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"There is a major government project being built in Alaska called the "HAARP" Program. "High-Frequency Active Auroral Research  Program." One of the patents for this project claims that it can "cause... total disruption of communications over a very large portion of the Earth... disrupting not only land-based communications, but also airborne communications and sea communications (both surface and subsurface)... missile or aircraft destruction, deflection, or confusion ... weather modification... by altering solar absorption... ozone, nitrogen, etc., concentrations could be artificially increased..."

HAARP-THROB: identifying the cadence

notes from email

Wizardly clue:  examine the cadence (sine wave) hidden  within Fibonacci Series

 Dr. Nick Begich: HAARP Update and Analysis, September 5, 1997.



I set up Hamcom on the computer.  I taped the message.  I ran Hamcom. The signal is too noisy for the program to decode.  I put the signals on the scope included with hamcom.

I see that there is another message at much lower audio level riding on the main waveforms of morse.

This second thing has better square-waves than the morse itself. Could you ask and see if anyone else can see this?  Hamcom is available on the net, and anyone can use it as an oscilloscope by feeding a signal intopin six of a serial port.  This idea would also help people to try my detectors, without having to buy an oscilloscope.




scintillations observed from Russian satellite

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