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The methods being employed to halt terrorism are to be supported - not torn down. If we are in the decision making re how or what to do about it, then we have a right to voice a change. In the meantime, we do our whole country a disservice to tear down the government...The kind of sounding off against the government that has been making enemies for you according to what I hear that disgusts people and myself is what I am asking you to consider so that you won't lose those that are leaving because of it. You influence so many and this 'noise' does not become you as a leader.


Appreciate the debate.

I remained apolitical until 9-11, I mean seriously unconcerned about politics. When I awoke that morning to the WTC spectacle I thought it almost a duty to start keeping a ledger of events, and yes, right off the bat I began smelling a rat.

UPDATED COMMAND CENTER (Commenced on 9-11)



What I began to discover in the process has propelled me on with the Command Center, with great personal shock actually--I agree with great risk, not just about losing readers, the least of my concerns.

The true terrorists drive around in limos with flags waving. The Elders know this and say so/said so at the conference in open defiance, Lakota, even the quiet Hopi--specifically stated alerts directed toward Washington shenanigans and loss of freedom. The Mayan fire ceremony was punctuated by military chopper flyovers. For these reasons one of the Grandfathers remained away from the conference except for a brief appearance after the main proceedings had closed. The World Council of Elders was punctuated with the presence of suspected spooks, SAIC, DARPA, maybe ABC.

The Elders challenged us all to wake up. They have long been confined to the reservation, now we all are. Rez-America! Try booking a flight through the Denver Airport, stand in the lines, watch what is going on in this the most tech-advanced portal of the Gulag.

Three years ago the Sun Dance was raided by CIA, FBI, ATF.

Whenever things start going south for the DC regime, the FBI or CIA spouts out another terrorist warning. This is the true terrorism, the real fear game.

I seldom physically crawl out of my cave, but when I do, even trundling off to an advertised spiritual gathering of the Elders I am shocked by what I see and have yielded to the fact that my spirituality must function within the Warrior tradition, to peacefully resist, protest, take responsibility, you know like other ordinary folks around the world seem to be doing. The world community seems to know what is happening and are now in open protest against Fascism, except of course here in the Yankee sheeple mainstream. The ho-hum people are all about to get chip-implanted, tagged like cattle.

What do we do? Try Alternate Energy for starters. Remove the trusses out from under the oil-pirates.       Magnetic Motor with Alternator The New U.S.-British Oil Imperialism  Note, watch for another Afghanistan in Columbia  NEWS: Colombian Tribe Topples Mighty Oil Giant [spurious moves in retaliation]

Do indeed think Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Tecumseh--even Nemo, and take courage--Kent

"Do not be afraid of your enemies - in the worst case they can kill you;

Do not be afraid of your friends - in the worst case they can betray you;

Be afraid of the indifferent ones:

it is from their silent blessings that all the evil is happening in the world!"

-- Bruno Yasensky, Russian writer

The Overthrow Of The  American Republic - Part 11 So now, a portion of the American aristocracy having created an excuse, wants to cancel the Bill of Rights. They created an emergency event, allowed, permitted, and condoned it to occur, with their prior knowledge and blessing. Actually, a series of events, in which the "Arabs" are NOT the principal players, just patsies.

An Open Letter To America:  Dear America: And so it has come to this. Your once great nation has fallen into madness, an affliction of mass denial that brings shivers up the spines of millions outside your borders. Yours is a sick nation. But most of you carry on as though nothing at all is the matter.

911 was a grand coup. In a minor coup, some General takes over the government of a single country. In a Grand Coup the entire world order is transformed. The whole Enlightenment heritage has been abandoned: constitutional government, civil liberties, balance of powers, government accountability. International law has been abandoned, and national sovereignty is becoming a subject for nostalgia buffs.

McKinney and the Media Mannequins: Generally, she was described as crazy, pro-Iraqi, a conspiracy theorist, irresponsible or dangerous, but it didn't seem to work. The public wasn't responding with the sense of outrage the media is used to being able to create. The Dam Breaks McKinney Breaks the Ice on 9-11, Stuns Critics Major Names Speak Out on 9-11 Foreknowledge and Empire: Nightline, Vidal, Hersh, Moore

Israel peace camp stages massive rally, Gaza strike held off Israel seeking political settlement with Palestinians: Peres  Implant Chip Debuts - Applied Digital Stock Plummets  Nukes For Sale



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Kent, Loved your posts on the Welsh, Vikings and early European visitors to the
Americas. On me mum's side, we go back to 1066 and are in the Doom's Day
book. Our ancestors came from Denmark and we are related to Vikings. One
ancestor was Orm who was a Danish thane (similar to a Viking Chieftain).

I was rather bothered, though, by Anon's post. I have written a reply
below. If you care to, please feel free to post my reply, and I certainly
don't mind if you use my name, Flo. Doug Pooley has my name posted in his
list of contributors for all the world to see (which may explain why I
came home one day within the last six months to find the area around my
computer in not quite the same condition I left it the night before and
the dead bolt unlocked <<grin>).

In a message dated 5/11/02 11:11:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time, ANON

The methods being employed to halt terrorism are to be supported - not
torn down.

If you can trust the leaders, emphasis on Mr. Bush and Mr. Ashcroft
represent the worst because they pretend to be something they are
definitely NOT. At least with Bill Clinton, we knew what we were getting-
a self-absorbed, egotistical 3rd Degree Illuminist Witch. Messrs. Bush
and Ashcroft pretend to be the so-called Conservative Christians all the
while their actions reveal them for the people they are- committed
Illuminists to enacting the New World Order while sucker-punching the
conservative right into thinking what nice Christian men they are. Their
deception is most injurious to the naive and quite despicable. I hope to
be there on Judgment Day when they are receiving their due rewards.

If we are in the decision making re how or what to do about it,
then we have a right to voice a change.


If only the sheeple in the United States released the power they have in banding
together as a WHOLE. And not only in this country but worldwide. We may
not have the weapons and wealth individually, but our sheer numbers give
us our power. It is time for the peoples, the workers of the world to
unite against the oppression of the shadow governments, the elite, the

In the meantime, we do our whole country a disservice to
tear down the government...The kind of sounding off against the
government that has been making enemies for you according to what I hear
that disgusts people and myself is what I am asking you to consider so
that you won't lose those that are leaving because of it.

If the government is corrupt and not operating in the best interest of the people, how can you call it
a "disservice to tear down the government" when this very government IS
NOT SERVING THE PEOPLE. Are you high or something or just have your head
up in your ASS!!??? Are you suggesting that we continue to support a
government that supports terrorism, uses so-called (read, "manufactured")
terrorism to tear down our precious Bill of Rights, kills innocent people
in the name of terrorism, suppresses technology to rid our country of
dependency on oil, supports the drug trade while knocking down the doors
of innocent people and filling the jails with users as part to the new
industry- incarceration to provide jobs and build wealth? The list could
go on for several more examples. If by expressing our views, Kent, myself
and others develop enemies, so be it. I pray that our willingness to
stick our necks out (and we may find our heads on the block in the New
Age Messiah's kingdom) will reach the dull-headed brains of Americans
before they are completely brainwashed.

If you and others decide to leave, you are the cowards who are not
willing to stand up to the coming rule of the second Hinter and his
kingdom. At this point in time, we can ill afford to be subtle in our
expression and action.

You influence so many and this 'noise' does not become you as a leader.

THANK GOD for someone like Kent who is willing call it like it is. It sounds to me that you, ANON, are
the one making the "noise." Get with the program and stop your whinnying!




    An Open Letter To America

In Response:
The Canadian writer has some very good points but what I am coming to believe now is that all of America is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Dissociative Disorder, substitute your own label here.  I have been reading this whole weekend about MKUltra the secret Mind Kontrolle research conducted on our own citizens with approval and funding from our government -adults and children alike were test subjects. 

Some of the mind control experts believe that President Kennedy's assasination was specifically done in front of the nation for the purpose of truamatizing us MKUltra style.  A whole nation traumatized using the basic NAZI Mind Kontrolle technique.  Remember the Zapruder Film played over and over.  Then the assasinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy.  And now the biggest MKUltra traumatization of them all.  The WTC and the Pentagon bombings, the horror of watching those buildings crumble.  911 was so traumatic for our nation that we have been induced into a Dissociative Disorder.  We as a nation are not apathetic.  We are traumatized just like those American children in the 1950's when MKUltra experiments were conducted on them. The NAZI doctors we brought to the States as well as the  American Physicians involved in MKUltra and Operation MONARCH know their trade well.  The MKUltra program is based on witnessed traumatizing events in order to shatter the psyche and regress an individual to the emotional level of infancy. That is for the purpose of inducing total dependence on your caretaker for your very life that you will do anything they say and then you will be programed to forget what was done.  I think we are so traumatized that we have been regressed to this level and we are on auto pilot. 
The only solution I see is to be deprogrammed as a nation.
We won't heal by being 2x4'd into reality.  We need safety.  We need to study how the deprogrammers do it.  How do they deprogram a ritualistic abuse victim?
Isn't it interesting how our government keeps us in a state of terror by alerting the media about nebulous bomb and bioterrorism threats.  This keeps us split off from reality.  The veil begins to lift only when we realize that their is nothing to fear.  We are not going to die.  Maybe Winston Churchill was right about the "only thing to fear was fear itself."  I now get mad when I hear these nebulous warnings.  I see the warnings for what they are...just a Mind Kontrolle technique used to make us easier to control.  If there was a nuclear suitcase bomb in this country it would have gone off by now.  There is no such thing as Red Mercury.  That scam has been used for the last 15 years by the Russian Mob.


I can certainly understand the frustration other nations must have with Americans right now for not seeing the truth.  I just don't think we're going to heal until we are deprogrammed. 
I also believe the same holds true for the middle east and many other parts of the world.  We all are suffering from the same ritualistic abuse mind control techniques.  One hallmark symptom of PTSD is not getting along well with others, being agitated easily from the constant fear for one's life.  We humans have been regressed to a primitive state of mind by the trauma of seeing others being killed right in front of our eyes.   This is an MKUltra technique discovered by Dr Mengele in the NAZI death camps.  This exposure to a traumatic event makes us easier to control.  The suicide bombers have all been mind controlled using these techniques.  We humans need to be deprogrammed.  I would be very interested in hearing from some of the KNOWN and TRUSTED Mind Control, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, or Dissociative Disorder deprogramming experts. 
I believe this to be our hope for a free and peaceful world.



Date: 5/13/02 5:58:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, Don't want to take time away from current issues...

Hve followed site for several years ... agree w/ some ideas don't w/ others (my choice to discern wheat from chaff) veteran of US Army special Ops '84 to '89 (will fax DD-214 as support) ... I LOVE my country, I SUPPORT those in the military in the same way I supported my team, I have not (nor ever will) TRUST my government.

You & your site raise questions. Questions are good ... they make "silly humans" think ... Thinking Good

in your corner ...


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