3 more big pyramids discovered Kent! 

5/1/03 3:32:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Remember the satellite composite of 3 pyramids in the radar ring in the pacific you reported recently?
3 more beauties and Great Images discovered here at...

I used http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr for a translation.
The largest at around 150 meters or 450 feet almost matches the 480 feet of Great One at Giza.
Article mentions a later Celtic temple built on a summit.
I insist these were in part 'markers' for a Global Grid system (Munk, Michelle etc.) of navigation which understood that poles move around - so didn't use em to navigate!
Seem to remember that U.S. Airforce spends lots of money tracking magnetic north to keep magnetically oriented maps up to date and has to hand out new maps to Commercial Aviation from time to time - i know we have G.P.S. now but its good to know the old system is still probably mostly in place and still functional.

Regards to You and Yours.