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Regarding the page radar/utahex.html
I thought I add this little tidbit.

Hence, the cornerstone of knowledge for secret mystery schools regarding this hidden order in the Universe has always been sacred geometry. We have written extensively on this subject in both of our previous books, and the reader is encouraged to refer back to them for greater understanding. In short, sacred geometry is simply another form of vibration, or "crystallized music." Consider the following example:

First, we vibrate a guitar string. This creates "standing waves," meaning waves that do not move back and forth across the string but remain stable in one place. We will see some areas where there is an extreme of vertical movement, representing the top and bottom of the wave, and other areas where there is no vertical movement, known as nodes. The nodes that are formed in any type of standing wave will always be spaced evenly apart from each other, and the speed of the vibration will determine how many nodes will appear. This means that the higher the vibration rises, the more nodes we will see.

In two dimensions, we can either use an oscilloscope or vibrate a flat circular "Chladni plate" and see nodes develop that will form common geometric forms such as the square, triangle and hexagon when connected together. This work has been repeated many times by Dr. Hans Jenny, Gerald Hawkins and others.

-         If the circle has three equally spaced nodes, then they can connect to form a triangle.

-         If the circle has four equally spaced nodes, it can form a square.

-         If it has five nodes, it forms a pentagon.

-         Six nodes form a hexagon, et cetera.

Though this is a very simple concept in terms of wave mechanics, Gerald Hawkins was the first to establish mathematically that such geometries inscribed within circles were indeed musical relationships. We may be surprised to realize that he was led to this discovery by analyzing various geometric crop formations that would appear overnight in the fields of the British countryside. This has been covered in both of our previous volumes.


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Great page, Kent!
Methinks we're closing in on the mysteries!
I haven't yet listened to Joseph Chilton Pearce, but did I read Crack in the Cosmic Egg some years ago. I'd strongly recommend listening to the Jose Arguelles program on the same Dreamland page. In this program Arguelles discussed "mechanical time," 12:60 time, which is artificial. He and his wife try to live by the 13:20 count (a 13-month calendar), and  he has a growing following for it as escape from the factory time clock and locked-in linearity:
It was Arguelles who predicted that DNA would by 2012 be altered by solar -- or some sort of cosmic wave -- in his first book, The Mayan Factor, the book that gave us Harmonic Convergence. I felt that Arguelles was onto something then.
Recently, from Brazil, Arguelles reports:
 â€œFour years is the time of the Campaign for the New Time,” we are telling our audience in the crowded lecture hall of a college in the heart of Manaus. “The Mayan prophecy says that in 2012 the cycle of history will be over, but we must act now. If we do not change our timing frequency and return to the natural order of time by 2004-2005, it will be too late... .the Gregorian Calendar has no logic to it and as the foundation of our belief system it has given us an inescapably crooked civilization... the Thirteen Moon 28 Day Calendar is logical and biological... which do you prefer: disharmony or harmony... we must choose now!”
Excerpt from:
Arguelles' audio on Dreamland explains why the Gregorian Calendar has distorted our perception of time.
I digress, although the subjects are related. because when our DNA gets walloped bu phi once again, our perception of time will no doubt transform radically.
When I read Dr. Dan's Ganesh paper over the weekend, lightbulbs began flashing like crazy! Way back in 1953 I knew a graduate student in organic chemistry working with a Dr. Fox [think that was his name] who was trying to discover what might change inorganic chemicals to organic -- in a word, produce an amino acid. I think they were at the time trying to use an electrical charge.
Fox left my university and went, I think, to U of Chicago. My acquaintance, Dutch, followed him there to continue the research. Some years later I read that Fox had succeeded. When I read Dr. Dan, I had to wonder if it wasn't ULF or maybe Phi that did it! I've long since lost track of Dutch, but maybe I'll be able to find out something about him and/or about Dr. Fox. I'd love  to know what they might have done with phi waves.
Meanwhile, you might be interested in some pages about the grid system. I thought this one particularly interesting:
Tree of Life in Africa
The vortex maps site also shed light on the sitings of Devil's Triangles as places of anit-gravity.
Ha! The plot thickens, eh? Maybe Africa had the clearest Phi Waves at the time? Keep on the search!

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G'day Kent,

This is a very interesting topic. This [ http://www.greenmanpress.co.uk/books ] is an extremely important book. In the last chapter it talks of an experiment done with the sarcophagus in the kings chamber with different frequencies having a specific effect on sand on a membrane spread across the sarcophagus. If your interested in Freemasonry, it has some interesting stuff too.

Keep up the excellent work,