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Kent:  (I think we better prepare for multiple brain-tear scenarios in the
months ahead....)

Has something "earth changing" been unlocked within our planet by the
global phi-ratio signal, as recorded by ELFRAD?
Is this phi-signal the equivalent of "THE WORD"?

"The origin point of these (Ganesh) particles has been
determined.  It's quartz.  That is, the vibrating
quartz crystal."  -  Dr. Dan  Burisch

So what happens with all our quartz deposits when the planet Earth's
Schulman resonance reaches the next nodal frequency in the Fibonacci
series, which is 13Hz?  (ie. 1,1,2,3,5,8,[13],21.......)  Is the 8th day of
creation about to dawn upon us?  Is the "day of rest" over?  Is the
reaching of this threshold frequency what the Hendaye Cross was all about?
If  Dr. Dan's "stargate" has been opened... should we be expecting some
(ancient) visitors?  Is a new phase of creation about to suddenly unfold?

"I have given a warning that the Ganesh Particle (what
I believe could be the seed of life) is not to be
toyed with.  Further, that it may play in the higher
scheme (the Tree of Life and the Fruit of the Tree of
Life), found detailed in sacred literature throughout
many cultures.  My warnings have seemingly come true
in a few instances.

Some attempts to use this project in manners that
would immediately lead to an applied technology have
resulted in bad things happening to those doing it.
Reports of angelic beings, described in a manner very
like how the Kerubim allegedly appear, have been
detailed to me.  A noted occurrence at the Shady Rest
resulted in physical injury to certain personnel and
massive property damage.  Other reports, centering
around the Staar-Flower (originally called Star Flower
by me...I guess they like their spelling better!) team
at the Frenchman's Mountain detailed severe physical
and emotional injury to personnel, and the loss of
personnel altogether.  The alleged beings have
red-coal-like eyes, multiple (4) faces, and are
dangerous to those not heeding warnings to give
distance.  It remains unknown whether the Frenchman
beings related to the Lotus or the alleged stargate.
The beings reported having done damage at the Shady
Rest, were described in a way that could lead one to
the belief that they are Kerubim, and such beings
allegedly did directly announce that the Lotus is
related to the Seed and Fruit of the Tree of Life. I
say: be careful!  That's all I can say.  I am trying
to be careful and respectful."        - Dr. Dan Burisch

Excerpt from:

Now with that warning from Dr. Dan in mind, reconsider this news article
of multiple sightings of a huge Kerub like creature sighted in Alaska,
is where the HAARP array is located....

Note:  Dr. Dan also eludes to some connection between "the stargate area"
and the HAARP signals....

"Frenchman's Mountain was determined a nice setting
because of the availability of ages that range from
1.7 Billion years (or so) before present to 20 Million
years (or so) before present.  The research was
started at the oldest area, the Vishnu Schist, after
what amounted to a flip of the coin among my team

Soon after research was initiated, and small samples
were being harvested, an unusual event was captured on
video during a test of the rock's electrical
properties.  As electrical current was applied to the
rock, thin heat streams, emanating from that area were
observed on infrared.  At that time, a heat target was
also observed, nearby.  That area was destined to be
the target location for the Staar-Flower Astrophysics
...and the so called "Stargate" area that is
responsive to electromagnetic thumps from the HAARP
unit. "  - Dr. Dan Burisch

We had better all prepare for a reality-check, which may prove to be the
most unreal experience of our lives!

"The universe is not only stranger than we've imagined, but stranger than
we can possibly imagine."   - Albert Einstein

Earth´s New Center May Be the Seed of Our Planet´s Formation 2

Oct. 5, 2002: Joseph Chilton Pearce


USAF Acknowledges Beam Weapon Readiness

Pulsed power has been used since the 1950’s for simulation of nuclear weapons effects. Nuclear weapons produce high levels of x-rays, which disrupt or destroy sensitive electronic equipment. Satellites are very susceptible to x-rays since the atmosphere normally absorbs x-rays. To produce a high level of x-rays similar to a nuclear weapon, an electron beam is generated by a pulsed power system and aimed at a heavy metal target, such as tantalum. As the electrons are slowed down or stopped by the heavy metal, x-rays are produced. This techniques produces a short burst of high energy x-rays similar, though at a much lower intensity, to those produced by the detonation of a nuclear device. Shiva has been used to develop the technology to go into simulators to increase the amount of x-rays produced and to improve the quality of those x-rays to better simulate a nuclear weapon.

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