So much for my peaceful cabin, sun just blew!


Xray Flux    Proton Flux   .Electron Flux... Magnetometer .. Kp Index    Aurora 2 3

HEINRICH EVENT ELFRAD NEW 24 HOUR FFT SCAN: This chart is updated every two hours and indicates the relative signal strength of electrical signals traveling through the earth.


Severe Solar Storm Threatens Airline, Space Travelers

A severe space weather storm began pounding Earth late Wednesday and is expected to threaten communications, satellite operations and possibly astronauts and airline passengers -- especially pregnant women -- through Sunday.



Date: 11/10/00 10:41:09 AM Pacific Standard Time

SOHO: what happened here?

Date: 11/10/00 9:54:37 AM Pacific Standard Time

What new life form or mutation will be wrought by the incoming solar space sperm (see attached) will remain to be seen, but the current proton storm and Polar Cap Absortion Event will certainly destroy significant amounts of ozone furthur endangering all life in low southern latitudes where the ozone hole is much larger than normal.

From NOAA's solar-terrestrial primer: "During proton events, many more energetic particles reach Earth's middle atmosphere. There they cause atmospheric ozone, and allow increased amounts of harmful solar ultraviolet radiation to reach Earth's surface. A solar proton event in 1982 resulted in a temporary 70% decrease in ozone densities."11/1/00 5:24:05 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent - On tonight's C3 movies, you can finally spot Mercury, beating a fast retreat to the right edge of the C3 panorama. It's the only thing moving faster than the background stars. Seems to come out of nowhere.


2000/10/31 at19:04


EIT 171 Context

11/01/00 02:06 C2

WEIRD CORONOGRAPH  Another weird C3  The Millennial Sun Supplemental


SOLAR MAGNETIC FIELD STRENGTH: Many models of the solar magnetic field used prior to Ulysses assumed that the solar magnetic field was similar to that of a dipole; field lines near the solar equator were thought to form closed loops whereas field lines from the poles were dragged far into interplanetary space by the solar wind. For a dipole, the field strength over the poles is twice that at the equator. Ulysses found that the amount of outward magnetic flux in the solar wind did not vary greatly with latitude, indicating the importance of pressure forces near the sun for evenly distributing magnetic flux. (MAG experiment, A. Balogh, Imperial College; E. Smith, Jet Propulsion Laboratory). Incredible notes  more

Date: 11/6/00 7:09:45 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, has anyone made mention of the abnormally dark region behind the solar disk at the 8:30 position? It almost seems as if something is blocking the sunlight from the star field. This has been occurring for several days and was just wondering if any the 'Sleuths' had commented. MPEG




My name is Edd L. Edwards and my friends call me Shoo. I am what is known as around here as a very warm hearted country boy that has many very special abilities that deal with the use of human bioelectric field energy. I have learned to use these abilities in many ways including very advanced healing and scientific research.

I built an acoustic teleportation machine when I was a kid. I used to send flies somewhere. I have no idea what planet they went to. Maybe that's why the aliens are mad. Hans Russell    Inventions Gloves  Elohim  Over and Out

Hans needs your healing energies and prayers, very, very ill.


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"You are dreaming a bad dream, time to re-dream!" LAME DEER

The Forgotten Books of Eden - & Other Lost Books 2

Legends of the Baal Shem Tov

EDITOR: Was a rough All Hallow's Eve for me; felt like earth and all her life was getting sucked into a wormhole. Somehow need to get back a sense of spirit again. Anybody got some good ideas as to how to bring goodwill and light back into this this poor world? I don't want to neglect the dim and dangerous side, but how do we summon the healing force, yes, THE FORCE! Tired of old rituals and hollow echoes, as well as institutions with weary dogma trying to yank us into their nightmares.


Instead of hawking guns hand out fiddles and drums! Dance! Through Jerusalem, Palestine, The Pentagon, the barracks, Parliament, the Whitehouse lawn, the Vatican! DANCE! DANCE!





GENEVA--For more than 20 years, scientists around the world have been searching for an invisible particle that determines the basic properties of matter. The particle, called a Higgs boson, is thought to be a vibrating chunk of the unseen vacuum that underlies everything in the universe.

EDITOR: so THIS is what they think they are chasing. Why do I yet sense danger? I suppose had I gone the way of the Eisenhower decree in the 50s, physics, engineering, Sputnik revenge, I might be doing the same thing. Glad I did not. Then I was shy to become Igor for the Mil-industrial mob. They seek a god all right, but a dark one, perhaps now unleashed. Is this what I am feeling? Collider's fate in the balance

Ever wonder what the "strangelets" might look like?, EDITOR: Brookhaven is now parroting the techniques of DESY and CERN, namely, pulsing the particle beam using the Tesla cadences, YIKES!

Underground radio experiment  Brookhaven live radar watch  Collider-Accelerator TV

Physicists stop search for Higgs particle

"Fermilab is clearly the next person up to bat," said Chris Tully, a Princeton University professor who had argued unsuccessfully for another year of searching in Geneva.




Asteroid? Something's Out There  2000 SG344 2 3 4

HEINRICH EVENT HEINRICH EVENT Astronomers (associated with Vatican observatory) quickly change the SG344 tune

Current Status :: The CSS is currently down for computer overhauling and major telescope upgrades. We hope to be back on line this fall with the newly improved 0.76-m Catalina schmidt. [Odd, Hergenrother's facility is down; wonder if any data is coming out of Pic de Bure observatory?]

Here we go again: Because of its Earth-like orbit, this object is an obvious candidate for being a left-over space probe. Chance of Asteroid Impact in 2030 Downgraded


Movies of 2000 UG11

ELECTION DAY ASTEROID: On Nov. 7, 2000, a bright near-Earth asteroid will zip past our planet just 6.1 times farther away than the Moon. The 250 meter-wide space rock, called 2000 UG11, was discovered by MIT's LINEAR search program on Oct. 25th. Amateur astronomers with 8 inch or larger telescopes can spot UG11 for themselves as it brightens to 13.5 magnitudes on Tuesday. Around the time of its closest approach, the asteroid will race through the constellations Orion and Taurus faster than 1 degree per hour.

Date: 11/5/00 11:09:22 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, This is why the Earth-Grid Charged fully prior to the Halloween Villain coming through. The Grid was depleted when Toutatis bounced off on Halloween at about 2:00 PM GMT. The Grid IMMEDIATELY re-charged from Solar Energy, Earth Reserves and Available energy in case UG-11 came in at a higher, steeper, or more dangerous angle. As it turned out UG was just a bad scare. The powers who control the earth-grid at several points were aware of the impending threat 2+ weeks ago and took steps to prevent a bad hit. The Hit NEVER materialized. Mother Earth is very capable of defending herself without help from the Gov't Watchdogs (LovePups). As it turned out, the preparations were un-necessary. You can publish this account if you wish, as always I wish to remain--Anony Mous


Date: 11/5/00 3:41:11 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, Here is a message that I posted this weekend after a sighting of an extremely bright meteor in Holland last Friday evening. I'd like to know if there's anyone else having seen it. It was bright green and left a red-orange trail. Almost all across the sky..

Ever wonder if some astro-things are, well, critters?

Awesome quote from the magical-musical homegrown novel, HEINRICH EVENT CHASING SHADOW

by Kent, the Conquerer and Leah, the Magnificent
A sudden blinking light, well, two lights, flooded the cockpit. The patrolmen grabbed for their regulation sunglasses. They beheld an eerie sight. Streaking down showering trails of sparks zoomed two bright fireballs. The twin flames whooshed past mere yards from the window glass of the chopper. Both patrolmen stiffened, stunned.

The glowing fireballs hit the roof of the house, bounced back and hit again melting right through the shingles to disappear.

The sputtering of the engine revived Rodriguez from momentary shock. Wildly he worked at the throttle trying to get air-speed as red warning lights blazed, but the engine coughed and died. The smoking chopper angled back into the orchard. Blades shattered on tree limbs. The craft sank behind bony branches and fell. Dust settled.

"Ohhh," Rodriguez groaned, shaking-off numbness, "we busted the stinkin' ship. . . guess we gonna get our behinds busted too."

"Busted? Busted heck," Oakie gurgled, "this here is a 'situation!' I'm a gittin' on th' phone ta headquarters. We need reinforcements." He grabbed the phone, but the radio was dead.

Click here to toss three cents into the storyteller's tattered derby!

Date: 11/8/00 8:15:25 AM Pacific Standard Time

It's true. yep. The brave leah is our new hero. I love your beautiful story. Just like the stories my great grandad used to tell on the front porch of the cabin in the mountains, and they were all true too! But of course only the fairhearted could know this. Our love to you and Wendy and Leah...

HEINRICH EVENT Religious Implications from the Possibility of Ancient Martian Life Christopher J. Corbally, S.J.  Vatican Observatory, University of Arizona, Tucson,


Another organic-looking MOC image  Discovery Of Life On Mars  3D Mars

Date: 11/10/00 4:37:04 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: Here are more images of the Inca city and the "defrosting dunes." I would say that Malin and Company has more than a passing interest in this area. HEINRICH EVENT HEINRICH EVENT You may recall these previously sent images of the same area:HEINRICH EVENT HEINRICH EVENT EDITOR: Terraforming Mars? HEINRICH EVENT HEINRICH EVENT HEINRICH EVENT [Did Deep Space One meet up with comet 76P?]

Date: 11/6/00 10:34:18 AM Pacific Standard Time

You would think NASA would use this image to present an argument for life on Mars rather than "nano-fossils" embedded in a meteorite. I would guess the high priests of science are more comfortable with peering through microscope -arguing over what they see or don't see. It may be that the search for life is similar to those who would walk past hundred dollar bill to pick up a dime - they just don't believe they saw a hundred dollar bill - too obvious - probably not real.

Mars Theory Falls on Its Face?  Mars plague that could kill off Earth



11/2/00 11:08:04 PM Pacific Standard Time

FYI-On November 1rst part of the Black Hills of South Dakota saw 54" of snow in 24 hours! In neighboring North Dakota, the Fargo area saw 5 tornados that day! We had a tornado here in Minnesota too, all part of the same spiral system. Highly unusual. I always thought if things got real desperate Gore could always crank up the HAARP and cause some weird weather. Could it be? Any strange radar or elfrad reported?  Surely one of the strangest weather patterns in the U.S. in months at least.

Date: 11/3/00 11:06:37 AM Pacific Standard Time

Heinrich Event Watch: Did you notice the weather in England last week and maybe even continuing? As I recall, the first real indications of the superstorm in Art/Whitley's book was unprecedented severe weather in England. Interesting in a macabre sort of way.

Heinrich Event Watch: Storm set to bring havoc to Britain today, 11-5-2000


Date: 11/6/00 7:17:47 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: (Stymtex)

Red haze over Los Angeles and North Orange Counties last night. Tonight definite chemtrail cloud bands spotted around sundown. Still up there. What if the chemtrails aren't the problem, but an attempt to solve a preexisting threat. Makes no sense to poison your own populace. We recently had an influenza/bronchitis/pneum outbreak in the Glendale Burbank area. That wrapped up/peaked about two weeks ago. Now there are quite a few people rebounding with similar symptoms, including a friend who is going to the hospital tonight to get checked out (neck stiffness, fever, throat swollen too much to eat) Post whatever you like, feel free to include the email addy if you do.

Western European storms take six more lives





Every several thousand years, the Earth goes through a very suddent cooling phase, known as a Heinrich event, a very rapid diversion of the North Atlantic Current, with or without a cataclysmic downpouring of supercooled upper stratospheric air. The best overview of the consequences of a Heinrich event now on daily watch here.

York River Levels Peak As City Remains on Brink

Philippine Typhoon Death Toll Rises to 43, Hundreds of Thousands Seek Shelter

Unusual Weather Formation Appears


How does your boss like your bookmarks? Don't want to find out? Click here to make your bookmarks TOTALLY PRIVATE.

Date: 11/2/00 3:39:57 PM Pacific Standard Time

Chemtrail goo, thick, spider webs falling heavilly, covering Davis, CA. Yuck. Again, yuck. Been heavy last few days, really bad today.

David Icke in Fort Worth February 17: "The Nation of Texas Tour"


Lone neutron star speeds through space

Astronomers have identified a runaway neutron star that is hurtling in our direction at more than 100 times the speed of a supersonic jet.


New York Nuclear Corporation's exclusive system to auction nuclear fuel in real time over the Internet, allowing nuclear fuel buyers and sellers to post listings and place bids live on line.


Laser-Boosted Rocket Sets Altitude Record

Lightcraft Technologies, Inc. (LTI), of Bennington, Vermont, successfully flew its 4.8-inch- (12.2-centimeter-) diameter laser-boosted rocket last month. The small, futuristic hardware rode a powerful beam of light generated from the High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.  A U.S. Army 10-kilowatt pulsed carbon dioxide laser sent the Lightcraft soaring to 233 feet (71 meters) in a flight lasting 12.7 seconds. The test shot at the semi-hush-hush White Sands facility took place early October 2

FBI Agent Sues To Report Misconduct

WASHINGTON –– A 20-year veteran FBI agent went to court Friday seeking the right to report to President Clinton and key members of Congress what he considers serious and criminal misconduct by federal workers during a top secret, undercover national security operation.

Town Says Get a Gun -- Or Else

VIRGIN -- The murder rate in this tiny southwestern Utah town is nonexistent and drive-by shootings happen only in the movies. But it is still a good idea for residents to have a gun over the mantle. If they don't, they are breaking the law.

Military missing absentee ballots

Byzantium outlasted Rome by a thousand years by giving the sheeple a system of political "choice" and the delusion that the people rule, when in fact there has never been a situation wherein the people might over-ride the wishes of the moneyed elite, though possibly America came close under our old pseudo-Republic, until it was abolished in 1913, a fact which seems to have escaped even our political neuvo-Right.

 'Horizon' censured for unfair treatment

Horizon, the BBC flagship science programme, is to be criticised for the first time by the Broadcasting Standards Commission for being unfair to two authors who believe the world was once dominated by a "lost civilisation".

How was the Xerotron discovered?

In 1998 an ancient Egyptian stone tablet called Imhotep's stone was re-discovered at the Cairo Museum.

Uranium Flows Into Colorado River-Water For 25 Million Threatened

747 crashes in Taiwan  Satellite  TAIWAN EM/RF/MW RADIATION RING

Arizona town evacuated after train wreck  Radar Problem Delays Air Force One

Charter plane crashes in northern Angola, killing 48  Digital Angel unveiled

Strange metal nodules in lunar soil  Mirror of Cydonia - A Mars/Earth connection

SIGHTINGS REPLIES: Lists As 'Hate Site' !

FAA investigates power outage, near-miss in Indiana

The new "Official Secrets Act" is now before President Clinton

Black Sea yields preserved ancient ship  Oklahoma City area chemtrail soup

Dubya Once Busted For Drunk Driving!

Alleged source of Bush DUI story: Welcome to WIENERBOY.ORG

EDITOR: candidates publish ads on CNN Gallup Poll Stats?  Vote Fraud

Giant deep-sea creature amazes Spanish scientists

YOWUSA Endorses Bush For Reasons That May Frighten You  Stunning UFO Video From Shuttle STS-101

 Turning salt and water into wine  Scientists create animal with two heads

The real October surprise  'ALLEGED' CROP CIRCLE MAKER

Neighbors evacuated after Texas chemical plant fire

DNA testing King Tut's mummy may clarify royal status

Magician makes the Taj Mahal disappear A Snowy Io?   INFO WARS  



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