NJWATCH (2:56:57 AM): The core facility was never fully operational and was not completed due to economic problems. ... yeah right it just went underground black book project

NJWATCH (2:58:17 AM): hmmmm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raytheon

NJWATCH (2:58:40 AM): any relation to the Bush family

BARDSQUILL (2:58:53 AM): I need another tech to address these Navy guys that are emailing me because I lack the terminology

NJWATCH (3:01:30 AM): never heard of this company before Raytheon , but man its related to all these new radars , CIA , Bush

BARDSQUILL (3:03:55 AM): Brits BAE own HAARP, Raytheon now.

NJWATCH (3:12:46 AM): http://www.weathermatrix.net/radar/education/nexrad.html

NJWATCH (3:14:07 AM): nexrad can locate non-precipitation air movement

NJWATCH (3:16:34 AM): ask him from your understanding the Nexrad System can determine non-precipitation air movement, what types and references would NPAM come under , and even in low or no precipitation areas what would a NPAM show up like on a NEXRAD system?

NJWATCH (3:18:06 AM): and does he know of any Nexrad station being near or located at the same location as any other Radar system such as the SPY-1 Class RSys

NJWATCH (3:19:40 AM): Also by removing such clutter from any base reflectivity at 0.5 wouldn't that reduce much of the "AP"

NJWATCH (3:21:19 AM): and anything left under 62 Miles would that not be of something of interest and visible on 2 or more Nexrad sites be even more of a positive feedback rather than any "AP"?

BARDSQUILL (3:24:09 AM): okay

NJWATCH (3:24:32 AM): he should know what AP is , its explained in that link i sent

BARDSQUILL (3:25:07 AM): tell me what it is here so I don't have to look it up.


BARDSQUILL (3:26:21 AM): I see it here:


NJWATCH (3:27:21 AM): nah its basically mean a mistake , erroneous image

BARDSQUILL (3:27:33 AM): oh

BARDSQUILL (3:28:54 AM): have a couple new storms trying to gain strength


NJWATCH (3:30:16 AM): http://weather.unisys.com/satellite/sat_ir_enh_us_loop-12.html  this is the one i was talking about earlier

NJWATCH (3:30:51 AM): its a nice low

NJWATCH (3:32:16 AM): http://weather.unisys.com/satellite/sat_ir_enh_mw_loop-12.html closer detail

BARDSQUILL (3:34:42 AM): notes here, removed old anchor from another link:


NJWATCH (3:38:31 AM): btw u seen this set of images http://weather.unisys.com/satellite/sat_ir_ne_loop.html it seems to be fuzzy

BARDSQUILL (3:39:36 AM): haze?

NJWATCH (3:40:39 AM): i dunno just seems to be out of focus not recording properly double exposure or something

BARDSQUILL (3:40:49 AM): Unisys been weird since Erny, lost frames, site went down

BARDSQUILL (3:42:14 AM): the day the storm moved up to the Beltway the unisys site went down, had to locate data elsewhere

NJWATCH (3:43:30 AM): but i want you to focus on the coast of NJ http://weather.unisys.com/satellite/sat_ir_ne_loop.html look at images - 10 -9 hrs shows the still best watch the loop in that area off the coast of NJ

NJWATCH (3:45:22 AM): at -12 hrs you should see a triangle shaped cloud with a prominent white dot

NJWATCH (3:45:47 AM): draw a line from that dot to the NY Brookhaven

NJWATCH (3:46:14 AM): watch that cloud and dot over and over in the 12hr loop tell me what you see

BARDSQUILL (3:48:51 AM): Unisys Weather: -10 hr Infrared Satellite Image

Upped the contrast:


NJWATCH (3:50:35 AM): see that diagonal cloud line and how it stays roughly in the same place even thru the hrs

NJWATCH (3:50:56 AM): pointing directly at Brockhaven

BARDSQUILL (3:54:44 AM): went sleuthing over at brookhaven, couldn't see list of experiments past July

BARDSQUILL (3:55:10 AM): note there declared they upgraded the accelerator

NJWATCH (3:55:14 AM): at -4hrs u see an movement mid way between line

NJWATCH (3:55:28 AM): and then all goes fuzzy after that image

NJWATCH (3:56:30 AM): remember this is IR so had to be really cold

BARDSQUILL (3:57:05 AM): see it

NJWATCH (3:57:49 AM): it looks like it starts from the bottom right travels up to ny and travels back now the same line

NJWATCH (3:58:04 AM): yo yo



BARDSQUILL (4:01:29 AM): MIMIC last 48 hrs, careful eats RAM


NJWATCH (4:01:51 AM): i have a dual core 3 gig cpu

BARDSQUILL signed off at 4:02:00 AM.

BARDSQUILL signed on at 4:05:22 AM.

BARDSQUILL (4:06:49 AM): well I just blew the fuses on AOL, send me in email the part where you first brought up the NE images, saved up til then

BARDSQUILL:  wonder why these rings look consistantly different from one another depending on the region?  For instance we get spoked wheels up in South Dakota, Daisy Rings in NOLA, concentric colored rings NE, etc.
BARDSQUILL:  think there's a local earth buzz that makes the difference?  Those medicine wheels, spoked wheels up in SD blow me away because the ancients drew those wheels on the ground a few thousand years ago--opens a whole new can o' worms