from US Arms.

Current CEO, President George Bush Jr.

Mr. Steadman, I can appreciate your sharing the information and ideas I have written to you about. I am certain that only a very few readers will be significantly impacted by these 'memos'. A 'future' does not exist in the way people expect a 'future' to be there.

The 'past' is quite literally, 'un-becoming'.

The electrical field of the human body, the intellect and memory is tied directly into the electrical field of the earth. The magnetic field of the human body, the emotions and intuitions, are tied directly into the magnetic field of the earth.

The radar anomolies, so plainly seen, are edited from every TV weather program and never mentioned by television weather personalities.

( There is never any mention of chemtrails either.)

Everything is frequency.


The number of complete oscillations per second of energy (as sound or electromagnetic radiation) in the form of waves.

Georges Lakhovsky, Dr. Bob Beck, Drs.William Lyman and Steven Kaali - all worth a Google search.

Every cell has a resonant frequency that radiates outward and can be affected by resonant frequencies radiated towards it.

A simple test of physics was once done with a room filled with mechanical clocks. Many different sizes and types of clocks. One very large 'grandfather clock' was placed in the room. All the clocks were wound and left alone.

In a matter of hours, the cacophany of the various clocks ticking and tocking had setteled into the same pattern and rate as the largest clock in the room, the grandfather clock. The strongest energy source sets the rate of oscillation for all in its range.

That means whenever there is a 'radar ring', the frequency level of that emmission will be imprinted, at least temporarily, on every thing in its borders.

Emotions have defined frequency parameters.

GWEN towers are capable to transmaitting frequencies that influence emotions.

Some frequencies are heard, some seen, some smelled - tasted - some you can 'feel'.

Most frequencies are beyond the range of current human perception. You don't see micro-waves but they sure seem to exist. If a human body has its natural frequency lowered enough, it becomes susceptible to diseases. It would not surprise me if one of the programs using chemtrails also co-ordinates efforts with beam emissions.

Mr. Steadman, as a collector of informations myself I appreciate your web work and the efforts of others like you, who, are compelled - not by profit - to publish news, events and ideas that would otherwise never get into so many hands and minds.

While that itself is a noble and all consuming endeavor, everyone is still collecting evidence about things which no more proof need be collected. The 'trap', the 'matrix', the 'hologram' is being re-defined over and over. ABC news is not about to run a week of Nightline about Dr. Greer and the Disclosure Project. I don't believe the project made the cover of any magazine now that I think about it.

YES, its a trap. YES, its hell. YES, the earth is in the hands of madmen, liars, thieves and killers.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the few million web surfers searching for 'truths' online already contains the 'core group' of people required to push this whole thing into its next stage. Understand the trillions of dollars and millions of man-hours that has gone into keeping this planet and all on it from evolving naturally. You should take it very personally. Regular hard working blokes wondering why they never seem to catch a break.

Its a stacked deck, the dealers are all crooked, the games been rigged and the money is no good if you DO win.

Can there be a discussion, a listing of ideas about 'what to do' - what's next? The time, effort and money it takes to get a piece of legislation to DC that ultimately doesn't change anything can build a community and farm. Email and letter campaigns and marches and protests, legal and illegal, religions and political platforms, study of the mind, space, body, social movements and war after war have brought the world to here now.

All the chanting, drumming, dancing, prayers, meditations, retreats, debates, educations, disciplines, indulgences, philosophies, sweat lodges, celebacies, drugs, alcohols, deprivation tanks, digital audio sensory manipulation - it doesn't seem that anything has really panned out.

Mr. Steadman, are you interested in opening a message/discussion area for only the absolute newest technologies; the most radical of ideas and observations and 'future thought'? And I mean as POSITIVE a tone as possible. Would some readers, and 'slueths' be interested in this sort of interaction and exchange? ( More importantly, would you want to? )

The CEO of the largest weapons maker on earth gets on TV and says he wants peace, any place, presents an obviousunobvious conflict of interests, don't you think?


Date: 4/13/02 12:18:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Democrat Implies Sept. 11 Administration Plot


Date: 04/27/02 11:21:37 PM

Do you recall when the sun pulsed into a red giant back in 1972?  After that time all prophecy accuracy falls off dramatically. I was interested in 'dates' myself until I understood these prophecies simply do not apply any longer. 'The Hendaye Monument' is a curiosity in itself aside from its calendar. I've mentioned it because of its specific times and dates for those hunting 'dates'.  Certainly, it would be wise to keep ones eyes and ears and heart open around any special planetary and stellar alignments and conjuctions.

I have a friend named, 'Willy Whitefeather'. He has some materials posted online. Willy has survival books for children that he has written available also online. Willy knows many indigenous peoples prophecies for these times as well as having worked with current permaculturalists, communities, families, tribes - all over the world. We all know something is coming down the road and it may really be earth changing in nature. When we asked Willy where the safest place to be was,

He said,

"Pushing someones wheelchair for them."


Date: 7/12/02 12:16:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Mr. Steadman;

Good AfterNoOn,

Congratulations on the continued expansion at CyberspaceOrbit. Do you know if the difficulties with the Forum crashes stem from high traffic peaks or 'other' causes?

Mr. Steadman, your internet discussion forum existed before you initiated it online. Your understanding of the idea about all things existing at the same 'time' will allow you to concede this point. In that it already existed, before we began email communications, the violence you see directed at yourself and others was expected.

I have strongly suggested 'The Murder Of Christ', - Wilhelm Reich - have you read this Mr. Steadman? I suspect not only because you have been puzzled at the violence, sometime cloaked beneath seemly words, projected by some that post in the forum.

Here you are, asking yourself 'why', when what you do is what you feel is the best thing you can do for as many people as possible - why does anyone deride you, ridicule and make juvenile remarks - criticize any mistake while ignoring the thousand non-errors before and after?

There is a psychological disease that has infected all human kind.

An aspect of the disease is insanity, perhaps, the totality.

The disease will attack whatever the 'biggest thing around' is at that moment.



When you post something 'true', the most resistance will arise from the disease.

Truth is the only weapon it fears.

You, Mr. Steadman, were unprepared to take the 'hits' of negative posts.

It can be very distressing.

Also to see friends posts flamed.

WWJD flamed.

Clever sarcasm is as violent as an out right 'fuck you!'

The disease will always try to drag you down to its level.

I have seen conjectures about myself so far from the truth it would have angered me and would have been wounding to me had it not been expected. Others laughable in the predictability of the conclusions drawn about My 'agenda'.

'Free Speech' usually results in that you are free to repeat whatever you have already heard someone else say, still, I advocate freedom of speech. One is also free to listen or not, read or not, watch or not, react or not.

The forum is just going through birth pains.

It will become its own archive of information if you continue to shepard it.

There is also a literal web of inter-connections that exist between those interacting and even those just reading.

This tenuous thread work is quite real and important as it encircles the planet.

It may be interesting to your forum participants to list the countries from which you are hearing.


Date: 9/1/02 2:01:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time )

Dear Mr. Steadman,

Good AfterNoOn.

I see you are well.

There is a story of an ancient great battle, in the area now known as India, recorded on cassette tape.

The recording was not made 'here'. I operated the recording deck and captured as much as possible while attending to security. I was invited, not consigned.

I shall arrange to have a copy sent you if you would like one.

Posts from 'Anunnaki', The 'Council of Nine', the Pleiadian gangs and other ET communiques, whether actual, intentionally fabricated or products of self delusions, should be taken with several grains of salt. A consideration when dealing with ETs, whether from historical accounts of data 'given', channelings or direct communications - they can lie. And Thoth - 'Daddy took the T-bird away'.

Sleuthing the Lizard/Human connection - the 'parents' of the Lizard race that raided this planet, about 350,000 years back, the parents were awakened from a long and deep slumber two years ago.

Creator God Dragons.

The best way to put a bully's career to rest is accomplished by telling his mum.

Can you imagine the current state of a relationship between Christians and Muslims if Diana and Dodi's baby had been born? The most horrible conjectures about her death are closest to true. She carried the bloodline of Yeshua Ben Joseph.

Blood lines, Mr. Steadman.

'Blood Banks'.

The Red Cross.

All the recent collections and distribution.

Companies will encourage new employee donors, schools and poverty will steer in the rest.

I understand the Rockefellers own the Red Cross organization and it is directed by a Cardinal.

What a source of free genetic material.

What a fabulous delivery system for bio-engineering.

I've seen a trend of concern that surveillance is reaching new highs.

Ten years ago military bases were able to register and pinpoint a person activating the electro/magnetic field that composes the body, the 'mer-ka-ba'. Helicopters would be dispatched to disrupt the relative calm required to activate this field. It is still done today.

No one needs to read anyone's thoughts. You are all the same. You are free to think and repeat anything that's been thought of or said before. It's the NEW thought - saying the NEW thing that garners the attention of those that watch.

Since this doesn't often happen these days it is easily contained.

Inspiration is so fragile here.

A new thought can become widespread quickly, even though it is among internet users, the hundredth monkey effect is achievable.

Enjoy/InJoy the Holiday/Holly Day/Holy Day