Re: [Elfrad-Group] 2.6 Signal 

In my opinion...Most definitely. These frequencies are in the Delta
region of the naturally occurring wave forms of the human brain.  As
a matter of fact, American Indians used the slow beat of a drum in the
Delta frequencies to cause a hypnotic effect during tribal ceremonies.

During a normal day most of us experience a wide range of mind states,
although we are usually unaware of it. Each mind state is associated
with different brain wave frequencies. During normal waking states,
your brain waves will normally be within the beta range, i.e. your
brain waves will be within the range 13 hertz to 30 hertz.
You experience beta brain waves when carrying out physical work and
while talking. When you are relaxed your brain waves will slow into
the alpha range - 7 hertz to 13 hertz. When dreaming, or just before
falling asleep or when day-dreaming your brain waves will have slowed
further and will lie within the theta range - 3 hertz to 7 hertz.
When in DEEP sleep your brain waves will be even slower and will lie
within the delta range - 0.1 to 3 hertz.

Whatever is causing these waves I am sure they are having an effect
on us.


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> Charlie, does this frequency have an undesirable effect on human physical and mental health?? Take Care. MM
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> Here is an live update on the 2.5 to 3.4 hertz signal which has become
> very strong during the past 24 hours. We have created a page which
> updates with new info every hour at:
> I have been getting reports from others in widespread location who are
> copying the same frequency signal.  Please keep me informed.
> Thanks,
> Charlie