Subj: Jumble of chemtrail/misc links to help you!
Date: 1/21/02 9:45:01 PM Pacific Standard Time

EDITOR'S NOTE: in my case the concern is about a family member away from my home. And of greatest alarm is the way this youngster has been diagnosed, treated and drugged by the med-health assemblyline. As to what initiated the health disorder I am uncertain, but have deep, and very grave suspicions--attack technologies and methods combined with environmental pollution of several kinds for which few of us have any defense. Some of you out there doing research parallel to what I do in ORBIT know what I mean. But how could I ever back off in my investigations? I would deem myself a coward.

Kent: hope your family can strengthen themselves so they're not bothered
by any chemtrails.  These links below are just thrown together hastily,
and it's the best I can do in an amazingly short time.  This is just to
show that it's not CHAFF sprayed from planes that makes people sick,
although common types are RR-188 and RR-180.  The human spirit is
stronger than these metal particles and chemtrails in the air.  And I
think it's possible to tune yourself to not even be bothered by these
trails.  That's my two-cents.

Interesting LECTURE FEB 2, 2002 Beverly Garland. Is anyone attending?

The X-Files #6: The Dark Deeds of the Beast

photo of chaff flares launched from a B-52:

page compares chemtrails with chaff, fuel, etc.  Great links!

Maybe something, maybe it's nothing...
Curious: patent mentions Aluminum and Titanium-dioxide:
5,824,137:  Process and apparatus to treat gas-borne particles

TiO2 is listed as an Obscurant:

Chemtrail crisis: an overview and update and patent 5003186

Nexus magazine vol. 8 #6 mentions aluminum oxide in chemtrails:

Intriguing environmental assessment mentions chaff and titanium, etc.:
4.1.3 Chaff Effluents
The purpose of chaff experiment is to gather electro/optical
phenomenology from a chaff producing cloud. The ejected material
consists of thin titanium foil (~0.6 lb). This foil will remain
unreacted until it encounters the atmosphere, at which point it
will slow to essentially zero velocity and be heated by
aerodynamic drag. Any residual reaching the ground should be
limited to smaller fragments of thin metal foil.

What is this term?  And how come no web page mentions it?
Exoatmospheric Exothermic Chemical Release (EECR)

Another conclusion about chemtrails:

Health Risks of using Depleted Uranium.  Save this page!

Ever see this?  Hazardous Materials Onboard Aircraft.  Save this:

Recon photo of World Trade Center. HUGE!:

HUGE photo of Admunsen-Scott South Pole Station:

Unbreakable Bulbless Flashlight.  How does it work?

Forgotten Water-powered engine by Francois Cornish:

Please!  Somebody make a water-powered engine, and anonymously tell us
how things go with the invention.  But ONLY if you know what you're
doing.  Splitting water is dangerous.

Save these links so people can quit asking you what AFAIK means!

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Dictionary of Internet Chatter's Jargon:

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