The Hiroshima A-Bomb had energy equivalent to a 5M quake, so it would be surprising if the Little Lake seismicity had any human cause, unless there were merely some sort of triggering release (a la Tesla.)

Little Lake and Ridgecrest have a long history of quakes, although this current swarm is about the most unusual I know of there.

Phikent reported to us that there have been some strange jolts that began around 6 a.m. on Friday, March 6 around the Secret Base at China Lake Naval Air Warfare Testing site.

This is quite interesting because, strangely enough, Friday, March 6, 1998 was an interesting date. It was the day of 3.6, 1998 (three sixes = 666).

Also, on top of that, March 6, 1998 marked 666 more days to the year 2000!

What's more interesting is that the Congressional Panel on the Y2K syndrome just announced a couple of days ago from Washington, D.C., that the government must seriously start doing something about fixing the coming computer glitch. The Panel said that "we only have 666 more days" to fix the problem!! And this was reported in L.A. Times on Thursday.

Is this all just coincidence! Or, do they know more about what's coming than what we think?

from Norio

Not So Surprising Nuke-Earthquake News

Anchorwoman: "A Moscow newspaper reports that Russian scientists tried to harness earthquakes as a means of mass destruction, and the research continued under the new Russian government long after the Soviet Union collapsed."

Correspondent Mike Hornbrook: "The Moscow News called it 'Earthquakes Made To Order.' In a detailed article, the newspaper says research of the so-called tectonic weapons began under the Communists in the 1970s. By late 1987, the Soviet government ordered a major effort to develop such a weapon.

"It was code-named Project Mercury and Project Vulcan, and involved almost two dozen major scientific and manufacturing centers.

"The theory was that underground nuclear explosions could trigger earthquakes far from the site of the original blast. Researchers speculated the destructive force released would be many times greater than the nuclear blast, that it could be directed toward any point on earth and that there was no way to guard against it.

(Strong Earthquake Jolts Iran; 5 Die)

Rumble in the Outback

Aum's [Japanese terror cult] interest in weapons of mass destruction was considered serious enough to merit the launch of a special investigation by the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Chaired by Senator Sam Nunn, the committee spent five months conducting hundreds of interviews of "government and private individuals" and included classified briefings from numerous US intelligence agencies. Their 100-page report was published in October 1995.

The Nunn report, in addition to outlining Aum's large international membership and US $1billion plus finances, revealed the cult's fascination for so-called Tesla weapons ­ after their inventor Nikola Tesla. The report mentions Tesla's development of a "ray gun in the 1930's, which was actually a particle beam accelerator", and which was said to be able to "shoot down an airplane at 200 miles". Aum personnel also travelled to the Tesla Museum in Belgrade to research the so-called Tesla Coil ­ a device used for (amplifying?) alternating currents ­ and uncovered Tesla's work on "high energy voltage transmission and wave  amplification, which Tesla asserted could be used to  create seismological disturbances.


CANBERRA - Shortly after 11 pm, in the deep black of an outback night, a fireball grew slowly over the Western Australian goldfields and flew parallel to the ground, before diving to earth beyond the distant trees.


Most (65%) reported Australian fireballs have loud pulsed roaring diesel freight train noises accompanying their flight. NONE appear to give off sonic booms !!! Hence I suspect none have mass attached (this being necessary to create a sonic boom or shock wave moving at speeds greater than that of sound) and I postulate that they probably consist of concentrated slugs of enfolded TESLA ray-wave E/M energy - emitting light (photons) as a by-product of interaction with air molecules to provide a hologram like spatial form ??? Continued


SAN FRANCISCO (March 9, 1998 07:42 a.m. EST -- The sun had just set when the sky filled with flaming objects falling to the ground. Traffic slowed to a halt on Interstate 80 in Northern California and police were flooded with worried calls about a possible plane crash.

Not to worry -- it was a 200-mile swath of meteors Sunday night.

"It was just getting dark and everybody was facing that direction just as the sun was coming down," Coast Guard Lt. Alan Tubbs said. "It was the king of all meteor showers."

The U.S. Coast Guard contacted Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, which confirmed the meteor shower that stretched from Sacramento to Monterey.


Wednesday March 11 11:10 AM EST: Missing AF-1 prompts radar shutdown

WASHINGTON, March 11 (UPI) _ The Federal Aviation Administration (Wednesday) temporarily shut down a radar installation monitoring air traffic in the northeastern United States after the president's jetliner, Air Force One, briefly disappeared from a radar screen Tuesday morning. FAA spokesman Les Dorr described the shutdown as a routine procedure while the incident is investigated and said other radar units will provide complete coverage of regional air traffic.


As we email this to you a baby whale lies abandoned and dying undoubtedly as a result of the LFAS testing. It cannot survive without its mother. This is the second such death in two weeks in the same Hawai'i waters where the US Navy is testing the Low Frequency Active Sonar.  Continue


"It was all cause, quite unexpectedly, by a little piece of apparatus you could slip in your pocket, "said Tesla.


EDITOR'S NOTE:  The following info came personally to me by internet message or email.  Factual?  Hard to verify at all: the plight of a private citizen trying to part the cloaks of secrecy.  So we are left with myths, but myths are powerful, sometimes more so than bombs. Why do we still play silly secrecy games, when now the whole earth appears to be so deeply wounded?  Perhaps the following came from the very few of great courage.


"First, you need to know that one of the rocket/missiles tested at China Lakes was the "sidewinder"; second, you need to know that Almagordo was the long range testing area for that particular rocket; third, you need to know that starting in the early 40s there was joint AF/Navy flight testing taking place in New Mexico under the purview of an agency which was later to become NASA. All of the above statements can be verified with documentation and  firsthand testimony."


"I'll call a friend and check it out...thanks for the update...p.s. there are some RF weapons being tested out there...pretty nasty and unpredictable."

 ". . .we air tested them but were restricted from testing below 25,000 ft. due to unknown consequences...the air tests cause topical damage in higher terrain."

 ". . .we did carry large power systems on the c130's...a mile long antenna stretched out the rear of the aircraft."

" . . .a rhythmic wave which can cause havoc to anything it hits, problem was we don't have directional control from the air."

 ". . . you think that Mir is falling apart because its keeps gettin hit."


(different source than above) " . . .funny he was talking about Mir getting hit [OP ANON] told me he SHOT DOWN a sattelite by unmanned one but this was a hand held weapon. I don't think we used that weapon much after that! Can you imagine a hand held weapon that nothing on earth will stop, just keeps on going out into space?" [see Tesla quote above]


(concerning bases in Washington State and New Mexico)

"Well, I just don't know. Ya know how it is there, with Ft Lewis going boom all the time, well I got used to that, this on the other hand makes me want to dive for a shelter. Holloman is 24 some odd miles away, and still it scares me. Every time it happens I want to go out and see a big fireball, but never see a damned thing. Also, that report of them testing the possibility of worm holes here has me on edge, the thought of them setting off explosions to look for worm holes is spooky! Can ya control a worm hole, and is doing it at ground level a good idea? Well anyway if all goes well, they will work themselves up from conventional bombs to nukes. Now ain't that a kick in the pants? Hopefully that will be a space based adventure."


The United States Navy's principal open air range for test and evaluation of airborne electronic combat systems.


The lack of a realistic battlefield signal and pulse density environment to represent both threat and friendly emissions at open air electronic warfare (EW) ranges has long been identified as a limitation to scope for multiple EW programs by the Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force (COMOPTEVFOR). In the past, the dense radio frequency (RF) environment capability was tested only in laboratory facilities and the results were then extrapolated into open air EW range testing.

Through an engineering study conducted at NAWCWPNS, it was determined that this deficiency could be corrected at a modest cost by feeding a laboratory EW environment signal generator into a broadband transmitter (e.g., like an electronic countermeasures (ECM) transmitter) attached to a reference-system-servoed high-gain antenna. This device would readily provide a high-density EW signal background for EW system testing (all current radar modulations would be represented).

Electronic Warfare

Principles and employment of Electronic Warfare assets for Air Force personnel at all levels.

Non-Lethal Technology and Airpower

Such "microwave weapons are almost uniquely intrusive" (especially when they are pulsed at ELF frequencies). "They do not simply attack a person's body, they reach all the way into a person's mind...They are meant to disorient or upset mental stability."



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