Phikent:  mornin
alchemike:  hey bud
Phikent:  hey, what's a good bass guitar?
alchemike: favorite...
alchemike:  but fender makes a great bass
Phikent:  might look for a hollow body electric bass
Phikent:  so I can use both ways
Phikent:  seein cool stuff on Marzzz
alchemike:  marti sent me a few strange ones yesterday...wonder if they were the same as you got...
alchemike:  link???
alchemike:  hey...mailing you a package today...
alchemike:  your manuscript...
alchemike:  have it copied...
alchemike:  and a small tip...
alchemike:  got mars link???
Phikent:  marisnefru.html


Phikent:  Ohhh, cool re, script
alchemike:  yea...finally got it copied...
alchemike:  gonna try to get into it again and maybe do a little editing...
alchemike:  if you dont mind...
Phikent:  Yea
Phikent:  I need to read it again got some Mars visions in it
Phikent:  wanna hear sumthin totally schizo?
Phikent:  In the 70s I went to a theosophical camp and there in residence was a real space jock, Ron Crum. He made HAL for reals.
Phikent:  So I asked ol' Crum whattsup of course my hinting about UFOs etc.
Phikent:  He said that the most awesome stuff was mind-diving, kind of an early Remote Viewing deal.
Phikent:  So a YEAR LATER he taught us how to do it.
Phikent:  wellllll to make a longy story short I went to Mars, heh, no kidding, more than once...
Phikent:  See he had us make inner space stations, piece by piece so to speak
Phikent:  also equip them with a transporter
alchemike:  was that the silva method stuff???
Phikent:  yea, but I think he was a forerunner of Silva
alchemike:  dang
alchemike:  keep going...
Phikent:  well one day he had us mentally perched inside our space stations sittin there minding our own business...then he said...
Phikent:  "Look to your transporter, and MEET YOUR ASSISTANTS!
Phikent:  good GOD this dude stepped out...dressed in red robes, bearded and freakin fierce
Phikent:  scared me
Phikent:  but I weakly said, "howdy," and this assistant said he had some urgent tasks, thing is, I turned out to be the assistant and this dude a really booming boss guy.
Phikent:  So this old astral wizard sent me to Mars
Phikent:  and over the next few years would come back sort of in my waking dreams and send me again with more stuff to do
Phikent:  I didn't like it because Mars was in crises really @#$%-ed
Phikent:  And I always come to with memories missing
alchemike:  sheesh
alchemike:  incredible
Phikent:  but I knew I had been involved in heavy shit, like a battle.
Phikent:  this stuff went on over a while
Phikent:  When the first Surveyor images started coming in some of them freaked me out
Phikent:  like I had been there and it was not much fun
alchemike:  i'm getting the willies right now..for real...
alchemike:  like nausea...
Phikent:  like it was a bad place. Here is my best example, THIS freaked me

Phikent:  caves down thar and in those caves are mortal enemies to the human kind
Alchemike:  that one looks like a giant critter...
Alchemike:  a fossil...
Alchemike:  like something from dune....
Phikent:  there are places on Mars almost dead ringers for ancient sites on earth. The Pharaohs that built them still had transporter gates
Alchemike:  sister worlds
Phikent:  like Snefru, that old bastard built about four huge pyramids in Egypt, impossible.
Phikent:  so impossible that it ain't much to speculate that he might have built some on other worlds too
Alchemike:  agree
Alchemike:  certainly some sort of tech was being used back then...
Alchemike:  who knows what it really was...but it was obviously quite powerful...
Alchemike:  so why not stargates and other worlds as well...shit...the sun is a stargate...
Phikent:  he built gigantic pyramids one after another as though it was no big deal, just experimenting until he got it right
Alchemike:  they just knew how to do certain things i guess...
Alchemike:  like a lego set
Alchemike:  ya know, im reading childhood's end right now...
Alchemike:  arthur clarke

Alchemike:  no way to explain how those huge stones are moved into position in such tight quarters...
Phikent:  here' nuther Snefru pyramid his best one

Phikent:  here's his best two

Phikent:  here's one that failed

Phikent:  all built by SNEFRU
Phikent:  tum tee tum tee tum, think I'll build a mountain this week, he decided
Alchemike:  heh...seems like it...
Alchemike:  was no biggee...
Phikent:  proly sailed them thar rocks around with his penny whistle

NOTES: The first year at Far Horizons [no, I am not a member of the Theosophical Society, just one event in my wanderings], Dr. Crum demonstrated remote diagnosis of disorders. He asked us each, a party of five, to give the name, location and age of an individual we knew to be ill. He then perched himself on his camp stool, closed his eyes and began oddly fidgeting with his hands in front of him. After only moments he would identify the disorder and describe the remote patient's internal state with vast detail. Later I came to understand that Crum had created in mind an internal computer, deep in visualization. He would input the data and read the results.  

As I recall Ron Crum was an aerospace engineer, computer design sub-contracting under NASA and IBM in a team under Ford Motor Co. He helped make the onboard computers [my nickname, HAL] for Apollo, Viking too, I believe.

At that time in the early Seventies it seemed like many individuals were suddenly becoming aware of the cogency of the human imagination, and control through organized visualizations. Silva Mind Control developed as one of the facets.  Dr. Crum's techniques were his own; in his case a kind of mind-diving from the perspective of the computer profession.

In fact prior to this series of events I had been working in my classes on visualizations pertaining to the arts. Some of my techniques are here:


Crum's techniques were a style of controlled self-hypnosis, with safeguards the the individual visualizer remain in complete awareness. We would go into a layer of consciousness much like awake-dreaming. We all worked on techniques that safeguarded these journeys from any harmful effects, both to the traveler and also to any others later that might come under the traveler's inspection. It was all most benevolent, but also laced with surprises.

The actual STARGATE is the Mind itself.