BARDSQUILL:  what's going on there erny-wise?
NJWATCH:  weird 
NJWATCH:  i got a radar ring from NY
BARDSQUILL:  saw2 that
NJWATCH:  sent all images to ur email
NJWATCH:  also weirdness on sat last night , sent that 2
BARDSQUILL:  sheesh flash on sat is immense
NJWATCH:  the projected path and the real path was off by 250 miles as soon as it got past VA
NJWATCH:  it went west
NJWATCH:  did dc push it away , then when it got to NY did they push it further away ?
BARDSQUILL:  split-off reminds me of Hurricane Ivan which pushed off then came back around
NJWATCH:  sorry it went east , the second part broke free and went west
NJWATCH:  the winds here are higher than expected
NJWATCH:  some gust over 50Mph
NJWATCH:  which we was only forecast 30<
NJWATCH:  HT was around 2:30 this morning so haven't seen any flooding news yet

NJWATCH:  about 2.5 inches reported by 10:30 last night
NJWATCH:  if you look at the weather map that displays the frontal system, and radar together watch the system split after the radar ring
NJWATCH:  started to pour again
BARDSQUILL:  storm seems to persist
BARDSQUILL:  Flash Radar saw the rings too

NJWATCH:  do you find it strange that the US has gone from a dry cloudless country to 75% covered in storm / rain clouds
BARDSQUILL:  what's happening in UK?
NJWATCH: and after 9:30 last night  see the 3 bands of rain that go \ \ \
NJWATCH:  1 hr after the initial ring
NJWATCH:  ( i haven't checked on the uk in months )
BARDSQUILL:  looking
NJWATCH:  9:30 and 10:30 they show up by 11:30 gone , (echos??)
BARDSQUILL:  I see them, weird
BARDSQUILL:  when was the flash on your vis sat?
BARDSQUILL:  wonder what's happening in space?
NJWATCH:  watch closer at that images see the small spec (white dot at 10:30 / and then again 10:45  on the canadian border
BARDSQUILL:  ernsplit.gif

NJWATCH:  what time was the split
BARDSQUILL:  dunno, late capture

BARDSQUILL:  might see it here:

NJWATCH: BARDSQUILL:  split is sudden
BARDSQUILL:  around 11:30-12:00 not sure of time zone
BARDSQUILL:  seen clearly here:

NJWATCH:  just jumps around 11:30/12
BARDSQUILL:  does that match your vis sat?
NJWATCH:  11:45
BARDSQUILL:  friggin immense energy
BARDSQUILL:  blasted half the continent
NJWATCH:  radar ring at 9:30 / by 10:30 see the 3 bands / 11:45 sat flash 12 storm splits
BARDSQUILL:  pretty good stunt I'd say, in fact too good for dinky humans
NJWATCH:  should make a page up with a complete time line
NJWATCH:  from 8pm utc to 1am utc
BARDSQUILL:  already started yesterday
BARDSQUILL:  I wonder if experiments underway at Brookhaven or Fermilab-- opened  Einstein Rosen bridge made a white hole?
NJWATCH:  i was looking into Brookhaven  last night
BARDSQUILL:  check Tevatron too

BARDSQUILL:  Chicago Fermilab
BARDSQUILL:  although the split happens over Brookhaven, nasty accelerator there
BARDSQUILL:  a white hole is the positive pole in an Einstein-Rosen bridge
NJWATCH:  I'm gonna do some digging around
NJWATCH:  be funny that the power outages are caused by EM
NJWATCH:  kent wants forming in the northern mid states
NJWATCH: wasn't there this morning
BARDSQUILL:  Is that the same Erny weather as hanging there since yesterday?
NJWATCH:  i dunno just seems to be moving like a depression / hurricane
NJWATCH:  Northern Central US
BARDSQUILL:  oh okay
BARDSQUILL:  Fla wet as a dog too
BARDSQUILL:  Got a Navy radar guy in email saying everything is normal, etc. 
NJWATCH:  reply back as say when has the weather been normal over the last 10 years?
BARDSQUILL:  but it is fairly obvious now that radar under certain systems has weapon potential
BARDSQUILL:  my biggest question now which is hard to frame for a tech is...
BARDSQUILL:  can a remote signal be pulsed into standard systems, doppler NEXRAD, etc.  to kick up the wave form.
NJWATCH:  what do u mean kick up
BARDSQUILL:  propagation
NJWATCH:  well of course nexrad is one huge system all interconnected like the net
BARDSQUILL:  send a harmonious pulsed signal into the EM sea and propagate a big wave.
NJWATCH:  wouldn't need to
BARDSQUILL:  or even inadvertently make a big wave because of adjacent transmissions
NJWATCH:  wave theory a small wave with high amplitude could resonate into a huge wave the further it moves away
BARDSQUILL:  looking at this which begs my question:

NJWATCH:  look at such waves as a tidal wave
BARDSQUILL:  yes, thinking ocean waves

BARDSQUILL:  someone close to me is doing development at Boeing, omnidirectional digital radar.

BARDSQUILL:  I asked this person if he was making weapons and he clammed up quick.



NJWATCH:  yup sent u that
BARDSQUILL:  yea, weird antennas now.
NJWATCH:  read further this parts important

NJWATCH:  Interferometry is the science of combining two or more waves, which are said to interfere with each other. In wave terms the interference pattern is a state, which depends on the amplitude and phase of all the contributing waves.
NJWATCH:  what brings you back to my first link i sent you
BARDSQUILL:  yes, well it raises the question again, can our weather radars be tweaked intentionally by over the horizon
NJWATCH:  basic wave theory
BARDSQUILL:  sort of like blowing up a civilian nuke plant
NJWATCH:  my theory is that each radar station in high importance areas DC, NY , PHILLY, CA TX and many more have Dual Arrays
BARDSQUILL:  send a woodpecker signal into our doppler
NJWATCH:  othe rway around Sending from Doppler station
NJWATCH:  also how many of the EM Rings have a naval source
BARDSQUILL:  So if a NEXRAD tech here has his hands on the master switch he could have some real fun?
NJWATCH:  oh yeah depending on the type of wave they send out / Amplitude/Frqz/Time Pulse
NJWATCH:  the affects would be different
BARDSQUILL:  Told me years ago they used to fry rabbits with military radar
NJWATCH:  birds too

BARDSQUILL:  So tweaking the atmosphere should be easy
NJWATCH:  well think about what a hurricane is , its a swirling air mass
NJWATCH:  so must be vibrating at some sort of frequency
BARDSQUILL:  after all atmospheric heaters are radar
NJWATCH:  reverse that idea
NJWATCH:  all radars are atmospheric heaters
NJWATCH:  but not just heaters
NJWATCH:  could it also explain the mysterious sonic booms
NJWATCH:  pulse wave
BARDSQUILL:  so they are what?  Accelerators?
NJWATCH:  either
NJWATCH:  look at this diagram
NJWATCH:  imagine one source is a hurricane
NJWATCH:  the other a rad site

A method and apparatus for altering at least one selected  region which normally exists above the earth's surface. The region is excited by electron cyclotron resonance heating to thereby increase its charged particle density.

NJWATCH:  before i find the diagram heres a Phase Array being installed look at the actual array itself before its covered up

BARDSQUILL:  okay, not sure what that does
BARDSQUILL:  omnidirectional digital I'd guess
NJWATCH:  Littoral Warfare Radar, will improve the radar's capability against low-altitude, reduced radar cross-section targets in heavy clutter environments and in the presence of intense electronic countermeasures.
BARDSQUILL:  blast a signal everywhere but suppress some way to make it able to target
NJWATCH:  its plausible that you could use many array to bounce the a EM signal
NJWATCH:  aim it at one station the bounce it to the next
NJWATCH:  or use them simultaneously to create a shield
NJWATCH:  a pulsating wall
BARDSQUILL:  yea, Tesla shield
BARDSQUILL:  Bearden talks of Tesla canons too.
BARDSQUILL:  tesla howitzer something like that
The SPY-1 also provides fire control capability, rapid transition from silent to full radiate mode, fast reaction semi-automatic system in less than10 seconds, high rate of fire (less than 2 seconds per launcher), illumination required only for a short period of time prior intercept, and other minor capabilities. The SPY-1 radar system also has some weakness such as false targets from land clutter, re-engage no possible, antenna height lower than other radar systems resulting in reduced radar horizon, and target engagements must be carried out by the SPY-1 radar unless equipped with Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC).

NJWATCH:  read the
NJWATCH:  Within the visible or infrared spectrum of electromagnetic waves it is also possible to build phased arrays. They are used in wavelength multiplexers and filters for telecommunication purposes
NJWATCH:  light arrays
BARDSQUILL:  they spin it to indicate a passive system tho
NJWATCH:  well they are not gonna say its a multi billion dollar multi use EM weapon
BARDSQUILL:  heh, guess not
BARDSQUILL:  looks like the old Tesla tower in NY
NJWATCH:  The distributed transmit function also eliminates the most common single-point failure mode seen in a conventional radar

BARDSQUILL:  Wardenclyffe Tower

NJWATCH:  it can be ground based and airborne