Valles Marineris Palace of Marduk  Photo: ESA  Hi-res

City of Ur, Iraq

Central Ziggurat


THE STATIONS OF NIBIR: Who can say, like Gilgamesh, I am king?


Be sure to access From source SIPCAT 10 and intermediary Elaine Lucas


Some of the most important info is coming from ordinary people.

I was around when Lucas started getting briefs from a member of a covert "Physical Evidence Acquisition" team, SIPCAT 10, under the command of Major E.

The info changed our lives and methods of search.

Earth and Mars are truly sister worlds. My hunch is that both planets were once moons of the Jovian watery body, Tiamat, now the asteroid belt.

"In the "Enuma elish" the cuneiform tablet from Sumeria which describes the Annunaki beliefs of how the solar system formed there is reference to the watery giant planet, Tiamat, being hit by one of the moons of Nibiru. Tiamat's original orbit was the present day asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Pieces of Tiamat now make up the asteroid belt..."

By the way there are in my hunch covert reasons why the Templar secret societies are insistent to invade Iraq, why the antiquities have been ripped off, etc.

I have a neighbor, a Kurd, highly educated, a Sufi. He was like a park ranger, security for remote areas of antiquities.

His people come from an ancient superpower known as the Medes.

1. The Assyrian winged gods still exist, we´d better watch our butts.

2. There are digs in Iraq where the giant Anunnaki have been uncovered. The tomb of Gilgamesh has been found for starters. Even during this war the German archaeologists have not halted their explorations.

3. Aside, William Henry: there might exist dormant stargates in Iraq and apparently gates exist nearby and on Mars.

Who built the Babylonian Ark?



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