C/2004 F4 BRADFIELD [most frustrating watch]


The passage of Comet Bradfield (C/2004 F4)

1. The Swabbies pulled the feeds as expected. We missed the probable appearance 
of F4 at perihelion on the C2, a rare maybe once in a lifetime event. 
added note and request

2. The C3s showed bizarre data on the 18th.

3. And now the sun fires a flare almost in the same manner as seen during V1.

All "coincidental" of course...right! [the forums were crawling with BA Trolls]

Maybe it's time for the mossy old mainstreamers to hitch up their shorts 
and theories as well.

As far as the Swabbies: time to learn to flip burgers at the Astro Drive-in?
Prior animations 2 3

PLAUSIBLE DUHHH-NIABILITY DEPT, NASA explanation as to why the data failed at perihelion: Well, I'd like to be able to say it was some really outrageous conspiracy; that we've been told by Men in Black that we can't publish the images because they show incontrovertible evidence of extraterrestrial fast food restaurants; that some weird ray from Planet X interfered with our reception; or that the dog ate our images. Unfortunately, what happened was a lot more prosaic. Actually, it was two things...

4/20/04 Sol Bids Farewell to C F4

Eye of Horus Returns

Comet V1 Eye

SOLAR ACTIVITY: All week long, glowing magnetic loops big enough to swallow planets have been rising into view over the edge of our star, then sinking again.--Spaceweather.com

ARCHIVES: Comet V1 Solar Interaction

SLEUTHS: Urgent! Many gaps in the LASCO feed. Where does the NASA-Navy-LASCO hide their C3, C2 FITS [.fts] files? REPLY: ftp://lasco6.nascom.nasa.gov/pub/lasco/lastimage/level_05/040417/c3/  Also: Index of /data/summary/lasco

Note: the apparent angle of the tail has not changed in relation to the picture-plane of the spacecraft. Now what might that mean in 3D? Coming right at us? Moving away? ANSWER: Both

It's Bill Bradfield and the comets (April 18, 2004) estimated to be 10,000km in diameter

The SOHO environment seems to be getting increasingly...ELectrical [Watch here let's hope the solar-buckos don't cut the feed. Looks like no sleep tonight for poor ol' Kent; keep coming back for updates. This is a real treat not available to ground observatories due to solar intensity.

WE ANTICIPATE COMETS Q4 & T7, BUT THE THIRD COMET IS ALREADY HERE: Newly-discovered Comet Bradfield (C/2004 F4) is plunging toward the sun and rapidly brightening. At perihelion on April 17th [watch the SOHO C3], it will be inside the orbit of Mercury and perhaps as bright as a 2nd-magnitude star.

If Comet Bradfield survives and emerges from the sun's glare, northern sky watchers can see it beginning April 24th. It will join Comet LINEAR (C/2002 T7) in the constellation Pisces, just above the eastern horizon at dawn. Both comets could be visible to the unaided eye.

Weird EIT

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4/16/2004 9:30 am EDT Re: SOHO Comet watch Electorn flux spiked to 10-1


Date: 4/20/04 5:45:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi there, my name's K. (from New Zealand), I hope you don't mind me emailing you, but I posted a thread on Godlike asking for some help and someone told me to email you and gave your address, so hope this was ok.

This photo I'm attaching was taken yesterday (being Tuesday 20th April for us) the time is on the photo also but in NZ time of course. This object was seen with the naked eye first,then we took the photo of it. It actually seemed a lot bigger in real life.

If you can help explain this for me, I would appreciate it greatly as I don't know anyone that knows anything about what should be visible from the sky or about camera, although I don't imagine it being a lens flare as was seen with naked eye first. SLEUTHS?


Comet watch
1. Is comet F4 coming at us? Moving away? Answer it did both, now moving away.
2. Did we get tail sweep from F4, no, Mercury-sweep, maybe, close call.
3. Comet T7 gonna dust us good. And all these firebirds might leave debris for 
future encounters. F4 will join Comet LINEAR (C/2002 T7) in the constellation 
Pisces just above the eastern horizon at dawn. Both comets could be visible to 
the unaided eye.
This is just the beginning of a cometary springtime. Got any aspirin?

Rats! Just as I think I´ve got it figured I get this email:

Date: 4/18/04 6:23:04 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I am a 3d artist by trade, I typically stay in the video game industry. My interests have carried me to your site often. You asked a question on your site in reference to the tail of the comet not changing it’s angle in the newly issued images from the Lasco camera. Quite simply that is a cheap cut and paste job. The stars do not line up from image to image of the ones the released after the black out. The comet is not approaching in those images, my guess is they just used the clone stamp tool in photoshop and some nice clear Lasco images from prior shots.

Note that if you look at the image progression not only do the stars not line up but they make absolutely no sense at all, simply explained by sloppy workmanship, I personally could have fooled the world. I doubt they hire their image analysts by their photoshop skills.


LASCO EIT 4/17/04

LASCO C3 4/18/04 21:33 [larger]

NOTE: I requested some analysis.

Comets V1/F4 Comparison

Notice Comet Bradfield shape and trajectory similarities to the solar torpedoes. What force from the South might be pushing these feathered-serpents toward the inner solar system?


TORPEDOES FROM EARTH.[Sao Paolo: Raytheon-land]

  We Are Stardust   Comet V1 Feb 10/03  Comet X5

Are Comets Antimatter?  Will Sol React?  Will Earth React?

Forum Folder: Jeremiah175 3/9/2004 1:22 pm EST

Q4 & T7 Orbit Innwer Solar System Diagram

 C/2001 Q4 (NEAT) Fans Out   C/2002 T7 (LINEAR) Heads for Solar Conjunction

THE FOURTH HORSMAN: The Earth-Crossing, and Potentially Hazardous Asteroid 4179 Toutatis 2 3

Who kills Russian Professors?

SEDNA UPDATE: Weird Object Beyond Pluto Gets Stranger

Hubble observes planetoid Sedna as mystery deepens 2

One of the Vatican's top scientists has been chosen to be part of a five-man team of international astronomers to decide if Sedna - the most distant object yet seen orbiting the sun - is really a planet.

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Cosmic Magnifying Glass: Distant Star Reveals Planet

GABRIEL'S HORN: The universe is not round, say scientists - it is shaped like a trumpet

Curious Object In Martian Sky

Antarctica rerun

Date: 4/19/04 9:37:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Here we go again 2 This is almost the identical story from 2 years ago, almost to the date.


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