Kent, This is Pt. 2 of the Chemtrail report. It includes the major set of events as they transpired. I kept a record book as the events occurred. This report details exactly how the events were received by us at our end. I have had several emails now about the 1st report and your readers have been most kind and thoughtful.

So here is Report No. 2 for the readers. Perhaps this information may help others for what to watch for and be aware of in the future.

Thank you very much Kent. Report #2 is attached.


The Killing of a Wonderful Lady: Blocking And Threats, Cruel Hospitals and Care Homes Cruel and Mysterious Official Despicable Actions and Conduct

A Shocking Report of Organized destruction of a family holding water rights since 1919.

Part 2 of Chemtrail Report. Other aspects.

Wrongful actions by authorities - A case for malfeasance, nonfeasance, and mis-conduct. Also, unauthorized blocking of only family member. Entire police dept. of patrol vehicles ambushing me on three occasions including officers on foot inside hospital.

Our family has held water rights founded by my grandfather since 1919. The State of California WRCB , according to my P.I. , an ex-CEO for the Chicago Police Dept. 1975 -1980 , is responsible for the debt amount of $4.5 million in damages for the illegal appropriation/diversion of said water rights. That's 100,000gals/24hrs. pure spring water. We incurred horrific personal harassment and political battles with the local county, the state and independent real estate agents. The state has agreed to a settlement of said issue back on June 1, 1997 .....but still no reply. Water rights are sacrosanct.

This is a letter I am offering this report to Cyberspaceorbit.com and your associates in this field, and to your readers. It was a near recent incident of events which took place between 1995 to present. Only now have I been able to piece together the horrors which led up to the death or killing of my mother by official agencies. The biggest crime was committed by the hospitals and care home and police. Other crime factors are present in this case. I hope everyone who reads this report is awakened to new possibilities for the "silent" extermination of our elderly loved ones, and anyone, by hidden agendas. For safety , I have withheld the names of specific persons and organisations. I will reply to concerned [legal prof.] parties with full proper names contained within this letter. This is a true account.

Abduction of family members

It was on Aug. 29, 1997 that a contingency of official county vehicles arrived in our driveway. It was a flotilla of 9 vehicles. Every department of the county was there including the local sheriff. It was not yet 11:00a.m. and as I looked out upon the official gathering of cars from the second floor I was quick to step out on the balcony to say hello. I asked what the problem was and was asked by the sheriff if the medical group could enter the house to check my mother. I replied we had a regular appointment the next day at the Hospital with her doctor. I could see readily that there was much conversation taking place with the other county personnel while the sheriff attempted to gain my confidence to let them in. After 15 minutes and with a promise they would only remain a few minutes after they took a look at my mom. With that I decided to let them in. This was to prove to be my greatest mistake. The med group, paramedics, sheriff and county services all stormed up to the second floor.

I asked then what or who had sent them and what they needed. I said they could enter to see my mother if they could show me proper credentials, court papers or any legal documents pertaining to their appearance and demands. At that the sheriff responded, "If you don't let us see your mom I'll have to place you under arrest." I said, "I have never been threatened with arrest in my life. Please explain yourself." The sheriff replied, "I will place you under arrest if you don't comply." I informed him he would have to produce official court documents signed by the local judge before I would allow them into mom's room. He said he could have papers drawn up in two days that it was in my best interest to let them in. They began making promises not to remove mom but simply to see her. At that the entire group charged down the hallway like a football team trying to make a touchdown rudely awakening and frightening her. David, the more compassionate of the nine said, "Well Jack, by the looks of your mother's condition it shows you have done a very fine job taking care of your mom. In fact, I work with alot of elderly people and I should compliment you on her very good overall state." I informed them the reason for my appointment the following day at the hospital was not only for mom's regular scheduled checkup, but she needed a bit of attention for a fingernail scratch which broke her skin a bit deeper than usual. David said it was nothing new with old folks and he suggested they take her over ahead of time and start healing up the open scratch. Because of their mellowness at that moment, and catching me off guard, I said I would dress mom and bring her over. They said, "No. We need to take her in the ambulance." I said they did not need to go to all that trouble. But then the sheriff stepped in and said, "Please leave your mother's room. We want you to stand outside your house while we get your mom ready for the hospital." So under the threat of being arrested if I didn't.. I went outside to wait. Spurious and ridiculing comments were made to me by various personnel while the two paramedics were inside. The next thing I saw was mom being brought out on a stretcher strapped in. I told them she could walk fine with just a bit of assistance. They placed her into the ambulance. I could see that the exhaust fumes from the med unit was blowing straight into the rear and side doors choking mom terribly. I exclaimed that the fumes were suffocating her and that they should turn off the engine till they were done. They refused and continued administering various injections to mom refusing to tell what they were for. Then one of the county medical men came upstairs after mom was taken away in the ambulance to tell me they were taking my mother away from me till they determine if I was able to care for her. I told the county man I had custody from the Social Security Administration in letter form and produced it. I said I had been maintaining a vigilance over mom since my father passed away in 1969. He glanced at the official document then tossed it on the kitchen counter saying, "This won't do ya any good now. We're taking over." He walked out quickly and left in his small car.

No Oxygen

I am confused and horrified by the misconduct and abuse by the medical hospital groups, etc. But as this report progresses you will see what I really mean by misconduct, lawlessness and hidden agendas. We had previously been taking care of another elderly man, Roland, at his home in southern Ca. We were offered the job of taking care of him in his aging years, 1985-1994. He was a very kind and gentle person and loved our helping him out. He once worked for my grandfather as a painter. This was not our first time tending to sick or ill or elderly persons. It was known my mother was a fine nurse and took care of an old friend, Glen, who was a close friend of my grandfather who established some of the first buildings in our high Sierra town as early as the 1920's. He founded the first private water rights/mineral rights and first sub-division with over 350 parcels of private property on which I constructed a large home under the suggestion of my grandfather and dad to monitor the water rights. My mother and I took care of him at his Pasadena home. He passed away in 1972 of natural aging. A strong and healthy man he was. We became the health workers by popularity and demand. Mom had taken a CPR course along with me back in 1972. We kept to the rules and never wavered. My mom and I dropped personal preferences in lieu of taking care of her many old friends, including May, in C.C., who died not from our neglect.....but because the floor staff forgot to turn on the oxygen supply feed into each hospital room. The entire 3rd floor was without oxygen the night she required it. By the time floor staff arrived with portable oxygenn she had expired. It was a wrongful death, by the intensive care personnel on duty! It was an awful night back in 1985 at the C. C. Hospital. Later we found out the maintenance crew that had planned to reconnect the oxygen supply delivery system that same afternoon had forgotten to do so. They were working on the hospital oxygen system that day. We called it a very strange death.

Cruel judges and corrupt employees
Weapons drawn in courtroom
Herding the Elderly

Back in the court room on Dec. 4, 1994, the Judge was all preped and ready to hand down his evil decision. We were being asked to leave Roland's house as his caretakers by his evil-minded relatives [4th cousins] who were trying to get his house sold. It tuned out that not only did Roland's lawyer not show up for court but my own attorney from the Wilshire District in Los Angeles failed to appear on time. As I stood before the judges bench I asked him if he read all the additional documents I had added days before. Plus, I had just acquired a letter from the hospital regarding my mother. The letter was written to the courts for review before any decisions were made. With letter in hand I explained to the judge the necessity for his reading the hospital request for my mother.  He said, "I don't need to read it. It wasn't in the file when I looked at your case earlier so I'm not including it in my final decision." I politely mentioned that, "the president of the hospital told me to make sure you read the important letter regardless. It's that important. It addresses my mom's condition as being pretty good in lower altitudes...but to force her into the extreme cold during winter at 8,000 ft. is out of the question according the Hospital. I am therefore requesting the court give me time to locate another location in Pasadena. "I can accomplish that in about 6 weeks, Your Honor."

Judge, "Out of order! Either you cool off or I'll have you removed from this courtroom." Then with one last attempt to protect my mother from danger I remained stationed behind the microphone but made an extra effort to lean forward attempting to hand the hospital's letter to the judge praying he would read it. Then it happened. The courtroom security officer woman began to draw her sidearm pulling it up keeping a dead eye on me every second saying, "You better just do what the judge says or else! He does NOT want to read the letter!" [many low murmurs and disturbance from the public in rear of courtroom now]. The judge said, "You would be wise to just get out of town while you can. Take the offer given ...and GO!" I replied, "All right Your Honor...we will go ...but let me make sure I say today for the court records that in the near future if any complications occur for my mother concerning her health in regards to the courts decision in forcing us out to a location deemed unhealthful for my mother...I will myself be forced to hold this court responsible for anything negative occurring to her."

Outlaw electronics

We were ousted or rather ejected right out of our home of 9 years. In another report I will reveal very serious information concerning the methods employed by an eviction specialist law firm in Pasadena which may prove to expose certain "illegal technologies" to "control" our event. I explained our situation to another law office directly across the street from the courts building and the attorney blew his stack exclaiming, "That judge CANNOT just do that to your mom or you in the manner he did! You've got a tremendous suit here!"

He said, "want me to start up proceedings?" I said. "Yes, but we have no where to go but to our mountain house. I will have to get back to you in a couple weeks. But here is our court file ID # and maybe you should go get a copy of the court records and file for review till I get back." He said ok he would. Never did hear back from him up north by letter or phone.

A separate report on the various electronic techniques used against us by [several] different but unrelated agencies is available.

Mom's excellent medical report

For the record and this letter to the public her doctor gave my mother an excellent health report back in 1994 at her hospital. Her doctor said, "Well Jack, you have a remarkable mom. She has the best respiratory health I've seen in years with a person her age of 76. It must have been all those years in the professional opera and movies she was in. Because she never drank or smoked has paid off now. Her other health is pretty darn good overall...but she should not go into the high altitude and frigid cold of winter in the high sierras. She should stay in the lowlands during winter seasons. That could be a problem because of other factors with her type body. I always direct my elderly patients away from extreme cold. It's hard on all of them. But you should have a mom around for a long time Jack. She should go for another 15 years easily." I should mention that her doctor had a vacation home in our very same tract in the Sierras for about 5 years or so back in the 70's and 80's.

Mystery Intrusions

As I mentioned earlier I was forced to use my racing bike for transportation which was rather limiting. I fetched the mail and groceries each day and did so in record time, 30 minutes. I couldn't use the Lincoln because of all the 5 auto mechanics contacted for repairs not one of them responded to our call for help. It was on June 15, 1997, I first noticed the mysterious comments from Mom about an intruder being in the house while I was on the bike. On that first date I returned from town was when I caught the initial penetration of our building. Each time I would leave I locked the top stairs door with the deadbolt keeping the key in a zipper pocket on my backpack. On June 15, 1997 I found the top stairs door "unlocked". The door was closed but the deadbolt had been opened. My first step into the living room mom exclaimed, "Bad man here! Just here! Hurt me! Bad man go away! You stay here now with me!"

This again happened on July 21, 1997 with the top stairs door deadbolt unlocked once again. I realized someone had a key to our home and was entering our residence during the precise hour I was on my bike. Someone was "timing" their entry. Mom repeated the same statement over again and again. "Man in here! Bad mad! Hurt me! Get police!" I could see on these two occasions mom's face was very drawn and tense. Her eyes said much. Then on Aug. 2, 1997 another penetration of our home occurred with one minor difference. This time I left on the bike I was not more than 8-9 minutes distance from our house when I forgot my cash for the market. I decided to leave the bike down by the highway behind a bush and walked back taking a short cut through the woods. When I arrived at my front door only to find it open and not locked I went to the top of the stairs and this time the door was merely touching the door jamb and not locked. Mom was inside talking out loud telling about someone in the house again. When I stepped into the livingroom she really went off. "They were here! Two men! Bad! Hurt me! Came in here! Who is man? Men in this room!" That was it. I knew somebody was trying to kill or harm or inflict injury on my mother for reasons I can only guess. I checked mom's overall body condition for bruises but found nothing . Her blood pressure was up and she was really nervous now. I called two friends to sit with mom while the other friend drove me to the market for milk. They declined. Mom was acting very strange and the story about intruders made sense. Who had a key? What were they doing to mom? Why? Who did these evil bastards work for? In each case after the trespassing into our home mom's condition began failing. It became worse with each penetration of the building. Two friends said it seemed as though these criminals were maybe just coming in and 'scaring or frightening' my mother upsetting her health. But with our water rights problem they admitted this could be part of it.

Water Rights and Bandits

Was it over the water rights? The $10,000,000 suit against a fraud loan company we won , but never allowed to collect? I started another investigation and re-sued the loan company before we were forced out of our San Gabriel Valley home. Was it the State Water Resources Board who owed, and still owes, $4.5 million for the illegal stealing of her water rights portion? The local county government is also a primary culprit in this water scandal. Was it the evil and corrupt water attorney who lied to the local county and State concerning the allocation of said water rights? Was it the attorney who had previously had very bad experiences with many other private water rights holders who was disbarred from the Nevada State Bar when the FBI realized he was stealing private water rights from the Sparks/Falon area of 5,000 homes in that small community? Was it the same attorney who's station wagon was set afire and burned at the parking lot at the local supermarket while he was marketing; as he proceeded to steal more private water rights from citizens in Daly City, Ca.? Locals in that city did something about it. Was it the same attorney who robbed 8,000 homes of private water rights in Taos? Santa Fe? Albuquerque? How about the 5,000 homes in Chula Vista Ca. near San Diego he stole private water rights? Where and what is this man up to now? Whose lives is he destroying now? Probably some private water rights holders. I have much documentation on this man and issues surrounding his authenticity if any legal attorneys out there may be interested. Our family has held the water rights since 1919! My grandfather equally divided the water rights source between his three daughters over 50 years ago. It has been part of our family name for just under 100 years!

I do not have proof that this corrupt man used 'black technology' to hoodwink and outright steal our water rights but the possibilities are great. A second report on the use of outlaw or illegal technology being used against our home by this attorney is also available.

Illegal operations, no official procedures, policies not followed

As I went to the Hospital to see mom I found her eating dinner in the hallway with others around 6:00pm. The first thing she said was, "It's you. Go home now in big Lincoln. Bad man here! Hurt me! Go home now!"

I told mom I would quietly get the car and bring it around to the front entrance. When I returned to get mom to go home I was "blocked" by 6 local sheriff officers with hands poised on their billyclubs. Two drawn. One sheriff lady who I knew from years earlier said, "Is this the man you are placing under arrest?.....Sorry boys....but I won't have a thing to do with this operation. Its wrong what you're doing. I'm not in on this one." She left quickly via the side exit. The head of the hospital CEO said, "Jack, if you touch the front door and remove your mom from my hospital I will have you put under arrest."

I asked to discuss the problem seeing I had never been shown one document from ANY local official agency denoting I was held back by any 'restraining order' or any other type official documents. No attempt had ever been made since 1995 to contact me in any form regarding my mother. The local District Attorney once lived and enjoyed our beautiful mountain tract with his pleasant wife. He I figured would have contacted me long ago if there were a problem.

He had not. The head CEO took me out in front of the hospital with the other 6 officers to discuss the matter of mom. He said, "If you come here again I will for sure place a restraining order upon you. You may not visit your mom but you may call her by phone." All the while 2 police officers stood poised and ready as though I was some sort of threat. I am non-violent and have never been involved with police problems in my entire life. This was certainly in my estimation a complete and utter mistake. I was monitored very closely until I left. As I drove home alone without mom I started to think hard. I said to myself 'why are they acting this way towards me. They know I'm an old local since 1955 and my grandfather since 1919.

I send an S.O.S to Statewide Hospitals

Utterly furious with the situation now I got an idea to check with all major hospitals in California and Nevada. I called the Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, the Glendale Adventist Hospital, Cedar-Siani Los Angeles, the Sacramento General Hospital, the Washoe Medical Center in Reno NV, the University of California Med Center in San Fransisco and the Lake Tahoe Medical Center. I had contacted their legal departments or divisions and revealed the illegal activities of the action taken by our local county hospital. I gave them the facts. In each case their representatives [lawyers,doctors, CEO's etc] all replied with a similar response, "If these things were done to you without prior contact to you her only son, without any court or conference hearings, no prior personal contact and no documentation to date and removed your mother under those conditions...... well Jack, you have a tremendous legal suit against those official groups. Every family member is permitted to be by the side of their loved ones no matter who they are. Even murderers are allowed to see their seriously ill parents. I've NEVER heard of anything like it Jack!" One legal rep responded by adding that it is a state law that each hospital provides legal help in the context of an elderly parent. It is the responsibility of the hospital and local services to follow a set of guidelines such as having a formal court hearing, proper documentation, an effort to contact the children of the parent, and in my case with such a low population density in my county, the Office of the District Attorney is also required to go to the residence of the family early on before an issue becomes a problem, which in your case is more than an oversight. During the time when a key segment in the water rights debacle was underway in 1985-7, the Assist. D.A. was living on our tract. The same individual is now a judge in our county.When I spoke with him for 30 minutes about this issue and he said," Let me get back to you. I wasn't aware all that was being done at your home." He has not returned any calls. And what perplexed the hospital attorneys at U.S.F. Medical Center the most.... was the bizarre and unprecedented action of "blocking" me from my mother in the fashion reported. He too said he'd never heard anything like it before. I requested for any one of them to assist me legally in my fight for some answers and justice. I asked all the hospitals if they would help me expose this evil but they replied they could not enter into any law suits against another medical establishment because of 'conflict of interest'.

A call to State Attorney General's office: A Ray of Hope

My call was received quickly by his personal assistant. She was very kind and asked what the problem was. I explained I was being "blocked" by local police from being with or seeing my mother. She replied, "That's all wrong. They have no right blocking you. That's crazy. Why are they trying to do that?" I replied I didn't know. She said, "Because they have no jurisdiction in that area and there is nothing on our files saying you are bad or anything the likes of that...in fact you have no crime record whatsoever... I find this very distressing. You tell these local police officers that if there is another problem like this again, you tell them you have "special permission" directly from our office here in Sacramento to see your mother anytime you wish...during normal visiting hours. If they continue to give you trouble you tell them personally to have their offices to contact us. You are permitted to see your mom anytime and that comes from our offices. Tell them that. If they ignore any further we will have to come up there in person. Tell them that too. I have to go now." I said thank you to the kind and helpful assistant and felt better after that.

Relocation and further blocking by police

In October, 1997, I went to the hospital to attempt to look into her room from outside the building. Her room did have a window. When I arrived at the parking lot I remembered what the CEO had said about staying away from the hospital. Nevertheless, I walked straight into the main reception area which I found unstaffed at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. I felt brave now and proceeded down the main corridor of rooms heading to the doorway I had last seen my mom. I entered the room and found only mom's teddy bear laying on her pillow. The bed was made and I saw no sign of mom. I began feverishly going room to room down the hallway peering into each room hunting for mom. Mom was nowhere to be found. I made my way up to the main front reception area near the CEO's office. A passing nurse told me she would call for the CEO. In 5 minutes he arrived and took me into his office. He said they had moved mom down to the care home down the Eastern Sierra to another town. I asked why he had not let me know of the change. Instead he replied with a question, "You and your mom were real close, I hear, is that true?" At that I burst into tears and cried my way out of the hospital and left quickly.

I found the name of the care home 45 minutes away and began to put in calls to Mom there. She sounded pretty dopey from the sedatives they must have been giving her. It was a bit hard to understand her but knew what she wanted.

She wanted me again to get the Lincoln and get here out of there. She said, "Bad man here! Hurt me bad! Push me around. Mean man here. Go home now Jack. Get car!" That was in October of 1997. I called every two days to keep a close check on Mom's condition. One night staff nurse befriended me and took our side. She was always telling me mom was improving and that she was eating very well and a good sign. Then my very last conversation with my mother was on Dec. 24,1997 at the care home. The helpful nurse brought mom to the phone which wasn't far away if I called during diner hour. Mom was always right up front, waiting I know to this day, for me to come and get her. When I spoke with mom she sounded pretty good and was making clear sense. Mom said, "Bad man here hurt me! Hurt me in the bathroom! Hurt me in the bathroom! Get Lincoln now. Go home now. Not sick. Give me bad pills. Make me sleep all the time. I love you Jack..love you forever. Get me in car."

That was my last conversation with my mother.

I called back three days later but the nurse said mom was not able to come to the phone. This worried me so I got a friend to take me down to the care home unannounced on Jan. 7, 1998. I arrived at noon and figured mom might be in the front reception/television area waiting for me. I entered the building and found no one at the front reception desk. I waited. Then I guess the head floor nurse who I'd never met before asked, "What can I help you with?" I said, "I'm Jack and I have brought these pictures and other personal things for my mom to have while she's here. I would like to hang up her father and mother's picture plus two other large blowups of her closest movie years friends..Rita Hayworth and Olivia DeHavilland. She worked with both of them as their double for 20 years. I have a cross given her years ago by Cardinal McIntire." Nurse, "You're Jack her son?" She turned and yelled very loud, "Call the police!! Call the police!"

You may not remain in this building one more moment. You have to go immediately!! Get your ........... .... ........ out of here now!!" I replied, "Excuse me....but I am to inform you and your director that if you block me from my mother I am to inform you that I have "special permission" from the State Attorney General's Office to see her at any time. If you continue to block me after I have told you this information then his office may be inclined to come here in person." My oration was ignored. Head nurse, "You're a liar and you have to leave here."

Completely taken aback from this outcry of fear of me really confused me at that moment. I stood there in awe. I'd never seen a medical group act this way before. She and other nurses began to form a football line defense across the hallway blocking me entirely from going towards my mom's room. I was ushered out at full speed. As I stood outside in utter and total amazement 3 local police patrol cars were pulling up in a cloud of dust. The officers exited their vehicles and began to approach me. The head police officer told the other men to search and strip me and to look for guns and knives and any weapons. I never had this kind of incident in my entire life and it truly scared the hell out of me. I was frisked thoroughly while the other officers went inside the hospital. When they came out the head officer said, "If you come down here again and terrify and scare the nurses or try to see your mom by sneaking in late at night we will be forced to place you under arrest and a permanent 'restraining order'  will be placed upon you!" I again repeated what I was told to say, "I have 'special permission' from the State Attorney General's Office to see my mom anytime. That office told me to tell you this information. If you don't believe me then you are to call that office to confirm my statement." Police officer, "Ahhhh Jack...we don't talk to Dan Lungren or anyone like them. We don't like him. He's on the other side....of the Sierras." Scared to death now and especially for my mom, I decided I better not ruffle these guys. I always have obeyed the law all my life so I couldn't comprehend where they were really coming from. I had done no wrong and it was my only mom and I was her only kid. Just me and mom.

By then my other friend who gave me the ride down to the care home was just pulling up in front as he witnessed all the police cars and me crying out in front of the building. I got in and began our drive home. He was most concerned as to what he had just seen. I told him the story and he to began to cry. He said, "There is something extremely wrong here with the police and care home." I crawled in the back of his truck and cried myself to sleep on the way home. I sorta blacked out from the confusion. That week I realized that mom may be thinking I might have abandoned her at this crummy care home to die. Not for one moment or for one second did I abandon her. I was blocked.

Black limousines, strange men and terrified nursing staff

A week later after the previous harassment I got a strong urge to return to the care home after hours. Luck was on my side this time and found one of the office administrators leaving work. I ran down to the rear exit for employees and approached her. She said she knew my mother had a son and I told her I was her son. It was then she opened up while walking her to her car saying," I'm sure glad you came back. There has been alot of problems surrounding your mom. We were afraid for her and the staff here was terrified not long ago by a strange group of men in a dark limousine."

"These men stormed in here when the director was gone and pushed everybody around and yelled at the top of their lungs for the nurses to stay out of your mom's wing of the building til they were done. One man blocked your mom's door. Some of the nurses became so frightened they broke into tears and ran for safety. The director was out of town. Two nurses and I saw the men who were very heavy built in dark suits."

"There was so much yelling it scared everyone. The fat men were in your mom's room [pointing to the building] for a long time. One nurse got brave and began watching what the men were up to through a slit in the wall that's in each room. The nurse said she saw the men were trying to get your mom to sign a stack of papers. She also said it looked like one of them was giving your mom an injection from out of his attache case without her doctors knowledge. Your mom continued to throw the pen on the floor each time these men tried to get her to sign. We don't know what the paperwork was. By the time one nurse broke down and called the police the men had left. You know we all feel something was terribly wrong while your mom was here. Those men came here 4 times doing the same thing each time with your mom. The director was gone each time they came."

Harassing statements by more police in my home

Around the end of February 1998 a sheriff officer appeared in my driveway. I had him come inside and now wish I hadn't. He asked me if I had a gun collection and or a knife collection. I told him no I didn't. "Never have. I'm just not a gun nut. I said my mother had an old antique pistol from 1890,her father's." We went into mom's room and I pulled it from the drawer. Officer, "Well...what an old piece. This thing is rusted shut. It won't even fire. Nice old piece though."

We merged back into the living room where I received my most insulting statement yet. Officer, "You know Jack...you aren't like the rest of everyone around here. You fit in better up by Lake Tahoe." I replied, "Never had anyone ever say that to me before. Don't really know what you're getting at but I'm liked by the locals here and I have no enemies around here or anywhere. You are new up here aren't you? Perhaps you got the wrong story." Officer, "You probably are sick of us sheriffs coming to your house I bet. Want us to stay away?" I replied, "Not really. I would like to do what my grandfather or father would have done in a similar situation. I would like to have all your police department over for an outside barbeque and I would like to address your police staff and have many questions to pose to them." At that I just placed my hand on my forehead and shook my head in disgust. He found his way out on his own quickly.

Horrifying news about mom's death

I was very ill and sad from all the treatment at the care home weeks before and just hoped to God mom was going to be returned to me soon. On Mar. 22, 1998, a police vehicle pulled up to my driveway. A single officer came to the front door. He said, "I have very sad news to tell you. Your mom has passed away."
I exclaimed, "Why in the hell didn't you call me so I could be by her side? What kind of man are you? How could you do this to her and me?" At that last outburst he ran for his patrol car slipping in the snow falling on his face a couple times in the process. He backed out at high speed and lucky he didn't hit one of the children who often play in the streets on their children's bicycles. I now had come to grips with my new issue now and made a call directly to the care home. They said Mom didn't die at the care home but up at the main hospital. They were very unclear as to why Mom had really died. I begged them to tell me what time she died and then received the greatest shock of my life. The nurse at the hospital said she died at 5:07 am on Mar. 14, 1998. I was informed she had begun complications in breathing about 3 days before she died. I asked why I wasn't called and the nurse said the doctors didn't know for sure if I was her son or not. After 90 years in the area I knew our family name was well known. Something really sounded fishy and I was right. I realized right then and there I better get my emotions together and handle this issue correctly. I went and had a therapy massage and rub down and began working on my nerves. That is hard under stressful conditions and can tear up a human being pretty fast. I continued the racing bike routine daily and got my strength up above normal. I refrained from sleeping drugs to get better sleep. I used health food products instead.

It had taken the police dept. and hospitals OVER 11 days to come to my front door to give me the terrible news. No attempts were made to contact me by telephone. I had left my phone number with both the hospital and care home but nobody tried to call me. The hospital informed me that, "We didn't know who to call. Your mom died of heart failure. She is at the beautiful morgue in town here." I dropped the receiver and began to cry. The next day I called the D.A. who was now judge of the county and the man who once lived on our tract. He spoke at length with me concerning mom's death etc. but he said, "I wasn't aware any of these things were done to you. Get back to me or I'll call you when I have some free time." Free time I asked myself. It is the DA's job to look into these matters at ANY time. I do not believe the medical certificate of death to be the true reason for mom's death. Feel the exact same about my dad.

Unconstitutional Judges and unknown files

I began to check around the area in the neighboring counties and found the specific courthouse that handles elderly citizens medical situations. When I asked the court representative assistant to find my mother's file he put me on hold for 15 minutes. When he finally returned he said he had asked the judge
to locate my mother's file but he said neither he nor the judge remembered her name at all. Nothing on file at all. As this mystery grew day by day, I asked myself why the local detective division had not begun an investigation. Anyway as things grew worse I received no help from anyone. I looked far and wide for help on this matter. Police standing near their cars hop in fast and take off when they see me approaching for questions. Locals in the area act the same way and its most distressing. This attitude makes a person feel alienated and rejected. There is a second report now complete for review describing many other aspects of mysterious treatment by the town locals, etc., during the time period before, during and after her death. It's worth a read.

Short background

By May of 1998 I was forced to take the only work available in town as a dishwasher for the local steakhouse. I was actually being 'denied' work so I would not build up financial reserves to hire a bigtime attorney to look into the whole mess. I was being corralled and suppressed. I was harassed at my work
station. Regularly! Finally I quit and decided I needed a rest from all the bad treatment and went south to Los Angeles and found good work from none other than Home depot. I am an architect by education and experience as well as a technical illustrator and draftsman educated in Europe and UCLA. I presently design custom Tiffany lamps for that company. I also worked in well in the television world acquiring a diploma and certificate for Master Control Operations in television in 1992. I have hosted several of my own shows covering many varieties of subjects such as space science, environmental issues and medical research discoveries. I was camera operator and news commentator as well. Recently I completed a couple documentaries about space and our future. I worked part-time at JPL in 1972 on a job split for the Westinghouse-Philco project for the Mariner 9 Mars Spacecraft for a short stint of only 10 months. The length of the mission. My girlfriend's mother was secretary for the Vice president of JPL. I filled in for her daughter from time to time downloading television data transmissions from Mars and converted them into printable photo transcription pictures. My education was in Europe for the most part during my first 20 years in Switzerland and France. Later on I felt my grandfather's suggestion to develop a homestead on our 350 lots of virgin High Sierra property was a superior idea at the time. I built our home on our own tract of land in 1973-4, but manipulative real estate agents made sure my profits remained minimal. But that is another story in another report .

My mother was a professional opera signer and actress who studied under the world famous opera teacher, Vera Swartz, in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria. Mom was also an actress and double for 20 years at Columbia, MGM, Screen Gems and Republic Motion Pictures Companies. She was very close to Rita Hayworth and Oliva DeHavilland and performed in almost all those movies and co-stared as the double for both of the above wonderful actresses. She was part and parcel for many exciting musical events under Xavier Cugat. Worked with and loved by all those she associated with in the industry during the fabulous 30's-40's mom was admired by Glen Ford, Ronald Reagan, Humphrey Bogart, Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra, and almost married Bob Cummings. She was near Orson Wells whom she admired very much. But was enamoured by the lofty humor of Bob Cummings. She loved life.

My father was an amazing individual. He was the first of his class of 1939 to hold advanced aeronautical engineering degrees which placed him high in the U.S. Air Force. He was elevated to a full bird Colonel and wing commander of P38's, P-51's and P61's in North Africa and the South Pacific. He headed the first PSA&T [air tactical training div] at March A.F.B. and Loyola University . He held degrees in English , History, Aeronautical Engineering and Chemistry. A graduate of North Carolina State University with honors and popular with his fraternities members there. He was later on transferred to Paris France as assistant Base Commander at SHAPE Headquarters [Allied Forces Central Europe] in 1953-4. Later on he returned stateside to serve with Air Intelligence Record Center in Denver, Colorado, and New York City. He was Asst. Case Commander at Mitchell AFB, L.I. He also served under NORAD at Selfridge A.F.B., Michigan, a key defense base against polar attack from enemy nations at the time. In 1966 he drove me out to Edwards A.F.B. to witness the successful test flight of the famed XB-70 Valkerie, the Mach +3 high altitude bomber that scared the pants off foreign nations during its unveiling at the Paris Air Show in 1965. It is now considered from an earlier time reference one of our first true "stealth" aircraft. He was associated with two Colonels who were working on the XB-70 project at the time. He died under mysterious circumstances at March A.F.B. on Jan. 17, 1969. I say mysterious because I again was "blocked" by authorities from being by my father's side when he passed on. But other factors were present also. It took the base hospital 10 days before I was informed he had expired. I was "blocked" from both my mother and father at the time of their passing. During his retirement I worked with my dad at our printing shop he developed for me, but all was stolen during the hour I was at his wake at Forest Lawn Mortuary by his second wife. Great secrecy shrouds our incidents.

Last major confrontation and blocking by police

Living now with the loss of the only person left in our family and blocked by police throughout the entire fiasco I decided to pay a visit to the hospital where mom actually died. It was on Oct. 17, 1999, I went to the hospital and greeted by the friendly gardner who was kind to show me to the front desk. As I waited for the head nurse who had been summoned I asked which room my mother had passed away in. Nobody even knew my mom had died there. This perplexed me and by the time the head nurse arrived to go to her office I was already in tears. She became concerned about my sadness and asked what I needed. I said, "I'm here to see the room my mother died in. Can you tell me which one it was?" She asked my name then left the room. Moments later two younger staff assistants appeared. One took a look at me and shot out of the room at full speed. The other remained behind a young man asking me what I was in the hospital for. I asked to see their attorney in the building and he said if I would follow him he would take me there. We didn't go into another wing of the building in search of their legal dept. but instead he took me outside and told me to stand out by the dump trucks in the rear of their hospital in the rear driveway. I waited their for at least 30 minutes before I received another horrific shock in my life. Arriving from the right driveway heading towards me were 5 police patrol vehicles with all roof lights on merging together in formation surrounding my right side. Then I was even more startled when entering on my left from a side entrance were 3 more police vehicles. I was now completely surrounded by at least 16 local police officers all standing around me in two half circles. All were wearing dark glasses. Two of the 16 officers approached me as though I was a fugitive or worse telling me to, "Jack....spread your legs and put your hands on top of your head. Do you have any weapons on you? Do ya carry a knife? A gun? Have any in the car? Why are you wearing camouflage pants and a grey shirt? I replied, "The reason I'm wearing these camos is because my jeans are in the washer now." He then asked, "Will you harm anyone in the hospital?
I said no. "I came here to see the room in which my mother died last year. I've not been permitted to see my mom while she was alive." Officer, "Why wait till now?" I answered, "Because I was blocked." At that moment the head president of the hospital was approaching from over the shoulder of the two officers... I saw a professional appearing shorter man perhaps his attorney and the police left when the two administrators remained to ask me questions about mom.

President, "I'm the director of this hospital. What is it you need today?"
Jack, "I came to see my mother's room in which she passed away."
Director, "Why didn't you come earlier than today?"
Jack, "Because I was blocked."
Director, "I didn't know all that. By whom?"
Jack, "By the police and nasty medical staffs."
Director, "Why would they do that to you?"
Jack, "I don't know...but perhaps when I return later on we will all find out. If you will allow me I would like to inform you that perhaps 2 med staff of your hospital have not been telling or are withholding information from you regarding my mother's death in your hospital. I only came to actually view the location my mom died. I haven't been here before. Like I said I was blocked."

Director, "I don't believe it. I didn't know you were held back from your mom. I wasn't aware of any of this! I certainly wouldn't do that! What do you plan to do? Are you going to harm or hurt anyone inside the hospital?"
Jack, "I don't know what you're talking about. I don't go around hurting people. What are you speaking about here? Whatever you have been told concerning me may be incorrect information."
Director, "There has been a big mistake perhaps. What do you plan to do?"
Jack, "Yes a mistake. My mother has been dead for almost a year now so what's the idea of harassing me further by calling out the entire police department? You guys shake me up pretty bad."

At that moment they both moved back and said goodbye. I was escorted out and off the hospital grounds by two officers. I left in my car. I had been detained for approx. 1hr. 45 mins.


I mentioned in my first report the serious possibilities of Chemtrails playing a role in her demise. That suggestion still stands. BUT....I find it more than strange the ordered set of activities by the officials and med groups in keeping my mother and I operated by false information and acting on hearsay.

The other option is perhaps less tenable, but it almost seemed as though the officials were working in concert to make sure I was unable to monitor her immediate safety and well being....including making sure she was exposed to the Chemtrail spraying. I have asked myself more than once if this was all part of an undisclosed experimental control program.

I am sure those in official or legal professional positions will after reading this report become as inflamed as I and will take up the staff of truth and correctness and join me in my fight to get answers and any other punishment deemed worthy from such unconscionable actions. Help in my cause towards humane respect for all mankind.

For the correct full names associated with the above report please contact me at the address below. Legal professionals and science investigators welcome.

Jack Petersen
7- 2000