SUN CRUISER 6/29/02 04:30 C2



TWO SUNS THE CONNECTION TO 11:11  Nostradamus: "The cloud will make the sun appear double"

44:44 Star Gate!  M-Class: Sol waking up



6/24/02 17:18

PROPHECY: Hashem will take the sun out from its sheath and it will blaze intensely. Note

Date: 6/28/02 2:42:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, on a German forum, someone got an answer from the LASCO team. Strange, that the effect happened after they had a "ground system problem": The bright regions you see by the occulting disk and edge of C3 are two new regions of stray light. They have been present since the times you mention on Tuesday June 18. At that time the LASCO team experienced a ground systems problem and upon resumption of operations the stray light was noted. It is not clear yet whether the two events are directly related. Nor is it clear at this stage what the reason for the additional stray light in the C3 images is, though all possibilities are being considered and investigated. It doesn't appear as though the pointing has changed though.  The level and effect of this additional stray light is rather exaggerated by the standard image processing methods we use. The levels in the raw data files are higher, but not by the huge amount suggested by the processed images. The levels are not at a level high enough to cause concern for instrument safety. You'll notice that the extra light will disappear in around 10 days, once the processing takes it into account.

Date: 6/17/02 6:02:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The other day I was in a restaurant in Gorham, NH about 7:30PM. I looked out the window at what appeared to be the sun starting to set. Others also were looking and commenting as it had a rainbow edge. Interesting but not all that unusual. A few bites of food later and it was obvious that it was not the sun as it was now shining brightly through the trees. The original sun was now a bar shaped rainbow as can be seen in the lower image.

Subj: Re: Stray Voltage [Stray light on SOHO]

Howdy Charlie:

On 6/18/02 between 13:00 and 15:00 UTC The sun as seen on the SOHO C3 went totally weird.

Even the SOHO team seemed to have no answer--Kent

Date: 6/22/02 7:50:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello Kent, During that time period, one thing stood out. At 14:04 a ULF wave began which lasted for 18 minutes. I have no idea what it could have been. I am attaching a pic.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, just got back in.

Thanks, Charlie,

IMPORTANT--Mystery Revolves Around the Sun

FORUM: you CAN teach an old sun new tricks? SEE C3 MPEG  C2 MPEG


FORUM: 1972 Sun Pulse and the End of the Timeline?

EDITOR: Another thing, there was an M-Class flare on the 23rd, but the CME didn´t appear until a DAY LATER!  Here´s the chart showing Flare on morning of 23rd UTC.  But here on the C2 we see it showing many hours later, 6/24/02 01:31 UTC   C2 MPEG

6/24/2002 2:38 PM

I have a volunteer sun flower in my vegetable garden who has had her back to the sun ever since she bloomed. The other afternoon when I came in she not only still had her back to the sun, she had dropped her head down and under one of her broad leaves. Looking for shade?

Date: 6/25/02 1:09:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, I saw this today

And one a few lines caught my attention: Based on interviews with top experts, the new era will probably last anywhere from four to six years, barring any major surprises.

SOHO science discussions. Points Of Interest: Additional stray light in C3 images.

Reason presently unknown.


Gemora/Rashi  Malachi The Creator will take the sun out of its sheath.

Rabbi M.M. Schneerson

Date: 6/26/02 7:28:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Why do you reckon Dr. Phillips over at SpaceWeather wants a September, 2000 picture of an aurora? I find that kinda odd. Archives 2 3 MADONNA OBJECT

Date: 6/19/02 7:26:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Internal Solar the internal structure of the sun is obscured by the same false theories promulgated by the priests of astrophysical knowledge. The sun is actually a huge solid planet submerged in a vast ocean of liquid "metallic" hydrogen hundreds of thousands of miles deep. Above the ocean of liquid hydrogen is an atmosphere of hydrogen gas. The "sheath" of the sun is the photosphere and corona which is actually an electric arc phenomenon. The photosphere is a tightly packed mass (granules) of lightning bolts the diameter of Texas and 10,000 miles long! There is where your energy is coming from. Nuclear fusion taking place in the solar core is an utter and proven lie! More