Subj: Hoffman, Others Threatened Over Pt. Mugu Photos!
Date: 2/28/00 7:57:18 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (NewsHawk Inc.)

Hoffman, Others Threatened Over Pt. Mugu Photos, Alaska Air Crash Info!

Please re-post, redistribute and re-send as far and wide as possible!

We've received word from author/researcher David Hoffman--author of "The
Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror"--who had posted a link
to Anthony Hilder's photos depicting AMPLE state-of-the-art airport
facilities at Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station which Alaska Air pilots FOR
SOME REASON did not utilize, that he, Hoffman, has received threats from
some goon in the employ of the federal government/U.S. military!

The goon said that Hoffman and anyone else responsible for taking and/or
disseminating the pictures was going to be in some very deep trouble
with the FBI, ATF and other federalist Gestapo thugs for making these
images and related information public.

Check this out!

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To all, just received this tonight.

- David Hoffman

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 23:04:58 -0800 (PST)
From: "Sgt. Gromes"

It is just a matter of time before intelligence
officials have your site shut down, and have the
publisher, service provider, and anyone caught
publishing illegal material behind bars!

I am already making preparations to inform the FBI
of some of the trespassing on government property
done by your photographers. The ATF has been alerted
as well! The department of defense has been contacted
regarding the air base photos, which were illegally
published on this site.

US intelligence is vigorously seeking the identity
and whereabouts of the individual who is responsible
for these photos. I assume a legal warrant will be
served to have this site shut down, and everyone
working for you arrested and prosecuted!

- - - - - - - -
Here's Hoffman's reply to the goon--
- - - - - - - -
Who the hell are you? You're ridiculous at best. Those photos were
taken by Anthony Hilder, a radio host/reporter who is not
associated with me in any way. I simply put a link to his article.
He took the photos legally, *outside* the base. The FBI, who know
me quite well, may talk to me all they wish.

I suggest you wrap some tin-foil around your head, take some
anti-psychotic medication, and get a good year's sleep!

- - - - - - - -
And then, FURTHER outrageous threats from the goon--
The photos you are responsible for on your web site--
the Alaska airlines flight report! Ring any bells? I
made copies of your site's pages, in case you removed
them. FBI has the copies also. Those photos are proof
that you were trespassing on USDD property. That's
proof enough to put you away for the rest of your
life, without even needing to give you a fair trial. I
would suggest you get out of dodge before the FBI
finds out your whereabouts.

- - - - - - - -
Can you BELIEVE this?!

As we've been saying: welcome to the FOURTH REICH!