For Plattsburgh: there's EXCELON! We got a bite! Reel it in! 


4/20/02 8:45:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time

There's only one spot I found for nuclear stuff mixed with Plattsburgh,
NY: EXELON!  Details at the bottom of the page.  As far as the usual
REACTORS go, the closest reactor to Pittsburgh is Gentilly-2 in
Becancour, Quebec in Canada.  REACTORS closest to Plattsburgh, NY:
(PB_Dist is distance from Plattsburgh, NY in nautical miles.)
Latitude    Longitude    PB_Dist    City
46.40000000    -72.31666667    112.655    GENTILLY-2
46.40000000    -72.31666667    112.655    GENTILLY-1
42.72888889    -72.92888889    120.400    YANKEE NPS
42.78027778    -72.51583333    122.109    VERMONT YANKEE
43.52388889    -76.39833333    145.143    FITZPATRICK
43.52222222    -76.41000000    145.633    NINE MILE POINT-2
43.52222222    -76.41000000    145.633    NINE MILE POINT-1
42.89805556    -70.85138889    156.122    SEABROOK-1
43.95055556    -69.69611111    167.397    MAINE YANKEE
43.27777778    -77.30888889    186.996    R.E. GINNA
41.48194444    -72.49916667    197.521    CONNECTICUT YANKEE
46.20000000    -77.70000000    200.108    NPD
41.27138889    -73.95250000    206.846    INDIAN POINT-1
41.27138889    -73.95250000    206.846    INDIAN POINT-2
41.27138889    -73.95250000    206.846    INDIAN POINT-3
41.94444444    -70.57944444    207.481    PILGRIM-1
41.30861111    -72.16805556    211.114    MILLSTONE-3
41.30861111    -72.16805556    211.114    MILLSTONE-1
41.30861111    -72.16805556    211.114    MILLSTONE-2
43.88333333    -78.70000000    230.547    DARLINGTON-1
43.88333333    -78.70000000    230.547    DARLINGTON-4
43.88333333    -78.70000000    230.547    DARLINGTON-2
43.88333333    -78.70000000    230.547    DARLINGTON-3

Plattsburgh AFB closed in 1995, and reopened as a regular airport (PBG).

CLOSEST ATLAS Missile sites to Plattsburgh:
First number is Lat. (Deg-Min-Sec), then Long. (Deg-Min-Sec)
Plattsburgh AFB  Missile Site  #04  44-20-34  073-22-12
Plattsburgh AFB  Missile Site  #06  44-27-37  073-38-33
Plattsburgh AFB  Missile Site  #07  44-32-50  073-58-30
Plattsburgh AFB  Missile Site  #08  44-36-05  073-51-22
Plattsburgh AFB  Missile Site  #09  44-46-15  073-49-22
Plattsburgh AFB  Missile Site  #10  44-50-37  073-59-18
Plattsburgh AFB  Missile Site  #11  44-54-44  073-49-04
Plattsburgh AFB  Missile Site  #12  44-58-05  073-38-02
Where are the Chemtrail aircraft based?  ...PLATTSBURGH, AFB

Plattsburgh AFB is located at 44 deg. 40'N, 073 deg. 28'W
Or in decimal format: Lat: +44.657500; Longitude: -073.464719

Plattsburgh AFB is an EPA Superfund site, meaning they're a little

Besides PBG, there's another airport in Plattsburgh NY:
ADIRONDACK AIRPARK ESTATES (long.: -73.857919; lat.: 44.609211)
PLATTSBURGH INTL airport (PBG) (long.: -73.468127; lat.: 44.650942)

HEY! Towers kill birds too!  There are 5 in Plattsburgh NY:
   City         Latitude    Longitude   Tower #'s   Hgt.(ft.)
   PLATTSBURGH  44 34 28N   073 40 29W  TOWERS  2   982
   PLATTSBURGH  44 41 43N   073 52 59W  TOWER       445
   PLATTSBURGH  44 44 42N   073 26 23W  TOWER       320
   PLATTSBURGH  44 34 27N   073 26 52W  TOWERS  3   260
   PLATTSBURGH  44 41 49N   073 26 59W  TOWER       200

And 3 Plattsburgh towers are listed here in case anybody cares:

FINALLY: Here's the BIG FISH you were waiting for!
Exelon PowerLabs (merger of PECO Energy and Unicom Corp, and formerly
PECO PowerLabs)
What do they do?  Click here:
"Our Plattsburgh facility is located at the old Plattsburgh Air Force
Base (aka PARC) in the North Country of New York State."
Exelon PowerLabs 
New England Division
2801 Colorado Street
Plattsburgh, NY  12903

Can you believe that?  Right in the old Plattsburgh AFB!


This doesn't sound like Mother Nature works here. Another oddity about Plattsburgh pointed out in a chemtrail forum.

Nexia Biotechnologies USA Inc

82 Nexia Way

Plattsburgh NY, USA 12903

"Nexia biotechnologies is one of the world's largest producer of authentic recombinant spider silk, and a leading North American animal transgenic company. Nexia manufactures biomaterials and therapeutic proteins in the milk of transgenic dairy goats"

Other businesses in a large area circling Plattsburgh:

Subj: Antipode of Plattsburgh area quake

Date: 4/20/02 9:00:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Kent: was thinkin' about that Plattsburgh NY quake... they said it was centered around 44.51N 73.66W. The antipode of that spot is exactly halfway around the earth, like you shoved a pencil from one side and came out the opposite side of the earth in the opposite hemisphere. Anyway: the other side of the earth for that quake is 44.51S, 106.34E. If you look at a POLAR projection of the earth, it's easier to see how these two points line up.

The point is: if you think about how Tesla wrote about quakes, you can cause quakes on the other side of the earth by hitting the antipode on the other side of the planet. Remember that? Well this spot is southeast of Australia, where no island exists, so most likely, this quake was caused locally, underground. But I'm just guessing, that's all.

If some secret power had an antenna buried southeast of Australia, and made use of Tesla's theories, maybe this quake could've been caused stealthily.

Oh well... I'm just throwing around ideas.

Date: 4/21/02 9:19:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Did you notice from the "Scalar Wars" file that it mentions Western Australia being used as a 'testing ground' for Scalar weapons? This would match Tesla's opposite 'pole' for Plattsburg.

Date: 4/21/02 2:06:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Aerial photo for quake coordinates of 44.51N 73.66W is not much to look at, just trees. The Terraserver MSN site says the area is "3 km NE of Stevens Landing, New York". Photo is attached

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hitler born April 20, 1889, Braunau, Austria

"Eagle's Nest" was built as a 50th birthday present to Adolf Hitler from the Nazi Party.



Chemtrails, HAARP, and Mass Mind Control


1) Where are the Chemtrail aircraft based?

Edwards, AFB; Point M. Naval Station (UH1H, helicopters); Nellis, AFB; Tucker, AFB; PLATTSBURGH, AFB; Andrews, AFB; Hickam, AFB; Kirtland, AFB; Langley, AFB (these flights originiating out of Langely are for experimental "soups." And for laying in on the tri-state area around DC); Peterson, AFB; Osan, AFB.

Date: 4/21/02 6:44:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time

It is the Earth that flips, not the electromagnetic gravitional negetive and positive charges.

Magnetic north is an X lociation in the Canadian ice pack that moves, where research will show there was a deviation between pole star true north(Polaris) and magnetic north in the 16th and 17th century of ONLY 14 Degrees. Today, this deviation is +17degrees from true north to magnetic north.


LIVING IN UP-STATE N.Y., and being 30 miles from the epa-center of the 5.1/5.5 so-called earthquake, which occurred on april 20,2002 @ 6:50 A.M., (Keesville, N.Y.,) WHERE MY BROTHER is living, indicates that this was no normal earthquake. It came in- up and to the north. All of the nicknacks on the picture window sill were pushed or moved north to south, didn't shake or break nor was there any dammage what so ever........Thoughts like my furnace blew up, what is in the sky ? north direction, or where is the evidence of any movement at all from a 5.1 quake.

People who were awake went to there north windows face direction and looked up in the direction where they thought the sounds were coming.

I slept through both the 6:50 a.m., and 7;15 a.m. 4.0 ? yet felt the 2.8 at 7:45 a.m. wave. any comments ?


I often have woundered where the fuel exists to feed this moulten core of iron ore? if the earth and universe is 4 billion years old, how come the core of the earth is still in existence at all and where is all of the iron ore coming from, to feed the fires and cause these volcanic erruptions? .

Unless this is a parabolic representation, where the sun's rays play onto the back side of the interior earth continously heating the center of the earth, as the earth produces more iron ore to melt and keep the cycle going ..................until the sun reduces or expands its frequency modulations to increase or decrease the mass which is inside the core of this earth?