Subj: Fw: [yowusa_space] Bright fireball spotted in Holland
Date: 11/5/00 3:41:11 PM Pacific Standard Time


below a message that I posted this weekend after a sighting of an extremely
bright meteor in Holland last Friday evening. I'd like to know if there's
anyone else having seen it. It was bright green and left a red-orange trail.
Almost all across the sky..


> Guys,
> as I drove on the freeway yesterday night, I had to slow down for
> some construction site along the route. I slowed down almost to a
> full stop. Then I suddenly saw this bright fireball heading almost
> across the entire sky, from South to North. It was burning green and
> left an orange to red trail. It was visible for at least ten seconds,
> then it disappeared off to the North. I do not know if it crashed or
> burned up, but it was spectacular. It must have been many metres across.
> How many of these occasions have we now had over the last month?
> Three, four?
> I say something bigger is heading our way, because rocks like this
> should not be so frequent.
> Please let me know if you saw something like this as well. I am in
> Holland.