Date: 4/25/01 10:39:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kaballah and Antarctica

Posted by Rabbi Moshe Yess on Tuesday April 24, @10:14PM from the dept.

What Could Kaballah and Antartica Possibly Have in common?

Kaballah contains the deepest secrets from Judaism's Mystic Tradition. The Hassidic Jewish world is presently on a very high state of alert regarding Judaism's understanding of the King Messiah Event (not Jesus). This circumstance was brought into being by the Prophecy given by the late Rabbi M.M. Schneerson which stated that the King Messiah Event is poised to occur imminently. He has never been wrong once in predicting his foreseen events. They have all come true. The King Messiah Event includes massive Earth changes including but not limited to the following:

1) a global epidemic (AIDS?)  

2) the sun being removed from its sheath (ozone holes? Solar flares?)

3) winter and summer cycles being reversed

4) An entire country going underwater!

The only physical possibilities for item # 4 to occur would entail polar cap meltdowns, disturbance of the oceans' equilibrium via volcanoes or polar magnetic shifts, historic rain/snow-fall, or subterranean water gushers from the fountains of the deep. Sometimes the best view is the overview which is provided via an attached file to this post. I will answer any questions you may have at: