6/19/02 7:26:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time


Of course, the nuclear fusion "theory" held by mainstream science to explain
the source of solar energy is an absolute joke.

Furthermore, the internal structure of the sun is obscured by the same false
theories promulgated by the priests of astrophysical knowledge.

The sun is actually a huge solid planet submerged in a vast ocean of liquid
"metallic" hydrogen hundreds of thousands of miles deep. Above the ocean of
liquid hydrogen is an atmosphere of hydrogen gas. The "sheath" of the sun is
the photosphere and corona which is actually an electric arc phenomenon. The
photosphere is a tightly packed mass (granules) of lightning bolts the
diameter of Texas and 10,000 miles long! There is where your energy is
coming from. Nuclear fusion taking place in the solar core is an utter and
proven lie!

The sun can change dramatically at any given moment, and most likely will in
our lifetimes. Hearts truly will fail when it happens! The cause of the
solar sunspot cycle is as a result of gravitational/electromagnetic forces
between the failed star Jupiter's orbit around the sun and its influence on
the superconduction taking place between the liquid hydrogen ocean
surrounding the solid planetary core. There is a bucking phenomenon going on
between the anti-magnetic superconduction internally and the electromagnetic
arcing taking place between the photosphere and corona which produces
sunspots and increased solar activity. The mystery of the sun is SOLVED!!!!
The establishment LIES,  however, continue.


Son of Sun