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In a section of my report on the current state of the Montauk Project and related activities entitled "Phoenix Undead" which lists some known subterranean facilities where evidence shows covert "psy-ops" activity being conducted, I referred specifically to an installation beneath Plattsburgh AFB in northeastern New York State.

Plattsburgh AFB has a VAST, 18-level subterranean facility.

Columbine perpetrator Eric Harris was born in Plattsburgh and spent his whole life there until his family moved to Littleton in 1996. Eric Harris’s father was an Air Force pilot stationed at Plattsburgh AFB.

What’s also curious here is that Plattsburgh AFB closed in 1994, was SUPPOSEDLY completely inoperative and the property due to be "recycled" for various other uses by September 1995. And yet Harris was still in Plattsburgh well after 94-95! The only thing still going on at Plattsburgh AFB after 1994 would obviously be covert activities. The peculiarities regarding the text of documents from Eric Harris’s website and the likelihood that father Wayne Harris was connected to not only the documents themselves but ALSO to the activities described therein CANNOT be forgotten.

Local residents and other eyewitnesses report that the base, though somewhat deserted, was still in some level of operation in 1997 even on the "surface," AND that top-secret operations were definitely going on in the documented 18-level underground complex beneath the base. This was verified by EM/RF signal detection equipment. Aside from mind control related operations, the base at Plattsburgh has currently been verified as a site of particle accelerator/beam research and experimentation.

There are indications that in the 1960s Plattsburgh AFB was linked to the horrendous Ewen Cameron, president of the American Psychiatric Association, The Canadian Psychiatric Association AND the World Psychiatric Association, and his massive abuses in the MKULTRA (drug and neuroelectrically-based mind control) Project just over the border in Montreal. Reports indicate that this legacy continued at Plattsburgh through the 70s and beyond with electromagnetic/radio-frequency MK activities tied to some of the experimentation at Montauk.

(Mentioned also in "Phoenix Undead" as a location for covert operations linked to Montauk’s mind control experimentation is Stewart Air Force Base in New York, in between Plattsburgh and Montauk. Military facilities at Malta, N.Y. are also strongly tied to MK operations at both Montauk and Plattsburgh.)



Important information about the Montauk base as well as some exceptionally intriguing anecdotes come my way from a former Air Force radar technician/engineer named Bob Tidwell.

Bob was briefly stationed at Stewart AFB, an installation otherwise noteworthy for the fact that it has without doubt figured significantly somehow or other into the (lower) Hudson Valley UFO phenomenon. Many black NSA choppers seen at or near the sightings of the giant boomerang (and other craft) were traced to Stewart by investigators during the course of this years-long series of UFO sightings--unsurprisingly, long after Stewart's "official" closure.

Tidwell has some pertinent technical information regarding SAGE and other radar systems. He also notes that it was highly unusual for a SAGE site to situated so close the shoreline--virtually all other sites he knows of are much further inland. He specifies a few other instances of incongruities and anomalies regarding the equipment used at Montauk AFS.

Additionally, Tidwell's information shows how Stewart was used as a staging area for operations at the Montauk base, and probably as a paper trail cover for Montauk as well.

The following material is from a number of emails sent to me by Mr. Tidwell.

"These special sites were referred to as SAGE sites, which is very misleading. SAGE (Semi-Automated Ground Environment) actually refers to the manner in which radar and communications information was automatically routed from all radar sites to a central Control & Command center. Most locations also had an associated "ground radio" site that would allow C&C to communicate with whatever intercept aircraft were currently in that particular area. This specialized system involved the setup of multiple communications paths and new protocols to insure that all of this information would reach C&C. This new technology would later evolve into today's World Wide Web. I don't know why theses sites themselves were referred to as SAGE, unless it was a ploy to draw attention away from the manner in which our radar sites communicated with C&C.

"The Air Defense Command constructed most of these sites in the 1950s, but most were decommissioned in 1969 and 70, because of the new airborne radar aircraft, which overcame the curvature problem without having to use the lower frequencies. Some sites that were in sensitive areas remained open as late as 1980.


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