EDITOR'S NOTE: Hilder mentioned seeing at Pt. Magu towers with spheres on top. Tesla towers? Something else?





Several days ago, Anthony Hilder paid a visit to Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station. You know, the military base which had nothing to do with the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 2 1/2 weeks ago, not seven miles away. You know, the place that has a TWELVE THOUSAND FOOT runway capable of landing the biggest jets in the world, where the pilots of Flight 261 were for some reason unable to land; or where they were told NOT to land. The place with the readily available, 12,000 foot runway about which not ONE SINGLE WORD has yet been said to THE PUBLIC by any government agency or by the mainstream press, in relation to the crash.

NewsHawk and Anthony Hilder have already written several articles on the indescribably bizarre aspects of this crash: about the fact that it went down into the Pacific Ocean, killing EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING on board, when there was a place for the jet to land which was CLEARLY VISIBLE TO THE PILOTS, only 7 miles away.

Something, in fact EVERYTHING, is VERY WRONG with the sickening, indeed horrifying, pack of lies which OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has been vomiting in our faces from the very moment the jet met its disastrous end; and Anthony Hilder, as a result of his "surprise" visit to Pt. Mugu Naval Air Warfare Station and the extraordinary events that transpired there during his visit, has now BLOWN THIS COVER-UP WIDE OPEN for all to see, plain as day.

One day after Hilder's visit to the base, during which time his license plate number was taken, the main computer of his Free World Alliance website was hacked into and ALL data destroyed.

This is an INCREDIBLE, and absolutely CRUCIAL article which every American, indeed every person in the world, should read.

We are URGENTLY requesting that ALL recipients of this article reprint, reproduce, distribute, (re-)post, forward and otherwise DISSEMINATE this article as far and wide as humanly possible--to the far corners of the earth, to every single media outlet in existence, to every government employee up to the very highest levels of the national government.


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Pt. 2


By Anthony J. Hilder

The absolute insanity of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 turning away from the huge landing strip at the US Navy Facility at Point Mugu boggles the brain. The long air strip, which once welcomed Air Force One's Giant 747 with President Ronald Reagan and his full entourage on board, was immediately to the aircraft's (MD-83) starboard side. It must have looked like a welcome mat to the crippled craft and panicked plots, promising CERTAIN SAFETY on its empty tarmac. Al they had to do was descend, but "defying" all logic, they turned the aircraft leftward away from the friendly runway, and headed outward towards the open sea.

What were the plots thinking? Had they been denied permission to land by Point Mugu's Control Tower? Or were Ted Thompson and William Tansky, the pilots of Alaska Air 261 "heroes" as the National Air Traffic Controllers Association described them? Hamid Gheffari, representing the "CONTROLLERS" told the families of the crash victims that "it was an extremely courageous move to stay over water and not endanger more lives over land with an aircraft that could not be controlled." That statement reported in the LA Times really stuck in the confines of my cranium.

The pilots had radioed the Los Angeles Airport Control Tower at least seven minutes before the fatal crash; stating that they were turning away from a safe landing at Point Mugu with its ample, empty runway and heading back to LAX for an EMERGENCY LANDING. Assuming that this is in fact the TRUTH, what in the hell is in Hamid's head? LAX, some 50 miles to the south of where the crash occurred, is one of the world's BUSIEST airports, with as many as 7 or 8 planes approaching the runways to land at virtually the same time. To bring down Alaska Air's "Broken Bird" there, over the nation's second largest city, would be insane. In case Hamid didn't know, LA County has a population over 10 Million. Mr. Gheffari identified the plane as "an aircraft that could not be controlled." To return to LAX then would not be an act of heroism, it would be an act of insanity!

Were Ted Thompson and William Tansky crazy? I just couldn't bring myself to believe that. Alaska Air has always been my choice as a carrier on the West Coast. So why did the pilots turn from certain safety to CERTAIN DEATH - in the deep, dark waters off Anacapa Island?

It would be outright criminal if Point Mugu's Air Traffic Control denied them permission to land. To deny access to a "Crippled Craft' would be tantamount to MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE. (FAA regulations SPECIFICALLY authorize ANY craft to land at a military facility in a serious emergency--NewsHawk) In fact it WOULD be Mega-Murder, as 88 innocent people died a horrible, ungodly death as the plans sank into the icy waters off of California's Channel Islands. The 88 people who perished could have been saved had the pilots made "THE RIGHT TURN" both literally and figuratively.

I knew that, that if I went to the Navy facility at Point Mugu to get the facts in my capacity as a journalist and got the "cold shoulder", was turned away, or if they were 'tight-lipped," it would validate my suspicion that something wasn't quite kosher with the official story of the crash. However, if there was nothing to hide and they were cooperative to those seeking to find out "what really happened," I might well have chalked this crazy crash up to "pilot error," temporary insanity, or some arcane air safety procedure that was locked away in some dusty manual, written not long after Wilbur Wright took flight at Kitty Hawk.

Like Sherlock Holmes, I felt drawn like a magnet to the site of a murder. As I drove up the Coast Highway towards Point Mugu the deep, blue-green Pacific Ocean lay ominous to my left. To my right were the Santa Monica Mountains, whose cliffs habitually cave in to the angry seas. The plagued pilots who were steering Alaska's Air ailing aircraft just days before had been traveling in the same direction when they met their watery death. I realized that the FIRST and ONLY OPPORTUNITY they would have had to land safely was the runway behind the craggy point that lay ahead. There was no place to land in" them thar hills" - that
wouldn't have ended in a fiery Inferno.

Upon arrival at 'The Big Rock" landmark that kissed the sea, I took pictures from the road that once wrapped around Point Mugu. It had long since collapsed into the sea due to the elements of the wind and surf which perpetually pound the point. Directly to the west of the Navy facility with its large, round radar equipment I could spot Anacapa Island just a few miles in the distance. The crash site was straight out to sea, as I had recollected, almost exactly off the runways' end. Once again, I asked myself why would two pilots turn from Certain Safety to as what turned out to be Certain Death. Were these guys suicidal?

Once past "The Point" I drove towards the Wetlands that lay ahead. I envisioned from a "pilot's perspective" having to bring down that big injured bird in the marshlands. Its waters, whose depth ranged from but a few inches to a couple of feet, would have made for a soft landing. Compared to the mountains to the east this would have presented at least a viable alternative. Even an idiot could conclude that having to make an "emergency landing" there would have been a greatly preferable to diving into the wicked waters off the California Coast, whose depths can approach thousands of feet. The soft, sandy surface of the marsh would have been a welcome substitute to having to sink in the sea. Besides that, there were miles and miles of flat uninhabited vegetable fields to the east of the highway. Though obviously unpaved, they could have provided still another alternative to ditching that plane in the ocean.

As I approached Point Mugu's Naval Weapons Testing Facility, my pulse quickened. I was anxious to find out what they had to say about the crash and the sun was falling fast into the waters of the west which appeared blue-gray, as the sky was then overcast. I saw my photo opportunities fading. So I had my camera cocked, full of film and ready to shoot. At the gate I showed the Guard my Alaskan Press Card, which generally comped me an "entree" to various events and to certain areas under investigation. He said I would have to wait for "an escort" to enter the facility. About five minutes went by before a Naval Police Officer by the name of Richard Lerma drove up in a Jeep (License # US Navy 94620901).

Being a member of the Press, I had hoped for someone friendly from their Public Relations Department to give me the 'Cook's Tour" and explain what they knew about the crash. Instead l drew a cold-eyed cop, who said that he was on duty the day that Alaska Air's 261 came down, and nothing more. I asked him if I could take pictures of the runway, which drew an immediate and unfriendly "no." Officer Lerma said to follow him. I did.
It was then that I realized that I would most likely hear some "Sanitized Sentences" and get the usual "Canned Conversation" about the crash. I closely followed the Naval cop car making a few turns through the base to a signal which had just turned red. He motioned for me to go on through. As I ran the light I looked In the rear view mirror to find that another Military Police car had pulled up directly behind me. I began to wonder if he had missed Lerma's hand signal and was about to pull me over to issue a ticket. Instead, he just drove up close behind my car and I drove "sandwiched" between the two Police cars as we turned left at the Base's Beach Motel, from where the road reached out and ended virtually NOWHERE. I knew then that they weren't taking me to a place where I might even accidentally "get a view or a clue" about anything that might be relative to the case. It was THE END OF THE ROAD and the beginning of the Wetlands which extended for about three miles along the beach back to the Point.

When I got out of the car, the Officer immediately asked for my identification, as the second officer, an oriental-looking fellow, got out of his vehicle and approached me on the right. Lerma became upset when he glanced at my press card that was issued by the Anchorage, Alaska City Police. Immediately he commanded, "step beck in your car, sir." It was the same tone one hears before they get arrested. He said that I had said I was from Alaska Airlines, which I hadn't. I had told the guard at the front gate I had been on the air In Alaska and was doing a story. His anger, when he discovered that I was with the Press, set off a Four Alarm Fire in the "Mainframe of my Mind." It all computed. COVER-UP!!

The Press was obviously "VERBOTEN." My desire to photograph the tarmac or anything else that might be related to the crash was "denied" as it must have been for any other reporter that might have preceded me.
Certainly with AK Air Fight 261's crash being Front Page News all across America, I couldn't have been the only one that came to check out the OBVIOUS. So I asked If any other reporters had preceded me. Officer Lerma said, "NONE THAT I KNOW OF." In short, "Mum's the word." Lerma zipped his lip and I was escorted off the base immediately with their Police both fore and aft. They gave me no information; but apparently they wanted some. They took down my license plate to check out who was checking them out. The very next day the computer belonging to Rick, the Free World Alliance's Postmaster General, was hacked into and UTTERLY fried.

Recalling that Officer Richard Lerma claimed to have been on duty the afternoon that the plane plunged into the waters directly off their runways, I figured he had talked to many members of the media. I thought surely the press had been there to get answers to the questions that remain unanswered. How could this not be?

Let's make some sense of all this. Thinking that I was an investigator of sorts from Alaska Airlines who might ask "certain" questions, the Naval Police 1) abruptly denied access to view or photograph the runway;
2) called immediately for another patrol car to serve as a backup; 3) escorted me to the remotest spot on the base, essentially at the end of the road (past Laguna and 18th) where I couldn't speak to anyone who was "unapproved." I couldn't see or photograph anything of importance and I would hear only that which my escorts were "programmed" to say. It was obvious that I was dealing with a Naval Police Officer who wasn't big on brains. Any investigator worth their salt would have immediately gotten the message they were being taken down the Primrose Path. Why would the Navy's "Damage Control" Commander be so short-sighted as to
send over some idiot who would make it so damned OBVIOUS that the Navy has something to hide in regard to this matter? I know they are short on smarts, but you just don't send a simple servant to give the "Master's Message" to someone with access to the media.

What do we know about Point Mugu? With absolute certainty we know it's a Naval Weapon Testing Facility. They have shot off ten of thousands of Surface to Air Missiles (SAMS) over the years. Those heat-seeking suckers take out airplanes--any kind of airplanes! They are proud of their weapons. They display them outside their base for all to see. But that's the old stuff. The new-fangled state-of-the-art weaponry is still top secret. Do they test it? Of course. That's why they're there... to do the dirty work for the War Lords in Washington.

Do they have an underground facility there that connects (via tunnels) to China Lake and other military Installations? My contacts say, absolutely! But can it be confirmed? Not likely, unless someone from the "inside" steps forth with pictures from the INSIDE of the Cryptic Caverns. Could the U.S. Navy have accidentally or deliberately knocked Alaska Airlines 261 out of the air with a missile, as was the case with TWA Right 800? Absolutely! But unless some idiot made an error, one would have to have a motive. Star reporter John Quinn has been looking into that angle. Obviously, SOMETHING is not right.

Before leaving Mugu, I was able to get a picture, from behind the fence, of what appeared to be a 4-engine commercial plane taxiing up to the end of the runway about 3/4 of a mile from the highway. Ironically, the silhouette of Santa Cruz Island near where Flight 261 crashed, killing all 88 aboard, was in the same frame with "the setting sun."

Was permission to land denied to an American passenger plane that was flying under emergency conditions? Was AK Air 261 hit with a Magnetic Pulse Generator Weapon or some other electronic incapacitator which disabled the plane? Did it take a conventional missile hit, like TWA's Flight 800, which killed all aboard? Was the aircraft forced to turn out to sea and sudden death because they were denied access to land? Or were the pilots simply suicidal? Just what is on the recovered Voice Recorder that the public shouldn't hear? Is there a portion of the tape missing? Is it belong electronically alerted to fit the government's/NTSB's "Propaganda Pitch?" Why is it taking so long to get a transcript from the NTSB? Or will we ever get one?

Getting somebody at Point Mugu to talk honestly about Flight 261's crash is like pulling nails with your teeth. You can lost in their "bureaucratic web" of recorded messages and transfers back and forth from one agency, or individual, to another. I DID reach the Navy's Third Fleet Public Affairs Commander Susan Haeg in San Diego, [(819)656-7947], however. After four short questions, she ended her conversation with me by saying, "you're being speculative and I'm done talking with you." Isn't that what investigative reporting is all about? Sure, it's speculation. You ask questions to get answers. Commander Haeg refused to answer any questions about the crash, saying "I'd have to get permission from the NTSB to discuss the AK Air Incident." Apparently, all comment about the Alaska Air crash other than the "Canned Crap" is "Classified." Why? What's there to hide?

If the Navy had tested any sort of electronic or conventional weaponry that day, would they tell me? It's not likely. I did ask those questions. To both she answered, "No." What if a pilot in an emergency situation requested permission to land on their runway? Would they permitted to land, I asked? Commander Haeg said "Yes." I believe that she believes it to be so, or at least that's what she has been told to say. And she says it, as do all the underlings in the chain of command. She referred me to the NTSB, whose number is (202)3144100. Their web site is www.ntsb.gov. For the record, Point Mugu's Public Affairs gal is Cora Fields (805)989-1705. Point Hueneme’s Public Affairs number is (806)982-4493.

I had asked Ms. Haeg about the underground tunnels linking the base to other military installations such as China Lake Naval Weapons Center. She said she didn't know of any, but if she did, she couldn't say. And
so it went. Except for Ms. Haeg, who answered her phone, everyone else was either not in, declined to talk, or referred me to somebody else. I even left a message at the NTSB. Many calls, no answers, no returns. But that's what "government" is all about. It's a Mindless Maze.

The IGORS (The Invisible Government Obedient Robotons) check in with our freeworldalliance.com website regularly to get information and find out what we found out about them. The IGORS are our most frequent visitors. We list their agencies and the number of visits they make in our IGOR section of the site. They get information, but never give it. Now THINK about this. If the IGORS aren't working for the people of this country, then who pays their salaries? Just who are they working for? The Illuminati?

Attorney Robert Clifford is the first to have filed a lawsuit against Alaska Airlines. He did so on behalf of Susan Freidmann, whose husband Allen, an Executive Director of the National Holocaust Museum, perished on the plane. Clifford is claiming that the aircraft avoided as many as nine opportunities to land safely after the crew knew that there was BIG TROUBLE BREWING ON BOARD. I spoke to John White with Inland Business Systems [(916) 448-3221], who is a former roommate and business partner to Bill Knudson, who met his death in the disaster. He gave me the number of Gary Hirsch, still another attorney, who's looking hard at the evidence. I talked to Mr. Hirsch in Sacramento and have referred him to our web site at freeworldalliance.com where all who are interested can get continual updates on this exploding story.
 (c) Anthony J. Hilder
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