Valles Marineris Outpost of Snefru Photo: ESA  Hi-res [Thanks, eagle]

Almost missed this detail, top-center, ESA Mesa, egads!


Snefru's Pyramid Meidum

Bent Pyramid Inside


Snefru, 1st King of Egypt's 4th Dynasty

Snefru's Red Pyramid

No doubt other important stuff, keep looking!  2

Date: 1/31/04 3:28:17 PM Pacific Standard Time From: eagle

Consider this. Is this a reimage of the first image we blew up and found what we think are structures BUT from a different angle?  Is that top left here in this image the same plain but looking at it more from the right? Is that the same "temple" with the two "hole bunkers" we saw to the right? This image has some of the similar things in it if you swing way around to the right and take a look from there? I don't really think it is the same place, but if feels similiar in some ways.   Source: 2nd image top row

Date: 2/1/04 9:46:17 AM Pacific Standard Time  From: eagle

The target is two thirds of the way across the image from left to right. "It" stands vertical in a valley area about 1/3 the way down from the top of the image.  NOTE: Images, left, show a portion of a 1700 km long and 65 km wide swath which was taken in south-north direction across the Grand Canyon of Mars (Valles Marineris)

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