5/31/02 C2 10:50

4/5/00 C2 11:06

[( (9/4p).Ln30) - F]­(2p/3) = 20p

Date: 6/3/02 11:51:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time

 You will love this. Sun system is artificial. As a whole: http://members.aol.com/astroequation/  Astronomical enigma. The Solar System is deliberately ordered. This information is known to most of the world's academic community, but they will not publish. Taken form David Ike's page at: http://www.davidicke.com/icke/index1c.html IZAKOVIC

EDITOR: that circle on the C2, it's significant I think. The C2 shows only the brightest surrounding stars; the circle appeared just before SOHO yanked the LASCI feeds on the 31st; and we've seen a circle like that before.

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WEIRD C3 6/1/02 02:48


Has something been affecting the spaceborne probes?


Unusually high amplitude signal  01:00.01.1 on May 31st, UTC  LIVE   [New Sound] Effect on humans

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Date: 6/5/02 11:06:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, Did some work on that strange image of the sun in negative. Inside the mushroom shaped object was a very bright light source. The inner core looks to be some type of object with three spokes. But without more definative info or more images it is just another strange artifact on a growing list of such anomolies.

WEIRD C3 6/1/02 02:48

TRACE: 6/1/02 19:30

Date: 6/5/02 12:21:46 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Wonder what is happening that they do not want us to see now. Both feeds still on May 31!!!!!! The attached is strange--Rusty

Date: 6/5/02 12:24:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Check this one out. Something is going on up there. No new images since June 2 and some since May 31.--Rusty

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