Subj: World Page
Date: 11/2/00 9:27:12 AM Pacific Standard Time

The thought of George W. Bush and his merry band of Greedy Oil Polluters
in the White House evokes egregious images of Ollie North and Fawn Hall;
he shredding and she stuffing her bra with politically explosive papers
detailing another covert operation failure, but, even if the Demoncrats
win both houses of Congress and eviscerate the intelligence agencies'
budgets, there is enough loose "black- project" dollars in all the
Executive Branch departments to fund covert operations in every hot-spot
on the hot-sheet.

In my opinion, there is always a legitimate need for accurate
information across the complete EM spectrum from all other nations up to
and including turning foreign nationals to those purposes, but "dirty
tricks, wet works," and other overt waste disposal projects are
counter-productive, because, ultimately, the Laws of Unintended
Consequences provide profound penalties to the initiating country and
its people.
The amount of legislators responsible to the people that are
cognizant of these activities can be counted on one hand. The new
"Official Secrets Act" is now before President Clinton and rules of
classification are arbitrary. Whistle- blowers are rapidly becoming an
endangered species while investigative journalists and their sponsors
are meeting heavy monetary battles in the courts. Internet content
providers should be wary of their ISPs and other electronic editors as
the transmission lines are sold to the highest bidder who becomes more
and more monopolistic. Perhaps Michael Creighton was correct when he
looked into his crystal ball and saw an internet with only the top ten
views discussed; no others need apply.

The covert operator on the information super highway needs no driver's
license or insurance, doesn't wear a seat belt, and can commit road rage
with impunity. The recent break-in at Microsoft will certainly become a
weapon of mass deception if not destruction. --- Larry ---